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Trips decide if I post the 3d scan or not and follow the non-disclosure agreement like an ethical person.
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Don't fuck with a good job you moron
you gotta wait a few days for trips men
le ebin post fellow anonymous poster
we sure know how to make those threads on /b/ i mean /3/ dont we?

time to make 3 a little wirdeer

pic stolen from a video
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It puts the honey on it's skin or else it gets the hose again.
we're gettin weird with it bois
gib link to the video

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If each rendering software had an anime mascot, which would they be?
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Daz Studio would probably be straight up CP. Poser would be the same CP but with terrible lighting.
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here is modos
>>552000 (checked)

I think the mascots should all be based on the programs they represent. Blender, for example, is lightweight and free so the mascot should represent this by being a loli (lightweight) and low spending (free program). 3ds max is expensive and pretty large so she would be high maintenance and thicc.

Blender's mascot should also hold a blender (for obvious reasons).

What software would you recommend for creating assets that are reusable and adaptable / scalable for different scenes?

I'm doing Archviz for a company building mostly large retail stores for the same brands and such the design is always more or less the same because the brands want their stores to be recognizable and to display their CI.
To put it simply, I have to model a lot of large, similar looking box like buildings that vary in size but not in design. So I figured I could save a lot of time if I had a base model of these stores that I could just fit to certain boundaries. But I'm not sure how to go about this.
I guess Grasshopper could work, I already set up a script for one recurring element. But I'm curious to see what you guys would recommend or if you have any advice or experience to share.
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Good thread
I'm very intrigued by Houdini, thats why I chose that pic for the thread. My usual workflow is to import 2D plans into Rhino and model based on those, which is very accurate. Will Houdini be able to do that and handle large scenes?

File: modular.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
I've seen many people make texture maps such as pic related and something im struggling with mostly is whether to create textures before the UV'in or whether i should make a map such as this and then put the UVs on parts of my buildings to match to the correct textures? How do most of you guys do it? Create Textures first or UV maps then texture the maps in photoshop? I feel like im missing a step or doing something slightly wrong when it comes to UV and texturing. Would love it if anyone could explain their process when they are making modular houses. Hope this makes sense.
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If it's real simple geometry then you could go ahead and put a texture down first and UV map it based on that, just keep the scale of the parts in mind.

If it's something organic or generally complex, UV map first. That shit's going to be nuts trying to force the UV map to fit the texture you made.

So for example, the way i've been doing it so far is to UV unwrap using blenders system, barely editing the UV and just painting over it via photoshop such as pic related. This i know is limited due to space and size but i'm very new at this with zero formal education in 3d.
File: veryverynotbad.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
The well itself ended up coming out not too bad but i feel like im definitely doing it wrong somehow

So today a friend of mine recommend to me some software called Sculptris. I've never sculpted digitally before, but I have some experience in irl sculpting with Sculpey clay.

Although it's unfinished, this is my first time digitally sculpting and I was hoping I could get some feedback/general advice from any senpai that might be lurking
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looks awsome for first time.

id suggest to throw sculptis away and get with something more professional/better
From scratch or did you start with a base?

My advice would be using a separate mesh of two spheres for the eyes.
Looks good man.

Just like you start a physical model with bulk and planes, you start one in 3d using a few subdivs, low resolution and work your way up to the details, moving on only after you've done all you can at the resolution you're at.

Make sure that you subdivide a model without smoothing the previous level, it'll waste a lot of effort spent shaping up the model and give it a rubbery look.

Give ZBrush a try though, it's good.

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daily reminder that you'll never be as good as the guy who singlehandedly made this map

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How much did he make doing that?
it's just a custom map on a 10 year old game. it's free.
CHN has a knack for little details. Other good mappers for zombies are RadiMaX, jbird362 and stevie wonder. Look up Frostbite for bo3, shits beautiful.

I like to render all my college work in 4k or 8k regardless of content and quality
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Yep, got a shity 4k no texture fruit bowl for our introduction lesson.
I hope you're pleased

So, I have downloaded this flag animation blender file (http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/87037) and I would like make a render of the flag waving in the air. The problem is when I click on the render image button the flag is flat. How do I fix that? I'm a complete beginner.
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make stuff for complete begginers

this is this one right here


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poorfag here and wondering what would be the best program for somone who is just getting started with this shit
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Blender, its free and reliable.
other than blender, autodesk's max and maya have free student versions available(you don't actually need to be a student). only catch with those is that you can't legally sell any of your work with those versions which shouldn't be a problem for a while anyways.
if you get a cgpeers account(registration is open on the 1st and 15th of each month) everything is free and they have a ton of tutorials as well as programs. my suggestion is to test out each piece of software, watch a few beginner tutorials for each, and just stick with which ever feels the best to you until you know exactly what you want to do and need from your software.
Blender and grab the Mastering Modeling in Blender workshop from CG Cookie. It's pretty popular so you can probably find it easily, and it isn't a slog. He speaks up so unlike many tutorials you won't fall asleep to some mumbling nerd's unintentional ASMR series. It doesn't cover the absolute basics like moving the camera and such, you'll need to look on YouTube for the really really entry level elements.

File: million dollar.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
million dollar.jpg
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I love modelling. I endure rigging. I loathe making texture maps.

What part of the whole process does /3/ find grinds them down?
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Why Wont solidworks fillet?
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could be an issue with the edges next to the selected edge (filleting only that selected edge would cause a weird transition from that edge to the not filleted ones) or radius is too big or small
post the sldprt dumbass
Because you are using inches.
Otherwise, try to uncheck Tangent propagation.

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>info on how to use transformation matrices in graphics APIs without any libraries is rare
>usually it's wrong
This may look like awoo
But it is actually a reee
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graphics API is a library, right ?

you can multiply a matrix with another matrix or a vector(a point is also a vector) so just use multiplication and you are good
But it takes a complex composition of matrices to achieve the correct result, and a proper vertex shader to match.
transformations 101
if you want to make a composite transformation from multiplke matrices the order how you multiply can affect the final result,you need to do it backwards of what you want to achieve, when it comes to vertex shader, you probably need to transform from object space to world space than modify custom stuff,then transform to clip space and then it should be done

File: cvt_concept.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px

I'm currently working on a project to model a continuously variable transmission, but I'm not quite literate enough to model it myself.

It has a few requirements such as creating equally spaced semi-spherical holes on the surface of a disc and creating a ball that has equally spaced semi-spheres on the surface that will allow it to roll freely in any direction on the surface of said disc. Preferably need to do this in a modelling program that can simulate physics to test and see how well it works.

What program would be best for this purpose?

Picture related, my very poor attempt at doing it on my own.
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I would just get it 3D printer and try learning 123 Design it is free a and more powerful than Google Ketchup.
The 3D printer idea is great actually. Testing it in plastic would be a great first step.
If you would like to get one I would recommend the Prusa I3 mk2 you can get it in Kit form to save money.

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Hi anons, what do you think about this scene lighting wise. Also, what approach do you take when lighting an interior scene.
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>lighting wise

Way too bright, what were you thinking?
I think it looks fine. Depends on what time of day you want .
Well, the company i work for always ask for bright scenes like this. I personally dont like too bright, looks tacky. But i guess depends on the situation.

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