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does anyone here pipeline TD? job listings are extremely vague and i'm wondering what you actually do from day to day
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those eyes lol
"pipeline td's" are people who couldnt make their own games and live off their own engine. Instead they babysit unrealengine at minimum wage or near it.

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Can someone explain to me the simplest way to export single high res stills of an object in 3DS max? I'm just trying to get some images of cars like from Initial D to insert into drawfags' artwork with Photoshop which I actually know how to use.
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press F10
set resolution to high e.g. 1920x1080
F10 again
press F9
wait for render to finish
click diskette icon, name your new file

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realistic 3d hair is impossible
prove me wrong

[spoiler]protip: you cant[/spoiler]
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You mean games. Right?
We're definitely getting there
You sound young and so pretentious OP! Congrats!!

Are you talking about games or film?

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How's she comin along?
Mid-progress critique?
You cunts generally give pretty good suggestions
is she good enough to roast a shrimp on or a bit how ya goin still aye?
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heres a sneaky sideshot cunts
show the asset set, without heavy bloom

can judge by assets individually, your scene composition is good but i can barely see the detail
this place looks like a beat-up shithole. why are the boxes and floor so perfect?

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i'm Makin the plasma gun from fallout 4
hows it goin ?
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I personally love it OP,
Have you been documenting your progress?
Would love to have seen different stages.

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How's it looking my dudes, I'm more of a noob than novice when it comes to blender and modeling. How is my clap trap look?? Also credit to GearBox and 2K games for claptrap
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>Also credit to GearBox and 2K games for claptrap
Damn right youre a bitch ass noob when you dont post WIRES
You don't want too see these wires

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Just read the End User License Agreement and there are stuff I don't quite understand (about paying License fees to DAZ if they ask me too)

Is it only if I want to make profit out of content made with it, or can they charge me fees for merely using DAZ after downloading it for free
English isnt my native language so I have hard time figuring out their purpotedly tricky speech
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"With the purchase of a license"

you still have to pay for it
the sentence under what you highlighted says it better. If you use their software illegally and are caught, not only will you have to pay them a licensing fee but now you have to pay the dues for court fees for both them and yourself.
So it's not free?

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Hi guys, I made this orc. Please rate it
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you have not made a shit yet, this is some clay piece, and itcmore looks someone started doing goblin bust for 2 minutes and then rendered it for some reason
whats missing?

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hi, how to rig clothes so that they float and collide with other objects smoothly ?

is there different rig settings or is it something you can only do in a game engine ?
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low gravity = floating effect, lower poly count = faster processing, higher velocity damping = prevent chaotic cloth movement, bullet physics = precise cloth vertex collision
but, wouldn't this need different settings for the body and the cloth ?
the body doesn't have any cloth settings...

>people will defend this over blender
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I had to format my Windows workstation and install Ubuntu on it, since then I've been using Blender instead of 3DS for my 3D.
Couple of things I've noticed:
>Camera controls are not that bad. If you've used Mudbox before (as I have), you can get used to it fairly easily.
>Autodesk's ViewCube is a blessing.
>Fuck Cycles. A tiny issue with material nodes and boom, your model won't show up.
>Modelling is really quick and easy, way better than Max.
>Find Shortest Path... Why hasn't Autodesk implemented this in yet?
>RAM usage in Blender is seriously satisfying, after Max and it's 4 out of 8GB used RAM bullshit.
Though the best thing in Blender, hands down, has got to be the
>UV mapper. I used to spend a day or two just to map a low poly arm, but I got an entire scene done in less than 10 minutes with Blender.
Loving it, so far. I'd try out the sculpting tools, but I couldn't sculpt if my life depended on it.
give cycles some time. we will get there eventually.
I've never had my models disappear because of one wrong move with nodes, but I will say that cycles is seriously inefficient and needs some kind of better averaging algorithm to get rid of fireflies

hey /3/

what is your preferred method of retopology? I'm stuck in making my workflow. Currently, I use Topogun but it gets pretty old and the tools aren't anything to rave about. is Retopoflow any good? thinking of trying that next.
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I really enjoy retopoflow.
Its pretty simple to get used to.
BTW Maya's retopo options are great now!!
and 3d coat is the best IMHO
just do it old school desu.

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I want to make some basic human loop animations (sitting, laying on bed..), I know how to, but don't know how to make them "natural" or how the person should behave..

how do you get reference for animations??

do I have to remake what I see on movies, etc? for a while i considered recording myself because I don't know what else to use as reference.
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use porn as reference
I don't wanna make porn, just normal poses, chilling on the couch, etc. pls don't. I'm wondering if there is a database or website for animation references like there are for figure drawing

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pic related,
what can I do about the white / blueish pixels appearing randomly ?
I have already set the samples to ~3000 , my pc cant go much further but it still looked like shed
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You need the addon, it's easy!
what addon

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Hi anons,
I have a head model and a diffuse map associated to the head. I edited the poly. How do I edit my diffuse map to match my edited head?
Can you give me the steps? Thanks.
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write that again, in English this time

left model is diffuse, right is diffuse and normal map, the fuck you trying to do?
I'm gonna assume you mean that the textures are now fucked up, as you edited the mesh AFTER applying materials?

You can avoid that shit by COLLAPSING the layers and shit of the model, creating thus an "empty" Editable Poly / Mesh, which olds the textures pretty accurately in place even if you edit triangles. However, too much edits, and you will have to re-adjust the UVMs.
give up. you can't do this. just stop.

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is it true that the wages in the industry are shit?

I just finished architecture school and I know almost nothing about 3d design ( Only sketchup,3dsmax and Blender on a very basic level) and I want to specialized in 3D design but unlike a lot of people who is in this industry im not a trust fund kid (not saying you guys are, I know some of you guys personally and I know you are hard working people) and im poor as fuck, should I follow my dream or work in construction?
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>is it true that the wages in the industry are shit?


Especially in California. Hollywood is notoriously known for creating pop-up companies to dodge unions, and regulations and to pay poor rates. Because this is the dominant way of doing business in California the entire industry has become stagnant, especially so in the entry level jobs. Raises are nearly unheard of. Incentives like longer contracts or healthcare or retirements are simple not there. AND going without pay for a period of time has now become the norm.

Best thing to do is make your own IP and sell that. Sell the rights, get those royalties. Don't waste time trying to get your foot in the door by going through entry level positions.
I thought architects and CAD guys made a respectable living? Is that not true?
>follow your dreams
worth life advice anybody has ever given me.
It seems to be a meme among educators. I'm not sure they realise the harm they do by touting this horse shit.
Do what is most lucrative, which is not 3D. Use 3D as a hobby to reinforce your merit as an architect.

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