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>wasted month make model
>Rig it
>shoulders and hips look fucking garbage
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Fuck off dumb nazi frogposter
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Thanks for inspiring me to do this in my coffee break

You should probably get faster then. If you're fast, mistakes don't hurt that much.
You gotta suck in order to get better. Happens to everyone

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Digital Hacks

>make 3d model
>import into photoshop
>apply smudge strokes

Muh new digital painting
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how do u import 3d model into photoshop
Not sure, but I've heard that PS has had (some) 3D capability for quite some time now.
Never used it, though, but I have used its normals and bump map creator - it's shit (just like any other image to normal program. Not the program itself, though - rather, the result.)
probably just render it out as a png and open that in photoshop

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any idea what to do with this 12 sided circle? unsure what to do with 7 sided ngons like this to make quads
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Next time
ah, haven't been around in a while, didn't know we had that kind of thread now
for now delete the quads around it and reset the topology, then make >>551087

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why does she look so ayylmao?
done without front and side images
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include temples and jaw definition

it looks ayy because its too smooth and lacks detail
why every beginner mesh looks exactly the same?
>done without front and side images
that's why

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Can you show me a good portfolio of a shader programmer ?
I am planning on making my own,but i have no idea how to showcase them...
>Unity Nvidia CG
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perf / fps / shipped titles

How do peoplee do this put two videos in one?, also i have seen this belle and voldermort video how do people do that kind of things any video tutorial?, or how thats called?

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that particular gif? its just a simple animation with layers. there is no "2 shots"
what about this one? , oh layers intereting

a mix of vfx,modeling,texturing,particals,rendering
lots of dirty work, i can't really pin down everything but it was made by lots of people

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First time sculpting ever, would like some feedback. This model looks wrong in some way but I can't pinpoint the problem other than the symmetry.

Was attempting a goblin from grimagr of fantasy, and used a previous model made by someone else as reference
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Another image. Is meant to be a game asset eventually.

Also, what's the legality of using anime/other people's work as reference?
there is no 1 technique i could advise you to use. just keep sculpting.
or even better yet.
keep sculpting the same figure over and over and compare the first week figure to last's week.
also try to work with the lowpoly mesh much as possible. if its not the shape you want, simply don't subdivide it just keep working and working.
oh and you could possibly speed up your workflow by using things like snakehook,flatten,inflate etc. however you could do wonders with just the simple brush. its all up to you

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how can you actually light a scene well in UE4 when you're not allowed to have more than like 3 lights near each other at a time?

I have a lot of lighting experience in vray and maya and from experience for a say small scify scene i might need as much as 80 lights even if the concept art shows 2 lights in the scene.

I got EU4 last night, tried to light this 1 scene and everything went to shit cuz i cant put more than 3 lights in one place, and as far as i know there are no salable rectangle lights that i can just point in places to get sharp highlights, just a spotlight with a cone.
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helper lights yes
you need to create light from emissive sources
you mean geometry with emissive materials on it?
well i think you have the option of emission influencing nearby objects i just forget where that is. im not entirely sure.
im gonna watch a tutorial on lightning soon

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Hello I have 3D Studio Max and Blender.

Would it be better to learn 3D Studio Max first and then adapt to Blender?
Or better to learn Blender first and then adapt to 3D Studio Max?

I want to learn how to work with models so that I can add mods to the games I play. I would end up having to use both but want to specialize/watch tutorials for one to start.

pic unrelated
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it doesn't matter
You won't even notice, or have a need for the small tool differences in these programs until you're proficient enough with 3d, at which point switching over to another program takes like a week at most because you've already learned the fundamentals.

Learn whichever one has the nicest UI at first, and keep an open mind about using different programs as the need arises.
Don't get stuck on one program because of the sunk cost fallacy.
>Hello I have 3D Studio Max and Blender.
>Hello, i have a chocolate cake and a pile of turd
The ONLY reason to learn Blender is because it´s free.
3DMax license only lasts one year and costs $4000 or something.
Old dogs who use 3ds max since it´s first version (like me) who won´t bother learning a new software who does exact the same thing but with different UI just to avoid piracy exists, but if you´re young and talented do please learn maya, who actually has a cheaper license and it´´s used by major animation houses.
3ds Max has a UI and PC formats flexibility that no other software has - i actually use AVI blended with alpha chaneled png in precedural animated displaced mapped nurbs, for christ sake - but it´s autodesk´s cashcow and it will never be cheap.

How hard would be to code an application that takes thousands of anime pictures, train a NN on it and generates a 3D model based on it?
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sound pretty hard

It's possible.
[YouTube] 3-Sweep: Extracting Editable Objects from a Single Photo, SIGGRAPH ASIA 2013 (embed)

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I'm having some rigging troubles. I already posted about it on polycount, but it's pretty slow over there so I figure I may as well post for help here. I'm just gonna post a link so I don't have to redump all the images.


What forums do you guys like for technical help in 3D stuff? I've using polycount for a while but it's so slow some days.
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The mirror joints tool doesn't work on a mesh. It's to mirror joints in a joint chain that has no skin attached yet. What you want is mirror skin weights.

Christmas Cuckold Edition
Previously on DSG >>538145

Pardon the lazy pastebin, this is V1, please respond with suggestions etc.
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Use coupon code DAY-FIVE-BONUS to get:
Any 5 items below FREE or any 6 items below FREE* with purchase of any new release*

*Limit one use per customer. Items must be in cart simultaneously for discount to apply. Qualifying purchase may not be a free item or an item already owned. Only one coupon can be applied in Shopping Cart simultaneously.
Repostan some Christmas presents:

Genesis 1 & 2 Morph pack: https://a.pomf.cat/sgnwhq.zip (added ultimate breast morphs & breast control)

Genesis 3 Morph Pack: https://a.pomf.cat/yyknpb.zip (added genitalia, ultimate breast morphs & breast control, glute control, last two morphs from guhzcoituz)

mixtape didn't work, so grab this stuff asap, because I don't know how reliable pomf.cat is.
bruh, this thread exists on the very same page.

Hey, /3/. I was wondering; how do I model a gun like this?

I play Insurgency and I was wondering how to mod into it. So, I thought to add some guns to the insurgents, so I wondered.

Does anyone know?
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there's nothing special about modeling guns, it's basically hard surface
if you want good tutorials based around modeling weapons for videogames, look up chamferzone
>how do I model a gun like this?
with NURBS
Nurbs a derbs.

Thanks! I will!

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Untitled-1 copy.png
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Fish Wheelie Edition
Old Thread:
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File: file.png (1B, 486x500px)
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Still working on Duke
shitty anatomy
yeah? let's see you post accurate and constructive feedback that explains to the anon exactly how he can improve

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>axis of rotation for x/y on a bone are parallel
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>Not setting up your rotation orders
Read up on gimbal lock, euler and quaternion rotation.
^ faggots think they are smart

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