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Do you 3D print your cg creations? Now that the hype bubble has burst it's cheaper than ever
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Technically yes. But I'm an architect so my cg creations that I print are mostly stairs and facade elements and nothing fancy.

3D printing has sped up building of physical models quite a bit tho. I'd also like to own a resin printer but the shit is still to expensive for me compared to fdm.

Can't you write it off as a business expense? Lease it + write off = barely costs anything

Just make sure you print a couple exquisitely detailed resin staircases for clients.
I could, put we're not building many models these days anymore anyway.
It's not really worth it for me.
Also we're mostly building large furniture and hardware stores so it's not like we need the fine details resin printers offer either...

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Hi, I want to know if this kind of mouse is useful for 3D modeling in 3ds max or Zbrush ? Someone use it here ?
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I own one and it's awesome. You can get a used one for a good price on eBay. But it doesn't work in zbrush.
I have one, plugins aren't the best and it's mostly for camera movement, it's now in a box under my bed untouched in years
i have one, but use it exclusively in 3D Coat for sculpting. for modeling a normal mouse feels more natural for me personally

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My main purpose is to create an animation series using unity and publish and monetize on youtube.

I am not a 3DCG artist so I thought about using these popular 3d models from private tracker sites. But how does copyright stuff work with those?

Main question: If no one can use them in commercial work without licensing, why do people even bother sharing them with each other?
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two possible reasons I can guess

1: to study, reverse-engineer them, or use them in noncommercial work (which is still unethical but whatever)

2. they are being sold by pajeet and vitaliy who do not care about copyright laws
>1: to study, reverse-engineer them, or use them in noncommercial work (which is still unethical but whatever)
thats the very definition of ethical comrade. The law only covers commercial works.

Thank you for explaining.

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Hey I am using C4D and I am trying to model a controller.

Pic related is a 3D render of a software that looks like this http://img5.abload.de/img/refx20nexus20v2.21wfl.jpg and I wanna do something similar.

The problem is that idk what to search for in Google as this is a rather unpopular thing people would request tutorials for.

I already modeled simple 3d characters for an autistic meme channel on YouTube but I still have no idea how to modify the "roundness" of corners, how to slice little stripes off the rotary knobs to make them look more "grippy" and "real" and I don't even have an idea how to make a basic button model like the orange ones in the middle of https://www.thepixellab.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Free-C4D-3D-Model-Button-Kit-Knobs-Dials-648x532.jpg

Not expecting anyone to do my homework or to explain it in detail but if you could just give me some keywords so I know what to search for or if you could tell me what c4d tools I should learn that would be awesome.

I am not trying to get employed by Blizzard and I will certainly dig more into 3D modeling but for know it's just the simple things that I'd like to learn. I do know how to generally operate C4D, I am not a total newb
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Try this
Sub-D Modeling in C4D: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbOD5j8bCas4HOi5OpspeVtTjtQwk5Cyw
actually looks like a good set of things to know. Will definitely watch it, cheers bro
model it bit by bit and keep them separate objects just like in the real world and have good topology and edge loops so when you turbo smooth it it will hold its shape

How do you find entry-level positions? Almost none of the 3D jobs I'm seeing on online lists are for straight out of college students
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no such thing as entry level position in 3D
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Bro idfk, it's been 4 months since I've graduated, and I still haven't picked up a job in animation
yeah i am looking at job listings and its mostly 5+ years of experience in the industry


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Hey /3/, I have a question about pic related; I am new to 3D and have had Daz for about a month, decided to try out C4D by getting a 40 day free trial, however the one function that is disabled is being able to render larger than 1200x800. I want to render larger but also want to be able to export this file as an .obj to mess around with in Photoshop. When I do export it, it does not have any of the materials. I have the spectral shader on as the color in the program, and when I place a solid color where that pattern is it exports with the color attached.
So tl;dr, how do I export this with the materials attached to mess around with primarily in Photoshop?
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You want to export the 3d model as an .Object to Photoshop... Why? Just render it out. If you want to render larger, pirate a softwere, not like your going to be doing anything cometial anytime soon. If your against that, try keyshot trial, exporting animation is annoying but it's a good render program.

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what is the key to a realistic looking model?
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More anatomy
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First time modelling a face?

The big thing is to use references. First time I did a head I propped a mirror up on my desk and modeled myself. (pic related)

Compare the proportions on your model to your own head. Feel with your hands and you'll know right away what's off - the nose bridge is about 500% too wide, the jaw doesn't smoothly transition into the back of the skull, the eyes shouldn't be that recessed, etc.

Also forget about hair until you're done the rest of the head. Right now you're probably substituting hair for anatomy and that's no good.
Every faces has the same planes just a different shape. They should have all the planes though, pic rated.

Hey /3/.
I am designing a spaceship based on an insect's anatomy. Cool so far, it's been done before.

However, here's the thing. The design is going to be driven by a real-world style of architecture.

How should I approach this? I feel like getting these three unrelated elements to fit together is going to be a challenge.
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You should look up a series called Lexx. It really ran with that idea.
Which is it? Insect anatomy or architecture (buildings)? Or did you mean real world aerospace engineering considerations?

Because in the real world space ships are going to be boxes (for the humans and storage inside) with rounded exteriors (to deflect radiation and make them hard to spot) with some kind of rear propulsion system, some kind of forward breaking system, and covered in maneuvering thrusters in 360 degrees, so the end result is going to be some kind of polyhedron / icosphere.

Also there will be a drone by because almost everything you'll do in space will be done via drones rather than actually have people go on EVAs
*drone bay, with some kind of mechanism to push them out (they won't just fall out of the space ship on their own like in anime)

Also the drones themselves will follow the same design concepts, with accommodations made for their role

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Can anyone tell me what the fuck is going on here?
I'm using the box uvmap and a procedural arch & design mr material.
It's not a reflection and there doesn't appear to be any flipped normals.
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Sorry I have no idea, I only use blender haha
I wouldn't use box uv unwrap on such a complicated geometry object. It looks like some UV issue there. Try to make propper UVs for that model.

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Will compositing take my crap to the next level or is it just overrated b.s.? Is it better to just buy a better pc so i can render everything in frame or keep this pc that i have and learn compositing with node layers?
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If modelling, animating, raw rendering is one half of it, the other half would be compositing and post-processing. It's totally worth learning.
lets say that hypothetically you could render 10x faster than you currently do if you upgrade to a gtx 1080 and new i7 and just do everything in frame. Would compositing still be worth as much
Whats compositing got to do with your specs ? You can't do professional post-processing with your render engine.

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Working on muh game engine, having hella problems with maya. Only max exports of animations work. Is max riggin and animatin feasible in current year?
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fuck off, Max is a SJW engine
yes, max is the way to go since 2014. Don't listen to /3/

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ITT we post inspirational images for 3D
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File: oiii.jpg (39KB, 1280x620px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yes you will, you just got to WORK FOR IT


Don't worry, even if you got gud, you'd still be poor.
Just abandon 3d.

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Posted my first thingy on artstation, comments and crits.

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Looks great, I would suggest maybe adding some more abrasions/scratches into either your microsurface or your normals to help give your materials a more realistic look. Looking at "new" metallic materials one of their most defining wear is these little scratches breaking up the specular highlights.
Thanks, will definitely keep this in mind for my next projects.
It's good on a technical level, I think the color choices make for a boring composition (grey on grey)

Maybe use a nicer HDRI next time, in this case probably something with a lot of blue, to make the metal parts "pop"

You should always strive to make a visually interesting image via good composition any time you're showing something to other people.
There's no good reason not to have your work be shown in the best possible light (figuratively and literally)

Video related is from a faggot but he speaks the truth and you don't need to be a blenderfag to appreciate the truth:


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