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File: 1460786654197.png (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
How hard is it to do shit in blender im want play around with judy hopps
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>im want play
i want to

I'm looking for someone who can model humans and animals in a fantasy artstyle. If you can do it don't hesitate to msg me on kik @Destremcx
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Only if you're willing to pay, you'll get more modellers. >>550501
Who said i wasn't gonna pay?
>le stop putting words in my mouth
more like you didn't mention if you were paying or not, if your goal is to attract modelers for your request letting them know they'll get paid for their work is a pretty good way of doing so. stop being autistic op

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my first youtube video, just simple retop.

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is there a place i can download objs for free aka pirated objs ? Im looking for a good obj of a vagina but all i can see is ones with price tag. help.
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You can get Daz for free and pirate some genitals from http://ps-ds.info/ or http://3d-graf.ru/ and export an OBJ.

Check out the general for more info.

Also there's SFMLab.com and smutba.se for genitals. I think the only genitals on smutba.se are on the Build-A-Character blender project, or cut them from any other nude model.

Hello /3/ I'm looking forward for someone who will be able to help me in a project.
I want to ask someone if they can help me with a model of Moonman for a disguise or how weebs call it cosplay.

I tried to do the stuff by myself on knowing how the fuck does Blender, Zbrush and Maya works but I'm so autistic at learning this things so I need some help on either some tutorials or if someone can do the 3D model.
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how does a 3d model helps in making cosplay?
>Going to Pepakura
>Do the head in paper
>Put resin, glass fiber
>Add "clay"paste to it
>Sand it
(this technique is used mostly on the armors on closplayers on glass fiber instead of just the molds)
File: 654654.png (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
you can have this vaguely shaped moonman, however if you want real glasses you will need to make actual glasses, if you don't care going blind then use this

this is a blender file, its for you to modify and if you want it print ready just export to .stl file

File: 1.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
how am did do ? r on right track?
blender + unreal
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File: 2.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
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File: FASE.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
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Too shiny. Tone down the materials or the lighting, it looks like nothing is casting a shadow.
looks like my monitor is broken, i cannot see the image, sorry

This is my first time making armor, and only my second model. Could you tell me what you think?
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Heres a better picture
That knife is tiny, and it's basically a giant box. It look less like armour, and more like cardboard.
Also the hands are bad, and not anatomical.
Soften your normals man

My First 3D Animation as a 3D modeler....i guess pixar will hire me in no time

ok kidding this is my first 3D animaton short i made since i dont knowr rigging and stuff!
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why even bother if this is the inevitable result? Respect the medium or fuck off kid
cause trying is learning....u dont have to be a prick dislike if u hate it.
its alright but you should let go of the sound

File: anger.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
>scroll wheel backwards
>camera zooms in
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middle mouse drag up

camera pans up
>Install Blender
>It sucks

>install blender

>install 3ds Max

>uninstall blender

File: shitputer.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
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alright faggots,

fact is, i need a new rig to render my shit 3d artwork on. :) current workstation is very aged, beyond the point of upgrading, needs a complete rebuild. i already work a normie 9-5, but most of that $ goes to mortgage, bills, new baby, etc. makes it kind of hard to put aside any spare $$ for a new rig. anyone on /3/ know a good way to earn some passive or mostly-passive spare $ to build a new workstation? i would just work nights or get a second job, but newborn makes that impossible right now. legit answers appreciated, but this is /4chan/ so i'll take the kekshame that will inevitably follow.
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model shit n sell on sqid

Its not easy as that. You've got to know what to sell, and how to sell it.
>not easy
Well then send your wife for walkin on the streets or sell the baby. Easy cash!

File: Blender.png (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
I have some plans for a model that were drawn on A4 sized paper. What would be the easiest way to convert these plans to a printable 3d model while retaining their "true size"?
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a ruler
Just model it correctly based on size.....

I can do the model if you want OP, I want to practice

File: yellingboss.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
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Hey /3/

I am working in a 7-people game dev team, have a problem managing 1 particular person.
Every meeting, the guy comes in (he is working on multiplayer) and describes what he is working at. Every day (we have meetings every day), it ends up:

> I've done this and that, the result is going to be done by the next week, etc.

Guess what, the next week he sais it will be done in half a week, and then a next few days, and so on.
My competence in networking ends on the level of UDP / FTP and a low-lvl intro into php. However, as a producer of our team, I must do something, but everyone else in the team lacks time and "will" to help this person.

Question: How to get shit done with such a team member? Is there a way to fire a person and what are the steps of doing this?
The person seems productive, except the task he has "grabbed" initially turned out to be too large for him, and he never can give me a correct completion time estimate.

Whenever I ask him if he needs help, I get response "everything is under the control"

At the current point in time, 4 weeks in development, the multiplayer-module is worked-on as a separately. And it still has never merged with the main project, because its encapsulation is not yet complete. The guy struggles to get it done.

Thanks for your time
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stop being such a spoiled little brat. He's a pro.
The deadline is in one week and I got an exact same response this time. It will not get done on time.

Or it will not merge in the remaining days with the currently existing code.
Here is what will happen: With that little time left that dude will not be able to merge the code branch in, and will fuck up your team. Forget about that multiplayer, it's a shit member

Still WIP
Still blocking out all the props but I think the anatomy should be fine.....

C&C welcomed~
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Well...... English is not my first language?
Can someone explain that?
He's saying your model looks like a caricature of a Chinese person

File: tavern keep.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
tavern keep.jpg
1B, 486x500px
Any suggestions on how to make this shit more interesting? I still need to polish the beard out but i'm not too sure on clothing.
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make the beard not look like goo. refine other parts and flatten
Animation is more important than polycount and detail.

File: fuck offffff.png (1B, 486x500px)
fuck offffff.png
1B, 486x500px

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Why would you waste your time using boleans? learn to actually model. Booleans tend to cause topology that is problomatic.
what are booleans made for then? Did Autodick put them here just to piss us off?
if you boolean get ready to fix the topolgy or dont use it at all

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