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New to the board! What are peoples thoughts on Maya fluids as a substitute for FumeFX (Pros + Cons)? Also what about Houdinis PyroFX? I understand its generally better but is there anything it cant do that the others can and are there any alternative fluid sim-esque programs or plugins worth looking at?
(GIF from my Uni Portfolio using Maya Fluids)
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I tried Maya a bit before jumping over to Houdini. I don't have terribly much experience in Maya but from what I saw, Houdini is light years ahead, once you try the node-based graph you won't ever go back. Quite sure both can generate great fluid sims in terms of simulation and render quality, but the interface is just so much better in Houdini (after all, that's what Houdini was made for).

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if Arnold is a CPU only render and vray is outdated

what render would you choose to work with a gpu?
there are some overlooked options like Corona,Octane,Iray?
i don't know if Maxwell is GPU but i have seen some good results
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Cycles m8
i used cycles for the majority of my work but the problem is the gpu support is not strong and it cause problems for me
the cycles renders on blenderartists are strong m8 so I cant take you seriously. git gud

Anyone here have any experiences from there? How was it? What were you mainly there for?
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I went there to get AIDS

Just get a part time job and do some online courses. 3D CGMA is good. Gameartinstitute is also good, but that is mostly on characters.

Learn online. If you need university to learn you will fail at life. If you look at the most succesful people a lot of them drop out of college or university.
There was an absolutely retarded anon who came on here a couple months ago, claimed he was from Full Sail, couldn't find a single job in the past 7 years, and proceeded to insult everyone who attempted to engage with him in the thread.

I don't know much about Full Sail besides for that story, but it goes to prove dedication and character are just as important as the university you go to.

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How do I make my 3D renders look like a 2D drawing?

I started off from drawing for a few years, but loomis was too hard for me so I drifted off into 3D.
I'm still a beginner, but compared to drawing, I'm learning much faster.

I want to make illustartions/2D images that come from 3D, just images. Are there any tutorials that show me how to do that? I've seen some models on sketchfab (like the ed edd and eddy one) looking very 2D. https://sketchfab.com/models/c19f6addd5a641aab4840e98df384f5b

also the hair model on the pic is crappy so sorry about that.
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You can't, you have to cheat it so it looks good depending on the camera, a simple shader won't do that, it'll always end up looking like crap. There is no cheap substitute for drawing.
yeah I've been thinking of using textures to substitute the crappy lighting and shadows

but after creating the 3D (that looks good on a certain angle only), and capturing the picture, is there a way to use photoshop or something to make it look like a 2D drawing? like altering pic related into one?

Watch the whole thing, it's very informative.

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Has Fusion 360 been cracked yet? Can't find anything on cgpeers.
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same. this thing is great for anything hard surface
Why not just use the personal version? Or you could just get a student license?

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Is there any alternative to makehuman that is used in the real world AAA industry?
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>used in the real world AAA industry

nope. slider-based shit is always inferior to a real artist's output and they have enough money for real artists. and when they actually need a character generation system they develop their own: one that's actually integrated into the game, so that the sliders can be exposed to the player during character creation, background npcs can be dynamically put together during gameplay and so on.

things like makehuman and daz (standalone applications for generating bad models) lack both the quality of a real artist's output and the usefulness of an integrated character generation system. triple-a has no use for this shit at all. that's why they're stuck as these "prosumer" solutions only used for awful 3d porn and failed indie projects.

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Hi there! Do you guys know where can I download model rips from Overwatch? Posable maybe or pose specific. Pic related
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xna lara deviantart.
if u want dem nude and sexy check sfmlab for sfm or smutbase for blender/maya/max
this is /3/ not /r/ you fuck tard

get off my board normie REEEEEE

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Does anyone know why I can't create primitives anymore in MODO? It worked fine the first time I installed the program and now they just appear invisible.I tried resetting the layout but it seems to do nothing. Halp me, guise
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contact Luxology support. You pay for this.
Top Kek

Brad isn't even there anymore

Ditch that shit OP. It's trash
Brad was just a puppet, losing him was nbd

How do you do it /3/?

I'd like to learn how to model anime characters in maya/zbrush and have them look like their book/television counterparts. There is this photo of Goku that's really well done, and the various angles of the face look largely in part, exactly like the show.

How do you replicate this?
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model in modo 11, sculpt in zbrush
What's so good about Modo for this?

Not sarcastic, seriously asking. I'm semi-new to 3d modeling, so I'm not fully aware of all the tools out there.
it has all the right tools in all the right places. Its years ahead of its closest competitor, max

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unity master rice.png
777KB, 1440x900px
I'm a better 3D artist than 99.9% of this board.
Stay jelly plebs.

you can't even make a dice that look as good as this in unity.

you may as well kys now.
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Ya, but I bet the texel density is shit.
Jamundí, I'm really tired of this shit, please stop

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Does anyone here use Modo? Is it worth all the hype? I'm thinking of switching but I hesitate. Can anyone give me some advantages and disadvantages it has over Maya and Blender, the programs I currently use?
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why not maya fag
blenderfagg here
switch to maya in future when Im not a fag
Let me ask a question before i answer your question.
What do you do with Maya and Blender?
I use it mostly for hard surface modeling. What I don't model in Zbrush I do either in Blender or Maya + I use Maya for rendering with V-ray and rigging characters. And I don't animate

File: Body sculpt 1.png (245KB, 1138x1027px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Body sculpt 1.png
245KB, 1138x1027px
I know voxels are kind of looked down upon these days but I used to really enjoy pixel art and I've started doing some simple game dev stuff so whatever.

This is my first attempt at sculpting a human body with voxels to use as a base for future models. Any thoughts and improvements? Are certain areas too round? Too square? Are the proportions off?
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If you're modelling a more athletic man I would have more of a disparity between the pectorals and the abdomen area but as it stands it's pretty cute m8
As in a bit more depth in the z-axis? Sure I guess.

Thanks for the feedback. Gonna try adding some clothes and hair tomorrow. I think the legs might be a bit short though.
File: body sculpt 2.png (273KB, 1184x1193px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
body sculpt 2.png
273KB, 1184x1193px
Second pass. 122 voxels tall

File: 1494426388929.jpg (56KB, 915x363px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Can you please help me to model this?
I need:
*the file.blend of the project
* or a webm that explains how to make it

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if you can't model a fucking wagon just give up
it's pretty hard you scrub
its literally not even a little hard

this is like a week-one model for beginners

File: 3ptools_screen01.png (210KB, 1157x803px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
210KB, 1157x803px
Anyone know good 3dsmax tutorials for learning how to model videogame-tier stuff?
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You take a bad model and you keep polishing it adding useless detail. The gayer the better and pretend it's the "state of the art". That's how you make modern video game content.

3D Studio Max for Dummies.

Trust me since an Anglo dude with good skills shared it with my class and looked at me in 2003 @ SVA (3D Studio/ Maya class).

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I have a clothed model i got from a friend, in terms of actually skin theres only the head with hair and the hands, all the other body parts are clothes.
I wanted to create a nude/unclothed body base from that so that i can create new outfits that all fit the same base, what would be a fast and easy way to do this?
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Just buy one if you don't care about the model itself. No point wasting your time sculpting/retop a person if you only care about clothes
Download makehuman, rough out the shape you need, export it to max, shape it to fit the clothes, stitch on the head.

Take Makehuman body. Make it shaped like the body of the model you want to use the head of and then graft the head from that model onto the Makehuman body.

Or if you're not planning on redistributing the model afterwards use Daz, morph the body the way you want it then graft the head of the model you want onto its body.

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