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Prior thread >>552549
Lazy pastebin, please respond with suggestions etc.
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How do I edit the base Genesis 3 body texture??
If its the very basic G3F you want to edit.
Inside of IM00021630-01_Genesis3FemaleStarterEssentials.zip
Thanks, I thought I was doing something wrong but turns out you just have to reload the program for it to take effect. Makes sense, I guess.

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hey /3/ i came for /ic/. I have no idea how 3d works but for drawing reference i need a nude male an female models for blender. Where can i find them(free of course)? Google and your Introduction guide doesn't give me anything. Also i need to give this model a full body motion.

looking for something like this:
also finding something like this impossible isn't it?
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Did you try turbo squid?
>turbo squid
what is it?

if you mean the website i post the link, nothing is free in there.

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when the resulting mesh is absolute trash?
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don't know what you're talking about, brah.
looks fine to me. bools ftw!
Hardops is pretty simple and good. It just marks sharps and veves pretty quickly. The problem is that people who use it also like to use the boolean workflow.

Shitty topology is because of that, not Hardops.
Why do you care if the mesh is trash? It doesn't even need to be made of quads since you won't use subD or animate it like an organic thing.

what exactly is the point of substance designer?
not trying to trash-talk it, just genuinely confused/curious

like why would you want to spend months mastering realistic substances and spend hours making things like this, which could just be found on hundreds of free texture websites in about 30 seconds? even with normal and roughness maps I don't see the point of trying to create something yourself when you could just go outside, take a picture, and spend half an hour in photoshop
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because it can
>like why would you want to spend months mastering realistic substances and spend hours making things like this, which could just be found on hundreds of free texture websites in about 30 seconds?

someone has to make the textures dumbass
not sure if retarded or bait

can someone help me out with a basic c4d problem? I need to edit a hair object but it's blocked for some reason. Probably very basic stuff but I honestly have no clue what to do. Pic related
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Did you download a preset? Then maybe it's been locked by a hidden script which you would have to unhide first.
If you create a new hair object, can you edit it?
yes, it's a preset but I can't edit the hair even when I apply it to a sphere for example.
I just tested this on a different pc and it's the same problem

oh sorry, I thought you meant a preset object, not preset hair. It's not preset hair tho. can't edit anything

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hello ive been making 3d models for several months now, r8 my wor plz
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Not even a creative shit post.

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Everytime I've tried to make something slightly modular that involves shapes different than planes I miserably failed.

So, question is, how do game artists get to create such complex modular environments. Im talking in games like DOOM and stuf. How can people take concept like pic related and make it into a modular set with pieces fitting together?

I can't wrap my head around this, is there any misterious arcane secret that is being hidden for shitty artists like me?
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make rooms that connect. use a grid to plan it out first. look at how timesplitters did this more than a decade ago:
you just have to do it over and over until you get it
Hay, I'm a studying Game Artist myself, I've joined a modding group working on the Hammerfell regoin for skyrim. If you're truly into learning how it works, check this out http://blog.joelburgess.com/2013/04/skyrims-modular-level-design-gdc-2013.html

there's also a GDC video of bethesda artists talking about the same stuff.

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for you.jpg
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I wanna start retopologizing my high res; I want it to be in the 5k - 10k range. What are some good resources for retopology? I see so many different ways of setting up the loops and such, but I just want a source that has close ups of big trouble spots (pelvis, fingers, back of knee, shoulder)
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Just do it, man.

Load up blender/ maya/ zbrush.

Start retopo.

Look up some topology on google for reference.

Make sure all of your edge rings are even numbers.

Add more topology on joints for deformations.

The first time you do it you will learn a lot about it.
try topogun
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crack cocaine.jpg
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>Using topogun
>When you have Zbrush


Seems like the video shows an experimental build, though it's meant to go into 2.8

What do you think?
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useless. unless you can use in blender game engine
looks like shit
Problem with all these GPU based realtime solutions is that you have to optimize your scenes for memory/polycount, not as bad as if you were making a game but similar.

For a lot of real world applications, keeping your scene small and snappy actually eats up more time in the end than just not worrying about it and crunching it out on a fat CPU in the end.

Same with those Unreal Engine demos and so on. Try the same thing not with a relatively empty interior but an exterior with grass, plants with thousands of leaves etc. and your RT engine will choke on the amount of textures and polys. Then you can either spend days optimizing everything so it runs faster or spend one night rendering it the oldschool way.

At least that's my personal experience doing Archviz with Vray, I never use RT because it can't handle my scenes

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Hi guys, im the most retarded person when it comes to maya but ive been trying my best and I still cant understand the workflow in it, I have seen a bunch of videos but none of them touch the topic of making actual fitting wearables, how can this be achieved? I want to model the x6 blade armor helmet.
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I have found this image but taking measurements in useless in maya
It's not that hard just use the basic shapes. Circle for the helmet cylinder
Cube for the v looking thing. What ever for the diamond. Remember to use a head for the reference

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Also, whats the best that you get for 400 bucks
pic unrelated
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Are you that poorfag from the other thread? You won't get much for $400. I would suggest the low end used xeon market if you want cheap CPU cores. Westmere can be had pretty cheaply these days.
just want to get a laptop for $400,
would already choose parts myself for pc but Idk about laptop
also Im not posting in other threads about thsi
400$ laptop for 3dcg? I don't think so.

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Am i wasting my time learning zbrush? I just started 2 days ago learning about sculpting in zbrush and facial anatomy. Following tuts on yt makes it seem so straight forward, but once my cursor touches the canvas, it feels like the world is ending.
Is there absolutely without a doubt no value in this whatsoever that would make me feel better about my progress thus far?
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i would say only gauge your progress every 2 months or so
you study zbrush if you want to learn the software.
anatomy studies can be done on paper with a pencil.
proportions / scale->bones->muscles->fat/skin

try sculptris first, since it's way easier to grasp the basic principles.

get a wacom tablet. 2 days is nothing, keep at it daily.
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You don't have a grasp at form which is making your mind interpret things different that they are in reality or what your mind envisions.
Definitely get a tablet, you need it for zbrush -- and just study and practice the things that you want to sculpt. Make sure you are rotating your model very frequently and use as much reference as you can. I would suggest you try modeling from a reference of multiple facial angles.so you can get an idea of the forms of the face. This is the most important part, also try to work in planes (the major angle/shape changes in the face) You want to think big -> small

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For those of you who got a job doing 3D and didn't go to school, how many hours a day were you learning/practicing after work? How many years did it take you?
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>12 hrs / day
>4 years of being neet
wasnt worth it imo, should have gone into STEM

about 1 year of hard studying although I can't do many kinds of things so far today like good&proper UV maps or complex animation rigging.
art school is a meme. Creativity can't be taught, it can only be created.

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What software is used to make this flame tracing effect?

I'm seeing it more and more. Most recently, in the DOOM load screens.

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Probably just some After Effects plugin from Videocopilot or Trapcode

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I'm using Blender and i made a model of a person walking

but i also want to add another action o\to the model(punching) and whenever I create a new action it overwrites the walking animation

how do I apply two separate animations to the one model?(walking and punching will be independent of each other)
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okay, nevermind I solved it
At least share how you did it.
fuck you

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