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File: test 1.png (486KB, 1019x529px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
test 1.png
486KB, 1019x529px
Making a test blockout for a new environment.

Are the shapes interesting enough?

Also general environment thread, I guess.
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try to only have one big structure
(like the top pipe on each side)

But focus on that one and make it interesting.

Then while mirroring is very helpfull as a tool, it tends to be to obvious and disruptive in corridors.

Your flooring stands out a bit much.
Meaning it's a solid plane in a paneled environment and it's edges don't realy fit into the corridor.

Now you can have floor tiles that are build ontop of the "real" corridor but you have to make it look like it was done on purpose.
Reminds me of Star Trek TOS engineering
Shapes are good but you need to add some more geometry on the floor.

File: 20161216_130639.jpg (2MB, 4128x2322px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is there a way to rip a 3d model from a tv show?
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Yes of course. You just have to run the tv show through blender and it will give you an obj file.

Unfortunately only blender works for this, since Autodesk is behind the curve a little when it comes to technological advances like this.
I'm sure in a few years they'll catch up though. Give it maybe 3-4 versions before they're up to par. Anyway, good luck OP.
What you are watching are images of a render. There is no 3d models in renders, just pixels. So no rip.
yes there is a device in ebay called "the ripper" you just hook it to your tv and it rips all the mp4 obj and avi's straight from your TV set

only issue it costs like half a million :/

File: lightholes.jpg (349KB, 1858x953px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How do i create these kind of lightholes in the ceiling, in UE4? You can't look directly into them, it should blind you. You can however see the detail of the 'bottom' of the hole when looked at from an angle
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We have a thread for questions like this.
Model them.
you should use auxiliary lights to create that effect unless your environment is closed 4 ways and all you have to do is rotate the directional light and bump up the intensity + bloom
Well it has these hole lights on the walls as well so I can't use the directional light (only) for that. Also can't find auxiliary lights in ue4?

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Is this laptop overkill for 3D design?


There's another one with 2 GTX 1080s as well:

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what do you mean by 3d design? there are many aspects to 3d

and yeah its an overkill
rhino,sketchup,lightwave,photoshop - lowrange to midrange will do

maya,max,blender,unity,3dcoat etc - midrange to highrange

zbrush,mudbox,marvelous designer,substance designer,nuke,houdini, rendering animation - high end
No such thing as overkill, when it comes to billions of poligons, gigabytes of textures, thousands of lights etc.
But prices for laptops is way overkill. For this amount of money you can build way more powerful machine.
1080 also doesn't give so much power above 1070 for the price.

File: Bumppy.jpg (121KB, 1365x691px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Did i go over on the bump map? And the general "Wear And Tear" of it?
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Too uniform. What kind of material and object is this? Is it used for something? Display? Is it exposed to the elements? Does anything move/touch it? etc...
you should turn back the surface wear and get some edge wear in there. edges look way too sharp for that kind of weathering you have there.
What is it dude? You got wear and tear all over it but that's only really relevant if it's actually something that gets wear and tear everywhere

File: CF27rYAUMAEAoxn.png (84KB, 600x415px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So what softwares do you own?

I've only bought Zbrush
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why buy when you have cgpeers? fucking idiots
It is really pointless to buy big products like these unless you're a big company and actually return a bigger profit from the results of the products. Because most people just use it for training or hobby and just post screenshots to their blogs.

g-guys this means maya is rendering, right. i've never done a render as big as this, i've done like 3 renders total, and there's 4 lights in this one and i set mental ray to max quality for a 1080p render.

but render view screen is still all blue, nothing has changed, it says rendering and the minimize/maximize/close buttons are faded out , i can't click them.

is this supposed to take forever? i'm worried because i did some stuff between saving and pressing render.
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File: green jade fork.jpg (811KB, 1920x3240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
green jade fork.jpg
811KB, 1920x3240px
do these boxes mean that it's actually doing something? it says the maya process is not responding but i'm starting to see white boxes
Maxed out as in 80,000 AA samples?

i don't know. i just slid everything to the end of the bar on the render settings window and clicked anything that sounded fancy.

eventually i had like 6 boxes, but it was all fucky, for some reason in the viewport the lighting looked really really dim, but when i went to render, it was so bright all the color was flushed out, and then went i closed it and opened it again, i realized that the OP image i posted was actually the texture i had on some of the walls, so the original image of this thread had become the fucking texture - when i took screenshots i just dropped them into the open paint window i had where i had trimmed the texture, and saved. fucking

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Anyone know how to blend 2 StingrayPBS Shaders in Maya?
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Did you model that? OT: no idea.
Isn't there a blend shader that can hold two other shaders? It basically renders the object twice with both shaders and then blends them together.

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alright. enough is enough. im having lots of trouble with UE4 and i was thinking if any UE4 nerds here can help me.

>why does UE4 does not retain the same pivot point that i use to export from blender?
>why when i reset the pivot point it only works once and then i have to do it again?
>ctrl+end. what does it do exactly and how does it benefit me?
>is there a way to to lay out static meshes in modular fashion? so far im getting shading errors, in blender its not the case.
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>why does UE4 does not retain the same pivot point that i use to export from blender?

UE4 always uses 0,0 as the pivot/origin
my pivot seem to be like 4 meters away from my object
i have same problems ;\

Hey /3/, i came here from /gd/ and have a couple of questions:

Friends of mine own a 3D-Printing company. They come to me with several requests to do some stuff for them in SolidWorks. But now they need a 3D model of a human head (a real human, which i have photos from different angles) and i have never done this before.
So my questions are:
Can you recommend a software to model it(I've looked through several ones and also through the sticky but im not sure which one is the best in terms of user friendliness since I come from a more technical approach than an artistical one)
How much work afford is it approximately( it doesnt have to be very much detailed, approximately pic related, please consider im new to this, and for example take the software Blender)
Do someone know a reliable site where it can be outsourced and how much it would cost approximately?

Thanks in advance
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OP here again with an edit:

It needs to be finished approximately until 7th January
get blender (free) and make human (free). Make a human and import it into blender as a base. Then you can sculpt your head the way you want (or not at all) and delete unnecessary faces of the rest of the body. Ask your friends what kind of file format their printer takes and export from blender.
Thx for the quick answer. I will get Blender and try my best

File: 1480544995518.jpg (2MB, 1448x1944px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1448x1944px
What about 2D editing? I got a gopro for Christmas and their software is super limited.

I have no money to spend on software, but I do have time and a willingness to learn.

Do you guys have any recommendations besides googling it?
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You want to edit movies?
You could pirate a version of Adobe Premiere.
Or download DaVinci Resolve. Its actually free.

There are some OpenSource edit-programs, but so far all are not really production-ready.

You could also go full overkill and download a Non-Commercial (free) version of Nuke Studio.
File: notfree.png (120KB, 1329x572px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120KB, 1329x572px

The davinci program looks interesting, but it also looks like it's 1100 euros? What am I missing here?
Left version is missing some features, but is free. Right is not free but has more features.
Just download and test it.

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2MB, 960x540px
First attempt at an explosion. What you guys think?
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Looks good
Thats just really smoky flames. Look up actual detonations of c4 and grenades on youtube. Its an impulse wave, with condensing air, followed by dust coming from everything and then rushing in to the pressure drop. Debris will fly out from the area at anywhere fromm 100 to 1500 feet per second. Fire depends usually on the size of the charge and the brissant coefficient of the compound. Grenade will not make fire at all, rpgs might briefly ignite the air for a moment, enclosed spaces with flammable material might ignite.
Needs more "explosion" in it. The after-explosion is good, the actual explosion doesn't look like one.

File: tris.jpg (48KB, 640x589px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I understand for videogames/animation using quads is preferable, but if I'm making a model solely for 3D printing does it matter if I have a mix of quads and tris?

Since an STL file only looks at the "outside surface" of the model I wouldn't think it would matter much, at least form a modeling perspective.
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Use a faceted shading and thats what you'll get when you print. And make sure that you have one uniform mesh rather than lots of meshes intersecting with each other.

Other than that the quads, tris, polycount doesn't matter when 3D printing
>And make sure that you have one uniform mesh rather than lots of meshes intersecting with each other

By this do you mean make sure the meshes are connected and make one object, rather than separate objects?

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What are some good Gumroad tutorials that you've found? The search function on the site is really abysmal, and I'm quite puzzled they seem to have nothing akin to a featured section.
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pretty awesome, thinkgen about getting it
god i hate nu-""""""""artists"""""""
What's your logic? Curious.

I'm developing a program that will be doing real-time rendering. Is it worth it to use Vulkan or should I stick with OpenGL?
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there are virtually no tutorials for vulkan
OpenGL if you want something with support now at the cost of your code being depreciated in the future. Vulkan if you want to take full advantage of SLI, and newer graphics cards and don't mind venturing into uncharted (undocumented) territory.
>don't mind venturing into uncharted (undocumented) territory.
there's so little documentation and examples you basically need to be a 10/10 programmer to even consider it

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