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Does someone know how i could emulate PS1 graphics in maya?

The PS1 rendering had something that truly defined the console and gave it that feel that only it had.

I did some research and i found why its that way. Apparently if you look closely the vertices seem to snap on a grid. probably because ps1 didnt have good float values for vertices so they would snap visibly. It also seemed to do that from the camera point of view and not from the world. So points would snap if camera moved.

But then i dont really know how to do that on maya..

Anyone have a clue?
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ill post a few more examples of this.

you could find something that renders shadows really shittily and fuck with it. Get it to make those blocky shadows.

File: emission-lava.png (97KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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how would i go about making something like this?
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There used to be a nice tutorial on it for Blender in Cycles but the idiot hosted all of the images on a temporary host and only half of it was archived so it's missing all the actual innards.

The basics of what you'll need to look for are: Procedural lava material Blender Cycles

You're better off looking for it yourself on YouTube, got basically dialup here.
sculpting software+ image editing software/ pbr texturing software
Make a ball out of dirt and put it in the oven at 500F for 4 hours

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Old one is on auto sage so I will create a new one.

I have a nice rigged model with various animations in a fbx files. However, it has too many vertices.
now, how the hell do I split the mesh in 2 or 3 parts without breaking the skeleton in 3ds? I know how to split static meshes and they work just fine.
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can you list the steps in a complete modeled architecture to ue4 pipeline?
just keep proper scale and use grid snapping.
id recommend to keep things like floor tiles modular if you can unless you want to set tiling of floor texture to one object and it fits well.
there is a tutorial on youtube, it will cover most of it
Is there anyone here who can instruct a retard in how to make rigged ragdoll objects in Cinema 4D?

This program is fucking horrible and I recommend none of you ever use it for character animation, because I'm almost positive if I just took the time to learn Maya, I could accomplish this in like three fucking button presses.
I haven't been able to animate for half a week, because I've been trying to figure this shit out, but at this point I'm nearly at the point of just giving up and animating it manually.
I am very angry and frustrated. Please excuse my faggotry.

The specifics:
I have a rigged model with polygon hair, that I want to make simple fucking IK chain dynamics for, with simple collision and gravity, so it doesn't clip through the model.
The polygon hair has a ridiculous amount of joints controlling it, so I'd REALLY want to avoid having to manually animate that if possible.

What I've already attempted:
(cont in the next post. I maybe should've made my own thread for this.)

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Hey guys I'm sorry if this isn't the place for this. but do you know why is this happening in Maya?
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Check your shader. Something might be attached to the transparency.
check your material, right click transparency, break connection
this glitch happens from time to time

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Screenshot_1 .png
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How would you go about changing the UV maps of this? From what I understand, we want to have the UVs such that each square is of equal size.
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In a different approach, I get this sort of problem where there are artifacts...
use headus
Just unwrap it

File: still-life.png (2MB, 1400x1400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1400x1400px
I'm new to 3d. If I wanted to make simple still lifes like this, what program should I start learning?
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Any modelling program.
This kind of stuff?
It's simple enough modeling, Lumion would do the job plus it's easy to learn.
But specifically Blender.

You can either invest in a massive bloated hunk of software with a massive pricetag or a complex pirating checklist, or a simple program you can install for free with designers that want a good program.

I think Blender was the first to add Pixar's research on Harmonic Mesh Deformation for animation, as it typically goes with open-source passion projects.

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guys i used max im beginner

my problem is what is best of car modelling program?

i modelling for game ets2 im modder but i need some parts and car
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Try ModelSoft's software, to be more precise CarModeller3D 5.5 2017 SP1
I thought Deskauto's Car4D 2015 is considered the best?
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use alias automotive
if you want to engineering body work it uses surfaces instead of mesh surfaces makes it more accurate. ots a some what industry standard audi VW and Ferrari use it for modelig there cars but is bit confusing at start but you will get a hang of it if you play a bit whit it

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images (5).jpg
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Hey, noob question here, i'm confused about creating your materials/shaders

Say i want to do Polypainting, and everything else, using Substance Painter. So do i export, say from Zbrush, my high poly, or my low poly for the job?

Because if i use the high poly, will the materials/shaders apply fine into the low poly model?

Pls dont kill me
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You have to make sure your splines are reticulated.

I've never used Sub.Painter but usually you'd unwrap your LoPoly and paint it up. HiPoly is for projection normally.
you paint the hi poly you idiot
No you fucking imbecile, you paint on the lowpoly.

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So I fell for the VR meme and while apps like Medium are pretty fun, I find voxels to be very limited.

Are there any VR Sculpting apps that work in polygons, like Sculptris and SculptGL do?
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Try this Blender addon https://github.com/dfelinto/virtual_reality_viewport

I accidentally enabled what looked like a VR headset mode in Blender without the addon but I can't figure how I did it. It went fullscreen and split the display in two.
Does that work with motion controls though? It looks like it's just a viewport mod.
Yeah it's just viewport.

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How's my disgusting piece of clay coming along /3/
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Part 2 electric avenue
looks neat, what did you model it in and what the fuck is it?

some of these tubes get squished weirdly, I'm not sure if I like that part because it looks like their volume isn't consistent
Modelled in Blender
Cooling tower for dissipating heat

I'm supposed to make an architectural visualisation for a billboard that will be 5x7 meters in size.

Now I'm wondering what kind of resolution I should render in. I did some googling and they all said that billboards usually are printed <30 dpi, so would a 4k or 8k render scale up fine for printing that size?

I really have no experience with this, the largest I ever did was for some DIN A0 plan, but most of what I do never leaves the digital realm, so screen resolution or 4k is usually enough.

Thanks for advice
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i don't think resolution and printing sheets have anything to do with eachother.

just make a good render, rescale and zoom if you need more resolution
sounds like a plan and what I wanted to do
I have done billboards before where we would make them at 1/12th scale at 72 DPI. So a 48 foot x 18 foot billboard would be done at 48 inches x 18 inches. Even that low res would still turn out great. The view distance affords you a ton of leeway. If you are concerned make an illustrator document at the final size, paste in your render, scale it to fit and then zoom in up to 100%. But even then you would be amazed at how shit it can be and it will still work.

>When it's that time again...
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No replies in the DB for this post!

What shaders does one use to achieve this look?
Blender's internal rendering engine seems like a good place to start (flat shading), but does anybody know how to do Goraud shading?
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no specular
not physically based (old style render)
hard shadows

1 cone light
meant to say lambert instead of blinn
The guy actually uses a mix of old programs to make these, which is the best way to achieve this look

Anyone knows the name of the outfit?
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Might be a custom or unreleased one. Not much texture stretching so I think it was made by him. guhzcoituz has made similar outfits in the past
Ask your mom
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File: Manus_productphoto.jpg (164KB, 1300x867px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am creating a VR experience based on a popular television show, in which you can walk around 1:1 sets and locations with minimal interactivity. I will try to minimize branding for the show at all costs and maybe try to push it toward parody so that I can get away with using replicas of their locations.

I have sufficiently modeled the actual locations from scratch as well as textured them. In one of the locations though I have imported torrented models from CGPeers as I can't realistically create these models under my budget which is 0. I also can't afford to pay for the models, especially the ones that include the commercial use license. Will I be able to get away with using these models even though they are like £400 each for a commercial license. It's just a personal project and I probably won't charge for the actual game.
I don't necessarily need the models as there is one alternative, however using these models will add tremendously to the aesthetic of the locations to accurately match the show that the other models won't do.
Thanks for the advice in advance!

P.S. All of my software is pirated as well(except Unity) so if that will also affect it then tell me.
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Also I might end up using some pirated unity assets, will this be detectable.
When it matters, it'll matter, and it'll bite you.

Until it matters, it'll be fine... right up until it matters.

Let me see it and I'll be able to give you a better opinion.
They are priced at £400 for a reason, otherwise you would be making them yourself.
You can be certain that "parody" won´t cut IF YOU ACTUALLY MAKE MONEY WITH THIS.
I advice you to buy everything- models, software, you name it - if you start making money. Remembering that exposure is as bad as making money, and exposure without money is a sure way to go to jail, depending on witch country you´re pulling that off.

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