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kitchen (13).jpg
821KB, 1878x1034px
Guys, how would you make a full environment like this?

Everything seems overwhelming....
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you can start with not putting a wooden lattice on the wall, what the fuck
It's not once you think about it. It's just a bunch of items. All small goals in one big goal.
seem like there is some kind of CA or FOV thing at play here.
maybe some global AO?

its just a standard environment aside from that

New to the modeling scene, always lurked, but never partook or attempted.
Going to college soon, need a pass-time activity.
I have no talents and am pretty bad at everything.
Pointers I should know before I start getting into this?
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just have fun and don't worry.
if money is a problem for you don't go to college. art degrees are only needed in industrial/interior design. for game art/render/animation.film it doesn't matter
get a cgpeers account on the 1st of next month, start simple, pick a software and stick with it(they all have bugs so keep that in mind if you're tempted to switch), use lots of good reference, and have fun.

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Which one's better?
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Shit. I could have sworn this was /v/.
bottom ofc
>Playing Overrated
>At any point in time

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how is it
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How's what?
How come no games ever have models this good. Or sexy.
Thanks for making a crap thread about nothing.
Your carelessness could have killed the Duk thread

Has someone here made it to the top? Hired by a company like Blizzard, or ILM, or EA, i dont know.?

Or are we just a bunch of 3D porn faggots without a job living with parents and masturbatig? Because thats me
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no just you
>Hired by a company like Blizzard, or ILM, or EA
Among the thousands of 3d artists that would be a very slim chance, and since this is 4chan I don't think people hang out here coz they're absolute winners.
people kinda have very very strange view about 4chan,
it's one of the biggest boards on the planet and believe it or not one of the most influential ans internet goes...

you just don't get how much people actually visit 4chan, ad somehow see slightly "successful" people as you are some kind of gods,

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What's the vilppu of AAA character modelling?
I'm too retarded for sculpting from scratch.
can still sculpt details fine if I have a good base mesh.
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character modelling is minimum wage
Im not asking hows the pay retard.
modelling is bottom of the barrel in the industry ladder. your question is like asking if there's a vilpu of mcdonalds drive thru

If you had to guess, what program(s) exactly is this guy using?

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literally any

What was is the EASIEST, period? Like I don't want "the best" which everyone always asks for... I WANT THE *EASTIEST*
Sfm idk

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techno theme.png
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so i have a question that maybe you can help me with, /3/.

see this video?


it's basically a tutorial on taking generic flat techno textures, in this case, quake 2 green metal army base stuff, and then bending and breaking them along the lines however you want, to make shapes - basically texturing BEFORE modelling environmental shapes.

i think that's a great idea for a workflow that can come up with highly modular, reusable assets with super efficient poly/vert counts that still look cool.

problem is, i can't find any tutorial that would teach how to make these sorts of hand-made textures. really not getting anything relevant in youtube when i use predictable search terms.

is there anyone who has experience and knowledge of the first 2/3rds of 3D modelling? i've done some stuff like pic related, but i'm looking for photoshop education that would help me create a predictable and uniform procedure for making these kinds of textures.
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File: TECHNIROTH.png (47KB, 427x822px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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also did this

What's the best website for free HD textures?
I'm becoming tired of CGtextures. They're becoming Jewish as fuck with download rates and file sizes and shit.
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What is this? A private tracker?
I'm not waiting 16 days to register. Fuck that.

I'm working on a senior thesis short film and I'm in need of help. I had 6 animators, 2 dropped off because of scheduling conflicts and now their integral scenes aren't being animated.

The whole project is 2:30 long and the 22 shots left over are only 1-3 seconds long each.

Where would be the best place to ask for help for collaboration, barring this place? I probably won't get help from here, although I do hope for some offers from some animators who want some portfolio work.

This is the current edit. A mix of animatic, blocking phase, final animation and final renders.

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jump on recently fresh graduates. its a good practice for them

how to reach? i don't know, but animators who are working per hour won't talk to you
I figured as much. I'm not really looking for per hour people as they would just completely blow me off.
It looks really really bad so far. You will NEVER get work from this quality of "thesis". I honestly hope you're not paying for this "education"

-anon in the industry

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How does do you texture paint left to look like right?
How do you replicate the colors, depth, etc?
I am starting to super hate myself this is too hard
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git gud
For more complex organic objects I usually do hight poly sculpt retopo and bake AO and use that as guide, something like that can be archived with a couple of layers in substace painter

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Does /3/ know any good introductory tutorials to maya? Like straight up interface and editing tutorials. Moving from blender/Zbrush to maya/zbrush.
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there is like a gorillion of them on youtube, stop beeing dumb
Have you tried Lynda.com? They have tons of tutorials for several 3D programs.

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Anyone know where can I download qubicle for free?
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cgpeers.com for your 3dcg needs
>this meme in 2017

File: 1344437299559.jpg (86KB, 634x385px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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There is something wrong with sliders in MAYA 2017.
I can't resize them. First, my time slider was like half of the screen when I inserted it in MAYA interface (it IS resizable when it's in separate window). I managed to do some voodoo magic (I don't know how), but it started to appear normally, as a little slider (even thou I still can't resize it), but then I realized that I'm missing my range slider, and again the same shit is happening. When it's inserted in MAYA's UI it's EXTREMELY huge (like half of the screen) and I can't resize it as other panels.
Do I do something wrong?
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I have a quite similar problem with the channel box and the attribute editor sometimes
So how do you deal with it?

File: Zbrush Document.jpg (944KB, 1267x872px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Zbrush Document.jpg
944KB, 1267x872px
First time using Zbrush, how did I do?
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that catalog thumbnail is sort of spooky looking good job
i like it

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