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>current year + 2
>Not using master race modo
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whats that? is that like a plugin?
>is modo a plugin
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It's the beast.

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Go on.
Full Sail shillin'
this amuses me

Can I run maya 2015/6 on an intel 4210u, 4 gb of ram and a 920m? I found a computer animation subject at my college that I'd like to enroll in, but I don't know if my laptop is powerful enough to do basic modeling rendering and animation on
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For rendering absolutely not, but just animating should be fine, considering I use to run it on an iMac with a core 2 duo @2,5GHz, 4GiB RAM and a radeon HD6000 256 MB
It fits minimum requirements, but convenience of usage really depends on what you'll do with it. Basic modelling and animations is definitely okay. You can model pretty advanced stuff even on calculator(not too comfortably though). Animation is also not too hard on the hardware if you work with one object. Rendering? Depends on what level you want to achieve. If you want to get the basics and understand how it works it'll do the job. But even for pic related you'll wait a shit ton of time.
If you intended to do it seriously, I'd suggest you invest into something more powerful(at least more ram if your laptop have open SO-DIMM slot). I worked with 3ds Max a couple years ago(only modelling, no animation or rendering) on a laptop with 4gb of ram and Intel Atom on it, and it wasn't a pleasant experience in terms of amount of crashes(on relatively complex scenes). Maybe Maya is better with optimization, but I doubt it, since 2017 version requires 8gb
Can you upgrade the RAM? You're gonna have a bad time with 4GB...

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How do I model hardsurface stuff like this with smooth booleans everywhere ?

Also techno3d thread
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you mean actual modeling?
the shapes are roughly modeled and smoothed out afterwards
gid gud
zbrush with alphas
Look up workflows for Modo or Zbrush.

Don't listen to niggers like >>545233, he's probably been trying to polymodel cutouts to the same model since 2010.

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babby tier
lumion pls go
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this is not color balance at, it physically hurts to look at.

no refraction, motion blur, geometry is very blocky and worst of all absolutely no z-depth blur.

even the opening page on there website is trash

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TurboSquid has aquired TF3DM and CGStudio!

Did the owner sellout?
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Hi everyone,
We’ve got big news to announce that is going to have a major impact on how we market and sell 3D models in 2017 and beyond. I’m excited to share that TurboSquid has acquired CGStudio and TF3DM (The Free 3D Models Site)!
One of the things I’m most excited about is that Silviu Claponea, founder of both CGStudio and TF3DM, will be joining the TurboSquid team. He launched TF3DM while still in high school and has turned it into the largest site for free 3D models in the world. He’s one of the few people that truly understands the ins-and-outs of running a digital marketplace and has a lot of ideas for features that would improve the experience for our artists.
Overall, our TurboSquid vision for 2017 is about migrating even further than CheckMate reviews - we’re building towards a 100% quality checked site. We want to have the best models available from the world’s best artists, and we want to drive towards a customer experience where every model “just works” the way our customers expect. There is some content that for one reason or another (maybe it's old or the artistis just getting started modeling) might no longer belong on TS, but should still be available for sale as it has value for some users. This means we will need another place for content that is not part of the TS.com quality vision. CGStudio will fill the role of working with models of a wider variety of quality and pricing.
With regard to free content, we want to make sure that free models are focused on personal use, and that users that download free models are given every chance to upgrade to commercial quality and commercial licensing. Free content has a role to play in our industry and CGStudio and TF3DM have shown that many free users ultimately convert to paying customers. We know that we can point those free users towards a significantly larger catalog of premium models at TurboSquid.
What does this mean for exclusive artists? Exclusive artists account for 85% of TurboSquid’s revenue, and now TurboSquid artists can expand to sell on CGstudio if they have models that fit that vision or if they would just like another successful site to sell on. The same SquidGuild rules will apply in that prohibited models, such as BMW, will not be allowed on CGS.

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Started putting some stuff inside of UE4 and the first problem I encountered is a lighting problem, the thing is, I don't really understand what is going on.

I thought it had to do with the lightmap resolution but I tried changing it and it does not go away. I am pretty certain it is a bug that is shadow related, from the sunlight I have in my scene, but I can't find the setting or option to turn the quality up or whatever.

PIC RELATED, It is the problem im dealing with in the scene!
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Here is another angle on the same problem.
you can try following things

>turn off static shadow for this object and build
>get rid of directional light and use smaller light
>128 lightmap res on your asset
>check if the asset is actually snapped percisly where it should be and not be in half assed location
Try making your materials 2-sided, see if that works.

How to acheive a holographic/spectral look in c4d?
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difference clouds in photoshop
You could try a rainbow map in the specular
Like other anon said, rainbow coloured clouds in PS, apply as reflection map/ cubemap.
The geometry will make a big difference in this method, tho

Alternatively if you're aiming for something interactive, just set the object to reflect the sky... Crash 3 used it for water and it looks pretty close to holo stuff, only it's solid blue.

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Critique this wip animation.
Struggling to get the populate dudes to hold an umbrella, but I may be able to do it with a clever bend modifier.

hows is the rain density?
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The rain seems pretty good to me, i like the whole camera movement. I think you may want to work on your modelling a little more there are some flaws, regarding the umbrella bros can't you just use a ik handle?
Im not sure to be honest, they are a simulation based population with a few sliders dedicated to there look and animation.

Anything specific in this scene you can see that needs more attention in modelling?
>Anything specific in this scene you can see that needs more attention in modelling?

Not that anon, but one thing that was a bit weird is how everyone has the same umbrella (size wise at least).
Not sure how far into it you are, but get some variety in there with that shit.

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Untitled - Copy.png
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3d or 2d? How is this look attained?
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Also: https://youtu.be/0AkY9a7DQUE?t=127 watch a bit of this to see what I mean
>uneven art style and outlines
>super rigid facial expression
>weird looking hair
>way the leg bends

From that screenshot alone, I'm betting on 3D.
Either way it doesn't look very good.
That's 3D and it's shit.

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Fuckin Maya LT man.

I'm doing some online course I got from a new years sale, looking to move from blender to maya (mostly because Maya exports cleanly to UE4 with minimal effort. Fuck Blenders FBX export tools)

What kills me is the lack of hotkeys for modeling. I've been googling tools as I come upon them to try and find them, but the best I've come up with is Ctrl-E for extrude poly.

Everything is in fucking menus, and they even have hotkeys dedicated to bring up more menus.

Helpfully the training I got is mostly to do with Nurbs, which is more or less useless for what I want to do.

What are Mayas GOOD points? What does it do well, aside from Nurbs?
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why not just use maya fbx exporter in combination with blender?
There's a plugin for Blender that lets you use the official FBX SDK


Try this my guy

The export functionality is one reason. Maya LT also has other features built in specific to exporting to UE4, such as for animations and the like.

Also almost all of the workflow and tutorials in the UE4 documentation refer to Maya or 3ds Max.

Not wholly opposed to learning Maya, since if I go professional, experience in Maya would sound better than blender on a resume. Though I can just put down experience in both. [spoiler]Bearing in mind that I'm currently employed as a software engineer with a bachelors in computer science[/spoiler]

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Serious question, why aren't curved polygons a thing? Wouldn't they pretty much solve all the issues polygons currently have?

They can make curved polygons work in vector graphics, why can't they do it in 3D models?
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>curved polygons in vector graphics
lmfao what?
A polygon, by definition, can't be curved.
We have splines but they're difficult to animate, but moving the points that make up straight lines isn't.
Curved lines then? I forget what they're called.

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today i tried 3d moddeling for the first time , and i would like to hear your critic on it.
inb4 i made that on my ipad because no pc
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Fuck me it's bad. Go look up the word topology then kill yourself.

Sculpting on the iPad or Android tablets is just something you play with as a toy. You'll never have enough polgons to make anything decent.

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just found out something very disturbing regarding autodesk
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Well meme'd my dude
Why do people hate autodesk?
>30$ a month
>can't buy the software
>people use uvlayout,topogun and xnormal because they won't update their tools

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