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Curious about how AMD CPUs and GPUs perform with 3D software (more specifically, Blender, C4D, Maya, Arnold, Cycles, Octane), as well as Adobe products. Currently looking at the $500, 8core, Ryden 7 1800x and it aparently peforms similar to a $1k Intel i7. Not only that but their new Ryzen Threadripper will aparently cost less than $1k and will have double the cores. There must be some kind of catch, right?

What about its GPUs? Aparently GPU rendering on OpenGL/CL is very slow compared to CUDA, is that true?
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New Ryzen CPU's perform just fine, but you're better off with nVidia GPU, both for Maya and Adobe packages. You don't have to pair AMD CPU and GPU.
i have blender and i use OpenCL (AMD cores)
yes it does work, but make sure its supported in the documentation. personally i have 7870HD which is old but blender seem to support it.

the downside is that it takes a few seconds to load the render kernals but the rendering itself is fuckin sweet.
yeah openCL does work but people rrather use cuda because they have more products supports.
people also say OpenCL is buggy because of shitty render support (from the third party standpoint, not AMD)
and to answer your question. my openCL renders like 50% faster than CPU rendering so im happy. i don't know about cuda but my CPU render as noisy as hell and with the GPU sort of takes less time to get a good render

Does anyone know how to make blured horizon lines like pic related in C4D?
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Learn how cameras work. Use DoF.
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Background with a gradient material

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>be me
>land a job doing simulations and stuf
>computer they put me on at work is from 2009
>1000 particle simulation with no materials textures lighting anything takes 10 min to render on gpu
>look through desk drawer
>find a fucking quadro m6000 just sitting there
>ask why arent they using it
>give some bs excuse and tell me to get back to work

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finish a year or two at the company, add it to your resume then find a better job now that you can check the 'experience' meme box in the brain of every human resources person to ever exist
do you still use one computer for full size simulations?
Of course not

Ive asked to work on more comps that I know they have available but refuse to let me work on them.

At least i can do this on the comps i have at home

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hello /3/, for about a year ive been wanting to get into 3d modeling alongside my modest 2d art skills, just to be more eclectic and offer assets to game communities i follow. this is my first model i've done on my new 1 week old computer (and is the um... 2nd model from scratch on one of the big modelers, and the... 6-7th model all together as i did some stuff from that one block game.)
not really here for critique but im fully open to it, very much welcome. what i am here for however is to solve one problem.
i want to make this creature's default pose to be standing, and i want the legs to be symetrical to each other. how would one make both the left and the right bones bend the same way without needing to adjust one then the other by the decimal?
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You can use rigging, snapping verts of your models legs to the grid or you can just delete half of your model and mirror it by an axis.
>how would one make both the left and the right bones bend the same way without needing to adjust one then the other by the decimal?
this would only be possible if the object was mirrored perfectly, which is not.

but your post sort of strikes me a little bit since you say this is your 2nd model but yet you go for one of the hardest exercises in animation.
im not saying its impossible from where you are right now you need a comprehensive animation walkthrough before even attempting a quad walk cycle
i have rigged the mesh with bones yes, thats how i was able to pose them. im terribly afraid of cutting the model in half after i have already built and renamed the armature, i dont even know if the mirror modifier works on armatures

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will blender 2.8 be the version where the industry switches to blender?
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99% not, but I'd really like that to happen some day. It is really pushing forward in big steps. I fucking love that program now.
the "real-time" isn't gonna change much about it.

they need to make some workflows more user friendly. baking suffers the most for now but there are a few more areas where it can improve.
if they want people to take blender more seriously they need to start changing those pesky things
I love Blender, but I find it funny that anyone would consider it an "industry standard".

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I have a custom texture format from a game and I copied the texture data using a hex editor into a .dd2 file, however it seems to repeat into lower resolution and be off-center.
Any idea what the problem might be?
I'm not too savvy with how texture file formats work.
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I don't know why I said dd2, but I meant dds.
>and I copied the texture data using a hex editor
why would you do that? you messed up who knows what values, hence the repetition.

extract original from the game, copy new over the original, place it back.
As an update, yes I was just being an idiot.
problem is the texture was in a custom format but I found a tool to extract them
My goal is to export to blender/3dsmax. not edit and replace in game.

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As a companion site to 4chan, I've developed http://cybers.cafe to host 3D content. It is an addressable world where 3d models can be uploaded and arranged for others to view.
Use the 'warp' feature to go to any alphanumeric location, and follow the instructions to upload a 3d model or image and place it in the space. (for Menu click top left button) Tell others the name you chose and they can view it there!
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What location should I enter?
the upload process is too cumbersome
Enter any location you want to customize. It's just been deployed so there isn't much content yet
Unfortunately people have requested that to playcanvas before and they won't allow it unless they get paid. I chose playcanvas because it is much faster than web based unity but they use a custom file format. That said, once you have their editor set up in your browser the second, third uploads will go quicker and you can stage changes to your original before posting

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Came here to ask if anybody have a Yotsuba model and it's right there in the sticky. But just the image, not the model.

Anyone have the Yotsuba model?
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its listed here:

but they need you to sign up with your facebook/google account and those greedy bastards want my phone number so screw that.

anyone happen to have a pinterest account by any chance?
it's just the image... holy shit i spent forever finding some trash google account to sign in with and then it's just a god damn image and not the actual model

strange that it's so difficult to find a yotsuba model
I'm looking hard, and that looks like a Metaseqoia render, which basically means this file is on some otaku's HDD in Tokyo and you will never find it unless you learn moonrunes and ask around BowlRoll for a few years.


does anyone here have commission anxiety?
I am happy with getting commissions for certain things but i always have this fear in the back of my head that tells me i can potentially fuck up.
for me fucking up means small things that are not important for the client. but im still afraid the client will get red hot angry with me and go ballistic.
i know this fear is unjustified, fear of under-performance even in ideal setting. anyone else have it?
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Shouldn't be a problem if yr price is right. Commisioners know that they get what they pay for. Just. Dont overcharge them for work that can be of better quality and they won't ass fuck you.
I have a studio job and I still have the fear of being so shit my boss will fire me. It doesn't really go away.
Sounds like Imposter Syndrome, you'll be fine bro.

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someone have manual to revit?
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Try opening revit and hitting f1 u turbotard
- Interior Designer
You can usually find them online, or just buy a book. There's one on piratebay last time I looked. Also Lynda.com does a good video series on it if you want to pay the subscription, or can get it free from university.

Learning the program is one thing though, you need experience using it in a practice on active projects to really get the hang of it.

I'm an architecture postgrad though, managed BIM projects in-practice for a few years, ask me anything about Revit I guess.

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Why does solidworks animation always fuck up for me?
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This machine kills sides
Whatr you making this for OP?
4 me

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Goosebumps video.png
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In the music video for Goosebumps- Travis Scott and directed by Brthr
In the first 10 seconds of the video there is the skeleton burning into human effect. Does anyone know how to do that?
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I don't know how to do that's done and I don't really care, no.
smoke and fire simulation
>get human mesh
>get skeleton mesh
>put skeleton inside human
>make human mesh combustible
>set it on fire
>play the simulation backwards

Does anybody know if 3D graphics have an use in planning cinematography for films? I can see this technology being of such usefulness in regards to where would be the best location to place the camera, what angle to use, how much light to enter the room, what objects to place on the scene, etc.

I'm an outsider to this world, but as an amateur screenwriter it seems interesting to me in that apparently it doesn't happen. I wonder why film directors don't work more obsessively with images (drawings, 3D models, etc) and instead wait until production has started and figure it out on location (which seems tremendously constrained by circumstances of time, datelines, and so on).
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Well, there is previz. It's mainly used for setting up action shots and planning effects in pre production and there are even huge companies working only(?) with previz. Third Floor is an example of that.
Then there's a cinematographer called Matt Workman who made something called Cine Designer (http://www.cinematographydb.com/cinedesigner/), which is probably more along the lines of what you're looking for. It's for Cinema 4D.
So it is actually happening. A lot of directors and cinematographers use storyboards though, and that might be enough.
I also think you might be underestimating the amount of work cinematographers and directors do on set. People scout locations beforehand, measure light, do test runs with stand ins etc. Also keep in mind they have budgets that won't cover obsessing for weeks over every single shot all the time.
It's also hard to set up a scene in a 3D package and expect it to turn out exactly the same way in real life. You need to take into account subtle differences in materials, reflections, that the crew and the camera takes up space, that the ambient light might differ in real life etc etc. For accurate results you need CG artists with experience and skill, and that costs money. The best thing is always to spend time on set.
It depends on the director. Some barely use previs, some use it a lot. I remember seeing some of the previs for the recent planet of the apes stuff that had crazy things like fully rendered materials, hair simulations - it didn't look photoreal but it was pretty close to being its own movie at that point.
You can find previz videos on YouTube. Here's one for Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls


I've read that Spielberg is a huge fan of this. He plans everything before filming, and when they're on set, it's basically just sitting under umbrellas while the younger staff do the real work. I recall Shia Labeouf saying something about Spielberg being a well-oiled machine or a similar analogy, and that he's hardly around during shoots. He hires people he can trust to not stray away from all the pre-production work, and just approves/disapproves the daily footage that's shot.

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what I am doing wrong?

BTW is marvelous designer.
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why do you have multiple sewing seams on a single side of a pattern?
I'm new to the software.

what am I doing wrong?
lel it's agdg guy

What files can I import into Rhino to make a visualisation?

A business partner of ours constructed the house in ArchiCAD but sucks at visualising, so I want to do it myself with Rhino?

What files do I request? I can't bug him into sending me everything he has.
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Can you not get him to convert to a .obj?
probably .stl or .obj
export as an obj or 3ds file.

Alternately get them to download this plugin to export the archicad model to rhino.

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