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I got a new laptop, all torrents sites are down..
Please save me: Where can I torrent Maya?
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why would you torrent it? Just download it for free from their website.

just get the installer from autodesk's site and you'll have three years use if you pinky-swear to autodesk that you're a student but, if you really want to crack it, all you need is the crack.

I mean, i have the crack for Maya 2017 right here, right now... but i'm not gonna give it to you. sorry.

but anyway don't bother torrenting autodesk installers.

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I don't completely know how this board works but you seem to know 3d modeling. Can any of you make a Moon Man? Pic related
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you gotta offer an incentive here for us to work on it
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now with real teeth

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For awhile there was an open source F40PH being worked on but it stalled 90% through. Anybody want do help finish it?
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those wheels look like a pain in the ass to make.

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How to make a cloud tunnel in Maya/Blender in the simplest way? Newbie here.
>pic related
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>Render difference clouds in photoshop
>stretch horizontally 200%
>clean up the edges a bit to get distinct clouds
>export as transparent .png
>map to cylinder mesh
>rotate at set speed
>clone a dozen times and offset or reverse the rotation

There ya go
>Not using a 3D procedural texture
This will work but won't look great. You need volume for the light to interact with it properly. You could do this with a simple Maya fluid setup. I came across a thread on CGTalk a few weeks ago with a Maya file that looked kinda like this. With a bit of tweaking, you could probably make it look the way you want it.
I found the thread in my browser history: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=1110497

>job offer
>look the requirements
>after effects
>pay undisclosed

are these people for real?
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whats the problem?
you can learn all of those skills but not master them.

photoshop and unity alone are huge programs that take years to master.
and if you are good in all those programs, they sure as shit need to come up with a good pay
JAP'S INGRESS burglar player SkipAway.

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What makes this animation look so bad?
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Because it looks like a fucking broadway dance move.

That being said, it's only like 1 second out of however much of animation, nothing to really get yer panties in a bunch for.
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I part where she fumbles on one foot looks fake/ not a natural way to fumble.

If it's motion capture then the actor is just shit or shitty director.

but there is much worse out there that normies eat up
I think it's the fumbling and how fast she regains her balance, it looks unnatural.

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Please help me /3/.I have a problem in witch when i try to render my scene it's all black.It only shows the scene when it's really zoomed in.I'm rendering inside the wall I'm not dumb but I'm also a absolute beginner.Please help.
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Get a proper camera and not the persp viewport window and place it within the scene so you know for sure you're not rendering the backside of the wall.
Also please specify what render engine and also don't use bump/normal maps on a planet like that, especially not the clouds.
Thanks for replying.It does this with all of them and for the bumb map thing.Well i started 3d modeling about 5-6 hours ago with no prior knoledge about anything.An as for the proper camera thing i don't know what you mean but i'll definetly look it up.Thanks.
Just go to create -> cameras -> camera or camera and aim. Then click the panel button in the persp viewport and click perspective -> camera1. Then, in an ortographic viewport, make sure your camera is within the walls of the scene. If you're too "zoomed in", lower the focal length in the camera.

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Does /3/ have a board-tan?
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I think we had the teapot head mascot.
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No it's just the teapot.

Also there's that man in the default sketchup startups
>complains about no /3/ board-tan
>posts 2d

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is it worth cracking this
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only if you make full size environments. for assets sb is enough

Why would you crack MD5 and not MD6?

Is that the steam one.

Hey /3/ I'm affiliated with a very small team that's very interested in making a science fiction movie, heavily dependent upon digital animation. However, we are all lacking in the skill set necessary to properly render characters, animations, etc., so we are required to outsource for the assistance. If you would like more information, or are otherwise interested, please feel free to comment. Any experience you have, information concerning this type of media, or simple advice will be greatly appreciated.
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I only use blender
I only use zbrush
What are your level of skill with these programs?

>uk student
what sort of 3D models make uni's dicks hard?
using maya btw
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any model

and we are not just talking about models. textures,shading,lightning and composition should be on par with your modeling

what unis you looking at?

for a lot of unis having /any/ experience in maya is a plus, though they dont care about it as much as they do your academic ability (where applicable) since you'll be taught maya from scratch anyway
got into one of Canada's top 3D/vfx schools
turns out they don't even expect students to know 3D, first semester was spent entirely learning 3D basics (they only taught us how to unwrap a prism in november)
ffs they didn't even introduce polygonal modeling until the third week
i don't know what to believe anymore

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What's the best way to make Cobblestone for an Arch Viz style project?

I'm using Maya/zBrush/Substance Painter and importing into UE4.

I feel like cobblestone texture on a plane looks really unconvincing. Something like an Array Mesh in zBrush would look pretty good, but be a nightmare to unwrap everything. I have to produce it for a 3 block by 5 block area, so efficiency is a bit of a factor, too.

Maybe trying to bake a displace over a plane would be sick? I've never baked displacement maps for anything other than a character, so that's purely hypothetical.

Unrelated, is it just me or are textures coming from Substance really desaturated in-engine? Everything's super light looking, kind of like rendering in Maya without color correction on.
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connect the normal input to displacement output. it looks more realistic

render engines makes normal maps look flat and the lightning is barely convincing

So what's my best bet in this case? Everybody else is using Mental Ray in Maya, to give you an idea of competing quality. I wanted to work in Unreal, both because I'm doing it in PBR and Mental Ray can't do PBR, and because I figure UE4 could look as good, if not better.

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What's the best software/method to manually smooth out a shitty 3d-scan?

I just need the cad equivalent of sandpaper
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Prob zbrush, unless you want to retopo it.
wow that smoothing brush is exactly what I wanted

thank you

why there are so many 3D communities that are circlejerks?

not once or twice iv seen this.
there is always a prominent user posting shit work and get lots of attention.

is there a community that isn't a cesspool?
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It's just human behavior. It's why 4chan, or at least its format of complete anonymity, is really special.
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It's the same story with most communities. You should see what goes on on literary forums.
Strictly regarding cg though, I think like the worst community in that respect is blender. With small exceptions like Gleb Alexandrov's works, most of the things posted are crap yet they keep on patting themselves on the back for it and are constantly amazed by the most basic stuff.

how do I GL intercept IMVU?
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how do i do it
pls senpai
you need the A, it's simple

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