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For objects (especially vehicles) with highly detailed mechanical areas that are likely difficult to find sufficient reference material of, what methods do you use to model these areas?
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I'm sure there are tons of cad drawings of vehicles m8

>difficult to find sufficient reference material of

Nigger fucking WHAT?

There are a half trillion books for every car model for decades that have every single part drawn out.
Surely you realized he's talking about car undersides specifically?

>have my own 3D printer
>see cool model on shapeways that i want to try printing
>shapeways expects me to pay obscene prices for it's nylon prints that they want to mail you (including shipping and handling of course)
>scumbag faggot uploaders provide no way to download the stl so I can print my own

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I guess this is meant to be some kind of "shit post"? That's not really what this board is about though.

For anyone else who came across this strange post, I'd just like to remind you that if you have a 3d printer and want models to print, you can find millions of them for free on yobi3d, deviantart, sketchfab, blendswap, turbosquid, video game model ripping sites (themodelsresource) and of course make your own.
>buys tractor
>doesn't into agriculture
>blames the weather

Contact the artist and ask them you'll pay for just stl file.

vote here

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I'm not in the discord too often. But I doubt trolls go there, it's probably just a meme posted here and there that you get triggered by.

No moderation, go back to rebbit/tumblr/babbywebsite of your choice.
well if you don't visit the discord often then why comment faggot?

i don't mind some playful trolling/lighthearted banter but if it gets to the point where obsessive/compulsive then its not fun anymore
Post proof that it is obsessive then. I never see it while I'm on it.

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blender settings.jpg
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I'm a fucking idiot with Blender and require help

For some reason, no matter what I set my samples to, the scene always tries rendering 14,000 samples per tile. What am I doing wrong?
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>128 bounches
Fuck, I'm reading up on it now, and apparently most people don't use more then fucking 4 bounces? Goddammit.

Does that influence sample amount or am I just fixing one part of the problem
you only increase the bounces if you have things like wine bottles/swimming pools etc where the reflection is more complex
i might be wrong but i think someone said that's it

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And also Steampunk character appreciation thread.
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File: steampunk_prowler.jpg (142KB, 1280x947px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What image catalog does all you artists use the have all your images tagged and searchable
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nice image but what catalog software you use
i just came into possession of 66k ref images and would really like a way to catalogue them all

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ive come across a lot of programs that try to take the logic completely out of the user's hands, asking for large sets of images to infer parallel planes and such; can anyone point me to a program where i can render a 3d environment, using an image and guide-lines like "this and this are parallel, these are perfect circles, so it can tell what the viewing angle is and build from there?

some skewed prisms for reference
circles are perfect, and rectangles vary in height.

i'd like to be able to plug in a scale and extend it through the frame.
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i will look see thank u for respants
it looks a lot like sketchup which i have been playing with.

theyre similar in that they hav, to someone like me, feature overload. where do i look to mark up pictures?

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So, here is the thing. I need a machine that can handle animation, modeling, rendering, editing and post production AND i need it to be mobile.

I don't really care about the weight because the reason i need it to be mobile is not to take it on trips or whatever but because i just move a lot between cities and dissembling and reassembling it every few moths is a fucking pain. Need to travel light(er) so i am thinking an all in one or a laptop (now that they get full video cards) may be a choice.

Just a few years ago this would have been silly to even consider... I do have a budget between 2k and 3k because there are some extra fees on muy country for this kind of stuff.

I am thinking an I7 with a GTX 1070/1080 and 16 gb of ram would do the trick for now...

So, what do you guys think? can a mobile workstation be the main workstation? Any suggestions? thanks in advance.
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you just need to make sure your graphics cards have cuda cores and enough memory. 16gb will do.

you will need an ssd too if ur sculpting or highpoly. and other than that get a cooling deck so ur computer won't slow down
oh i forgot to mention.. avoid under 700$ if its lenovo dell hp and google.

stick to msi,asus,gigabyte,intel etc in general
Go balls deep with msi

I'm trying to add cheapo jiggle physics to a character, avoiding a soft body sim because it's computationally expensive and doesn't allow for hair collision. I found https://youtu.be/yCnkrTTYtn4 and it works for my purposes, but I couldn't figure out how to constrain the outer box's movement to the bone movement of the character. I finally added it to the rig, and this works too, but the inner cube now only reacts to the original location of the outer cube, as if it weren't part of the rig. Is there a way to "bake" rigged movement to an object so that you can separate it from the rig and still have it move in the same way as when it was rigged (of course, without being able to change that movement)?
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i don't understand what u are tring u do.
can u make a quick webm of whats wrong?
Sorry, I can't. I'll try to describe it more clearly. I have a character with a large belly that I want to jiggle when he moves. I have him rigged like a normal biped, with an extra bone controlling the belly. That bone is constrained by the movement of the inner box as in the video above. So when I move the outer box, the inner box bounces around, which drives the rotation of the belly bone, which makes it jiggle.

Instead of moving and animating the outee box manually, I want to have it move with the character's spine bone. So I added the outer box to the rig and assigned its vertices to the spine bone; so now, it mirrors that bone's movement.

However, the inner box does not react to the new movement of the rigged outer box. It reacts as if the outer box were still unrigged (as if there's an invisible copy).
ah man i don't know alot about rigging that's a shame.

try the blender stack exchange or blenderartists. both require registration i think

File: 00747_resized.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
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>decided to start taking 3d seriously last summer
>been doing free work on and off for a few months now, cause I don't feel like I put enough effort into it
>some people are literally offering to pay me now, yet I still can take it
How do I overcome this?

post your requests btw, I feel like wasting my time and effort
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You mean how to stop being a lazy shit? Grow up!

But seriously, everybody has problems with procrastinating and lack of commitment, you arent any special in that regard. Its only a hobby so if you dont like it stop forcing yourself to it and do something else, if you do like it find a way to actually stick to regular work ruitine, there isnt much more to say here.
If you want to do 3d get yourself on some curses or even 3d related education, join some forums projects etc.

Also requests? Why requests something we can make yourself, its a cg board, we all can make bad looking teapod renders.
now read the op again
I did, and if you meant something else then learn to type out your post in a non retarded manner.
Not using meme arrows and making normal posts might be a start.

How long does this take for a decently good 3D artist to conjure up? Granted the idea was already drawn on paper and they knew what they wanted and just had to put in the work.
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Two full days, and probably one more day of going back and fixing everything the artist didn't notice until it was finished.

So about 36 hours is my estimate
decently good? id say about 2 weeks
a very good artist is more like 1-2 days

Just to clarify....

Is this 36 hours of accumulated work time? Or 3 days of 8 hour shifts work time?

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>arnold integrated in maya 2017
>doesnt come in the rar for maya
>download arnold separately and set it up
>its still slow af cpu rendering
>cycles literally 10x faster
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Redshift negga
dead software
Sure, kid :^)

File: titanfall.png (1B, 486x500px)
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Im working in a class exercice, i can use any asset to make a scene in unity and program a first person controller. I have everything i need except a cockpit. Does anyon know a free cockpit asset that i could use?
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>tor frick
Do you think you can model humans and animals in a fantasy type artstyle for a moba?
File: mech.png (2MB, 1619x911px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1619x911px
Looking good so far, i have camera bounce for the mech steps and the cockpit is made with half life 2 monitors, some screen shake will be needed.
Now i need:
Proper animated texture for the cockpit glass
Proper muzle flares, somting like this https://youtu.be/u8GK2oGerrM
maybe some lens flares or reflections (candela maybe?)
Next i will set up the mech and pilot arms and the definitive gun with recoil

File: what.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
using maya 2016
Trying to add thickness to a shell, but it puts everything everywhere, guessing the axis thing on extrude is off but i cant move it
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Looks like the vertices are extruding instead of the poly-faces. I use 3DS Max, but are you extruding via selection of the poly faces?
make sure 'keep faces together' in the mesh (or edit mesh?) menu is checked, and try to make the thickness a much smaller number, like 0.01, and adjust it in increments of 0.01 as well.
The mesh you're trying to extrude is probably fucked and consists of non manifold components, try running a clean up tool before extruding.
The axis for the extrusion is not off, it just shows a normal for one of the faces being extruded but the extrude is still going to effect everything selected.
If nothing else works, try extruding by incresing the "Local translate Z" parameter instead of thickness.
Also, these kind of newbie questions belong in the "Questions that don't deserve their own thread" thread, so try using that one next time.

File: Sketchfab.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
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Post your work on sketchfab stuff and answer questions about it / generally chat.
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anime is for cucks

feedback my textures boys

I like it, textures done with substance painter?
neat stuff and ye

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