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Hi /3/,

Is it easier to get a job as a character artist or a envrionment artist?

Lets say you have two people that have equal levels but one in character and one in environments?

Who would find it easier to get a job?

Also, is environment art more important than character art?
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much easier to get a job as a character artist.

the demand for characters is always high because of a few factors

>can't proceduraly make high quality characters
>the characters that are available in the the market are not unique to what you want.
>characters in general demands more creativity

environments are easier to automate and replace, because you can just buy a big pack of assets and build them in your level editor, this is especially common with things like outdoor environments like nature.

employers are all about saving money. and when they see the opportunity to save money they will seize it
not op, but also looking to be a character artist.
this is inspiring, just what i wanted to hear.
Where should i look for job postings? hoping to get in with a small developer and build up to working for a big company
indiegamer and indie db

does catia work the same way as solidworks?

does it have the same user interface?
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Just found out that the company I wanted to work at doesn't want me. A week ago I applied with high hopes. How do I move on? When is it safe to apply again? Currently I'm neet.
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When you're applying for jobs, apply everywhere. Don't get hung up on one single job. I've gotten one job out of 20 applications on average.

Apply again if they have another job opening. For the same job opening try again in a few months (4-6 months).
how do i write coverletters to these game companies when i dont have time or money to play any games because of my neet status?
you should ask them why you were rejected; worst case scenario is they don't offer a critique. you should also study their showreels/galleries or whatever of their past work and compare it to your own.

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So.. why cant we use the same joint chain for both IK and FK control? Is it a math thing?
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You can. The same joint chain can be used for IK or FK. It's a safe assumption that most modern programs have a way of toggling between the two.
If you're asking why you can't use both at the same time, it's probably for math reasons, but I can't really think of a situation where you'd want to do that anyway. Switching between the two works fine, and it makes more sense than using both at once, since the different systems would pointlessly conflict with each other.
yes, its a math thing. duplicate the chain and blend between the two

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I make characters and creatures.

(I can do props and environment pieces too)

I'm poor as fuck and I'll do dirty work for cheap. Give me your request and I'll give you results.

I'll take bitcoin too

[email protected]
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sell your works at cgtrader and turbosquid
How much per eldritch monster?

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Any tips and tricks specifically for furniture renders? links to websites, tutorials or blogs are highly appreciated.
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v i s c o r b e l

and bevel your shit, making a thread about furniture rendering and the op pic isn't even beveled.
What do you mean by that? Are you sure you didnt mean chamfer?
just ignore him.

in general watch vray tutorials. and download assets for vray to see how that works

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>display inverted normals in viewport blender
>get outline
>get black silhouette

can blender only hide faces with inverted normals in the viewport? I've tried Z masking but it hides the object behind also.
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>"2D shader"
2D shit from 3D always looks pig disgusting.

especially when going for a traditional animu look using 3D software.
literal cancer by the first reply
post cancer thread; receive cancer replies

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is there a way to configure maya to use the same controls as sfm if i'm used to that or should i just relearn it.

i ask because being able to wasd when holding left click, but also rotate is pretty goddamn convenient, and i can switch to bones using W for translation or E for rotation on them if im not holding LB.

to further exemplify this, i guess this is more for a discussion on configuring maya to your liking navigation wise with the camera.
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You can pretty much change the controls to whatever you want, but I'd stick to mayas standard controls. Not only will it help you to work on other systems which don't have your configurations, maya also has quite a lot of shortcuts which are used in a lot of other 3d programs aswell. Sfm on the other hand barely sticks to any standards

Just saw this video. It is litterally the only video this channel has ever made, only 100 subscribers, but somehow they had the funds to create this video. Obviously they're funded by a big person. But how long would it take to create a video like this, and more importantly. How much does something like this COST?

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a really tiny fraction of whatever sum they're already investing into traditional ads, shilling in MSM, and guerrilla marketing in general.
ask hillary
Political bullshit aside, that rigging is so nice.

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/3/ would you be pissed if i commissioned you to build a character model for me and sold it on TurboSquid?
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When I do commissions I'll usually attach a license to it. Generally that means they can use the artwork in commercial works, but that's not the same as selling intellectual property. Selling the model directly would be illegal in this case.
Is your reasoning personal or business related knowing they could make back their money from selling the asset?
It's pretty uncommon to outright sell IPs.

If you commission an artist to create a soundtrack for your game, they'll also retain rights to the music they made. If they want to sell the soundtrack separately they have to pay royalties to the artists.

You'll have exceptions where the artists are employed directly by the company but that's pretty rare. If you want to be a content mill to sell assets on Turbosquid you need to create your own company and actually hire the people rather than contract/commission them, but at that point you might as well sell assets directly rather than through Turbosquid.

Hey everyone, I recently started to get the hang of blender (not really though) and I was wondering what you all though of this model? Its based off of a design I had drawn previously and it's the only model I've ever made
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2/10 post in the wip thread you cuck

Keep at it man, year or two and you'll be great if you put the effort in. Also you should have posted this in the WIP thread
You deserve to take that gun and shoot yourself with it for starting a thread with a cellphone picture of your computer screen.

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On Jesus birthday. Why haven't you bought 3d coat yet. Pls ignore dinosaur.
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The software might be cool, but the developers don't deserve money.
>buying from Christcucks who get triggered if you make naughty models with their software.
>Going out of your way to avoid using a program because the creators have different beliefs than you
You're all worse than nu-males

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So I signed up with these guys for 2017.

Have I cucked myself?

>itt: General School and Studies experience thread
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post their showreel
While I understand the need for a degree in anywhere but America, I still feel that most school for 3D are a waste of time and money. Most university offering a degree in this field often have inadequate staff who couldn't make it in the industry, bare bones software that's not up to industry standards, and garbage generalist curriculum that try force everyone to be the same. The most offensive is that these schools are often out of date on the modern techniques, leaving student woefully unprepared for what awaits them in 4 years. The thing you have to consider is that this is an industry that's barely 30 years old and is rapidly changing. The information and knowledge that was discovered and cultivated was all done so by forums and communities.

My advice? If you're really dedicated, save yourself some money, drop out of school, and study this stuff online. Break in to communities, find out what you like to do, and go full ham. I guarantee you'll learn more in a year than you would have in 4 at a sub par university and for just pennies on the dollar. Shoot, some of these industry leaders are giving this information away for chump change on Gumroads! The only catch is you have to be dedicated.

Experience: Someone who went to one of the worst schools, The Art Institute.
Jesus m8, I'm going to have to check OP in to the hospital's burns unit.

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Is the 3D industry pay to win?? For example, if you cant buy (and dont want pirate) Maya or zbrush or substance painter or whatever, and you want to work in this industry, you will need a free software like Blender.

The thing is, can actually someone make money only with Blender? Making those incredible renders and texture shaders for free? Who wants to hire a blender artist? Who wants to buy blender assets? How far can a Blender user go? What are the chances that a blender user get hired and learn legally another Software?

If you keep using free softwares, will you be always being smashed by the paid high tech softwares? So how can one actually make it? Luck?

A lot of people sucks using pirated softwares, now imagine using the free limited ones...
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just blender alone?

sadly no.
i mean there are very few cases where you can make money just with blender and that is creating handpainted textures or fully rigged characters that aren't half bad.
you can't really texture properly or sculpt with blender. however - if you make the best use of it you will make it.
i personally seen artists that do it.
i think for open source stuff most people make money selling services instead of goods. think redhat support vs selling the code/software



this is the type of stuff you could.
again,not bad but not fantastic by any means.

hey guys im looking into doing 3d modeling and drawing, concept art ext that kinda stuff but im not sure what kinda pc i need for this or mainly CPU and GPU i would need to get going, my system now is...

CPU Intel Core i7 4790K @ 4.00GHz
RAM 16GB 2400mhz DDR3
Motherboard MSI Z97A GAMING 7
Graphics 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 (MSI)
Storage 120GB Samsung SSD 840 EVO 120GB ATA Device (SSD)
500GB Seagate (SATA)
i was looking on getting a GTX 1080 but not so sure now could anyone help me out maybe please ?

i also have a wacom intous i do some drawing now on autodesk sketch book but that about it working on that now
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Cpu is most important. That pc is more than enough.
Concept art is mainly painting with modelling, and most modeling for concept art needs a good base of understanding of drawing and design. From what I'm seeing of OP, you're very far from being concept-art level. Do you paint at all or just line drawings? If not, you're going to need to learn how to paint while you work on 3D. A lot of concept work right now is 3d work with a paintover,
Focus on your craft. The pc is just a tool. Get something you can afford. Most mid range pc can do the work. Good luck.

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