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Would making custom models on fiverr be a good idea? l'm so desperate to make money
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What's your skill level senpai? Post some of your work
same here. bump

I don't know how to continue

Now, I've started with blender around 2 weeks ago and just messed around with a bunch of tutorials. But I feel like most of them is just paint by numbers and if I start something on my own I don't really know what to do.

I don't know which programm to use either ( Mainly interested in modeling, not at all in animation)
Now when I mention I want to model mainly I will have 10 people telling me to use 3DS Max and another 10 telling me Max is a production meme and I should be using Blender.

Can someone point me to some good resources on proper workflow, modeling and texturing/shadering?
Doesn't matter if its free or not i'll just torrent if its not
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Choose Maya or 3DS Max, it really doesn't matter (I use Maya) and pirate intro tutorials from The Gnomon Workshop and pluralsight.
Like with most art, trying to do anything from imagination is difficult without a good visual library.

Try modelling things you like from reference of things you like to start with.
Alright so I'll just go with 3DS Max then, thank you
Should I use the backround image thing when starting to model something or is that a bad habit to get into? ( Since I probably won't always have perfect reference image to use )

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This might be a noob question but I need help /3/

Does anyone know why the normals are messed up on this model?

I have tried recalculating normals, removing doubles, quadrangulating but nothing seems to work.
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Second pic
Well that's fucking interesting. What program is that in?

Also hello fellow frenchieÉ
your modeling is just shit dude

hey /3/ i've started working on a likeness of a actress named genesis Rodriguez in zbrush is not super realistic at this point. I would like to get feedback and also if anyone can post a side view of her face i will highly appreciate i couldn't find a side view picture nowhere
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Try Catherine Z. Jones next.

Remove polypaint it is cheating. Someone here nearly got a job at naughty dog as a character artist but he got rejected because he did polypaint cheat.
naughty dog keeps making the same game over and over. Why would anyone want to work there lmao

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How do I bake "light maps" on blender?
Like the pic related.
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light maps aren't used anymore.
nowdays every game engine have a standard shader with diffuse/specular and realtime lights

you would need this if either:
1.your engine dosen't support realtime lights or isn't capable of having a specular shader
2.you need your game to work on a casio calculator or some shit like that and you save every bit of performance possible
3.you have a large animated scene and you want bake some elements so it will render faster
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however what you are refering to lightmap can might be an old version of specular map

pic related. you can do specular maps in blender or 3ds
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Yeah by far this style of shading is the one that is more similar to what I want it to look like. All other bakes I make get too influenced by light position, AO map looks too dead and this one has this "shine" that spreads evenly around the mesh.
I really want to know how it's done, even if it's obsolete... The specular example you posted looks good, but too flat if it makes sense

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Houdini Thread.png
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Dude I love the Dreamcast.
I was thinking about learning it this year.
Not enough resources to start learning it on my own. 20 Maya tutorials for every Houdini tutorial out there.

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Just lost 3 days work.

Forgot that on Thursday I loaded up from an Autobackup at some point, and just forgot about it and carried on working, hitting the 'save' button at the end of the day.

Yesterday, started a new scene in the same project - totally forgetting that the main file I was working on was an Autobackup file and is still in the Autobak folder....

You know what happens next. The rest is history.


Sorry, I just needed to vent.
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wouldn't happen with Blender>>565218
happen to me all the time with max... life is hard when your dumb

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What are you working on, faggots?
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well gosh, that was pretty rude to be honest anon
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I'd like to say I'm making a face, but....
First attempt at it plz no bully.
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I need to create a logo for a vlog on youtube. Dimensions are 1280x360. I have two ideas for the brand, but I can not run them. The channel name is '4 Moments'. It's about dance, healthy tips, art ... I have these two pictures that give to make the number 4, but I can not do the rest. Can someone help me?
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sent ;)

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Final Render.png
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After watching some speed modeling on the youtubes and then watching some tutorials just for the hell of it, i decided i was going to download blender and give it a shot (pic related, my first try with the blender guru tutorial) and was wondering if aiming for just finishing one render or image (?) a week is a good goal to aim for?

Sorry if this is shit thread, board was suggested to me.
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yeah its an excellent goal
usually i model unwrap and texture in a week but if you can do 1 still life image every week like those donuts here you gonna get far
what these guys said. i'd also add that make sure you learn something new with every render image whatever u make per week. perfect practice makes perfect

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images (9).jpg
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I quit blender a few months ago cuz when I tried to add texture images to just 1 side of the cube, it either turned pink/black or later when I "fixed" it, the image just repeated 30 times all over and it looked spiky.

Is there an older version of blender that doesn't have problems? I wanna animate 3d stuff and make games but everything's too expensive. Even unity makes you pay 70$ a month...
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hope it helps
top kek
Guys, I have a question.

I'm using 3ds max in my college class. The thing is that it is going pretty slow so I'm learning by myself pretty much. Currently I'm trying to make a photorealistic archviz project but a lack of tutorials and constant crashes of 3ds max are pissing me off. I was thinking to, either:

>learn UE4 (rendering, texturing and lighting)
>give blender a try, since I see it has everything I need, the renderer is pretty good and there's a shitton of good tutorials available

I figured if I actually learn general 3d concepts with blender, I will still be able to transfer that knowledge to 3ds max, but blender has the advantage in that it has more tutorials I can learn from.

What is the smartest thing to do, as a beginner? I don't want to spread myself too thin either, but I've tried working with 3ds max and vray, and I spend more time waiting for the program to react to my commands then actually working in it.

I mean, I don't know what is the other option since my scene already crashes at 1.5M polygons and my PC is not that bad. I heard that 3ds max is prone to crashes anyway.

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Best free renderer for 3ds max? (for photo realism) I just started learning 3ds max and got no idea which renderer to go with.
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bump. other anon here from the maya / max thread
if you have just started learning you should focus on mastering 3d modeling first then rendering. Are you planning to go into games or cgi animation or vfx? I do 3d art for games and i use marmoset toolbag or game engine for rendering. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pu5fg5C7XHY radeon pro sofware is free! http://www.creativebloq.com/3d/top-free-rendering-software-cg-artists-91412918 hope this helps you out.
Vray is good

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im building columbine in roblox
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do you want a "most autistic post I've seen today" award
Do 9/11 next

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I'm trying to become a game developer, but I'm extremely code-oriented and I want to change that.
Even if I eventually pay someone else to do the modeling/animation, I'll need to know the amount of time and difficulty for modeling/animating something, and what is or isn't performant.
I'm following along with the Lynda courses on Blender now (I had already done so with 3DS Max but decided to switch to Blender).

If you could go back and give yourself advice when you started out with 3D modeling and animation, what would those things be?
Are there any really important resources that helped you learn?
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yea, always use Up-to-date tutorials and paid ones.
Here you can get them for free, and also everything else 3D-related: cgpeers.com
ill give you an advice after more than 2 years meddling with this shit

i see a TON of game developers who are code oriented do their own models, their own sound and their own assets in general. and so many of them fail.
why? because they don't put the same signifance on the visuals as much as they put on the code. they think that if they can slap one thing here and one thing there, and get a free music from this dude etc.. is gonna help them.

and YES there are very successful developers who do ALL the shit by themselves and nail it right on the head. but those people have put their heart and soul into these games. some indie games take years to finish and no one is even paying you for your efforts in that time. kickstarter and patreon are unreliable options too.

tl;dr if you cut one corner its gonna fall like a house of cards. just look at all the games that are being developed on /agdg/ and take notes

Start with runescape looking shit and go from there.

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Using autocad 2018 (It's what I more or less know, and I want to easily generate paper plans from this)

How would I take this cross section of the yellow part through the plane of the red? I've tried section, section plane, etc. The yellow objects are 3D Faces.
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I loathe recommending booleans but the sum of an intersection is a Boolean operation

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