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How do i explain graduating in 2007 and still never getting a 3d job to an employer?

Ive been told (by very proficient fx artists on AAA game) im about good enough at fx to get hired.

How would i explain never getting a job?
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there is nothing to explain, the job market is tough for everyone.

just say you freelanced/ working with your cousin

How do i do this??? my first problem is that when i use the clip curve brush and try to move a point the whole curve moves with it. i tried changing the brush size, z intensity, and focal shift but it still doesn't work.
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clip curve!??!
isnt that the curve surface brush in the gif ...?
agh that what i meant. ya that would make no sense if it was the clip curve. my bad.
here is the result that i'm talking about.

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>make a 3D character
>name it Maya
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Close enough.
In my country Maya is a very common female Name, I even had 2 girlfriends both named Maya... but it was kinda strange coincidence

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Does /3/ have a discord?
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Post link pls

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How can such a good tool as World Machine have such a shitty interface? Looks like it got stuck 20 years ago... Thoughts?
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The interface looks graphically dated, but functionality-wise, I think it works fine.
coding a ui is hard as shit with almost no tutorials

Same. It's just ugly, there's nothing actually wrong with it.

That said, it's been a long time since I've used it but I seem to remember the bezier pen tool being a bit of a wanker ...

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Sup guys! I'm writing to you from far and cold Russia. I'm civil engineer student 19 lvl.
Till graduation of my university I have 3 semesters.
I learned AutoCad and understood that I really like this - to create smth on computer.
There is two ways: 3D modeling and designing on solidworks e.t.c
Is it possible for me to be freelancer on european/american sites and get smth more than just money for food?
I heard about crazy underbidding on western sites where a lot of hindus working for a very little price.
So is it worth it or better I'll try to be planner/constructor and forget about work at home?
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Hindus do shit work. You can probably beat them on quality if you apply yourself, it's basically how the west stays afloat.

What industry are you looking to work in?
Difficult question. The first thing that comes to mind it is visualisation of interior\exterior. Russian designers said that it's not good variant for freelancer.
I think that the first time I work better with something inanimate. Furniture\buildings\anything? Maybe even gamedev but later.
Start pack of skills for me is 3dsmax+vray+photoshop and desirable maya?
Stick to things an engineer would and can do, that way you can distinguish yourself from other (non engineer) modelers/ designers.
Games and Movies/media are highly competitive and talent swarms to it, pay might be better with more boring but solid engineering work.
Good luck.

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So I feel pretty comfy with Blender right about now, I have exhausted a lot of the tutorials on youtube and this has me left with a question, or a couple.

Are there any resources for Blender tutorials other than Youtube? Currently im torrenting a few Linda tutorials. With that, I would also like to ask if any particular 3D software has tons of easily available tutorials? Is Blender that software?

I mostly just want to keep learning and improving.

pic somewhat related. The latest thing I have made. I mostly use Blender for product rendering, but I of course like to make my own stuff for fun.
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Sort answer: no

Long answer: you'll have to move out of blender specific tutorials and go to more general 3d stuff, which Maya and Max has a lot of, it's just a matter of transposing what you see in those tutorials for blender.

Watch Maya tutorials which is what i usually do, and try to follow the techniques.

Learning a software is easy, learning techniques is what will get you hired.
>Are there any resources for Blender tutorials other than Youtube?

CGpersia, also I have a hard time believing you've exhausted every good blender tutorial (we really should have some kind of thread for them)

There's tons of tutorials (both paid and free) for all software (except Wings3D and softimage)

Also, you can watch tutorials for other software and adapt it to Blender.
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Im think about doing so freelance modeling with solidworks, i wanna know how you do estimates for projects.

Pic related my work.
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1. PTC Creo
2. PTC MathCAD
3. ???
4. 60$ per hour

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How do I make something like pic related in blender?
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wireframe modifier
gradient texture
freestyle render
the sky is probably made from noise texture
you would model the individual components, apply textures to them and then render the scene
this is shit tho

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I'm a drawfag (not the best drawfag, but whatever).
I'm going to study software engineering in my college.

My point is, I would love to become an animator but my taco shithole has pretty much nothing on terms of studios or even proper animation shit.

My goal is to make my own animations, so I want to make this thread about how would you design an animation software to help you out to make an animation as cheaply as possible while having the best quality.

As for my idea is to basically make a 3D software, and allow you to draw vector lines in a 3D space, and obviously being able to tween and modify the lines depending on the frame.

So, in a sense you draw a pose and then simply rig it like a 3D model and tween the lines (since they're vector lines anyway) like some illustrator pen tool, similar to SAI pen tool and blender pencil tool.

The goal is to reuse the lines between frames and do simple 3D animation techniques because the lines will be stick to a 3D rig.

Something like paperman with some twist.

Of course being able to edit the lines in every frame would be a good idea.

The coloring could be maybe voxels or something, like zbrush 2D painting skills or some way similar to zbrush, the material inside, so you sculpt the 3D planes by painting them like a photoshop brush.

Of course the lightning could be calculated by some toon shader or toon algorithm, but you could edit the shadow boundaries I think in some way, maybe having a mask you could edit.

Dunno, these are some of my ideas.
pls feel free to add some on your own.

Basically picking the best ideas from photoshop, illustrator, zbrush, SAI, paperman and other software, focused entirelly towards 2D animation.
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Dont pay money for schooling on something that can be self taught. Job market sucks, so there are little returns on what you've described as a shitty education. Just git good, build a portfolio and put yourself out there. Someone's bound to nibble.
>As for my idea is to basically make a 3D software,
the fuck

>and allow you to draw vector lines in a 3D space, and obviously being able to tween and modify the lines depending on the frame.
this already exists, you can find similar solutions in old siggraph vids, it never gained any traction
hell, i even saw solutions for applying tablet strokes to a full 3d rig

there is even some Jap software that does what you want already, it takes a 2d drawing and allows you to rig it in 2d space
just look up what already on the market ...
software engineer and animation have nothing to do with each other

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Does anyone here uses CATIA ?
I'm a developer on Sketcher and Part Design, feel free to ask me anything if you're interested.
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Are you a girl or are you a boy?
How does it stack up to NX9 and SolidWorks? Had to use SW for a year and it was the bane of my existence, but NX9 is pretty nice although sometimes surprisingly less customizable than SW. Once I get back into the aero eng field I'm sure I'll be getting into Catia.

How can i create a solid from this?
Rhino is crap, I know.

thanks foor the help. this stupid thing is driving me crazy
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Gimme 10 seconds and solidworks
You have spline intersections that are impossible to topologize. Figure it out you need to learn.

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Need a plugin from a dead developer, Anyone with a cgpersia forum account can dl or link me plugin?

forum link /f20/cactus-dan-plugins-c4d-146376/
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Fucking Based Cactus Dan. I use his plugins all the time.

>tfw the future of rigging in Cinema 4D looks bleak
There you go famalam

the future of rigging in Cinema 4D always looked bleak

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Can anyone help me finding a place where i can download custom brushes for my zbrush for free, i used to be ok sculpting on the brushes provided to me on the basic software itself but i feel like i could do better working with custom brushes just like using other brush sets in photoshop...
I'm currently working on modelling humans stylized or real.
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show me what u did :^)
N-no... i just kinda want the brushes to sharpen my mesh up to create a normal map for my mesh, so i have the base but for details i was thinking of getting better custom maps for pores and wrinkes or whatever..
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I want to know if it has a decent quality level and if the estimated price is the correct one.



Samurai Warrior


Be honest. I need some money for personal expenses.
And if you are interested, you already know.

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Too much
Seems a bit counter-intuitive that the (much less detailed) charmander model is selling at a slightly higher price than your realistic human model. You might be able to gauge good price guidelines by comparing to other models (as well as top sellers), but I'd say the charmander is too expensive right off the bat.

Also, try reducing the specular on the samurai's skin, or blending it with a subtle noise texture (to simulate pores), the material looks a bit too much like plastic. Hair also has the same problem, I'm guessing adding some micro-scale noise would help.
the samurai is well made but the materials could be improved, even in game

you should have picked unity for this. turbosquid don't get traffic like you think it is

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