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hello, im working on these images. Can you help me make them look less like shit? i mean is there one big reason why they look like shit or is it many?

its all 3d max vray, vray sun vray sky and vray lights.
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Mostly comes down to lighting, the lighting is too flat on most of the scene and the shadows are too diffuse.
what settings do you recommend i play with to improve that?
also, im using vray exposure control, physical camera and reindhard.

What does /3/ think of my vapor fish?
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Too much noise, and too much pink, otherwise it's a breddy good start

Is it possible to do a somewhat believable underwater hair effect in maya?
Like in a way that it's added to live action footage and doesn't look too jarring
If so, how would you go about doing it?
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you are trolling right?
that new pirate movie is a shame for the CGI industry btw
Mermaid porn?

How can I set up a custom camera grid in C4D?
Pic related
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Would it be possible to add a plane in front of the camera and group it so it moves with?
use maya, import image plane
he's asking about C4D, which I'm now interested in knowing too

Hi, quite a new game artist here. I have a great interest in rigging with maya.

Question: How sought after is a Technical Artist? The one that handles the rig/expressions/python script/etc.

I am about to graduate next year and enter the industry. But most job offers I see wants years of experience. How should I go about landing the very first Job?
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quite lucrative in my opinion

good luck
Technical artists are gold, but you don't really need several technical artists in most cases. So the competition is gonna be hard I think. You have to be really good at what you do

The term technical artist can also have different meanings on different gamedev companies as well.
If you're doing rigging I would recommend just putting all your effort into that to start off with and then work your way to a technical artist position

Riggers/skinners are pretty sought after because it usually fucking sucks to do that kind of work. But again, you have to be really good, and it wouldn't hurt if you're also a good animator

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I am currently learning about shading and rendering, does this look real to you? I think I went overboard with the dirt and grunge.
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looks realistic from far away since its a 3d scan but the mesh errors ruin it right away
Post refs, right now it looks like a blue plastic garden statue version of Buddha or whatever that's been sprayed with mud
The dirt on it really doesn't make much sense; the base looks pretty okay (if it were something that sat in grass), but the rest looks totally random

>but I'm not using refs, I'm just eyeballing it
Always work with reference images, even if something's stylized (which this isn't) you still have to have some foundation in reality and that means having images of real world things
Take it from me, OP. You can never have too much dirt and grunge.

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Need an easy as fuck program where I can import 3D models from the web (or make them hella easy) and pretty much drag and drop everything into position, then be able to export it and view it in AR software such as Augment.

Pic related, kinda what i'm looking to make.
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"I want to start my own games company. Oh? Coding? 3d Art? Animation? No no nothing like that, i'm the IDEAS MAN!"
Listen, it's for a school project which is completely unrelated to 3DCG, coding, animation, anything like that. I just need a simple program where I can append and merge 3D models with some transformation & movement functionality can u not
if you don't know how to place unity store assets in a game editor then you are punching way above your weight.

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this is what passes as animation in mexico.

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This guy is oblivious to feedback, have been doing it for 17 years, yes, 17 years
>Making fun of Theiser

You must be new here friend.
it would be best if he just focused on making 5 min shorts and up his quality one short at a time

I miss this software so god damn much
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so keep using it faggot
Do they even offer downloads for xsi 2015 on autodick's website anymore?
I've been meaning to learn softimage, because I want to fuck around with the shaders it has. Is there actually just no way to get the software anymore?
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I miss this software so god damn much

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Have you tried out the 3D tools in Windows 10? It's interesting, you can create so much shit now without installing anything extra at all.
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I haven't before now, but now I REALLY don't think I will.
Why are you shilling on a board with maximum of one hundred users per day? Windows 10 sucks.
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Spyware of Windows is too much. I'll stick to Linux, even if it is less powerful. Safer > Faster

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This fucking 3D animu proves that in the end luck and the idea/story is more important than the production complexity
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We have a thread about this already, nerd.

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I don't understand the appeal of this kind of aesthetic.
Weebs man, if you ever take a class vaguely 'nerdy' and artistic you get these guys who draw terrible anime shit and want to incorporate anime in everything they make. It always look like trash at the end.

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why does the shoulder do this?
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Most likely, the skin weighting in the border between your shoulder and arm is too tight. You have to smooth it out.
Because neither is the mesh properly weightpainted, nor is it rigged correctly in my opinion. And while you're at it, try to research morphtargets too.
You didn't have to mark it. It's pretty obvious that it's fucked up.

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Someone explain this to me. I'm currently learning Substance designer and in the tutorial they say that the shader has a hardcoded 4% F0(Fresnel 0° angle) for dialectrics, since most of them basically have this or a very close value anyway, but Arnold and other offline renderers use float numbers instead of percent to calculate fresnel, is 1.52 IOR equal to 4%? And how can I see the grayscale value?
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you should just use real life IOR values

How can I do that in substance? How does Rubber 1.5191 IOR translate to % in Substance?
i don't think it has anything to do with the fresnel values. this is related to the shader and not the textures.
substance have proprietary shader which you cannot change. however you can change the IOR value in a render engine like arnold.

i mean, you should. i can do it in cycles then im sure you can do it in arnold

Hi folks, I'm not sure if ths fits here, i felt it doesnt rly fit in /gd/. I'm searching for a source on good stock footage for video editing. Is there a better place than cgpeers? This is the kind of stuff I'm looking for: https://www.actionvfx.com/collections , I'm not making any money of this stuff I just like learning this stuff and don't feel like spending hundreds of dollars on this as a student.
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try cgpeers
is that that star wars dude?

>He doesn't like you
>I don't like you either
>You'll be dead!
it's not there.. any tip is appreciated

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if my goal is to model something like this (mechas in general)
And i'm starting to learn 100% from scratch.
What should i focus on and what programs do you reccomend.
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I,d recommend Zbrush for any kind of character modeling. But you MUST have pen-tablet(wacom) to use it, it's absolutely mandatory.
+ it has very very good box modeling tools too. many people don't know that it has. but you also should consider learning general package too. like maya/max/blender/c4d
Well, atm i can't afford a wacom, so should i start with Blender since it's free, any tutorials especially that i should check out?
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you can buy Huion tablet. 4-5 months ago I lost my wacom intuos pro medium(I had almost evety iteration of intuose before) and I needed tablet desperately and I had no 300 $ at hand. so I risked and bought "new huion 1060 ", it's fucking amazing. I am very very picky about technics, I was thinking to buy wacom first time i'd get money, but after I got it there is no point in getting wacom now for me.

you should definitely start with generalist software before you jump into zbrush, (maya/max/blender etc..) but you can jump to zbrush pretty soon after you learn basics and how 3d works. (if you wanna learn zbrush at all, of course..

as blender goes I don't know I have not used it I use maya es generalist program, but I checked it recently and IMHO blender is awesome and has very cool UI. another great software to begin3d with, is Cinema 4d!!! IMHO it's the best to start with, because it has fucking amazing and understandable UI

PS: do you know how to draw?

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