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Sup world? Do you like to fidget? Do you like money? Buy my design and get a price quote from a alibaba toy manufactuer and become wealthy! :D


A revolution in spinning /corny af
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uh no
implying they are bad
i encourage and pleading you monster to stop because you will be leading to the life of endless degeneracy as you're literally feeding those innocent autismos with more cancer.
learn how to sell products that offer value

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Does anyone here know houdini? Would it take long to learn for someone with a lot of experience in 3D and programming?
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It's a deep program, I guess it depends on how many facets of it you want to learn. Having experience and a programming background will definitely come in handy (specifically for VEX stuff).
You'll like how intuitive it is with a programming background. If it's your first 3D program it's good to learn and get good with. If you use something else and are actually intermediate with it then don't bother.

Its not, I use C4D. I'm pretty much pushing C4D's limits it seems, C4Ds native 'coding' suite xpresso was surprisingly nice at first but its actually pretty shallow... or at least very inefficient at simple tasks.

I'm really frustrated with how little control I have over things like cloth or soft bodies in C4D.
I painstakingly made an xpresso in an attempt to make cloth work how I want, but in the end I couldn't. It also seems to only utilise 1/4th of my CPU in calculations.

It made me think that learning Houdini might be a good idea, just based on the fact it uses some kind of actual programming language as a core rather than an extra thing no one cares about as well as being better fitted towards simulation(?).

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What was his fucking problem?
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he was made with blender
His problem was:

"Hey lets make an animation!"
"Cool! About what?"
"Dunno lol"

No he wasn't
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God dammit OP, you just flooded back all the memories of me watching those obscure fucking animations from random people all around the world

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Do you usually make and paint your own leaf sculpts for your foliage, or do you take photos from either your neighborhood or the internet?

I like the idea of making all my leaves since I have complete control over how it looks and everything, though its obviously not the most practical or efficient thing to do when you have to populate an entire environment. Photography i think will always look best if you want to go photorealistic.
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I hand-paint 100% of my textures but obviously that depends on how much time you have and what style you're going for.

In my case its usually helpful to hand-paint foliage because I can exaggerate detail in a way you don't get in a photorealistic style that reads better as leaves.
i don't think making your own leaf is possible.
its just one of those things
what do you mean? i've seen handpainted leaves and they look quite good in games

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I made this video doyou like my 3D movie?
this is big date and i am read inglish a litle
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As far a weeb shit goes it's fairly good, animation is nice and fluid, clothing looks natural, it does clip a lot but that's fairly hard fix and isn't glaringly obvious. Lighting on the charter looks too bight in some of the shots. the backgrounds are a little strange, you've got this anime character, but then you got a real life background its very apparent when there are people in the background moving making it blend quite badly. anti-aliasing is not the best, all the edges are quite jagged.

overall I give it a 7/10, good job. any proof that you made it?
You probably don't understand this hu?



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What is your rendering CPU preference and why?
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I'd really like to get Ryzen TR once it's out. The level of scalability it has is just too good to pass up, it's the kind of shit you used to had to spend upwards of $10,000 on a workstation to get.
Whatever's better at the current time? I got an Intel currently because i bought the CPU in 2014. If i were getting one now i'd go for AMD

I am using an i7-7700k / 32GB / 8GB p4000 quadro / 2TB SSD.

I previously used an i7-6700 none k / 16GB / RX 470 4GB / 1 TB SSD

Both Windows 10 pro.

I saw very little improvement from the intel i7-6700 to 7700k.

I'm waiting for that new dell all in one that comes with a Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3ghz max 3.7GHz with 32GB DDR 4 / RX 580 to come.

Gonna update to windows 10 pro ( As I hate homes limitations. )

Basically. I don't know if I can trust Ryzen for work, I will find out.

As for all-in-one. For the first time ( outside of overpriced pos like origic pc omen all-in-one [ which is not a true all-in-one ] ) No one has made a quality high end all-in-one till now.

And the way I figured. Its finally overkill for all my needs except for 3D modeling work.

I just hope the Ryzen 7 1700 and RX 580 actually deliver in 3D programs and some heavy gaming I do on my current pcs. When not doing 3D stuff.

Can update how it works on 3D, as I post here sometimes.

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>Mudbox cannot into trim/hard sur-
╬ťan was I glad to figure out custom sculpt brushes.
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That looks like nothing fucking special at all, congrats OP
>has the basic feature of any software with sculpting capabilities from 10 years ago
Yes, I-i'd like to report bullying ;_;

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I've got this small filter ball that I need multiple instances to fill this empty filter box.

I'm wondering if there's a better way to do this that doesn't involve me duplicating an instance of the ball and manually place dozens of filter balls in a convincing manner.
This will be useful in the future for the rest of my model

My GoogleFu was not good enough to find an answer.
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Yeah, you just need to apply a tiny bit of MassFX.
It's really not hard. Here's the outline, you're gonna have to fill in the blanks yourself.

1: set up container as 'static rigid body' make sure mesh type is set to concave.

2. Set ball object as 'dynamic rigid body'. Instance the ball as many times as you want once you've done this. Just gave them instanced, floating in air above the container.

3. In your MassFX toolbar hit 'play simulation without animation.'

4. Stand back in wonder as the balls fall down into the container and fill the space realistically.

5. Capture transforms. Select all, convert to edit poly.

6. Profit.
Haven't watched the video - but I'm guessing this will cover your needs:

Sorry for the late response. Thanks for this.
I had heard this method before, though figured there'd be an easier way than that but this is a way nonetheless.
i'll give it a go. thanks senpai.

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Help me!
No, help me!!
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Hello. What do you want help in?

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GOTG 01.png
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And no signup required. Saw the announcement on Blendernation and it seems legit.
Most textures seem to be 4k+.
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Are they PBR?
Could always convert them and use them as bases.
Thanks OP.
also this https://gumroad.com/joost some free

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Has anyone else seen this yet? Just found out about it the other day. This is something I have been needing for years.
You can pay $49 a month for the personal version or $99 a month for the indie. You can get a permanent license for $199 for the personal version or $399 for the indie.

Here is the site. They also have a free trial too

Haven't tried it yet but if anyone has please let us know how it is.
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A shill who hasn't even tried the snake oil he's trying to sell? SHIIIIIET
Creepiest thing I've ever seen in years
Only difference being, this looks like ass. Not that faceshift looks all that good, but it manages to look better than this using only a Kinect for 360.

Hey /3/, i'm a noob that needs help choosing his first tablet for zbrush, the problem is that i'm between:

-Huion h610
-A refurbished Wacom cth490ak
-A Xp star 03

I'm on a 60$ budget, and the problem is that some people say that h610 is shit with zbrush, Cant find shit about xp pen, and wacom is refurbished, so which one?, Or are there any alternatives for 60$?
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The one you posted is fine, I use it. Don't worry about splitting hairs; at that price point they're all gonna be similar, but Wacom is usually solid.
I agree with you, i have seen the good reputation of Wacom,but the problem is that i'm buying a refurbished one, so 60 $ for that model refurbished is okay or should i use it on another brand?
have you considered getting a job before getting more tech that will likely gather dust, poorfag?

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How do create models from the ps1 or something similar to the clayish like models from 90s pc games? Do i lower the polygons when creating?
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you create models and use only vertex colors and standard smooth shading with point lights

the reason it looks terrible and shitty is because of mipmapping,resolution and the fact that's usually a sprite and not a model
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You lump basic polygon primitives on top of each other to form characters and don't use modern skinning techniques to rig, you just parent shit on top of each other.
You just do it.

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ANIMACION 3-800.gif
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Does this look like a decent walking and running cycle? :/

It's my very first "animation", and I don't know if it looks ok or its just me.
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Oh look its another animation thread from someone who obviously didnt learn the basic rules of animation.
Get the survival guide and fuck off
looks ok for your very first animation
but you can add much more detail,
you can clearly se that it is robotic

It's clearly a "first animation" with a lot of problems, making it look robotic. No smooth arc trajectories, identically mirrored poses for all blocks, low framerate, totally stiff foot bones, no followthrough (inertial forces) on the arms, hard curves on the pelvis that make it look like a hammering motion, feet touch the ground only in the very mid frame instead of infront or behind the pelvis so it looks like he's stomping in one place rather than walking, the list goes on...

Don't let that discourage you though, it's a first animation after all.

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I'm brand new to 3d modeling, I'm trying to model a low poly thing, and it seems quads on opposite sides of the mesh will indent along the line separating the polygons that make up the quad, or push out when I deform the mesh,always on opposing faces. (not sure how to describe the problem)

How does one make it so both sides of the mesh deform the same way?
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Mirror modifier
You could also use the Symmetrize thing, Edit mode -> Mesh -> Symmetrize

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