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I want to play with high quality nude women. Does /3/ know of a good place to find these kinds of files?

Pornographic 3d modeling general?
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blender and Manuel Bastioni Laboratory addon I guess.
I think the standalone program Makehuman is easier, plus you get the addons from the community.

Need to experiment with shaders in Blender to make it look nice though, but it's possible even on low-end rigs. I'm still working on the hair, but I accomplished this with zero raycasting in Internal and I think it looks alright. Renders really fast with this poor man's SSS.


Search around for XPS / XNALara, good bunch of ported content. Also SFMLab. You'll need a plugin to import XPS models, either https://www.mediafire.com/folder/76g7rvt4ec661/XPS or https://github.com/johnzero7/xps_tools one of them didn't work right for me, don't remember which.

This is my first time making armor, and only my second model. Could you tell me what you think?
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Gave him a little flamethrower
Thats pretty good, keep adding details and you will master it. Keep it up.

Why even bother living when the peak of animation already exists

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/mu/ pls go
That fucking bird, man.
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TFW you will never be the very best.

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Which modeling package would be the 3D equivalent of fapping to tranny porn?
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Was going to ridicule you for calling DAZ a modelling package; decided to google first.

Truly this is the correct answer. I've got AIDS from seeing the DAZ modelling page.
You got your answer OP.

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Fast rendering using Lumion

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might as well be called "Fast rendering using SecondLife"
Ligit looks like the Sims on medium

Are there any CAD users here?

What software do you use?

What are you desiging?

Does anyone know the software in my pic?
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>AutoCAD, sketchup, 2Ddesign few more
>Architectural stuff
What software do you prefer?

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hey guys, /v/ sent me here. i love this girl, but i don't think she love me back the way i love her. what do i do?

hard mode:
she love my best friend

expert mode:
my best friend knows all of this

impossible mode:
he is everything that i am not
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do you know what love is
i think i do
i'm from /v/

you're fucking awesome OP

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what happenen to the Cryengine lads? This was it in 2010...
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what about it? they released version 5 recently
its a good engine despite what fagots and spergs say, at least from a visual standpoint
the hype just isnt there. it seems ded


There should be a sweet ass transition between the two buildings but it's not there for now.
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I don't get it, what is the goal?
its an animatic, it shows the camera animation, the basic layout of the models using geometric shapes, lighting and sound. knowing this what are your thoughts on it?
Aren't animatics supposed to be what you do after the storyboards are done? And then you take those storyboards and add transitions/music to them.

I don't see how what you have done is anything like that. I don't even know what is going on in the video or what the point of using that specific song was.

There are no characters either, so everyone of those shots might as well be random. Every scene in the movie should have a purpose, aka furthering the plot. If nobody other than yourself knows what's going on, what's the point?

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WIP Thread - No One Made a WIP Thread Edition

>>543021 old thread
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And gonna start it off with some tileable panels - gonna see if we can get those baked and textured.
some playing around in ue4
That lighting is kinda sweet (if a little excessive), you might wanna play with your materials some more though. That floor needs some actual normals for the planks, as well as some gloss variation (the smooth highlight makes it look like a 1998 photo texture otherwise). Also handpaint some of the wear on your doors away (and add more that isn't straight on the curvature), dat curvature is way too even.

Anyone does Unreal Mapping in here?

I loved making maps since i was 11 back in the day. I'm learning UE4 for the Pre Alpha

Can't make meshes for SHIT though.

Has anyone gotten experience on making Unreal Tournament maps recently? what's your experiences like?
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make your levels with bsp brushes and just drag in materials. however i think you might need to make your own materials if you want original ones
I already know how to make maps, the thing is, the workflow is different ad kinda don't like it

For instance in UE2 everything was subtractive and UE3 and 4 is Additive. Looks like it's more logical but adds pointless work in everything, more noticeable on closed maps because instead of "carving" rooms you add walls and such, making it more of a chore

Sure, you can still make a big ass brush and then substract the inside and keep doing so to build stuff, but, and a big BUT, is that you're in risk of fucking the hierarchy of Additive/subtractive/Additive brushes

>It was always like that, the risk of doing that with BSPs

Yeeeeh, but didn't took 2 minutes to bake lightmaps either because outside walls DIDNT EXIST and now they have to

Still it's a fun thing to do, and your 3D modelling skills and map design is tested in an already cool game

Now, as for materials, it's a pain considering the in game ones are so limited and you almost have to make your own, making another painful workload.
Materials are not really that big a deal with substance and the likes.

The marketplace and sites like CGtextures also have lots

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Can someone recommend a tool where one can create a simple animated 3D series? For us, It's not much about quality but rather about simplicity.

I used C4D to create my models and I already rigged them with all that inverse kinematics stuff but is there some kind of workflow that you can stick to?

e.g. I can make my character walk but I don't want to copy the "walking" animation everywhere where I need it, is there some kind of container that lets me add animations that I created to in order to access them whenever I need them?

I own C4D but if you told me that Blender or 3DS or Maya is the better choice I would also install this.

Also, is it considered good practice to employ game engines for simple stuff or is this overkill?

I am fine with clipping artifacts, I don't need perfect lighting or facial expressions. What I want is a simple way to make characters open a door, walk through a room, maybe hit someone with a club and move their mouth when I need them to say something.

Basically the only thing I want is quick results.

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god fucking damn, why are these fish so sad OP?
dude I swear whenever I paused the video, at least one of them looked fucking miserable so I searched for a timestamp where both look miserable so you don't notice, sorry senpai
link for the video? I want to see this for myself

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are there any websites that I can upload my models and be able to share, not for downloading only for viewing and dont have to worry about someone ripping them?
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There's methods for all of the websites that come to mind, what are you worried about exactly? They don't come with an armature and if you pose the models they're basically unusable even if some chump manages to poorly rig them.
not figures.

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Apparently this is all CGI

Is /3/ convinced? Looks hand drawn mostly because you can see the obvious CGI parts (see 1:46)


If it's true, this is a promising future for CGI

but I doubt it's true. The animations look too fluid for CGI and too 2D-like
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Have you seen Guilty Gear Xrd? It's the same sort of thing. Here's some gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urUM2Ne_vTw
There is also a video from VGC about how they put it together. I haven't watched the whole thing, but it seems comprehensive.
*GDC, not VGC
>The animations look too fluid for CGI and too 2D-like

you don't know what you are talking about

I always see /3/ shit on various 3D artists for being hacks, too plain, unskilled, etc.

This got me to wonder: what ARE artists you consider good? Anyone particularly skilled, or using techniques out of the ordinary.
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Andrew Price is significant figure in the autistic working for his outstanding ability to make great tutorials for me because I have no idea what I'm doing. What an artistic artist!
nature is the only 3d artist that I admire and that inspires me.
same, but only when under the influence of sweet sweet dimethyl tryptamine

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