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Hey /3/ I need some help I want to make a low poly model like pic related any advice also Low poly appreciation thread
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dont be a fucking meme
Better off looking for old articles on Quake 1/2/3 modding and development. I think Paul Steed had some articles.

Download some low poly models from old games on Models Resource, check those out.
Think of the model as just a carrier for the texture because the texture is going to have all the details and highlights / shadows of the intended form. Depending on how close it is, hands are either going to be boxes or geometric mittens. Small things like single chains or draw strings will either be right on the main texture or on a flat plane as a texture so it can animate.

Keep joints in mind. Backs of knees and elbows should be edges for easy deforming.

Can't find the old articles I read a year ago, but http://quakewiki.net/archives/modeling/tutorial.html there's still all sorts of era-genuine low poly guides and tutorials out there.

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>tfw it's a song I recognize
Also nice work
That's cute as fug

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How do I set up an orthographic renderer in Blender , for a game ?
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select the camera, go to its settings, set it to ortho
but the rotation ?
rotate the camera like you'd rotate any other object

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I smoked weed and typed in my password in cgpeers but it is wrong 5 times
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>not injecting your marijuanas
d o w n w a r d s p i r a l never ogre

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Hi guys, I made a render using this car from evermotion and I put it in a real scene.
So far, in After Effects I use some color correction and add bloom and glare.and some motion blur, (because it's actually a video).
I think i need to match the color of shadows but is there anything else i can do to make it better ?
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actually not bad at all.
the thing that seem fucked to me are the shadows. but i can't really blame you for how shadow is calculated.
something that raytrace engines can't replicate is glare and deep level of shadow.
for example: when the sun hits the car from a certain angel you either get glare/dusk because the car is shiny. on the other hand u also want shadows from the building in the back
thanks for feedback. I willl correct the shadows and try to improve them.

How do you rip from sketchfab? ninjaripper no work.
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That looks tedious as fuck. bundle decompiler can rip unity exes, can't it access webgl apps as well ?
You use ninja-ripper, but you have to use firefox.

I would suggest against it though, they models come out artifacted without weights or bones (causes difficulty with posed models) and with some of them you can't get the uv's.

I would say the best and most reliable way to rip models is to practice with reference and get good at re-making them yourself.
I dont want character models/textures.

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Hey /3/ was wondering what a good program for making stuff like this is.
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zBrush, Maya/3DS, Substance with Quixel DDO as base textures. I could suggest Marvelous Designer as well but you could make all of that without it.
Would first try to photoshop these tech stuff over acual photos
>Substance with Quixel DDO
Elaborate anon.

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I've done a bunch of "Basic level" tutorials for the modeling toolkit in Maya, including the official ones provided by Autodesk, and I'm not sure where to go now. It's painfully obvious from how difficult it is to work with that I still haven't learned much of the modeling kit, since it feels like all I've learned to use is the most basic box modeling stuff + gimmick features like Lathe that only serve one purpose. I've previously used 3DS and feel like I'm still behind in Maya compared to where I was with that, which wasn't expert level by any measure but at least wasn't such a frustrating process. Are there any decent intermediate follow-up resources I should be using?
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Lathe is great though, for example in archviz you can use it to build all sorts of profiles from pipes, to handles and doorknobs, to candleholders, vases or sink faucets.

There are pretty much two directions you can go. You can try to look up paid tutorials centered specifically around modeling in maya, which are bound to be better and more exhaustive than the basic tutorials provided by the software developer (which as a rule are almost always crap). You could also try looking for youtube if you don't have money and can't/don't want to pirate, though I can't guarantee the quality or coverage will be as good.

The other thing you could do is follow a project-based tutorial that's related to the field you're interested in, and is done with Maya. That would teach you the specific Maya tricks you need to get your shit done.

And if you're a regular 3ds max user you should also google "3ds max (feature) equivalent maya" for any tools you rely on, most of them should have a maya equivalent.
If you want to improve Maya modeling experience probably you will want to use plugins. KTools, CreasePlus, froTools and so on
Do a specific project. Nothing teaches a program like having to solve actual problems.

hey /3/, I'm in a bit of a situation.

I need a workstation for 3D modeling and PBR / GPU rendering. Right now mostly using Twinmotion but eventually might get into UE4 and try some passive rendering with Octane or something. Now normally I would do a few weeks of research and build it myself, but I need it pretty fast (on friday) because it's for a new employee.

So what I'm asking is, what brand does the best bang for your buck, off the shelf workstations? What would you buy in my situation with a budget of about 2k €? Bonus points if it's upgradable.

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Also modeling is done in Rhino & Grasshopper right now, but I guess hardware won't be the limiting factor for those two shits.
If you budget is 2000 EUROS, (rougly $7000 on my currency), you won´t afford a big rig, but that´s based on my previous assembly locally, where i´m limited to overpriced crap thanks to muh country.
Octane demands the most expensive graphic cards for GPU rendering, as does UE4. INTEL will always be the most reliable choice, on an ASUS motherboard. My corsair hydro cooler and power supply units have been holding well against the heat here.
That said, who will tell you what you´re going to assemble is not us, but you local hardware supplier. Check what´s available and for what price. Modeling is always RAM-hungry with Zbrush, but since you said you won´t be using those, my recommendation would be getting an intel i7 on an ASUS motherboard with 16 Giga ram - the ideal for 3d is to have as much ram possible, but octane is GPU hungry so you´ll need at least two 4giga ram geforces for it.
thanks for your input

yea I'm looking for at least gtx 1060 or 70s, fortunately they're not that expensive here. Gonna need more RAM tho, we do very large projects and Rhino has come close to using 15GB, so I want some buffer there.

From researching a bit it seems I should just buy some gaming rig. Will probably be a tad more expensive but at least it will get here in time.

Hi, I just need help because I want to find a crack for a software but someone confirmed me this crack are not available for free in warez scene. I just look on CGpersia / Peers and GFXPeers / gfxforum. So do you know where can I find best sites for buy some unreleased cracks thanks !
(PhoenixFD 3.0)
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ask your faggot dad
>paying for pirated software

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Could someone explain how to make zsphere meshes conform more accurately to the original shape when converted to a mesh (other then just adding more cuts/spheres)? Its been years since I used zbrush, but am quite sure it was possible to get a result that's not overly smoothed.
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you first make the basic shape with zspheres then use what i think called "adaptive skin" to give it some form and test the movement of the limbs.
then you can choose whatever polygroup you have and inflate it even more before getting to the sculpt itself
I'm actually using adaptive skin in the pic (with density set to 4). Tried messing around with its settings but none of them seemed to improve how the geometry conformed to the zspheres in any significant way.
dont use classic skinning

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top lel

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File: stoner a.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
stoner a.jpg
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If you reduce the time between auto-saves you will often lose less progress on your project when things go wrong.

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whats that from?

Hey /3/ dogs. I'm usually a /b/ro, but I come to you with some questions pertaining to your realm of expertise. You see, I am trying to break into modelling and want to model animals and any living things for that matter. My question to you is do you gentlemen (and ladies?) venture to a select few databases for your references? I've tried my luck at pinterest only to yield a minor handful of content that can actually be used. I am looking, in particular, for orthographic cross sections of various critters and the like. It would make my day if there was some website which served such content in a manner that you type, "shark," in the entry slot and out pops zoological data representing the shark from all angles. Plz help me out, /3/, I'm counting on you. I'll post what I find over the life span of this thread.
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animals usually don't have blueprints. you should be able to model them from perspective
Can't help you with such website but look up 'on growth and form' by wentworth thompson. He analysed animals mathematically and made very good illustrations about their proportions
You tried Google Images? Just google shark cross section or something like that.

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