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Hi guys, do you think i have a chance?

I haven't done 3d work in 2 years, pic related was my last wip shot before i finally give up and work at a call centre full time.

I had a spark again and feel motivated to try again. im lurking but soon im ready to post new works. Thanks
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i tried a gun too but i can never complete anything , which is why i gave up. so sucks
have patience when you work

then you gain speed and don't need so much time to finish things. gaining speed is important that's why you need to model constantly

Yes you do. I am trying to finish a project once a month while working. Just set goals.

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What is better for working with 3d graphics, 4k or Ultrawide?
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too much pixels for real time rendering & editing,
1440p is the best.
I bought a 4k display. Its too many pixels. Lots of soft doesn't support UI scaling, resulting in blurry text/ viewports. If using with no upscaling, you cant see shit. I regret buying 4k display. Go with 1440p, thats what im buying soon
I'd give 4k another year or so.

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Clip made by Reunionan artist P. Acardy using 3D and fractal rendering.

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basic and boring, something a billion other abstract "artists" have done.
thats a really bad video. its just amazing it has an article about it.
Argue or it does not make sense.

I have not modelled anything in like a month so I'm a bit rusty so can anyone tell me the best way to model a daruma in maya?
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that shape is about as simple as it gets, just box model it? shouldn't take you more than a few minutes
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i guess this shape is a bit more nuanced than i gave it credit for, but here's the basic shape which you could take into the sculpting program of your choice and refine.
Not sure about the terminology in maya but oh well.

To me it seems like the only problem could be to get the additional loops for the transition between the faces you want for the face and the ones for the body.

In which case the inset operation all tools except maya have would be ideal.

But i think playing with mayas extrude offset values can do the trick.

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Does someone here makes a good money selling 3D stuff? Good enough to live creating and selling objects?

I think theres a market into each category (vehicles, buildings, characters, etc) and some of them can sell more than other and so on.

Whats /3/ opinion about this
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stylized assets sell much better than realistic ones.

people who are good at handpainting make mad cash on unity store. those who do PBR not so much.
part of the reason is avalibility. clients don't care if its PBR or anything else as long as its realistic. with handpainted you are offering something other's can't which is style

Well looks like i will try to be good at handpainting, because im bad at it lol. I only know how to edit and create textures in photoshop, but not from scratch...
Try to practice some actual digital painting and work from there. A little 2D art experience is never a bad thing for a 3D artist.

I'm a bit puzzled by this, and a bit curious.

Let's say I bake normals on the mesh presented above. To save time, I unwrapped the bottom part of the grenade cylinder as one island, and the cap at the bottom as one island (as can be seen from the SGs in the third image - not literally all of it is one island, but the parts with the hexagonal indents are.

I know I gotta make each UV island into its own smoothing group, if I don't want seams on my bake. However, it seems that if I do here, the bake gets wavy as shit. Weirdly enough, this is something that some applications have no problem displaying (like substance, which displays the normals perfectly fine even if they were baked in xNormal), but it starts to break into other places like Marmoset and Sketchfab.

My questions go as follow:

1. What are the exact guidelines for separating hard-edged faces into their own UV islands? The little beveled grips on my mesh (on top of the cog, around each side of the grenade's spoon) are mostly one UV/SG, and they came out just fine.)

2. What exactly makes it so that certain programs can display these "wavy" normal maps just fine, while others will break the shading in arbitrary ways?
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bake gets wavy as shit because that's how your lowpoly mesh is.

put some support loops and bake again. but oh that's right you triangulated your model. next time only triangulate for export
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Some more documentation. I can sorta understand the artefacts in sketchfab, but those in marmoset, or why certain engines can display the model fine while others don't, is beyond me.

I did triangulate for export, I'll look at your suggestion.
>I did triangulate for export
no you fucking didn't. because you can't edit your model now.

look at my pic, start packing your bags.

What is /3/ working on today?
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I'm still trying to get into modeling, but this is what I've got, whatever it is
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Forgot pic
Yes, I am still new =/

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Any suggestion to recreate this glowing green on metal effect. shown on the sword in this image?
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Use an emissive texture, it can be done both in game engines and in renderers.
emissive texture is the way to go
>use emission texture
>think your full of shit
>feel like a moron

thanks /3/

I'm new to Zbrush and after a ton of hours I feel like I'm finally making some progress in actually understanding the hotkeys and temperaments of this godforsaken program, but I'm still really bad at it. Even when it comes to simple shit like this.

Here's an example of a WIP I'm doing. It's Tapu Koko from the new Pokemon games. The only thing I've really worked on here is the wood part, the rest of it is just roughs I blocked out in Maya.

To get that wood texture I just put a couple of wood alphas onto a brush and tried to make it look good. Added some scuffs here and there. I feel like I'm doing something wrong here, and I can't figure out how to get the alphas to go UP the mesh, rather than around it, if that makes any sense. I'm used to things like photoshop where the workflows are non-destructive, in Zbrush it sort of seems like you're just doing everything on one layer, so to speak.

I might even just try redoing the shell again since the current one I have on has about 2.5 million polygons on it and it still looks lo-res to me. It looks the same at low and high res which I'm sure isn't correct.

I tried to do a realistic version of hair, but I deleted my last 3 attempts as they looked way too shitty. Trying to make strands of hair and moving them only for the things to go in completely different directions than I anticipated just makes me want to throw my keyboard out the window. I honestly can't tell how much of this is just me being an idiot or the program being made by gorillas.

Anyways...ideas for better workflows?
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i don't think you should sculpt pokemon's, its simply a matter of style.
pokemons have lot more emphasis on color and less on form so handpainted style is the best way to do them.

try something more defined like faces/busts. will also boost your zbrush skills for the long run
Zbrush is just for sculpting.
And so you need ... sculpting skill and knowledge.

People who jump into zbrush and expect to be able to just transition from other packages have no clue what they are into.
It will take you weeks to learn the basics of the software and years to really learn it.

Also stuff you do here can be as well slapped in onto the texture, no need to project such simple detail from a texture and back into texture only to lose half of its information.
Anon above is right, ether use it for more or dtop it form your workflow and optimize your current one.

Did you use the drag rect brush stroke for the wood alpha. Zbrush is very destructive alright the layers dont even function as proper layers. You have to plan ahead because I find if you get stuck into something you realize hours later you fucked up along the way and have to start over.

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>tfw you go fuck up your topology just because you are too lazy to edit the texture
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I will Add a triangle(s) because I'm far to lazy to make new hands/feed.
Can't triforce


Inserting a triangle or even an Ngon at strategic points in order to aid deformation and/or edge flow is a totally legitimate practice:


But you're the kind of douchebag to whom that crappy drawing of a frog means something, so expecting you to actually know anything is a bit of a tall order.

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poo wallpaper.png
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So I made a little animation:


OK so how can i make it look more like 1998 (ignore the VHS effect, that's done in post)?

This is what I covered already

- Made sure textures are no bigger than 512x512 with 256 colors (default Windows palette)
- MIP mapping
- Anti-alias turned off
- Low poly (no shit)

Using Cinema 4D R17 (in b4 git sth better, I am definitely not a CGI artist, this thing is just a joke, presumably). General critique welcome, but not necessary, as I am not going to put much more effort into this crude piece of CGI sarcasm.
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Pretty good. But you also need to animate it like the 90's. Low fps, low amount of keyframes. Shit like that I think.
You should buy a really old workstation from the 90s to get the effect.
This feels like it's from a video game or show from the 90s- early 2000s. Like Kablam or something.
Like the main idea of it.

It'd feel right at home with that type of humor.

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Hey fellas, i'm making art for a game, rate it.

also, while we're at it, post your art too so we can do the same.
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File: Sem título 2.png (39KB, 858x493px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sem título 2.png
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File: rat1.png (18KB, 716x565px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Am I zbrushing right?
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ayy lmao
So this ayy floats right

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Working on a project and have come upon an issue I can't seem to find an answer for.

I am trying to make a reflective surface in C4D (the pics here are not from the actual project, just for reference) and despite my best efforts, I can't figure out where I'm going wrong.

I've applied a white color to the cube and then went into refectance>Add>Refection (Legacy) and when I go into render, the cube disappears, but the reflection still somewhat shows.

I'm probably missing something simple, I've not had a need for a good refelction before so I've never really used it before but google has been no help
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Here it is in render view
Everything works as intended.
You are just too retarded to realize that the cube is still there, but since there is nothing to reflect in the scene except the sphere, there is nothing else to see in your render.

Drop in a physical sky and you'll see.
Thanks, though I'm not sure how insulting someone is helpful in any way. I did add the physical sky as you suggested and got the reflection to work, but the cube shows up as white as opposed to the color I added to it, is it because of the brightness of the physical sky?

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Exporting Via Fbx Is not bringing my Attachment "empty's" in to Dota 2. And I cant Seem to find any guides that can help. I have tried Creating Bones with the Same names and It doesn't work either. Could Some one walk me through this?
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