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> tfw
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Poor artist on a toaster here.

I've got tons of tutorials to help get me started with modeling and such, but my computer is so shit nothing will run. So I've finally decided to stop spending all of my free money on gaming consoles and save up for a PC. Here's what I'm looking at:

(I do have a spare HDD)

Will this last me a while? Any suggestions (within $600 or so)? I'm told the Ryzen's threading works well with art programs.
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All of that looks fine, but I would suggest going for the 6gb GTX 1060 instead of the 3gb. You will be thankful for the extra VRAM when using programs like Substance painter, 3gb is just too little these days.
i7 950
gtx 670
8gb ram
I have:

GTX 960 4GB

It's fine for me for now (beginner).

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Something I've been wondering for a long time since I discovered porn games and adult mods, hopefully the kind experts of /3/ can satisfy my curiosity.

Why is it that high heels seem to be so difficult to model accurately in games compared to other "everyday" clothing items? I've seen games pull off suits, coats, sneakers, boots, hats to very high levels of quality, but then in the same games I pull up whatever offering of high heels they have and they either look like flats with a stick glued to them, or horrific monstrosities like pic related.

So what's the deal? Is there something about the shape and angles that makes them hard to model accurately? Is it simply a matter of not giving a shit about something so specific?
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Thing I forgot to add: In a lot of models I've seen where a character is wearing high heels, I notice a lot of the time it seems like the ankle/heel/lower leg looks bent at an unnatural angle (pic related). Is this a software limitation, or some kind of difficulty with the technique used to sculpt these models?

I don't really know shit about 3D modeling, I'm just curious as to why these trends seem so common with this specific thing.
>Why is it that high heels seem to be so difficult to model accurately in games compared to other "everyday" clothing items?

because the foot, not the heel itself.
the leg needs to be in a certain angel to fit the heel which also makes the character taller when switching clothes
some games do succeed in bypassing this like the sims, but others just have fixed legs for these heels i suppose
>I notice a lot of the time it seems like the ankle/heel/lower leg looks bent at an unnatural angle
heels are about as unnatural as it gets. never understood why anyone finds them appealing, they look any woman wearing them look like a skank

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Is there a way to grow the mesh slightly so that you cant see the other mesh lying below?

I mean instead of editing every single vertex in edit poly sub mode
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Push modifier.
Not OP but I have been needing this modifier for so fucking long, lots of thanks
And you never thought to look through the modifier list and wonder "what could push do?"

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I found this amazing game engine for creating shoot em ups with 3d graphics. http://blog.livedoor.jp/stgbuilder/
Unfortunately it's in Japanese so people that don't speak it can't use it.
It would be amazing to get a team together to translate it, i also think there would be bigger market than me for this of course.
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I hope you have innovative new ideas to revitalize the scrolling shoot em' up genre, because it's been a dead horse for nearly two decades.

People only like Touhou shoot em ups because of the cute girls.

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Considering I've been using Blender for over a year now, am I at the level one would expect? Or am I way behind?

The car took me two hours, the rest around 20 minutes
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depends on what you were doing

you could edit videos and make animations for a year. but if you focused on modeling for a year you would be much better
you might want to get into programming

I've pretty much focused on animation, and composing scenes and shit.
I've been doing it for a few years, but my modelling skills are complete shit if I try to make anything complex.
I definitely need to improve on that more.

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Ok /3/ where can I torrent Anim School's lessons for character modeling? There's nothing of them on CG Peers.
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get a damn job kid
Yeah... that's what the modeling lessons are for
t. neet

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I've been trying for more than a month to model the outside of an arcade controller, but I always have difficulties, especially with the holes, even seeing several videos I can't do something that seems right. Initially I wanted to create something different than any arcade controller already done, but I failed, so I decided to copy a Razer Atrox and I failed as well. Can you guys show me how to apply topology on this case? No bullying please, I've suffered enough trying to do this shit.
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if you need holes on a flat surface like that, place 8 sided cylinders in the places you want. then connect then with topology tools. i use quad draw in maya
please dont try to tell people to use n-gons. you will never be taken seriously with n-gons

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Made this yesterday. Kind of hurried it since I wanted to get it done in one evening. Zbrush + Photoshop. Please rate or give feedback
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Why do shit artists always use the 'made this quick' excuse? I see so many people do this; it's like you don't want to have to put in any effort to improve, so you give yourself some arbitrary time constraint.
Why did you want to get it done in one evening? Why didn't you spend time making something finished and polished? What good is a dummy head with some putty molded around it? You get out what you put in. You put in shit, you get out shit.
This, i blame the no child left behind act. In the real world if you want to get better you have to try harder.
>Why do shit artists always use the 'made this quick' excuse?
because they want to feel good about their work without having to actually put in the effort required to feel good about their work.
so if someone calls them out on it they can just backtrack and say "well i just made it really quick xd!!! i'm actually better than this desu lmao :^):^)^:)^"

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What do you guys think about this?

No matter what flawed flowery excuses he tries to make up in the end I think this will severely hurt the careers of many 3d artists. Are we going to become obsolete for the most part?
Is the number of artists per project going to go down?
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being an artist is going to become obsolete. however, doing the technical shit involved in art (building plugins, software, pipelines, AI, etc) will never become obsolete.

it's compounded by the fact that everybody in this field believes they will get a job, even if they are good.
your concern is negligible.

there will always be demand for 3D artists, if realistic style don't work for you move to hand painted textures.
and you simply can't replace the convenience of having a high poly model optimized in various degrees of topology. the new mass effect had photogrammy models for faces and they are missing proper ambient occlusion and hair.

what really kills freelancers and other artists are major outsource studious. not that i have anything against them but they have full production pipelines in their companies and that's something a single artist couldn't achieve
Christ, he couldn't even wear a suit?

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How do I prevent my models from feeling isolated.
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Name one Happiness and unhide it.
Give it Parents and a Group of friends

I'm a freelance illustrator that does digital paintings and I plan to learn a sculpting software to create models for light and perspective reference. I have a decent grasp at modeling low poly stuff in Blender and I'm thinking to learn either zbrush or 3dcoat in addition. There's this meme in the concept artist community that 3dcoat is better for painters like because supposedly 3dcoat has a more intuitive UI. Is there some truth to this? Zbrush seems to be more industry standard. I'm also playing with the idea of turning my digital sculpts into resin kits in the future, and zbrush seems better for that aswell.
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you can also texture your models in zbrush. but if im not mistaken you can only use polypaint and then export the polypaint map after you are done unwrapping.

you don't want to unwrap and paint anything in zbrush anyway. so i do recommend the zbrush/3dcoat combo.

I meant painting as in digital painting not painting textures. I.e. that 3dcoat is easier for digital painters to learn sculpting with than zbrush. Sorry for the confusion.

3d coat has better painting tools. Based on texture resolution not polygon count. You can customize the zbrush ui however you want but people dont do it because they are lazy. Like the other anon said I would learn both. I use different features of both of them.

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Is there a program similar to 123d design but with more features? It's a pain to work with this program do to its limits
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I don't know

I'm having difficulties applying a Heightmap in Maya 2017. The edges of my plane get displaced for some reason, even though this should not be the case according to the map. Any idea what could cause this behaviour?
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This is the map that I'm using.
The edge pixels of that image aren't black. This is behaving exactly as it should. Did you really not even bother to zoom in on that height map?
Also why not just manually flatten the edge verts?
Also You need to clamp the levels of this image or it's going to look like shit.
aussies should just kys, fuckin kangaroos

Some guys are good at both art and programming. How do you do it?
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are you an idiot or do you just have a learning disability that prevents you from learning more than one thing?
usually artists are not good programmers
call it science or magic or whatever
Can you do both?

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