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I mean in regards to texture creation. I'm currently using Substance designer and painter for my texture maps.

I used to make shitty textures in photoshop 2 years ago and never really spent the time to learn because...substance and DDO.

Does the industry still require you to make textures with photoshop or do most now use substance?
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I don't know about the industry perspective (still a student), but I can tell you substance painter is basically a shortcut of what photoshop does, with tools tailored specifically towards 3D texturing.

If you have a solid understanding of texturing, materials, maps, then you should be able to make a texture in photoshop. You might prefer to use substance because it's faster. Photoshop can still be useful for certain things you can't do in substance, and so is worth keeping in mind.

I'm told most of the industry uses either substance or quixel, with some preferring one side over the other. But learning how to texture in quixel shouldn't be hard if you know how to texture in substance, and vice versa.
2 words;

Quixel Suite.

did they seriously quote simon fuchs as "simon fox" lol

ok /3/

time for yall to tell what you do for a living and how much do you make

im myself a 3d generalist and make 700eu/month
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any tips when looking for a job and expectations?
I literally made more at 16
Was it worth spending years of practice to make low wage
he's probably eastern european

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Not really sure where to ask about this, but im using autocad 2017 and need a little help. It's pretty simple, im trying to use the solidedit command to shell out this 3d object with a half in wall left and im doing it correctly, but it wont shell it and says "body to be hollowed has more than one shell". any help or suggestions is appreciated. Ive tried googling but none of the solutions ive found pertain to what im doing.
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Just use blender. It's free.
they don't serve the same purpose
>>544919 autocad is superior, don't listen to him. I don't really understand your question, but try to work with a different object type, like mesh or surfaces?

because Fusion360
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Not bad. When did you start using it?

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I started really trying to learn substance painter yesterday and I spent most of today with it as well.

It might just be me, but I'm feeling pretty disillusioned here. I didn't expect to get any great results on day 2, but it's still disheartening and it reminds me of why I usually cling to programs that I already know. I've been trying to learn new 3D things as fast as I can for the past 2 months or so and I think I might be fighting burnout at this point.

My brain is straight up refusing to take in any more knowledge of this program. I want to learn this as fast as I can, but my brain just wants me to slowly soak it in and learn at a slower pace. I think I'm trying to outrun the fact that I might be dumb. Anybody else find themselves with this sort of a "learning new things" problem?
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Substance Painter works in the same way that Photoshop does. And in the same way texturing is done in most programs, by creating layers. Understand the layering approach and you\ll be ok in any texturing program be it substance, quixel or whatever you want to use. It took me about a hour to get used to the program
Don't stress yourself too much about it and listen to your inner voice. Slow it down, chill out and take your time.
If you push it too far it pushes back.
Repetition in small doses, while slowly feeding in new stuff, that's the way to go.

Watch the Painter related videos on their youtube channel. A couple of them per day.


And then immediately use the new knowledge.
Spent an hour per day on this for a while and it becomes easy.

I was like you trapped in my comfort zone, the only way to get out of this is to push out into uncharted territory and keep doing it until you comfort zone becomes bigger.
SP isn't super complicated. It's PBR, you have albedo/spec/gloss maps, normal maps, some extras like transparency and whatnot (for glass). You can bake/use masks like AO, curvature, cavity, etc. You can paint directly on your model, or create selection masks based on faces, which is a big plus over Photoshop.

If you feel like you can't get satisfying results, there's basically two reasons: either your texturing knowledge isn't good enough, or your modeling knowledge isn't good enough. Likely a mix of both.

I would argue that being a good modeler is nowadays very important to making assets look good (a good part of asset complexity is determined by the low and high poly details), but texturing is gonna be more important to you if you wanna "learn" substance. And texturing means knowing things like basic properties of different materials, how to replicate their texture (bump/normal), their wear and damage, and so on.

Generally, the tutorials for Substance Painter aren't that good at that, I'm guessing because photorealistic shading/texturing isn't a skill that was invented with SP, but one that artists already had before (they just did their work in PS or other programs). So it doesn't "come" with Substance, it's just that people assume it does.

If you can't find good Substance tutorials, I would advise learning texturing and shaders from tutorials centered around photorealistic rendering (I personally learned it with Vray). Since the whole point of shading in renders *is* material properties, you should find tutorials that teach you exactly that instead of "hurr durr game assets let's skip the most important fundamentals".

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Long time 2d painter(wanna learn 3d). started teaching myself blender recently.

gotta question..how do I merge my layers into one object?
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Those are not layers, it is the hierarchy of your scene and its content, so objects. You want to join the different objects into one, you can do that by selecting your objects and pressing ctrl+j. But know that the object will still be made of several distinct parts. It may or may not be ok, following what you want.

faggot stfu. I will physically beat the shit outta you kid.

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Hey /3/, any smoothing-group experts here?

I've started experimenting with them to see if I can smooth out from as low-poly an origin as possible, but I'm not sure what my workflow should be going towards the normal bake...

I've not finished the base mesh yet, but anyway... here's the lo-poly....
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>smoothing-group experts
nigga, wat?
anyway, just add a chamfer modifier set to "unsmoothed edges", then a turbosmooth on top and you'll have your high-poly
File: smooth.png (822KB, 2843x2159px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
822KB, 2843x2159px

And here it is smoothed. My question is - can I use this same base-mesh as the LP for the bake or will it need a fresh retop?

Can a base mesh with a fuckload of complex smoothing groups be used in the lo-poly bake?

I'm not planning on doing a shitload to it in Zbrush...

Yeah I know what I'm doing to get the smoothed model out. And the whole point of this exercise was to not use chamfers at all in order to keep the poly count down.

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"3DCG was a mistake" - Hayao Miyazaki

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All memes aside right now,
I just realized that one day in the near future technology will probably advance far enough that 3D animators will no longer exist.

We already have mocap, but it usually spits out gross looking shit that needs to be cleaned up.
But if the technology gets too good, to the point where AI generated stuff is identical to hand-made stuff, that entire field of the industry will be completely gone.

I could easily see this being applied to every part of 3D as well.
Everything will become so tool-assisted and automated, that you have to do increasingly more as an individual, until it's completely automated and your job no longer exists.

What the fuck is going on anymore. I'm learning a skill that's going to be obsolete in 20 years.
Fuck me.
I don't believe you're correct. Mocap may advance to the point where mocap cleanup no longer exists, but it isn't going to kill character animation, especially cartoon animation that operates based on principles not fully reflected through motion capture unless you do a lot of edits... you're not going to automate cloudy with a chance of meatballs style. Plus many stunts that you cannot mocap are still going to make sense to hand key, not to mention things like flying creatures etc, even with an anim library or ai generated base, you're sure no matter the situation, no matter the shot, something automated could give you exactly what the director wants? It would be great technology but it's stupid to fear advances like this, you just need to work on your craft and be willing to adapt.

Even with a field like lookdev/texture the existence of stuff like megascans or better photoscanning technology doesn't mean the job no longer exists. Things still have to be fine tuned and changed for the needs of the project, and even if photoscanning were perfect, what happens when you need to create something more fictional? Sure, maybe if photoscanning were better there would be less labor intensive work required to create fantasy surfaces even, maybe you would combine parts of different libraries and it would automatically blend them... but that doesn't mean the work itself would go away. We have megascans at work, yet I still do texturing.
Why did they show it to him?
With all my respect, Miyazaki is old and definitely not high tech kind of guy, he's more like Tolkien. He's traditional old man who don't like technology, so why they even wanted to show it to him?
Totally missed target audience.

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Wanting to get myself a 3D printer.

Pic related is the model I'm thinking of buying, the FlashForge Finder.
Able to print 140x140x140 mm, which seems decent for me since I mostly plan on printing smallish figurines for use in D&D and such.

Anyone know if that printer is good enough for what I plan to use it for, or should i save up a little more money and buy something bigger??
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How small are those figurines?
I don't think fdm printing is accurate enough for the details desu

Anyways, for small stuff like that why not buy one of those DIY kits from China for 150 bucks?

Just FYI OP, this board is super slow, and while there are occasionally threads on 3d printing, you'll probably have a lot more and faster feedback from the >>/DIY/ board

Also, pretty much regardless of what printer you buy, you're going to need to hand tweak them a little (like you'd do with tabletop figure kits) and acetone vapor polish the figures if you want them to look super smooth and nice
They don't have to be super detailed, just enough so you can actually see what it's supposed to be.
Taking something like this for example thingiverse.com/thing:945822 and scaling it to around 6-7 cm in height.
That said this printer is according to the site I'm buying from, able to do layers of 0,05 mm, which i thought sounded pretty detailed.

I don't mind doing some tweaking on the figures, I was already expecting I'd have to based on what I've read about the filament this printer is using.

But based on the price and selection available to me (Living in a small town in Norway) this seems like the best option.

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I want to convert some simple cars and houses into my game. They are .Dae and I need .FBX or .OBJ

Thx for those beatiful answears! using unity for school project.
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use 2 be like u but now I learn the ways of the realms
blendur can import dae files, just export as onj or fbx

I would like to produce more 3d models in my spare time but I find it really strange just modelling something out of nowhere.

Does /3/ know of interesting modelling checklists that get progressively more challenging that I can follow?

Pic completely unrelated
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Pick literally anything. Complete? cool now pick something else. Repeat for a while then go back to first item a few weeks/months later and do it again, it will be better.

alternatively random list of shit: http://www.turbosquid.com/Models-to-Make
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62KB, 1920x1080px

Hey, that's a pretty good list. Thanks mate.
Fucking google would only throw me shit tutorials

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Substance either crashes or lags unworkably for me, Zbrush feels limited. Basically I think I need more ram, but I know nothing about buying ram for this kind of thing.

Any tech people out there?
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>download speccy
>take a screenshot
>post it here
Those specs are a little on the low side but nothing that should give you a really horrible experience, particularly in Zbrush. Need to see your GPU specification but last year I was using Zbrush on an iMac from 2007, 2.2ghz Core 2 Duo, with 4 gigs RAM and no dedicated graphics - and unbelievably it ran it ok. Not kidding.

That said, Macs are known for sometimes getting better performance with lower specs than Windows based systems, so go figure.

But anyway - yeah, there's no such thing as too much RAM and if you have space for another 8gb you'll see a big leap in performance all round and it will cost you very little cash, really.

>>no such thing as too much RAM and if you have space for another 8gb

Yeah this. 8gb is not an inadequate amount of RAM, but by today's standards it's not a lot either. Get a hardware resource monitoring utility like Speccy or Open Hardware Monitor (both free) and they'll tell you if your RAM is all being gobbled up.

Ideally you need a good bit of RAM overhead btw - that is to say that if your system is at 85-90% load, it'll feel lumpy.

ITT we establish the S/N ratio of /3/

There's probably few other internet communities with such a vast disparity between its most productive and valuable members and... children who are going to grow up to be among the most useless human beings on the planet.

On here - you could make a request for help which has the potential to be answered by:

A: a professional (or at least very capable amateur about to turn pro, who at least knows the artist responsible for pic related) who dissects the problem, before coming up with an elegant, useful solution


B: An individual in his mid/late teens who has a folder on his machine full of different versions of that stupid frog picture and who uses the word 'nigger' in the way old telegrams used the word 'stop'. Or, the kind of person who seriously tells you that your choice of hard drive is going to cause a bottleneck in processor throughput.


This thread may or may not give an indication of the level of type A posters to type B posters - because the Bs will reply to this thread with a picture of Donald Trump grinning or something, and a comment about my sexuality.

The type A posters will probably not reply unforthunately, but if you wouldn't mind, could you just say something like 'hey OP - type A here' just so we can get a rough headcount.

Carry on.
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TBC: to be type A, you needn't be a pro or even very good - you just have to be someone who doesn't shitpost I guess.
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Can you keep your autism contained, please? /3/ is a very slow board and many of the professionals that have posted here from years before do not lurk/post anymore. I'm sure there are still some but your autism is scaring them away. You're like alioto, but in text form.

Type A: 0
Type B: 1

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i didnt draw this.png
29KB, 640x480px
hey fuckers i dont ever come to this board but i need your help, i feel like you're more qualified than those assholes at /vp/

i need a better name for my shiny porygon, i named him Nurbs but im having doubts. Sounds kinda cute without being too tryhard (by that i mean naming him something to do with 3d modeling) but i mean im always open for better ideas.
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nah thats lame bro but thanks
You're lame

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I'm learning ZBrush. It's been taking me longer than I thought it would to get a handle of it, the interface is crazy confusing

I'm making good progress
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I made it better
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watashi wa dog-san
Hey that's pretty racist, I think...

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