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What's a good reading for learning how to easily visualize vectors and matrices so that I can program faster?

Obviously books or articles that contain a lot of you guessed it: visuals.
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3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development by Fletcher Dunn and Ian Parberry has a ton of illustrations. Getting your hands on a PDF version should be easy.
Not OP here.
Literally the first match in google, seems pretty interesting.
Thanks anon

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I'm looking to hire a game developer, Specifically someone to code in UE4 for me.
What job title do i search for? Should he be good with c++ to be able to code even a simple game?
Any other misc requirements i should keep in mind?

I model and animate so only need someone professional to code the core game elements for me, It's a simple game.
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Learning the unreal engine 4 framework is a whole nother thing to just knowing C++. I've never had to list myself so I don't know what terms someone might use.
>Should he be good with C++

Fuck off sexist. I bet you'd never even contemplated hiring a woman coder. This is the exact reason the wage gap is so high. Smfh
>a woman coder.

Fuck off sexist. I bet you'd never even contemplated hiring a genderfluid coder. This is the exact reason the wage gap is so high. Smfh

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Any good?, worth the money?
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Honestly pretty good. I am on part 2 of the project and very happy. They go through very quickly in the tut so if you are new pausing and going back through plus patience will be a must. Overall some really good techniques are presented thus far. >>545462

When will CGI actually look good in motion and fully replace practical effects?

This movie looked like fucking shit and the practical effect goblins looked better
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OP there with the 'CG isn't as good as practical' line again.
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No please, go on. Tell us how it 'really shows a dedication to a craft' when film makers use practical effects. Again.
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So much insight, OP. Thank you. I, and everyone else on Earth, were under the illusion that CG images are inherently better than anything else because they are made on newer technology. You've really helped lift the veil.

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crystal dice.png
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Hey /3/, Im sure this is frowned upon and I fully expect to get stoned to death for asking, but is there any way somebody could throw together an STL for me? I want some Crystal D6's because Im a fucking dork, and I have a 3D printer. However, my modeling chops (and free software) are not up to the task of modeling these types of shapes. That said, I suspect that for someone who's even moderately experienced this would take less than ten minutes.

Before anybody asks, I did look online for a preexisting model, and I did find one but it wont download.

I dont have much to offer in the way of payment, unless you need help learning statistics or applied genetics (again, because Im a dork), but I guess I could buy you a Steam game or something.
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There you go:
It took like a lazy 15 minutes.
Simple, beveled, and one with carved numbers too. (But with Comic sans, cue evil laughter).
It's about 4m high, so scale accordingly.

Blew a couple of buck on some charity in exchange.
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Also: Merry Tannenbaum
And admittedly, the numbers are carved with boolean, so not the cleanest mesh, but hey!
Thanks a jillion. Any way you can throw a different font on there? Maybe Mason if you've got it in whatever program you're using? Id really appreciate it. Im prototyping a boardgame and Id rather it look as close to the final product as possible for my investors.

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So I've Brent trying to get a hold of a texture ripper for MGSV, specifically GZ and I can't find one anywhere that's still functioning.

Does anyone have a texture ripper or can point me to a site that has a resource for me to extract all the textures for that game?

For context, cra0kalo's beta texture file is dead. So I have no fucking idea where to go from here
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Let me save you the trouble they all look like they have vaseline on them. Some of the models are on xna lara deviant art page. The only decent texturing in that game is the hair.

Has anybody here ever shipped a product using a pirated version of Zbrush and then payed for a legit license after you've made enough money to pay for it? How could Pixologic even be able to tell, would they find it suspicious when you're paying for it after the fact?
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how about you start with blender sculpting until you can pay for zbrush
>pay for zbrush
are you gay?
>pirate Zbrush
>use a U$50.000 cintiq

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Looking for someone that has 3DBuzz membership.
Basically you would do me a great deal of favor if you can find last two chapters of a blender course.
They simply don't exist on the internet,not on cgpeers not anywhere else.

Here is the link,I am missing chapter six and seven.

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get a job, poorfag
I would if i could bitch.
Why do you think i come here begging like some idiot.
>how do you have internet
I steal it from my neighbor,reaver is god given tool for people like me.
>how do you have PC
Its $200 acer laptop that I was saving for 4 years,I live in eastern europe.
try harder

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Derrick WIP.jpg
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New WIP thread.

Old WIP thread dead. >>540610
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butterfly dress 2.jpg
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Outfit I'm working on. Need to rig and texture map it now.
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Helen S_09.jpg
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Muh elastimilf
>Tfw Derrick is my fursona

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Because some of you actually buy things.

60% off everything but DVD collections until Dec. 19th:

High quality models for free including architectural, vehicles, furnishings, personal items:

30% off many items until Jan. 2:

Kinky clothing & accessories:

DM's Christmas sale, 60-75% off clothing, props, environments, poses:

Today only, 1 item free from this selection:
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Oh and everything at DAZ is 20% off until the end of the year on top of any other coupons or discounts.
Thank you op
I neglected to notice everything at InliteStudios is HALF OFF, including his fully furnished rooms and buildings (e.g. an entire fast food restaurant for $10).

Rule of thumb is that any vendor who isn't Rendo-exclusive with their own store will sell cheaper on their own site. Occasionally a Rendo sale will bridge the difference but it's not typical.

For example, Ali's/Mankahoo's "Hr-" hair catalog is usually a couple bucks lower than the Rendo price, and right now is also HALF OFF until the end of the year, bringing most of his hair props well below $5:

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Can anyone recommend me some outsider art 3D like wendyvainity or fred spencer?
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Check out m.strange on youtube, he has made like 3 or 4 films on his own, I think a few of them are free to watch.

Also check out a guy that goes by Dave4096 I think on Youtube, he has also made a few films...the one I think he started with is called Archin Defender.
>like wendyvainity
be kind, he's a 70something shutin caring for his wife with literally no other activities

anyone know where i can find vray crack for maya 2017? or even 2016.5?

the best i can find is 2015
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If we're talking about actual Vray versions you won't find anything for 3.4. I vaguely think I remember seeing 3.2 Maya versions but otherwise you're just going to have to go with 3DS Max for Vray if you want the newer versions.

Or, if you're commercial/freelance in any way, how about buying a license? Have a nice day.
im a hobbyist. I just want to practice with vray. My school has vray for maya 2016.5 but i cant even find a crack for that. the vray website does have vray for maya 2017 for sale so idk why there is no cracks for it.

thx anyway :/

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When do you use a bump map vs a normal map?
I'm confused, I understand they both do the same thing in creating the illusion of there being extra detail, but when should you use a bump map over a normal map, or do you use them together?
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no one uses bump mapping anymore.
normal mapping for game engines. displacement for render engines

Ah right, i thought since it's still even an option in max that it was still relevant
He's full of shit. I've worked in both architectural and product visualization, and some of the best artists in both fields routinely use bump maps.

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Toast render.png
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First attempt at modeling, on a scale from 1 to 10 how shit is it?
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Is that supposed to be mickey mouse's head?
Its supposed to be a piece of toast drawn in ms paint.
set the specular intensity to 0 on the material

Is there a way to rip a model created from this website: https://www.heroforge.com/

so I can 3d print for free?

>inb4 just buy it
I'm broke pls
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bump please
get a job you lib cuck
It would literally cost you less money to just buy it.

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