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Hey /3/!

I wanted to know if someone could do some paid work for me. I would need the model of a head. Pic related is the woman who you should model pls. Can you give me an approximately amount how much it would cost.

Thanks in advance
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why don't you just contact an artist?
i try to by posting here

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Hey Autodesk fags. THINK FAST!
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critique each others renders / animations

let's start with my game run cycle
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The torso doesn't pivot at the abdomen when you're running, it pivots at the waist.
1) tilt body forward,
2) mape back leg fly back even more
3) make arms wave more vigorously towards the front

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My dear aurtist brothers,

What determines the look of a game?
And the opposite, how do I go about recreating an art style?
How do I go about experimenting a look such that its unique but does not copy anyone?
Are some artstyles restricted by the game engine of choice?
What free game engine did you find prototyping different look in the easiest?
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Style of the textures, like is it just photos or is it painted, and if it's painted how was that done.

Stylization of shapes and figures in 3D. Like TF2 has big arms and hands IIRC, cartoony proportions that convey what their character is about. Sims also models their hair as geometric shapes as if they were sculpted rather than layers of planes with a transparent hair texture.

Shaders. You know that Nintendo Look that Galaxy and whatever else has? A lot of that is shaders. Look at the models with the textures but the wrong shaders on something like Models Resource. You know what it is, you know what it's from, but it's not the same.


For recreating the art style you have to look at the assets, either the files or just look at the forest for the trees. Character design and environment design and how things are stylized, like the blades of grass that would be thin and numerous and messy in real life are instead a few large smooth blades in the screenshot.

Artstyles are restricted by game engine, but the new ones people use tend to do anything. Except Bethesda. Some clever people can push a lot into Morrowind and Doom but it's way too difficult and hackneyed to justify it.

Thank you brother.
High quality textures + Great lighting system + Small details = Good looking game.

The picture I included shows a cheap and crappy way to make trees and grass.

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Alright /3 I need some advice, I'm a uni student from the UK studying architectural visualisation. I'm not against organic modelling but it just isn't what I'm good at. I enjoy making high detail assets with perfect topology as well as the interior and exterior of buildings.

I hear games is shit for 3D artists so what should I do after uni? What are you lot doing.
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just stick to max/photoshop/vray/sketchup and you will be hired (depends on your skills).
employers care more about programs than skill. most of them are in managerial positions and have little understanding of what each program does so they just pick the candidate that does whats on their requirement list
most likely you wont get any game or 3d job and you'll have to settle working raking leaves or cleaning bathrooms
I didn't know you could actually study Archviz.
But if you're willing to come to germany I can give you a job in my Archviz startup I founded 2 months ago. We're backed by an established architecture firm but we need more manpower to handle all the work they throw at us.

Maybe you could also work from your location, but you would have to provide your own hardware.
We need someone to quickly create detailed 3D models of actual projects as well as assets and textures. We are focused on realtime Archviz, so right now we are using Twinmotion and plan to utilize UE4 in the future.
Our main goal is to aid architects and clients in making design decisions while the project is still WIP, rather than visualising finished products, so we have to work fast but still want to maintain some quality.

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how much will you pay me?
1 neetbux per polygon
I will make it for $100

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I have a degree in Computer Animation back in 2008 but the past years have been rough, so it put me on hold for a long time. I'm getting back into creating again, and adding into the portfolio. Will try to get into the industry through indie projects, and concentrating on modeling and sculpting portfolio.

Problem is, I'm worried about my age and where I'm at in life right now, I believe I can get to the point I want to in this career. But, right now it's scary and exciting, unsure of my talent. Feel like I'm starting over.

Just writing this to see what others might think...

Bachelors FA. Anxiety problems, sort of sheltered, worried about my Social Anxiety and lack of experience getting in the way. Quiet and nervous guy that wants to open up, and express myself.
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>Just writing this to see what others might think...

You're an artist, artists are weirdos, the only thing anyone cares about is:

1) does your art look good
2) can you work with other people
3) can you show up on time to work
4) is your substance abuse problem manageable or is it going to significantly get in the way of work
> 4) is your substance abuse problem manageable or is it going to significantly get in the way of work

Assumption of a substance abuse problem. LOL
you can just freelance safely

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Please, tell me there is other anons like me who animate frame per frame
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No trolling allowed on this board.
That's an extremely inefficient way to work, no one will hire you if you work like this legitematly.



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Any tips for low cost ingame fur ?
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Fur is rarely ever used in games. You would need to use or program a complex physics system for the hair that could calculate each fibers movement based on variables within the game. Even large companies have trouble with this shit.
maybe neofur?
for a game it's pretty much gonna be planes with alpha channel textures. But you can also get away with a good regular texture if it's something with a smooth coat, or some stylized fur with modeling.

/3/ is dead

goodnight sweet prince
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This board is just slow, but what do you expect... that 4chinks is really the first stop for 3D-related discussion?
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people have been saying that for ages

hell its probably only been you.
what other boards or sites are there?
Serious question, I really dont know.

I always check out the 4chan board first whenever I develop a new interest..

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How the fuck do I rename a blendshape in Maya 2017??
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Go into the Shape Editor window and rename it?
better idea
make a nurbs face control
make attributes and name blendshapes in the controls attribute editor
use connection editor link shapes with control
Your incompetent. I don't use Maya and I found the answer to your problem simply by searching for it on Google. Don't create unnecessary threads.

Need to get vray for max 2017 for uniwork but £75+ for one copy is too much. Anyone know a good place to get it?
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You fucking kike, Vray costs a shit ton and you're paying pennies on the dollar for an amazing product. If I was still in school I'd take advantage of that shit, as it'd be a legitimate copy.

Ultimately if you don't give a damn about legalities you can go >>548086, but .edu emails are the greatest as you can get everything super cheap and usually have license which are permanent (minus Autodesk and Adobe)
get corona

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I don't know how to apply armature the right way yet, but trying to make this for a friend, and I just got done modelling it.

Any critiques? Tried my best to make him, "Daww~" as possible without any..."fan-service" ideas they always made. Thinking on uploading to Model-Resources. 1-2
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Trying to work on hands.
For starters: the nostrils are too far apart, they should be closer to the tip of the snout. Eyes are way too high up where his forehead should be, and the area that should be protruding to give him a forehead slopes back unnaturally. Shape of the ears isn't too great, they should flare out more at the bottom and come to a point, probably.

There are all kinds of problems with the rest of the model, but work on getting the head sorted first before you worry about that.

Good luck, bro. Don't get discouraged. Keep at it, and don't be afraid to look at tons of references. Lord knows there's enough Undertale fan art out there to work from. Look at the proportions of baby faces to help you get your kawaii-ugu-desu effect. Also look at real goats for help with things like ear shape. Google Image Search is your friend.
Show wires

hello everyone. im a civil engineering student. and i thought that i should learn how to use autocad. i downloaded it. i realized that was a hard program for beginners like me. now i need lessons for basic drawing. do you know any lesson about autocad on internet.
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What kinds engineering school doesn't have a civil/mechanical drawing class? I had a course of over 120 hours of drawing both handfree and cad using Inventor, SolidWorsk and Solid Edge and Autocad.
Btw just look for basic commands tutorial and it will be easy af to learn.

actually, my university is all in english and i'm at the preparatory class of english. my school will start next year. this year is like a gap year.

Given that you already have the models for it, what's the recommended way of animating 3D scenes such as some characters having a conversation and walking around in the room?

I can use C4D to model stuff but are there more efficient ways C4D's animation patterns?
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*ways than C4D's animation patterns

What is an "animation pattern", is that something specific to Cine4D?

If you're asking a more general "How do I naturally compose a scene?" that's more a cinematography question.

As with any attempt to simulate real things, the starting point should be references of real things.
Pick a scene from a movie you like and recreate it 1:1 as best you can, that way you don't have to focus on any sort of improvisation and can just practice the mechanical aspect.

If you feel like you're already good enough at animation, or that's not your interest and you'd rather be a creative director / animation director telling other plebs what to do, then I'd still go about copying scenes from other things (but with animatics and storyboards) and then analyze what's going on frame by frame.

Alternatively watch some shit on youtube about cinematography in general, maybe read some books, that kind of shit.
But every artist pretty much starts by imitating people better than them until they develop their own style.

Hope my vague, common sense answer of "read a book on film 101 nigga" helped you.
it's not about HOW to do it but WHICH TOOLS to use. I do know exactly what I want characters to do, I have all the characters and props modeled but I can't believe that someone would animate them from within C4D as this was good for modeling but isn't necessarily comfy to use when animating more than a few parameters.

I said "animation pattern" to refer to the standard procedure of using keyframes to modify objects over a certain time span. Now look at the Source Film Maker where you can used WASD and your mouse to record a character running + looking around. The Source Film Maker is very limited which might drive the simplicity but you get the idea that this are simpler ways of making a character walk than making his feet and knee bend, opening the "animation" view in C4D to make those frames repeat for every single step, ...

Thanks for your reply tho

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