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I'm trying to paint skin weight on this character but its not letting me, anyone have any idea? software is maya
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Yes, don't use maya or 3ds max.
oh yeah, go rig in Blender it's so much better for that task than Maya :^)
>vertex groups named same as bones
p easy senpai

Been getting back to animating in maya. Anyone know where i can get some interesting rigs? The ones i see online by googling are not very inspiring.

Not really into modelling. Dabbled in rigging before, but ripping models is a whole other headache.

Just want some low poly model with character.
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bitgem, tho you gotta pay up peasant
These are dope! I dont mind paying a little bit. Hopefully even keep me at it by spending money.
they have a lot of free rigs and u can download animations also and use it as base

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Looking for some inspiration. It has been a few weeks and I cannot think of anything to make. What do you do when your fresh out of ideas?
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I work on getting indy VR games out and onto the app stores
Sweet! I was working on one but I never got past putting materials on my objects. What are their names going to be? I want to check them out
Model something that's 2D, like something from a show or artwork, as practice.

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I'm looking for a tutorial on how to make a wine bottle in blender like the one pictured
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Literally watch any blender tutorial and then do it yourself based on what you've learned.
Lazy cunt.
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learn polygon modeling and rendering in cycles

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I am curious what methods might be used to achieve this rainbow sheen, I mostly just make weird collages with 3d shit from daz for fun but would love to get something this shiny. Any help/advice is appreciated!
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look for iridescence shaders
Cool. Would I use them right in daz? I havent toyed with shaders yet so that will be aomething to learn.

Hey /3/, I've never posted here before, but I need some advice from you.
I neglected one of my exams because the other ones were a lot more complicated/have stricter lecturers, but now I am fucked because I have basically 42 hours before the exam.
I'm studying advertising and the exam is in print media, basically I need to somehow get a model of a person made out of coca cola type tin cans.
I am not into /3/ that much but I know a bit because of my friends, at first I thought that there might be a way to procedurally generate something like this, like throw in a model of a person, couple of models of cans and it will somehow randomly generate said person made out of cans, but I haven't found anything yet that could make this possible. It doesn't need to be rigged or anything, just basically a statis statue that will be seen only from front and a bit of an angle from top, anyone has any idea how to do something like this?
Modeling it from scratch is probably a pain and I am not good at all at modeling and have only had a short course of it. Finding a pre-existing model like that is not a possibility most likely.
I am contemplating to build it in photoshop, but I know that it will look like shit without extensive work that I don't have time for already.
Please help with any advice you can.
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At this point I am honestly contemplating to pay someone to do something like that, but I am not even sure what the price of that would be and if it would be possible to make in this short time.

As I've said it just has to be a child/midget sized guy made out of tin-cans, hell the scale can be a bit fucked so that less cans are used for the process.

If any of you are willing to help and you think that there is no way I can do it myself with some asier method feel free to drop your contact info.
Model one can, model a person or use a base mesh from Makehuman, Human Zbuilder or whatever then use the initial can you modeled with a particle system or with nanomesh in Zbrush.
Thank you a lot Anon.
You've already helped a lot, but do you know any good resources/tutorials on how to do this or maybe just related tutorials that would help me make this?

I'm looking for a tutorial on how to do some fancy 3D printing filler, something like what the picture looks like.
The software I'm using is usually Catia, but something like Autodesk Inventor or Creo would be just as good.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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this has probably been asked 1000 times but what are even the real chances of getting caught for yo-ho-hoing a software?

from what i heard its not worth the time, the money or the effort for company's, especially small company's that have less than 50 employees to go after people. I heard company's only go after other company's that have their software installed on a bunch of computer and are making money off it, and even than they only do it after they get a tip about it.
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People are trolling when they say there's no risk involved. If you wonder why the board is so slow right now that's because they cracked down on a lot of pirates just a couple of weeks ago. I was lucky to get away with a $3000 fine but some of my friends from /3/ got sent to prison.

Are companies hiring PSYOPS now or something? Get out of here.
No. All they did was to check the members list on cgpeers and then they wiped us out you fucking idiot.

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What upsets you in 3d?
For me is people that sucks dicks of another artist.
Theres a group where you post your 3d works, and theres some nice artist there. But the thing is, when someone post some nice 3d model, well made and polished, it getd like 40 - 50 likes, and comments like "cool", "oh nice"," well done".
And for some unknown reason, theres that guy who posts mid tier 3D models, and gets 140 likes, and people comment "WOOOW, AMAZINNG", "PERFECT MODEL MAAAN"

Wtf? Its like.... what?

By the way this isnt my story, but i see shit like this happens a lot in the 3d community, and it grinds my gear
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the reason for this is simple.

beginners can't see the effort put it in each and every model.
so everyone will suck the dick of the guy that made a robot arm full of unnecessary shit and is poorly excused instead of the photorealistic knife with perfect texturing.
also one time i was posting in a very circlejerky community. the admin's hided my threads and deleted my account some time after.

they have like 6 admins on the site which makes up the majority of the posts. they also let total noobs get in the site gallery
Bad topology really grinds my gears.

What's the best way to rig and animate C shape in after effects??

I'm using DUIK but can't seem to find a way to make the rig intuitive to animate.
The C shape also has eyes and hands with no arms, no legs obviously.

Help me famalam
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Using doing seems overkill in that case imo.

Oldschool simplicity would be the fastest way to do it.

- Place a locked template C on a layer
- Have your C be a simple path with 3 points. Adjust stroke width, end and bend in accordance to the letter.

-Animate the body movements, bounce, etc.
-Animate hands and eyes accordingly.

Downside to this method is that your eyes aren't glued/tracked to the body.

Another option would be using AI layers and puppet pins with inertia/bounce on puppet keyframes.

It's not that hard nigger.

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I'm trying to find a good/cheap design program for MAC so I can design a storage cabinet with drawers for the cab of my pickup truck. I have zero experience with any kind of CAD programs. Any recommendations?
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>Any recommendations?
graph paper and a ruler
doublecad xt
> I have zero experience with any kind of CAD programs.

I don't have much either myself. I'd suggest you check with >>>/diy/ as well, they actually do what you're intending to and can offer more practical advice.

>doublecad xt
Heads-up, DoubleCAD XT is Windows-only and not even in that list.

DraftSight and FreeCAD look like your best bets here. Most of the other software listed here shouldn't be classed under CAD at all (i.e. not all 3D modeling applications are practical for physically designing something to be built).

If you can, come back later and let us know what worked best for you.

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Just wanted to share the best site for sharing Daz Studio Stuff. Openload and Google Drive full speed, unlimited links. Looks like it's updated everyday too. Anyone got any better/as good?
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Will check it out, thanks

Anyone know how much freelancers generally charge to create a brand logo with similar complexity to pic related?
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1 gorillion dollars
in actuality? 400-500$ (with turnaround shots, the logo itself,post effects etc,posing). it could be less depending who you are contacting
No, but it's proportional to your skill level and work history. If you have a lot of experience creating logos and can prove it, you are worth more. However, just bc you are worth more doesn't neccisarily mean they will pay you more, or even what is fair. Sometimes you have to actually inform them what the difference is between a $200 logo and a $2,000. Best of luck, and make sure to protect yourself from getting ripped off or taken advantage of.

Anyone on /3/ use keyshot?? having real problems with really bad internal refractions on a pretty basic model, not sure what's causing it, I've rebuilt the parts using different methods to no avail, any ideas?

Using rhino as my cad btw
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>he fell for the keyshot meme!

No I'm just joking, I don't use keyshot, but I'm sure it has to do with the model Normals and possibly the geometry, as that model looks rather low poly and like some weird shit is going on where the renderer is trying to make guesses about how to solve "edge cases" and flubbing (which is usually caused by poor topology, poles, ngons, fucked up normals, and so on).

At the very least I would convert the tris to quads, check for any non-manifold geometry, and make sure the normals are consistent
wow that's a lot to take in, it's just a really basic component this one but it's the one which is suffering the most, I'll have a look into the edges, thanks
You can render the nurbs in keyshot, it's a bit longer but try it

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Someone please help me

I graduated from full sail in 07 moved to LA and cant get a good job. Can anyone please for the love of GOD help me find a job some how.

How do i get better? Ive networked and studied and practiced for years and NOTHING. id literally work almost for free or for free if i could do it after 7pm can anyone fucking help with some advice or anything?
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your reel must suck
Ive actually had lead fx artists at a AAA game studio tell me some aspects of it were better than his
thats called being nicee

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