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New WIP thread.
Old one went by way too fast: >>538896
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what are these cartoon from?
>when you got great concepts but no bigger picture
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btw working on new shiet, now I tried fibermesh, did not gone in any detail or anyrhing just quickly assigned and combed, I don't like generated hair I'll sculpt it.

any critique etc about a character? it's still in early stage I want to give more mechanical creases etc. on the face and also give either some cyber googles, one mechanical eye or eyepatch, and refine earphones way more

Long story short I used to be a Minecraft fag and then a friend got me into graphics and Minecraft animations. Quit a few years ago and started doing better things.

Tell me your stories anon.
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my parents needed to sent measurements to a carpenter so i downloaded sketchup to make a basic 3D scene of our kitchen with measurements
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>I just want to make waifus
A bit of that but the gateway to this for me was level editing in half life, unreal and quake.
Getting a better PC and seen the growing market for 3D

every 3d artist have that period when he gets absolutely stuck in a certain place and is not moving forward in terms of making good things.

one thing i struggle with alot is patience, i am not patient enough and i think others have that problem too.
care to give some insight /3/?
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Can you draw and do you keep a sketchbook?
>Can you draw
>do you keep a sketchbook?

i save my 3d works, i have over a 100 or so
>do you keep a sketchbook?
thats your problem

can someone please help me get the Aranled render (https://www.solidangle.com/) for 3DS max 2015 i currently only have the student version of 3ds max what are my options
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Get Maya 2017 for free with your Autodesk student account, then render everything in Maya.

Not saying its a good method, but it's what comes to mind.

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What program do you use to paint textures with? Preferably diffuse only, not normals and such. If you can it'd be informative if you described your style in a word, too(such as: NPR, pixar-like, realism, etc.)

I've tried Blender, but is it just me or is Blender's texture paint system severely lacking? I'm not here to hate on Blender and I actually like it quite a bit, but even compared to any of its other features aside from possibly its game engine, I feel like Blender's texture painting system is barely usable even as an amateur/hobbyist. Aside from viewport painting simply not working well(especially along seams), the texture refresh seems to constantly bug. Perhaps there's some kind of setting I'm not using correctly?

In fact, just after writing that I went into Blender to confirm using an existing file, and one click with the Soften brush on this simple texture was all it took to get this bugged(I assume) result(see picture).

I'm thinking of trying Mari but it seems like a bit of a pain in the ass to obtain and set up, so I'm wondering if there isn't anything a little more accessible which will at least do the job well. Mudbox? ZBrush?
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blender is good for diffuse only painting, it has a few problems that are related to the interface.

here are a few tips that helped me throughout the way

>always have the scene fully lit, or paint with shadeless material, it helps alot
>blender don't have automatic seam correction, so sometimes seams are visible. go to opinions in texture paint mode and change the bleed to 8px.
>have good UV's which are spaced decently
>figure out hotkeys for brush swap and brush size, it will speed up your painting
>you can use change the stroke and curve to have more accurate linework
>try having a premade color palette in an external image, then sample the colors when you need them
Painting anything more than masks in Blender is for the masochist or the "i can do everything with Blender" crowd.
Basically EVERY other option is better.

I personally think for stylized Diffuse painting 3D coat is the easiest and most effective solution.
3DCoat is nice for hand painted stuff since the brushes are alright and all the layer styles are parallel to Photoshop's layer styles.
Here's someone showing it off: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXT6m3e0rFA

For more advanced shaders I really prefer Substance PBR workflow though. Being able to procedurally generate detailed materials and then paint a model with those materials really simplifies realistic/semi-realistic texturing, and when you know the process for creating Substance materials you can do a lot with it. Substance Painter is probably useless for straight Diffuse map painting, though.

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Any way to 3d model these threads in any autodesk program or sketchup?

(i've seen shitty "Coil for custom threads" tried it, cant get the spacing between threads)
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Autodesk Inventor would be the best for things like this. You can input very precise measurements
Inventor and also Fusion360.
This might help you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR7fsgQNmEk
well it looks like i need to be able to input the Major/Minor diameter, Crest, thickness, pitch, and root[thread gap]. also possibly the Helix angle. But in both inventor and fusion all you get is the "accepted" thread sizes.

Also the coil thing isnt be made to adjusted accurately as i need it to be

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/3/ fears this.
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Nobody fears Alioto. He's practically our mascot. It's like being afraid of Wendy Vanity.
I always thought /3/ mocked Alioto than "feared" him. In fact, I'm pretty sure he started to get somewhat better in recent months and teapots encouraged him to stride for it.
I think most people mock him lovingly. Sure, he makes some creepy shit. But it's better than most of the Blender trash that comes out of this board.

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So, I've just lost my Wacom Intuos Draw Pen. Which is crucial for me if I am making textures. Any ideas where I can get a replacement as cheap as possible
>Poor Eurofag
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eba or amazon

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Was wondering if adding more props to this would cause significant clutter?
I've taken advice from what some of you have told me a couple days ago and have moved the scene forward a little
Any more criticism to add?
Cheers cunts
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If you're using a game engine (UE4 right?) you should expand the entire level and environment a bit more, like more hallway and room. Look at games that use this type of style, like Metro, Stalker, etc, and see how they include clutter and dirt and garbage lying around - Fallout included. Thanks for taking some of the composition off as well.
leave it as it is right now.

make a short video and add some dust particals or something
would be better than beauty shots with various shaders
i would either turn off those construction lights or have them angeled downwards a bit. At the moment they're just point at the lighting strip on the ceiling. Seems kinda strange considering theres daylight coming in from the door not too far away and the strip light above.
Also considering making the lights a bit more white / blue to give a bit of contrast with the yellow sunlight. nothing too much though, just a little.

looks really nice otherwise

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Hi, rate my demon hunter.
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not mine? what do you mean?
the sculpt is really good
what about the bottom part?

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Painting 3D mesh on photoshop looks like this when you paint over seams, is there a tool to paint 3D objects, with options sorta like photoshop? What is the easiest tool to manually paint textures using a tablet without this ugly seams bug?
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apparently that removes the UV completely, I still need the UV maps... but thanks!
pls help

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I want this female model I did to look more feminine and sexy. I usually do male models and that kind of shows in my females but I'm trying hard to remedy that. Halp pls
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Show less definition in the muscles, bones, and tendons. Make the chin a bit sharper and less pronounced, and push the forward in a little.

Also make that neck way shorter what the fuck
Push the what in a little?

Are you using references or anatomy references?

As you are making a ton of mistakes on anatomy.

You messed up the temporalis. No, sign of zygomatic arch. Inside of the eyes is wrong.

The chin is wrong.

The muscles on the neck is wrong. The clavicle spacing is wrong.

The ears are wrong.

The forehead of a women is very flat.

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what is /3/ doing for winter ball?
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staying home.
When is it?
This board is not active enough to go...als 2dpd is a shit

How long much practice does it take to become THIS shitty at Blender?
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a few weeks. maybe a week if you can get past the keyboard shortcut learning curve
What tutorial series should I watch, or what aspects should I research to get on this one-week(s) fast track?
>How long much practice does it take to become THIS shitty at language the like english?

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Are there any architects / architecture students here? What would you recommend me for making renderings of interior and exterior images? I need to make my project better.

I heard Cinema4D is powerful but I know people here use Maya more but usually for other stuff.
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I'm honestly making weird amounts of profit from using UE4 and creating interacting environments for clients. It's bizarre but it interests them so whatever.
How did you get started with that? How do you approach the clients / advertise?
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The answer you're looking for 3dsmax + Vray, which would be the best workflow for a beginner while still allowing for amazing results.
The most renowned architectural 3D artists (Peter Guthrie, Matt Guetta, Bertrand Benoit, Alex Roman, etc.) are in fact using these tools. You can also get a hold of Sketchup to help with modeling, but it's not as great for quality. The most important thing for you will be to master how to create believable materials and lighting, but anything related to photography and composition is definitely a plus.

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