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I need you guys!
>in blender
>space hallway scene
>trying to add lights to the hallway
>use emission shader
>gigantic amount of fireflies
>what am I doing wrong???
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Congratulations, you've just discovered why no one likes raytracing
Yeah I know :'( I'm not good with point or spot lights. And I was going off Blender Guru's tutorial on creating the space corridor. I have no idea how to light that scene
its because you are using cycles

use luxrender

use biased path opencl and you should decent results

Here's the same character developed for a 10 year old figure and a 1 year old figure, both from DAZ.

Is it genuinely this difficult to sculpt G3F into something human looking without having the HD morph SDK (which forbids you from vending characters made with it outside DAZ's own store)?

Was reducing polycount a good move for people not interested in making video game assets?

Seriously, someone pill me here on what I'm missing.
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>Seriously, someone pill me here on what I'm missing

>rendered in Poser 6
>rendered DAZstudio 4.9

no amount of polygons will save daz characters
OK, let's start over here. Why does the second one look like shit if it's based on a newer figure?

Try answering without meme arrows this time.
never come back here, you pozer faggot.

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What's the catch, /3/?
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1TB , 128GB RAM , 12 Core 2x XEON E5-2667 -2.90 GHz
Graphic NVIDIA Quadro 6000 6GB GDDR5.
2 x PS/2 keyboard and mouse; 2 x RJ-45 to integrated LAN; 2x Firewire 400; 2 x audio In; 2 x audio Out 2 x mic in; 9x usb ports; RS232.
Windows 10, WiFi Dongle, Keyboard, Mouse.
3 months warranty. One year warranty available.
That... a fairly good price, right?

You wont be making anything that requires this. The bottleneck will be the hard drive anyway.

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old thread >>530724

>biased opinion on the best sites for quality purchased content
Daz3d.com, renderosity and renderotica

Base figure shapes and program available at daz3d.com for free.
The shekeling comes from addon content. Clothes, characters, etc.

>I dont want to pay for shit
Freebies available at the official website but are usually meh content for older characters.
Renderosity has a free section updated semi often.
sharecg.com also has lots of content. ymmv

>What is the difference between Genesis 1,2 and 3? Which one should you use?
See pic related
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>There are some simple rules you have to follow when using DaZ...
>1. Create a camera, position it and use it as the view to render your scene from. The "Perspective View" doesn't allow you to turn off the "Headlamp" light in Render Settings that will show up in your renders and mess up your lighting layout.
>2. Turn off the Headlamp in Render Settings in the Render tab. Set it to off or set it to only be on when there are no scene lights. Emissives do not count as scene lights.
>3. In Iray the only lights worth a shit are spotlights and emissives. Don't bother with point lights or distant lights...those are only good for 3Delight.
>4. You can adjust the shape and size of your spotlights to be things like rectangles, spheres, discs, etc..and either make them huge or small. When making a sphere spotlight you will have to crank up the Luminous Flux to ridiculous amounts for it to give off light (like 1 million or more)....because a sphere spotlight like an emmissive sphere gives off light in all directions and the Lumens give the total amount of light which is why a Point shaped Spotlight with a million Lumen will be very bright but a sphere will not. To get a large diffuse light you'd do something like make a spotlight, set it to rectangle, increase it's size to like 100x100 or more and then increase the spread angle to max. The larger you make it and the wider the spread angle the more Lumens you'll need to get light. Best rule of thumb is to add a 0 to the end till it's close to what you want and then adjust from there.
>5. With Iray it will help to learn photography lighting techniques, like 3 point lighting.
>Quality setting doesn't do alot afaik. Setting the Max Time and Max Samples really high though will give a better render with less grain or fireflies. But doing so also significantly raises render time.

>CTRL+ALT+M1 lets you pan without using that damn cube

>interface is sluggish after adding buildings/etc.
The biggest improvement can be achieved under Display Optimisation. It’s set to “none” by default, which means no hardware acceleration is at work and your CPU does most of the calculations for the viewport. Try “better” or “best” and see how your hardware holds up. The change will be effective immediately, there’s on need to save anything or restart the app.

For those just starting out, the official Daz3D youtube channel seems to have uploaded quite a few guides in the last month. https://www.youtube.com/user/WWWDAZ3DCOM/videos
I have a lot of personal arch viz stuff made that was created by me. I have considered putting up on Unreal marketplace or Unity but both of those require a lot more work to get them accepted.

Do people buy this stuff for daz? Like fully done bedrooms/bathrooms/furniture?

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first off i wanna say that my English isn't my first language so i apologize in advance.

there are many threads going around talking about working in the industry and being prepared for it, but i haven't seen a major discussion towards the problem of over-saturation in 3D.

i under why someone would want to learn 3D, its friggin cool and fun. but how many of those newcomers actually plan longterm and want to break into the industry?
seems like for junior positions you need to have a perfect 10/10 portfolio (maybe im overshooting but you do need alot) and there aren't many companies hiring in proportions to the artists that are available (and plenty of them are good).
seems to me like the game industry is closing its doors and indie and self employed is becoming the new hot.
in freelance clients have outrageous demands but i can put up with that as long as it gives me work.
my question is, since there are so many good artists out there - is it even worth trying to break in the industry?
seems like the VR market is booming and that's where we are headed and im ok with that.
anyone care to give his thoughts on this subject?
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If you're starting from nothing, your goal should not be to make it into "the industry".
the vr market isnt booming
not starting from nothing, iv worked in the field before, just not much.

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Friendly reminder
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>not having a 1$ pizza when you are broke
If you're going to post a Maya render at least post one that's not shit.
Maybe for like, a game engine?
Blender is better anyways.
Are these reversed?

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Any tips for making a cartoon character in cinema4d that doesn't require me to pay 20$
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all the stuff in this video is free to use



also pixellab has some cool free robot models from an old contest
Yeah you just have to not use Cinema 4D and use literally anything else. Learn blender and then export to Cinema if you really want to render there

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>press F12
>blender crashes
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>his blender crashes at render start
sounds like you have fucked drivers and or unhealthy overclocked your gpu.
Having to use several different sofware with different navigation shortcuts and hotkeys can be pretty annoying.
more likely out of memory

Inspired by the battlestation thread.
What are /3/s recomendations for a tablet for 3d modeling/sculpting? Are the criteria the same for drawing and 3d or different? Is a tablet with a display much better for 3d?
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A tablet with a display is obviously always the better choice.

I don't think a tablet's very helpful for sculpting. I used a wacom bamboo for years for drawing but I still like using a mouse for sculpting better.
I use mouse for modeling, cintiq 13 for sculpting, both in blender so can't say for Z Brush but I imagine it's good there too. 13 HD's still the smallest, cheapest cintiq, the size has been fine for me, especially with 3D.
>tablet not helpful with sculpting

inb4 you dont need eyes to draw

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Heya /3/, I'm having a crisis.
When I was in highschool, I was REALLY into modeling and digital art. Years went by and though my passion never left, I stopped practicing due to traveling and getting a degree in another area.

Que 10 years later, I'm realizing how much I still love 3d but feel horribly depressed that I wasted so much time.

Real Talk: You think its possible to still pursue a career in 3d? Go back to school, get caught up? Or am I way too behind.

Pics are the stuff I was making at age 16-18, Lightwave 3d (cause that's what my HS taught for whatever reason).
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Night version
im not sure if it's a good idea to go back to school but you should definitely try to if you have the time and $$.
Attending school for 3D will verify if youre really passionate and will definitely help your portfolio if its not already killer
no this is dead wrong. Ppl who attend 3d school are the bottom of the barrell

Hey everyone, I'm new to 3D art so bear with me if i sound like an idiot, please. I've been trying to model in blender a suit of armor i drew, and while I got the helmet done, i keep fucking up the other parts when I'm trying to model them, AKA they are too blocky and don't fit on the human model I downloaded. So my question is, should I sculpt the armor instead? My plan was to sculpt each piece and then connect it to the human model, but I'm not sure if there's an easier way to do it. Pic related is the helmet, sorry I had to use my phone camera.
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did you just take pic of your monitor?
Read the bottom. Yes I did, and I apologize.
sculpting doesn't make you good kiddo

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hey /3/ - i know this isn't /r/ but i have a problem and i think you guys are pretty much the only people that can help me out. i'll greentext it for you.
>be me, high school senior
>last week
>into programming/engingeering/math
>just finish building 3d printer to bring in for my school's programming club
>i'm in fucking west virginia so everyone here flips shit about the 3d printer
>i don't know anything about 3d modeling
>enter: science teacher
>he says that in his class room there are lab tables with holes in them where faucets used to be.
>he wants me to 3d print him some plugs for these, because kids keep shoving things in the holes, and he sent me pic related
>i agree to do this for him
>week later, now
>he gives me a huge roll of pretty expensive looking filament for the printer and asks me how far along i've come with the hole plugs
>i've been fucking around with tinkercad for the whole afternoon semi-freaking-out trying to make a model based off of pic related

please if you help me out and give me a good model i'll paypal you a few dollars
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tl;dr if you make a model like the diagram in the picture i attached i'll paypal you a few dollars
also yes the top is a perfect circle
Why did you agree to that in the first place if you don't know what you're doing?

pretty dumb desu

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If I wanted to simulate the glossy/ old look of Donkey Kong Country how it looked on the snes, what shaders would be most appropriate for it? Say, for instance, if I were doing an HD remake of the game with full 3d models instead of 2D pre rendered images like back then. What would make it look most accurately like it did in its cg images? I'll post more for references.
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File: 1437803336731.png (3MB, 1080x1181px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: dkc2_wall3_1024.jpg (150KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
150KB, 1024x768px

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Share your artstation profile and rate each others. Ill start artstation.com/artist/immortalp
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we already have this thread m8
>low poly meme
>chinese room
>aids corridor

no thanks
you know you can spend more than 1 day on a piece of work right? I've never understood why people want quantity over quality in such a blatant manner..

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What is a good fast GPU-based rendering engine for Cinema 4D with OpenCL support?

Gonna be using it for VFX work.
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looks pretty good.

i can't judge for sure because i don't know how good the documentation is.
you should jump right in if you used render engines within c4d

opencl is a dead meme
So, is octane the name of the game?

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