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uv_checker large.png
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Any good tutorials on UV Mapping in Maya or Headus UVLayout? Can't find anything recent or one that goes through the whole process properly.
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Bump, I need this too OP

After looking at some of the stuff here, I feel like my UV's are complete dog shit.
>pic related?
I mean all UV mapping really is is spreading out an even texture with even pixel density across your model. It's really dependent on your model and what you want to get out of your map. Do you want stuff like where to put seams? or what?
all UV mapping is the same, whenever its blender or maya or UVlayout

you should only unwrap with seams, cylinder unwrap applies to any shape or form in 3D. you need to practice.
i know its frustrating and you have to adjust alot of shit but that's the way it is.

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Blender 2.78.jpg
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“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened
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Thanks for the heads up. Pretty hyped up for 2.78.
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Amen, Brother
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>That Archimesh update

i guess it's about time we made one of these for 2016.
also, does someone have the other years?
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Wow it looks like /3/ used to have decent artists.
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t3apots 12 2016_1.png
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took some stuff from the wip. post your work in this thread, if you want it included.
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t3apots 12 2016_2.png
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Unreal or Unity?
Rhino or Maya?
Twinmotion or Lumion?
Rift or Vive?

How do you decide?
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depends on what you wanna do
I personally wanna do Archviz
what about blender?

would it be possible to follow tutorials without relent and get to this level of skill by summer as a novice who messed with zbrush/maya but hasn't dived balls deep?
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You can get good at sculpting without needing any tutorial, all you need is some anatomy knowledge and patience. Now rigging it and making the mesh not a clusterfuck is another story.
how long would fixing topology and rigging it take? i've handled IK rigs in terms of posing and shit, but never made bone placement or skinning, let alone animation although i did do the steps of making two cameras at an angle and making keys, just wasn't satisfied with how i posed the keys.
I can stay optimistic about making it in the 3d industry, when so many newcomers show up unable to answer the question only they can answer, "Can i make it?"

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>Won $2000 on a scratchcard
>Bought a zbrush license and lots of plugins and tutorials
>Previously torrented it all

I thought money made one greedy and immoral? feels good man
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you should have bought a cintiq
You're an idiot if you aren't commercial or a freelancer. 2c
Lol agree

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Why do almost all tutorials on youtube for 3d software have some sperg who talks like he has a mouth full of spit and slurs their words like they have legit fucking brain damage? i can't stand it, i have to watch with the sound off and closed caption.

like fucking mike hermes. what the fuck is wrong with that guy. why do i get the feeling that he desperately wants to be a serial killer but can't work up the balls to do it? fucking LOOK at this abortion of a human being. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5W1e0E5c-A every time he fucking says something i hear him take a deep breath... smack his lips... fucking kill me

who the fuck makes this shit https://www.youtube.com/user/OnlineMediaTutor

listen to this faggot. his mic is so fucking close to his mouth i can feel his fucking lips on my ear. https://www.youtube.com/user/VirtusEdu what the fuck is with him? no really. i want to know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1M3S3eiJK5I

i'm not complaining about the content. i'm not endorsing the content either. but the paid tutorials i've seen, they're all dealing specifically with generic cutesy retarded shit that isn't actually relevant to anything that anyone would ever want to do.

is there any path except the one you make yourself?
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Sorry to tell you OP but people who are knowledgeable about 3D software are huge nerds
why do you care?

it makes me angry, that's why i care.

Can someone explain occulus medium and why things need to be "made" VR acceptable with some kind of elaborate process instead of just realizing we're already working in 3d space?

Like can I export any model from maya and look at it in VR? Why can't we map the cursor and the left mouse click button to the vr controller and just use zbrush? We're already in 3d space. We should just have zbrush vr, why have the medium app?

Im clueless about this so just let me know. I take it that we do need a 360 and 3d camera but like the viewport can already do that in any program.
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Because implementing the Oculus or OpenVR SDK is probably a bit more involved than you think. Also licensing (openvr is not open).

Medium is nice because it's built from the ground up to work with Touch and be accessible to a broad audience, it's a powerful tool but it's not designed as a professional tool. You can make beautiful shit in it though.
Projection is different obviously, so something needs to translate the geometry to fit that.

Then there is the issue of the view being relative rather than always fixed like a monitor's viewport. For example in VR you should be able to look away from something but still interact with it if it is in range.
>openvr is not open
oh the irony

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Hey /3/, i've started zbrush yesterday, watched alot of tutorials yet they somehow avoid this newbie problems i'm having and hopeing u can explain abit about the nature of them.

I see somebody stretching a sphere using the move tool as its the move natural thing. While trying to do the same by the time i get to the shoulders its like im running out of polygons to make it look clean and orderly. How do they do it?

Also, while trying to build the whole figure from spheres\cylinders and blocks didnt meld\weld tham together and they stayed completely independent. found the dynamesh help to weld thier vectors together but then it completly messes the mesh "cleanliness" Any tips on this? :\

Pic related, seen its gonna be a problem but continued to push it to see what will be of it( the neck)
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set the dynamesh resolution higher or lower depending on your needs. dynamesh will close up holes if the resolution is too low. watch more tutorials, zbrush's UI is unintuitive as fuck, and their documentation isn't as good as i would like
you're not supposed to use dynamesh after you've started detailing

use dynamesh, get your desired volume, then start sculpting
Dynamesh is purely for concepting. If you want to get rid of that issue however I would just recommend you to use ClipCurve (ctrl + shift) to cut away the unwatned geo and add some new geo

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Do you make your own textures? Do you paint them yourself or cut them from photos?
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That depends greatly on what I'm texturing. For realistic stuff, I use textures.com, stock photo sites and my own photography. I always do some retouching (painting, cloning, merging with other textures) before importing it, so it looks unique and/or fits my needs.
Occasionally, I go on little trips specifically to take pictures of stuff. Don't go with anything in mind, just whatever has an interesting shape or texture.
Take about 7 GB worth of pictures and process them at home.
Usually, they're for photogrammetry and texturing, but sometimes I use them for reference shots or just keep them for when I might need, say, a specific kind of rock, a patch of asphalt close-up or a rough model of an information stand.
I love these sorts of trips, because they're always to nice places out in the open or with lots of cool scan-able objects and they're mostly on overcast days (lighting is more uniformly diffused and shadows are softer, contrast is much much better for texturing).
>I go on little trips specifically to take pictures of stuff.

wow, finally found someone who is more autistic about 3D than me

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Can /3/ critique this face?
Something seems off to me.
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that nose, philtrum and mouth make me want to kill myself lol
looks like a pack of dogs each took a creamy shit on his head while trying to scoot away at the same time
Yeah the bridge looks anorexic and the nostrils are too flat. The mouth is a WIP. I think the cheeks are kinda throwing me off too?
Yeah definately. the color is way off. The normal texturing looks like shit too. Do you have any suggestions for fixing it, other than color?

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I saw this water bottle design in my dream, it had a pinkish liquid in it that you drink and they sold it at Safeway.

Would you buy something like this or should i kms
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seek professional help
What kind of liquid is inside?

So as a hobby I started making my own game.

For my 3D Models I want to sculpt them out of clay and then scan them.

I am currently thinking about getting a kinect ( which could also do motion tracking).

But from what I have gathered the resolution for my 3D Models would be horrible with kinect.

Has anyone any experience with scanning small objects?

Can anyone recommend me a good and preferably cheap way to scan sculptures?

I'd like to use Clay as I'm fairly good with that and way faster then sculpting anything on Pc.
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I like the idea of actually sculping the models irl.

Dunno bout scanning, you could try 123D catch, a free autodesk app that seems allright. Let's you download the scan as .obj or .stl and includes textures as well

The thing is, I dont need that highly detailed Models. I am aiming for a cel shaded look.

Pretty similar to this:

The programs you showed actually look pretty good. Textures would not be important for my cel shading look. Just the basic colors.
Then you should just give the app a try, it's free so you got nothing to lose.
Let us know how it turns out

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What 3d program is best for what?

Just starting to get serious about CG and of course am using blender cause it's free. I have experience with Maya because I took a class with it, but I want to know where the pitfalls of these programs are. When is it bad to use blender, maya, zbrush, other. And when is it good?
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Any popular program can handle all 3D tasks ok. I'd say in your situation to use Maya though- you shouldn't have any problems with it in regards to compatibility.
>And when is it good?

When the studio / class / collaborative project requires it.

They're all basically the same, the only pitfalls with Blender is that you can't just push the 'render' button and get a good result, you need to actually know what you're doing and set things up.

It's why most shit looks awful in Blender, people just use the default lighting, the default materials, the default render settings, AND are beginners with poor topology, poor understanding of composition, poor understanding of color theory.

Add all that together and you end up with garbage, but that's not Blender's fault.
Just stick with Blender. They all do mostly the same stuff.

I've only used C4D and Blender thus far, and I prefer Blender.

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How the hell some people start their sculpt already so freaking smooth?

If I do the same the smooth brush gets way too weak for bigger changes and the model gets all lumpy, unless I use hpolish brush, but doesn't seem they are using it since everything is always round and smooth from start to finish.
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Use clay based brushes to build up form, the smooth brush stays pretty effective on them even on higher resolutions.

I never sculpt like this for the blobby reasons you mentioned. I always start with a z sphere base and work up through the subdivisions.
Easy:they don't, its bad practice

Start with low polygons, work on it until you're satisfied, divide, work again until youre satisfied, divide, etc etc

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