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Scanning sculptures

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So as a hobby I started making my own game.

For my 3D Models I want to sculpt them out of clay and then scan them.

I am currently thinking about getting a kinect ( which could also do motion tracking).

But from what I have gathered the resolution for my 3D Models would be horrible with kinect.

Has anyone any experience with scanning small objects?

Can anyone recommend me a good and preferably cheap way to scan sculptures?

I'd like to use Clay as I'm fairly good with that and way faster then sculpting anything on Pc.
I like the idea of actually sculping the models irl.

Dunno bout scanning, you could try 123D catch, a free autodesk app that seems allright. Let's you download the scan as .obj or .stl and includes textures as well

The thing is, I dont need that highly detailed Models. I am aiming for a cel shaded look.

Pretty similar to this:

The programs you showed actually look pretty good. Textures would not be important for my cel shading look. Just the basic colors.
Then you should just give the app a try, it's free so you got nothing to lose.
Let us know how it turns out


Good luck, Once you overcome the hurdle of rl to digital conversion of your work the way you work may end up being better overall than full digital.
You'll stay sane longer at least.
I was even able to do this by adding little stickers to a clay model and using 123d catch.
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Don't get a Kinect. They're shit tier for even the simplest things.
I say this from experience. I sold my 360 about two years ago after it red ringed, but I kept the Kinect and ordered a usb adapter for it.
The models looked pretty cool, since they were my first ever, but they were actually complete and utter shit - it usually outputted 3 million polygons for a model that has the same resolution as one with 500 polygons.
The only thing that the Kinect is ever going to be good at is being a high resolution microphone (though, sadly, almost nobody uses it for that purpose) and motion tracking for indie games.

If you really want good scans for real cheap, go with photogrammetry. Lots of tutorials, free software if you don't want to pirate (though the really good stuff, like Agisoft Photoscan, is paid and can be easily pirated), can be done with any shitty old camera you have (even the one on your phone!).

If you don't believe me, here's a pic of a model done in KScan3D with my Kinect...
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...compared to a model made with my phone in Photoscan.
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Indeed, Kinect is seriously shitty for scanning, and so ar emost sub-1000$ scanners. Stereophotogrammetry software like Photoscan does a much better job, though the professional version is more than 3000 bucks.

David-laserscanner's systems offer the best price-to-performance ratio that i've seen, but they're still expensive (more than 3000 bucks again). They're owned by HP now...
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Op here
So I wanted to give you guys some updates if you are interested.

I took 123d catch to "scan" in some Models. But I noticed if the clay models were to detailed the mesh would look weird. So I am now splitting each model bodypart into one claysculture and then scan the parts. Then I put them together using blender. then just some smooth brush and done.
I will have to tinker with the program, the camera or the lighting a little bit more on order to achive better detail.

I also only sculpt half the of my model in rl and then just add a mirror modifier.

The Kinect will be used for Mocap. I have already set it up and it works very good. Will Post some Pictures.

Haven't used any brushes on pic related.
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Here a picture of what the mocap looks like.
File: 2.jpg (266KB, 1600x1066px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So this head took me about 1 hour to create from taking the pictures to adding the jaw to the head.
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Will post more updates if anyone is interested.

I'll go on and make lighting. Does someone know how to creat a cel or toon shading look in unreal engine? Or maybe in blender so that I can import it to unreal?

wow that's pretty fucking impressive. i've been thinking about doing the same thing but too lazy to give it a try. thanks for making that clear for me anon.
Bro use Agisoft photoscan
Looks very interesting! Low-fi but full of character. I could see this growing into an indie fad.
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