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But it's fun.
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Also titan tits.
And badonkadonk booty

Is it possible to get a job just rigging character models and what not? I'm not great at creating meshes or texturing from scratch, but I know a little bit of everything.
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Absolutely, good riggers are in high demand in the videogame industry, because so few people know how to do it/want to do it.
anything is possible if you are good.

id say there isn't a job exclusively for riggers. its just division of labor.
you better start animating and rigging then.
also have unity and ue4 to import your rigs and test compatibility
There is, I went on artstation right now and there's 6 job postings exclusively for rigging/technical direction.

Of course animation and modeling knowledge helps, but being a good rigger doesn't require you to be an animation god, much like you can create good characters yet have no idea how to animate them (as long as your topo is good).

what are some good textbook guides for blender?

i'd like to have a physical copy of something as well all the available online resources.
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i was looking at this one. i was afraid it would be too specific, is it broad enough for a beginner?
go to oliver villar channel, there is a video explaining it

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Will posting my work on this board affect my job prospects?

(serious replies, please)
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As long as you don't act like an edgy cunt then no it won't. Start shitposting about Jews and niggers and yeah it will
sounds like something a typical niggerjew would say
4chan is associated with the worst of humanity, I highly recommend NOT posting art here, as you're boss may find it and his jaw will drop to the floor, discovering their employee browses a chinese anime loving, alt-righting, donald "Hitler" trump supporting, shitposting, rape culturing, pro-lgbt diaper fetish tasting, "the hacker known as 4chan" pirating scumbag.

Be very aware of the normies perspective...

No QTDDTOTT so I thought I'd make one.

I'm using 2500 samples - why is my image still grainy in the shadows?
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How is this different to the general questions thread which is currently on the front page?

Try the following to reduce noise:

Set maximum and minimum bounces to the same number, typically a fairly low one like 8.
Turn off reflective and refractive caustics.
Use the Filter Glossy function.
Use large light sources,
Make the surface shaders a little darker and use stronger lights.

But, looking at your image, I suspect what you really need is light portals:


I just started on a low poly game / 3d roguelike. Going to be working on a lot of the technology part of it for a while, but eventually I'll need some decent low poly modelers,

would /3/ be a good place to find artists to hire? I never see any low poly threads on here,
i haven't seen any lowpoly artists here.

if you want i can direct you to some people but remember that those are not hobbyists and will negotiate payment

I tried the oculus rift today at a store and was completely underwhelmed with the apps like 3d sculpting. Is it really this ripe for devs or is the future bleak?
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I've only tried the poor-man's VR, but based off that alone I think VR has incredible potential.
It also has potential to flop horribly. It needs apps, movies, videos, games, really just more things to do.
I'll probably just end up making my own shit later because of the lack of content, but I think the potential is definitely there.
playing video games has never been more work with it tbqh.
It's just a fad, like automobiles and the internet.

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I'm looking into getting a 3D printer soon and have a few questions:

1) How hard would it be to take a model like (pictured) and convert it into a printable display model? I have a stack of props and other junk I've done for various game projects.

2) Can /3/ recommend any good beginners advice/tutorials for someone looking to get into 3d printing? I tried the 3d printing subreddit and holy fuck I'm staying away that toxic circlejerk cesspit.

3) Is there much of a market in a technologically-deficient nation such as Australia for something like a custom 3d print shop (ie business that develops custom printable objects, could be things for cosplay use, or some furrys characters taking a dump or whatever, anything that people want that doesn't readily exist).
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1) hard
2)you're being ignorant
3)you're thinking of making a shop without ever even printing a single thing m8
Normally I'd agree with you on 2, but fuck those people are unwilling to admit the flaws of 3d printing, to the point that it negatively impacts what people think of 3d printing as a whole.
Australian 3d man here
1. That's about an hour and a half of fairly relaxed modelling
2. Yea It's fuckin cringe
3. Absolutely not, literally everyone in my 3d Design course Back in University tried the exact same thing without success

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question for CADfags

can a regular 3D artist make a transition to solidworks for product design or you actually have to be a certified engineer in order to get good results?
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bumping for srs interest
If you're the one making up the specifications, then yes. If you're the one modeling to someone else's specifications, then no.

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Feels bad knowing that any popular, 3D-oriented gallery space is going to be flooded with shitty Photogrammetry scans now and forever until the end of time.
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If only it were good models, but no, all the morons come out to post their shit tier scans.
WOW! only 11 images, and 5 minutes to make this absolutely worthless, hideous, garbage! Amazing!
Buckle up.

Does anyone know how to RIP models from sketchfab?
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NinjaRipper + Firefox

In settings forced DX Dlls Load, and forced rip interval 5 seconds, F4 being the button to hit for forced.

You'll have to fiddle with it and retexture, but it's one method I've used.
So my models are not safe there?
Good to know.
Nowhere is safe.

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I know you like my render footfags :)
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Not a foot fag but i am amazed that daz can render this good
Pretty sure these kinds of programs have common renderers these days.

File: sanmiguel_cam25.jpg (195KB, 790x493px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This "San Miguel” scene was modeled and then rendered in pbrt by Guillermo M. Leal Llaguno, based on a hacienda that he visited in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

The scene was modeled in 3ds max and exported to the pbrt file format with a custom script written by Guillermo. The scene features just over 2.5 million unique triangles and has a total geometric complexity of 10.7 million triangles due to the use of object instancing; the pbrt files that describe the scene geometry require 620 MB of on-disk storage. There are a total of 354 texture maps, representing 293 MB of texture data. Final rendering of the cover image at 1496 by 2235 resolution using pbrt took over 40 hours of computation on an eight-core Mac Pro computer.
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Cool, point being?
this is why people bake things.

i would take a 20k texture any day over 10 mil triangles
Is the point that it looks retardedly bad to what you could achieve in real time with far less geometry?

does blender have an equivalent to 3ds maxs subdivide modifier? i found it great, when used with relax, to make weathered/eroded objects.

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Try the remesh modifier

thanks, ive tried experimenting with the remesh modifier but it doesn't preserve the shape of more complex objects

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Has anyone tried this? I'm planning to get like a 80in TV a dumb one with no features as i only want to connect it to my PC for reference images/ videos etc i can glance at with maybe portrait manga or something.

I have 3 23' monitors so want something big next.
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No real point to this besides wasting money and trying to win a penis size contest.
if it isn't 4k, you are wasting your time.
Even if i get it for $500?

Welp there goes the budget, Was a nice thought i guess i'll just get like 4 more 27" monitors or something.

RRT: Render Rate Thread!
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File: Beach room.png (3MB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Beach room.png
3MB, 1920x1080px
Looks alright but you should add some grass and a better back drop.
everything is way to clean.
>Living in a pigsty

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