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I'm a newfag to AutoCad and I need to make a pretty much /thiccer/ version of the pillow in the picture.

How the fuck do I start, I tried to start with a square > extrude > cut out an arc, but that just looks retarded. Pls halp.
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Oh yeah and I should also mention I'm terrible with wire frames...

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Just finished my animation, I was tacked with making a animation in the Fevela, Rio. this is what I made, feel free to be harsh, niceness helps no one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIsO2POQvuM&feature=youtu.be
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thanks to anyone who helped me out in the WIP threads you guys where helpful. and I'm aware of the flicking vase but unfortunately didn't have time to re-render it.
You are trying to show too much without focusing on anything in all the non Jesus shots. And I have no idea why you show a fancier house at the end.
Yeah, that makes sense. In any non-jesus shot I'm usaly trying to present the room to show off the character of it.

If you don't want to I'll just tell you but I'd like it if you took a guess at the narrative of the animation and why that second building is there. Would that be okay?

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so im kinda newish to 3D design, I've taken a course in maya. and I'm about to start taking classes in Autocad for designing houses. what are some tips for starting out? and where can i find good 3D reference material?
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uhhm did you actually learn something in the Maya course at all ? And the net is fucking filled with 3d stuff.
i suggest using revit for pure architecture.
yes, and the net is also filled with child porn and murder sites, but thats not broadcasted on the yahoo homepage now is it? people ask for directions cause the net if fucking huge. ass.

googling whatever you're trying to model is just what i do

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The majority of posts i see here are modelling/sculpting related. As an aspiring character animator, I wanted to know if there were many others over at /3/.

Pic Related: The 11 Second Club competition is awesome practice.
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>12 hours till the first reply
not many, apparently

damn shame. animation is the most fun and most underrepresented subject in 3DCG.
>most fun and most underrepresented
because its boring and tedious and you suck if you like it
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>most fun
>tfw doing archviz 24/7 for the past 10 years

Does anyone have any idea if they use stock models and animations for these?

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Holy fuck that was bad, the same 5s animation play 5+ times the only shot where the Pedro got literally kick out of the school and the """jokes"""
They rip models and animation from literally anything

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I've been wondering lately what's a decent hardware rig for working CGI in real life scenarios.

Do we honestly need the most powerful gear out there? I know, "it depends on what you are working", workflow and whatnot but consider the following:

Maya doesn't even take advantage of quadro drivers and now it has Arnold as native render engine, Arnold is CPU based not GPU based so the only use one would end up giving the more expensive card would be the final composite render from AE or Nuke, no?

Sure, i get the more powerful is ALWAYS better thing... i don't doubt that but i do wonder how much of a difference can it actually make performance wise.

Certain projects may actually need the extra power i am sure but isn't that what farms are for?
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>CGI in real life scenarios.
what would you consider a real life scenario?
>Do we honestly need the most powerful gear out there?
>, Arnold is CPU based not GPU based so the only use one would end up giving the more expensive card would be the final composite render from AE or Nuke, no?
if your bread and butter is rendering (even if not production work) then rendering on CPU would be a mistake. you need speed to prototype quickly and render scenes. you don't want to waste half a day rendering a still. it will just hinder you later on

Real life would be on production or taking freelance projects. When practicing or making a reel you can take your time and try out several renders but on production or freelance every failed one is less time you can work on a different project and less money. (If you are not using a farm and charging that to the client that is)

As for CPU based vs GPU based it's not a question of preference... well it is, but if you use Arnold as i do there is no choice, for now.

I am not a render guy, i am mostly a modeler and animator and i really value how Arnold simplifies rendering for me. As long as you know your photography stuff you are ready to go with that one... but is CPU based.

That's what i meant when i was talking about workflow. If you don't use Arnold and use say... Vray then you would get a 1080 for sure because so much of your rendering workflow would be GPU based.

But in that scenario do you really need the 7700k then?

My question is more about what can you get away with hardware wise when working?
>But in that scenario do you really need the 7700k then?

high level sculpting i guess.
i can't give you precise list of what you can get away with because im not a graphics engineer.

but i will say there is alot of people in the 3D community that buy dual GPU's and monster computers just for living room renders, so its mostly panic buying and flashing your hardware online.
the bottom line is make sure you have a decent computer

So how does one get freelancing gigs with studios? Do you just send your portfolio and CV to various studios and ask if they need freelance work done or you git gud and wait for them to contact you? Asking for a friend lol
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send your CV+portfolio everywhere, literally everywhere
Reply to vacancies. That is all. Also, some studios do remote desktop work instead of freelancing. You're remotely working on their PC, you have to connect to that PC every day and punch in your 8 hours. Basically exactly like working in the office, just without an office. That's my current job, it's not a bad deal, you get a steady income.

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This kills the maya.

R.I.P 3DS Max 1990-2009
R.I.P MAYA 1998-2016

No Arnold batch render without money? what the fuck have they done? What is the alternative?

Uni project, so i turn rooms of macs into a farm for animations. Therefore I cant install pirated mental ray, and using maya batch render now with Arnold will watermark.


Autodesk kills another IMO. Full time investment into Houdini since they fucked up m2017
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use ur brainz and set up pirate RLM service....
English ?

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In 3dsmax, how can I quickly find and remove all lone vertices like these? They don't qualify as isolate, overlapping, or T-vertices, so I can't find em with xView.
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In blender you would config the tolerance when using the remove doubles function, theres probably a cleaning tool in max.

Thanks! Maybe somebody knows what it's called...
you have no idea what you're talking about

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>he rellies on a computer to retopo his sculpt
enjoy your garbage model with shit topology faggot.
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>he textures his models in photoshop
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Why do you assume I cant do a retopo ?
I can retopo fairly well, but posting frogs and sculpting is not what I can do good.
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>He use the auto rig tool

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so i want to print this out but the fucking geometry is fucked up
i have no idea how to fix this
can one of you guys help please? id really appreciate it
i just want the model smoothed out so all the lines are there (ive printed it out already and all the lines are present on the print wich ads hours on top to clean it)
my friend said to use zbrush (fuck knows how to use that) and :dynamesh the geometry in a high resolution
and the decimated it
the 2 concepts are dynamesh and decimation master
with that the mesh should work really good
no idea what 90% of any of that means
please guys help me out?
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looks like you tried to smooth tries and/or terrible topology ya dummy

there's no quick fix or solution to a problem like that, without simple manually remodelling or topologizing those areas

the good news is that depending on the resolution of your 3d printer, you wont even notice those problems because that kind of detail is too granular for a lot of 3d printers


it messes with the gcode cause there's parts missing from the model and stuff see i'm great with physical modelling if it printed out quicker (17hours + for one part because of the fucked geometry) id be able to fix it but threes also no pegs or anything to marry up the parts

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Why is animation so fucking frustrating?
How can I even fail a simple walking animation?
How do I improve this shit?
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Cause you don't know the basics.

start with pencil+paper and a book on the basics work from there
mocap it. literally noone animates by hand anymore.

*imports circle vector into Cinema 4D*
What did it mean by this?
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I know you could just create a circle but fuck you, it's still a bug,
theres literally a circle nurbs curve built into c4d. why the fuck would you import one
What program did the original vector come from? I've made stuff in AI before and imported it to C4D and never had it do anything like that to my shapes.

Of course, these days I just do all of my splines directly in C4D because I prefer its tools over Illustrator.

God damn I hate fake status bars.

Marvelous Designer status bars have two settings 20% and 90%. That's it. It sits there at 20% until just before it's finished and then it shows 90% for a split second. So when the computer is taking a long time to sync you're left wondering "did it crash sometime ago and the screen is frozen or is it still chugging away somewhere between 20 and 90 percent"?
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Cylinder cap.jpg
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Hexagon constantly crashing and Daz not doing anything about it.

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Is there a working crack for this program or do I have to shell out the $75?
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Use Daz Studio. It's free, easier to use, and does more.

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