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>this was done in 15 min
Is this real life?
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Yes,now try to actually use the model.
oh wait you cant because 5 billion polygons and mesh holes.
It's still unbelievable, though.
What do you mean mesh holes, anon? Looks consistent to me. And there must be a way to reduce polygons using topology or something.

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General or stupid questions
Previous is auto saging
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I saw the models for this show have solid sculpted hair. How do they get it to look like this? Is it all normal maps?
Where can I find some tutorials on creating realistic shaders with Arnold and 3DS Max? Please, I'm desperate, last 2 weeks were wasted. If there is something good on CGPeers, tell me, but I can't find anything.
thats not just solid. I see hair strands that means hair sim.

The trick to getting hair shading on solid meshes is Anisotropic shading


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What are some easy to use 3d Fractal programs?
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Fractals are never easy if you want a result that looks even half decent. You're gona have to buckle down and experiment till you know what you're doing.
By "fractals" you really need "procedural generators". Recently I came across this tool:
It generates Doom maps of surprising quality. It's written in Lua and C++ and you should study it.
it generates noise

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How do i attach a head to a body in max if they belong to different models and basically have a different number of edges?

What is the best was attach them but dont screw up edgeflow?
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There is non. You should have thought about that.

Is he shirt less? Why attach?
Just export to sketchup connect it in like two seconds with some easy line drawing then export back
fuck off you scrub.

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Hey /3/ let's play a game.

Post some of your work and give a critique to the post above yours.
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No need for games friend: >>565962

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Ripping meshes and textures from a unity game is easy, but is it possible to rip armature and shape keys? Has anybody here tried it?
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no, nobody's tried it.

None of my coworkers or friends can appreciate this, and since I have to get this out of my system I came here!

For years I have been rendering my Sketchup stuff with an old Kerkythea copy on my laptop. Stills are fine. But even with an i7 and 32 gb of ram it has taken forever to render animations. Especially so with the 1080p res that clients want/need these days.

So one of those clients wanted a 1+ minute video @ 25fps, which would have taken 150+ hours on my laptop. I know because I did render the first draft for approval that way!!

That's when I started searching for cloud powered options, and stumbled upon Amazon EC2. Signing up and getting my account was tedious to say the least (including answering an automated call on my cell to punch in a PIN code shown on-screen during registration).

But when all that was done, wow. I can set up multiple virtual machines in a few minutes. Yesterday I had to render a new draft for the 1+ minute video in a hurry, so I launched a virtual machine with 64 cores and 264 gb of ram. Cost me $6.6/hr while it was running, but the client covers that cost so no worries.

Brought my rendering time down from 150 to about 15 hours. Holy cloud power, batman!

Normally I use a 16 core / 64 gb virtual machine, which is only about $1.5/hr. Fine for most shorter animation jobs, leave it overnight and presto - it's done when I come into the office the next morning.

Most importantly, my discovery of Amazon EC2 now allows me to use my laptop as normal 100% of the time, since none of its capacity is tied up with render jobs anymore.

This has opened a while new world of opportunities for me, since I'm now able to take on work I previously would have turned down because of excessive render times.

Anyone else using EC2? Are you as happy about it as I am? Because I haven't stopped smiling since I started using it a week ago!
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Nice AD
maybe your render times are like that because you are using kerkythea?
have you tried thea?
There's no doubt your a shill, but render farms have there use and Amazon is going to take over the world anyway so could be worth it

SW&PV360. Would exporting to sth with v-ray make a huge improvement? More here:


Also critique is highly welcomed, don't know if I should pursue 3d direction...
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First of all, this isn't twitter so please write full and complete sentences you fucking newfag piece of shit.
Second, it's a retarded gun but Fallout (and indeed the real world) is full of retarded guns. Whether you did a good job in terms of being on-model (making it look like the source material) I have no idea but probably.
You could improve the design from the original for functionality purposes, but you'd need to be a hardcore gunfag for that and that'd be a bit of a different kind of exercise.
As for what renderer to use, that doesn't really matter at all only your skill with that renderer matters. Some rendering engines are easier to use by virtue of having more default settings (aka "it just werks") and default materials or a large library of good looking materials "out of the box".
What your model lacks is detail. Wear and tear, scratches, a nicer HDRI and general lighting setup would help, also maybe a little composition (the composition isn't bad but it's simple to the point of being basic).

Right now your gun looks like it's made from aluminum or sheet metal or something (as opposed to gun metal), it looks very much like mounting brackets for an IKEA shelf or something like that. The shotgun fore-end looks really bad, there's not much detail and what detail is there in the wood grain is washed out entirely by reflections. It doesn't look like you used Normal mapping at all (or micro-displacements or any other tricks of that nature).
I assume the holes all over the barrel are where you haven't added screws or pins or whatever? If that's just a detail in the original then it doesn't look too good, like it's not visually interesting detail but if that's what's in the source material then you're stuck but you can still add wear and tear.

Third, as for whether or not you should "pursue 3d direction", no I think you should kill yourself for not posting in the WIP thread.
Thanks, appreciate your feedback. I'll just smash my head on the table than.

Wear&tear is something which is not that easy to accomplish in PhotoView. I will have to export to v-ray then.
The model seems okay, your materials and lighting are abysmal.

Switching to a better renderer would help a ton, but keep in mind you also need a good IBL, lighting setup, and know how to set up your materials in a way that isn't crappy.

Judging by your range of values I'm guessing you're not using linear workflow as well?

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Hey /3/, not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but here goes:

I'm quite enjoying Endless Space 2 as of late, but most of all, I love the artwork. Hero/Diplomacy/Planetfall screen animations especially look fucking awesome. So I was wondering, how can I extract these from the game files (assets?) and convert them to webms or gifs? What programs can you recommend for exploring and ripping unity files? And is something like this at all possible to do?
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You will never be able to reverse engineer software to its original state, just to assembly lists. Though I know it's possible to extract sound and 3d files from a compiled game on your drive. I don't know how though, I'm a programmer, I can't hack stuff like that. JewTube will probably tell you.

You will never get the .unitypackage, or .cs files though.
Ninja ripper maybe?
This is one way to get the files yeah

How did it go?

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Not bad yeah, but look at this not-scripted dubs!
Oh man you've won the lottery
Oh man you've won the lottery

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Wanting to upgrade my monitor for 3d stuff, should i go 1440p or 4k?
Max and Maya feel a bit cramped on 1080 when i'm working on tons of stuff at once.
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I would get more monitors not a replacement, and I wouldn't make the jump to 4k in the interest in screen space but that's just me
You can get a 40" 4K monitor, there are a whole bunch available now, there's one from Philips and the Wasabi Mango.

at this size the scaling is the same as a regular 1440p display, so you can still see stuff normally, just expanded over a massive area.

Otherwise I'd suggest either a 34" 3840x1440p ultrawide or two 1440p displays side by side.
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Glorious 4K flanked by a pair of 1200p masterrace

are there any patrician comics using 3d only?
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So what happened to that Kickstarter anyway? Did it get funded? The Goon looks cool as hell!

And yeah, I would love to use 3D to make comics but most systems like clothing, hair, physics would have to be mostly automatic or it's just plain easier to just drawn what you need.
>So what happened to that Kickstarter anyway? Did it get funded?
Fincher was begging for enough money to pay 2 actors to read their lines for a rough cut. He's one of the biggest overspenders in Hollywood, destroyed Orion Studios because he insisted on name casting a project that didn't break even until DVD releases years later, and thinks the sun shines out his asshole.

He also made a trailer that still looks like it's for a video game not a movie (and I'd play the fuck out of that game).

3D in comics is shame on par with Greg Land tracing porn. The artists who do it aren't modelers, they're Poser/DS faggots trying to do multiple books for more cash.

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Anyone Know of a good R18 Crack?
Also Cinema 4D general post ur projects n shit
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yes i know a good R18 crack.
hmu homie i need those fucking film shaders

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Are there any freelance work sites that can't be described by this greentext?
>your competition for any job posted by a competent employer is 50 Indians or Muslims, all with fully fleshed out profiles and "a thousand years experience"
>jobs which don't have much competition are ones which expect good work for little/unguaranteed pay, or for you to somehow perform miracles such as "cleaning up this 3D model" (pic related)

Discounting Upwork, which charges you to apply for work.
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places like upwork are not good because you are literally no visibility unless you pay for premium account ( i think)
but there is another strategy that works for me.
if you make sweet game models then target indie game forum
if you good with organics try to make lewds, just go around hentai/fetishi websites and do a little scouting.
if you are really good with renders then i say its your best way to get a 9-5 job since the archviz market is the only one where you have jobs locally
i really want to make lewds and porn for a living but i live in a very conservative house. I have a full time non 3d job and amnt neet, but the cost of living is too high in this area. Wat do?
>good with organics
I get overly picky about my topology.
Like, I can't even decide how to connect a leg to the torso, because I hate how the edge loops turn out.

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When I first used it I thought this was awesome, now I can't stand sitting there converting tons of textures.

Someone please tell me there is a way to run this or its code on batches of files. I tend to write my own shaders so I often find myself just converting shit with CrazyBump because I simply want extra detail data to work with without much regard for the settings so it becomes a somewhat mindless process.

Or is there a code base or something which has the kinds of image processing CB does, or stretching even further CB's source code(or functions likely used in it)? It seems like instead of actually using CB it should just be possible to write a shader that takes the maps and does the same thing CB does(although it would probably be inefficient it'd be better than converting tons of textures if you have plenty of cpu/gpu resource leeway).

If there's no way to do this using CB, is there any kind of tool available to generate things like normal maps in batches from diffuse data? I know they're generally not that high quality but I'm often not that concerned about it since I can just not use the things that don't work out well and take what does.
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you are asking alot
but either way you can do it in xnormal, which is free.
or you can make custom shaders based on you need like so.
Yeah, I know, but I tend to work with lots of other people's models, often just for fun, and it's just not feasible time-wise to make textures for everything one-by-one. It's certainly asking a lot but I'm willing to code stuff myself if there's existing open knowledge on the subject.

To which point, thanks for the link, from the URL it sounds like it's in the direction of what I need.
actually you know what, i know that blender is open source and it can convert greyscale maps to normal. but i don't think its the same thing. if you take 4 colors and convert them to other 4 colors its not exactly a "smart converstion"
anyway, xnormal allows you to make several maps in advance so you don't have to click save all the time like crazy map.
if you are familiar with gimp there is a an addon called insane bump which i hear is good. and GIMP is open source too so it might be your chance to dig in. (its not 3D based converter but its a converter none the less)

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