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Do you guys know some preferably European studios that do stuff like Man vs machine does? (mvsm.com is their site) I asked on /gd because I'm kind of looking for a heavily 3D focused design agency but no one could help. Thanks for any advice.
Also if you know other /3/ or /gd/ only ones that you really like, tell me, too
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please, someone?
pls respond
This is a very slow board m8, no need to bump.
Unfortunately I can't help you tho.

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How can I zoom onto an object? I know clicking the scrollwheel twice will zoom extents onto all objects, but I'd like to ze into just a selected object.

Can I set up an alias to "ze" onto a selected object without doing z, enter, o, enter? That's really annoying.

(think of the zs command in rhino)
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Jeezus Cristal's that gave me brain damage trying to read that.

Autodesk is a company not a program, what program are you using?

The image section can also be used to show what you are talking about, not just irelavent shit.

Have you tried looking at the hot keys, Pressing buttons, Settings? Any of these could work.
















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anyone know of any free 3D related apps that might be useful? for example I have a IES gen.
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Do you mean specifically apps or a program for your computer? The vernacular got a bit fucked when Win10 launched.

If you mean PC then XNormal http://www.xnormal.net/ for some baking options you might not have in your modelling program, like thickness and curvature and cavity and direction. Also Reshade http://reshade.com/ for upscaling images with fancy fractal methods, but usually Waifu2x runs better and while it is a webpage and not a program you can download, there is a version you can download https://github.com/lltcggie/waifu2x-caffe/releases Hope it runs for you, doesn't for me.

NVidia's normal plugin for Photoshop is useful https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-adobe-photoshop thing to remember about it is that it just follows changes in luminosity so you may have to tweak your textures before filtering, like with a highpass filter or a shadows / highlights adjustment.

Image Overlay Utility https://imageoverlayutility.bitbucket.io/ just in case your program can't get a ref image to line up right.

Autodesk's 123DCatch http://www.123dapp.com/catch

I figure you aren't using Blender if you're using an IES gen, but in case someone else is https://github.com/CGCookie/retopoflow Usually it costs money but all you pay for is tech support, you can get the actual addon for free. Retopology is now easier than ever.
>usually Waifu2x runs better
What I meant to say is usually Waifu2x look better. I don't expect it to upscale images faster at all given the nature of neural networks.
This is a really good response. To clarify I meant programs for a computer but things like 123DCatch are also very useful to know about.

Thank you.

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So i've been looking at ways of repairing models for overlapping vertices/faces/sub-meshes with particularly shitty weeb avatars,
Weighting is mainly problematic with colliding vertices/ bone deformities,
I could remodel this avatar, but i'm lazy
Any recommendations?
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Since it looks like you're using Max,
Ctrl A > Weld > 0.01 threshold > Remove Isolated Vertices
That will merge any overlapping verts and delete stray ones.
I NEED this pitou model.

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Started making grass for UE4 got the texture made but I'm having issues getting it to show up on the grass plane template i made in blender if anyone could help that would be nice.
It shows up on a cube and a sphere just fine(On the left in the photo) but when i add it to my grass plane(on the right without the texture) it just turns it invisible.
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Do the planes have uv's?
i don't believe so let me go through and check
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So the plane is pretty bare i have been doing the uv and texture in UE4

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witch would be the best opition ?

buy another gtx 680 4gb

or upgrade to a gtx 1070 or 1080

would it even be worth getting a 1070/1080 over 2 680s for cycles and vray rendering and 1080p gaming ?
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>GPU rendering

okay bud
depends on the cuda cores.
search whatever card has most cuda cores
cycles and vray support cuda

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Thread dedicated only for 3d losers like op
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This literally happened to me one time I had a dream where I was working at Pixar but then I woke up and I was still a kissless virgin NEET.
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You can extract 3D models from games by dumping the RAM memory. How do i go about doing that on PC?
None of the DX rippers work.
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If NinjaRipper doesn't get it in any of its modes (Injector, Wrapper, DX9, DX11, DX12 I think it supports now) then your only chance is figuring out the file format. NinjaRipper dumps models and textures loaded into DirectX where the model and texture data is in a consistent format, but if you just go after the RAM or the files on the disc you'll be getting the format they're stored in.

Is the game even using DirectX? Might be OpenGL.

Have you looked the game or its file formats up on Xentax?
Definitely tell is which game you're trying to rip, at least. Someone somewhere out there might have already ripped it, or there might be a tool available.

Most Unity games can be unpacked pretty easily, and it isn't terribly difficult to decompile or edit assemblies, which might give you an easier way to dump data.
Yeah if it's Unity just use Unity Studio.


It's the only program I've found that'll rip armatures with the models. Absolutely tired of unrigged OBJ rips of Unity games on Models Resource and P3DM.ru, there's simply no reason.

Hello /3/

Could you give me a heads up on the salaries for an small-medium gameDev team?

Here is what I estimate

- Senior Character Artist: $50k
- Junior Character Artist $27k
- Junior Character Artist $27k
- Senior Environment Artist $40k
- Junior Environment Artist $24k

- GUI Artist + programmer $28k

- Lead Programmer $55k
- Junior Programmer (Gameplay) $30k
- Another Junior Programmer $30k
- Senior Programmer Graphics $45k

- Game Designer $24k

- Sound Artist $30k

$410k per year total
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Where are you getting these numbers, hombre? I just graduated and I'm making $50k as a temp environment artist.
finished MSc in UK, our best students got hired for about 24k GBP (30k usd), as Juniors.

...But I feel it's a very low salary, so need advice
Newcastle Uni

I am a welder who wants to make metal art in my free time. Things like models or figurines to place outside (pic related is my first project).

About 15 years ago I messed around with Maya to do some 3d modeling and I'd like to get back into it so I can design/preview my builds on the pc before making it in steel.

What program would you recommend for this? Currently running a trial of 3ds Max 2017 but maybe AutoCAD would be better suited since it's sort of for real life construction?
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>pic related is my first project
>posts picture of Ansel Hsiao's model of star destroyer

Their project is to recreate that with welding.
You should've specified what primitives of metal you are going to use. Tubes, sheet metal, blocks, square tubes, solid pieces(I guess not), but whatever, or is it sculptures out of solid metal(your best bet is a 3d modelling package such as 3dsmax, modo, blender, etc). Then what kind of detail do you want, is it going to be low detail, only a resemblance, or are you going to make it as close as posible using your types of metal. Then we could give you somewhat of a correct answer.
For example if you're welding tubes, you should use SolidWorks or anything like it(Inventor, CATIA), it has an excellent welding feature where you draw a 3d drawing out of lines, press a button with your selected pipes and it does everything, using real life pipe sizes. you can then manually rotate every part, etc.
If it's sheet metal that and that etc.

What's the difference between Maya and 3DS Max apart from animation advantages in Maya
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Max has more out of the box functionality in terms of modeling. From what I have heard.
Okay, I've been modelling in it for a while just ignoring any other software and I was hoping I hadn't been missing out.
Any other hard surface modellers that could compete with max

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is this 2d or 3d
It can only be 1 so it has to be 1.

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Can some one make a 3d model of my face?
so i can import it to GTA IV

here is my faceshot
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just use alan wake 3d model lol


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In case anyone needs inspiration for out of date art styles.

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Man its like jet set radio,sonic... with that blue sky and bright color everything seems so happy.

How would YOU replicate the "eyes in front of hair" effect that's used in anime /3/?
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render an eye pass...
Or for real time use a custom depth buffer.
Different pass ID, some layer trickery, then compositing.
just curious, but why would you even do that? i find it sille even in anime. as i said just curious not trying to fame.

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