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My first blender animation!
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Never seen a white one that big
i like it, it tells a story
What story?

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Hey guys, I work at a Jewelry store and I frequently use a Gravograph engraving machine to engrave on jewelry. But most recently the machine has been acting up and not recieving coordinates.
I do everything right and when I go to set them, the machine doesn't set them and goes back to X:0 and Y:0. Can any CNC folks help me out?

>pic related machine in using.
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Forgot to mention that I have tried clearing out the failed printer jobs, restarted both the machine and computer at least 20 times a piece and I'm still having any luck. I've unplugged them too, ran a trouble shoot on it and found nothing.
also bump
bumping please help me keep my job here guys.
bumparooni dooni

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Is there a repeating texture on these doors?

I say yes, but everyone else tells me I'm seeing things
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You're seeing things.
I see it
>no attention to detail in a job field like this

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General or stupid questions
since don't see any on catalog
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In the baby steps of understanding how to go about creating a "game".
I want to eventually make an educational kind of textbook program. If I need to make assets for this program does that require I create them in a 3D program or can I accomplish this with just a game engine like unreal?

>P.S. VR if that makes a difference.
you need assets externally then place then in engine.
you can download them everywhere, just google it.
you are in lack because the internet is full of assets, and most unity devs are afraid to spend money on anything so its become a trend to make games with free assets, this is why the success rate for any new game is less than 1%
Well this sounds promising, so I won't be needing a 3D program? Meaning I'm on the wrong board right now. My program only requires repeating patterns of polygons and textures, nothing like a human.

What framerate should I animate my characters for a game? I have been reading that game animations should be done at 30fps, but arent most games running at 60fps?

Am I misunderstanding something?
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every game does it differently. You have to talk to your programmers
The engine will just interpolate a frame between each in a 30fps animation to bring it to 60.
It hardly changes the animation. Animating in 60fps would be stupid and take forever.
>Animating in 60fps would be stupid and take forever.
No, it wouldnt take forever nor would it be stupid. In fact I've animated a character at 120 for an experiment. You get more detail and more space to work and the results look better on newer screens

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Does the modders out there get somehow a nice money with their creations? Like Donations or selling mods?

We know that Hentai and porn SFM gives money, and selling 3d stuff aswell, but what about mods?
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they get shit
have forgotten the shitstorm when they tried to sell Skyrim mods ? Even steam backpaddled faster than you can say mods should be free forever.

Ya the most prominent skyrim modders who have donation pages all basically said they get nothing.

You can tell by the quality of fallout 4 mods that people were really red pilled by that.

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Hey, check what I've done

Created with Vectary / rendered with V-Ray

Here's the link:
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Looks like you spent more time doing detail work, and not focusing on big forms
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Hmm, might be... This how it looked like before rendering in V-Ray and after bake in Vectary
I'd say the opposite, all this looks like to me is big forms with the only detail work being material/ displacement based.

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So we always seem to have threads about software and modelling and techniques but not often about the end results. Does anyone here use CG for making films? I'm working on one for my Masters Degree and thought we could discuss some good creators you guys know.

I recently discovered a guy called Ash Thorpe, he does UI/concept stuff for movies mostly but also did some amazing independent work, like this: http://ashthorp.com/epoch . It's fully CG. Any other good filmmakers you guys know of? Ideally something a bit different from the usual disney/pixar derivative style you see a lot online.
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Another pretty creative film he did is here, I want to get into making this kind of stuff, ideally with a fairly architectural focus.

Interesting thread, OP. I did a short film a while ago. Started out as a test for me to model an apartment and get used to shading, animating and rendering in Maya (I was a C4D user before and a 3DS Max user before that), but ended up as something much bigger. I knew nothing about story structure and such when I started working on it three years ago, so it's not a very good film, but I'm pretty happy about how most shots turned out.
I finished it about a year ago, so the whole process took two years. I only worked on it for an evening or two most week and it was mostly a learning experience. If I had done it today I would've been much quicker. I ended up getting a Vimeo Staff Pick and it has been screened at a number of festivals, including some pretty well known ones.
I'm eager to start a new project but I haven't finished the story yet.

For inspiration, I like Wanderers by Erik Wernquist and The 3rd and the 7th by Alex Roman. It's pretty rare to find good CG shorts made by just one person though, so I look to bigger companies doing ads. The Chipotle ad A Love Story by Passion Animation Studios is one I really liked.
Check out factory 15, they do some really nice stuff. Some of their early work is a bit rough around the edges, but still worth watching.


I'm doing internship in some company, and I got a task to make 3D model of their factory. (It's framed as a way to have me get to know location of every machine and deparment there.)

Previous guy did similar thing, but in 2D, and there are no dimensions of the place. He also created a 3D model of few offices in SolidWorks. (In which I have only a basic skills.)

How to complete it?

Where, on internet, could I find help with this? (Sorry if this is the wrong board)
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Depends, do you have access to building plans? Ideally in CAD format?

If so, you can use any modelling tool (Solidworks would be fine, as is Rhino, or Sketchup) to pull up the walls, add floor planes, and go from there.

If not then you're going to have to measure and draw your own plans which would take a lot longer. You can't really start in 3D unless you know the 2D layout so ideally you should ask for building plans even if it's just simplified ones like the ones they'd use for fire evacuation signs - you can model from one of those and a bit of knowledge of the actual thing.

If (and it sounds likely from what you said) you really don't have anything to go on, and drawing your own isn't an option, you can try to make an external model like your OP image based on google earth, and a bit of imagination/exterior photos/real life observation for the details.

As for online resources you just need to look up architecture modelling tutorials, the process of taking CAD plans and modelling a building from them is something I can help with but you need to decide what exactly you're going to be able to produce first and how long you have to do it.

Thanks for your response, anon.

>Depends, do you have access to building plans? Ideally in CAD format?

They didn't mention it. But I could ask.

I have 10 days for this, and I'm not completely sure if it's a serious task, since they said that previous guy did 2D layout for 3 years and made 25 version, and this is a position for a mechanical engineer, not a civil or construction.
You're just an intern. Sounds like a scummy place to work for.

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What do you guys think of Renderman???
Also RenderMan thread.
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Never touched it, but seeing how most other renderers just rip off its algorithms and features I guess it's ok.
awesome, but my boss only allows me to work with Arnold, still better than vray I guess
Renderman 21 and Arnold 5 have converged quite a lot. It's very easy to start using one when you've used the other.

Renderman seems to produce slightly more beautiful renders out of the box. But it's buggy and has strange defaults, crashes Maya, fails to work with xgen, and so on. Renderman is slightly faster than Arnold but it may depend on what exactly your scene contains exactly.

I am an autist and having that slight increase in render appearance is worth putting up the bugs so it is my renderer of choice.

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>this is an official ad for Elon Musk's company
>looks like babbys first animation right after they download blender 2.5 and CGCookie tutorials from thepiratebay

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And whoever did it got paid for it more than you will ever get in your whole life
This reminds me of Solar Roadways, it's fucking retarded.

And you, me and everyone in /3/.
Yeah. It's also better than whatever I tried to do years ago when i still did /3/d. That doesn't mean I'm not allowed to say it's shit, lol

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Old WIP thread
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My eyes are going to break
Just bumping on a dead board because people are still using the dying thread.
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1MB, 1536x864px

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Hey does anyone here know who made 3D chick or where i can find more of her?
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open Daz
select female model
open body morph panel
close your eyes
fuck around with the sliders for 3 minutes
aaaand done!
who, not how
>not having a porn fetish that is as intensive as making your own porn scene in a 3d animation studio moving each part in such small increments that it takes an enormous amount of time and effort but once it is done you trade people the raw video file in exchange for watching them jack off to it so you can jack off to that video

Do you even know what porn is faggot?

How easy and fast is UV unwrapping nowadays? I remember it being a pain back in the mid 00s.
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3dcoat is bretty fast. look up a tutorial on jewtube for the workflow, i like it. you pretty much just mark seams and it unwraps and packs things automatically after that, although you can have it auto-seam as well if you wish
its pretty damn fast if you use group select and loop selection

you can also change island margin after unwrapping so that islands won't be so close together
With the latest maya service pack its a breeze.

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What are your favorite 3D related forums online? Which ones have the best community (other than /3/ of course)
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i dont have any.
>pimping and previews section renamed due to triggering.
cgpersia if I could get in

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