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Pls rate my level.
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This is a joke, right?
Pero qué mierda tan floja, te habrás tardado 10 minutos o menos.

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Even good animators can't get jobs.

I suck ass, and need work soon.

Why should I even try if I'm years behind these guys that can't get jobs?
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keep 3d as a hobby and work a regular job
Ive been doing that for ten years

I NEED to become an animator
post reel, i'll tell you how far away you are from industry

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did this bad boi in POV ray back when I was 10 years old.
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I have done a lot more for my "first" but is my first completed
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I made 3 CGI shorts one of them was called ''robot love'' (2009) made it when I was 13.
Just recently upload it into YouTube here it's a still from said ''film''
Tutorials don't count as firsts Anon. I know you feel proud for having completed something, and I'm not at all discouraging you from continuing to do tutorials, but don't EVER post a tutorial and pretend it's something you "made".

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Tell me what you think :)
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a test animation

Upload the rig plZ
Can you post the modifier list?

hello anons, I want lo learn 3D modeling and animation , should I start with Maya? pic not related
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Start with stick in dirt and master that
Then move to pencil and paper
Then move to oil on canvas
Then take your first digital steps with a mastery of ms paint
Then master photoshop, 3d and 2d modes
Jump fully into the third dimension with google sketchup
Take a step up with mastery of blender
Bring yourself into the future with mastery of maya
Become one with the polygons in zbrush
Transform into the Mechanized Singularity with houdini
Create your own software, polygons move and flow around with ease at your fingertips; movie studios worship you as The VFX Diety

At least that's one way id start
>Jump fully into the third dimension with google sketchup

This is bad advice, OP at this point you should really be learning to sculpt with real clay, only THEN can you move on to sketchup and so on

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I was asking this in another thread but it's probably better to make a new one.
Why can zbrush handle so many polys compared to other programs? I use to assume it was some strange poly/voxel hybrid but apparently that was only related to the old 2.5d features no one uses. I know it has a software viewport is there anything else that makes it work differently. You have Blender, Maya and Modo trying to add sculpting features but they still choke on anything high poly. I have searched but can't find a clear explanation anywhere.
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Maya, blender, modo and max. Fucking zbrush, how does it work?

Zbrush is a proprietary software, people may speculate on how it works but the only 100% way to know is either for the information to become officially available or for someone to reverse engineer it.
ye honestly i don't understand either. some programs like 3dcoat will overheat my old shitty furnace pc rendering a 300k poly sculpt but zbrush will display 30mil just fine without much lag or heat.
The calculation of the mesh runs on the CPU, not on the GPU. GPU is irrelevant for Zbrush, only used for displaying pixels. That's why i can use Zbrush on my 5 year old laptop and it outperforms 3dCoat on my workstation.

Futaloli containment general
Previously on DSG >>544997

Pardon the lazy pastebin, this is V1, please respond with suggestions etc.
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Go Join zonegfx.com now for all the free daz and renderosity stuff. I just uploaded new gens for genevieve
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Johngate's WW dress is a pretty rad freebie
What is this download points BS

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I'm starting a D&D session with my friends using tabletop simulator and I couldn't find any models anywhere, where should I look?
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Tabletop simulator forums, the workshop, yobi3d, sketchfab, t3dm, your mother's cunt
Found one!
D&D Dragonborn is a humanoid reptilian race, you can choose it instead of a human, an elf, a dwarf, etc.
They have nothing to do with Skyrim's Dovakhiin.

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Blender user here. Picture related, model viewer in UE4. How can I fix these ugly spots?
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Topology of the area in question
your topology is bad and you should feel bad
Did you applying smoothing completely randomly?

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Noobie Help. Yo guys. Been messing about with blender for a few weeks now and im obviously not literate in the programme yet. what does this guy do at 2;10? i know how to create a face but whats the little move he uses to make it divided like that? Any help would be fantastic!

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E+ XY or Z
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do a blender beginner tutorial


My result pic related

The move he did was:

1. Do an Extrude operation of the edges
2. Right click the mouse to cancel the "move" part of the extrude operation, edges are still extruded but they overlap with the other ones so you can't see them
3. Do a Scale operation and press 0 on the keyboard to scale the selected vertices down to zero.

When you scale to zero, all the vertices go to the center of the selection. You would need to do a "Remove Doubles" operation after this so that they all get meged to one vertex. This wouldn't be necessary if he used the "Merge vertices" operation, but then an extra menu would've appeared where he'd need to select "At Center".

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Could someone please help me with rigging two different pivot points on one curve in Maya? I posted about it on polycount with pictures about 10 hours ago but no one's responded.

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wait longer friendo
but I want it nooooowwww

it's just mildly frustrating to make a post right before I go to sleep, wake up, and see that it's completely untouched a full 10 hours later.

4chan is alright in general but this board is absurdly slow.
Create extra dummy groups centered at whatever additional pivot points you want to use. Rotate the groups instead of original object.

I'm ashamed to say this boys but I'm in need of some help...

I've been in a 3d animation class for 2 years now, it's been easy so far. However, this year I was tasked with creating a 3d animation project with a small group of friends. But our group has slowly deteriorated from 3 people to 1, just me. Now I'm alone and tasked with single-handedly creating a 30sec (minimum) animation with a story, that must contain:
- a fully animated movie (start to end must feature animation)
- 3 diverse characters with seperate models and voices
- at least 2 fully fleshed out enviroments
- animated and fully synchronized facial features
- working mechanical objects with small and large moving parts
- uv textures with well made custom textures
- custom and hand made sfx and added graphic effects
- and a lot of other shit....

Needless to say I'm nearing the end of the school year. And I need help and Ideas, wether I get it from my fellow ameture cucks with some good begginer tricks & lazy short cuts, or the actual professionals on this board.
I'm just out of ideas and tired of getting nowhere in terms of progress. My themes/plans for this project are just about as lazy and simple as they come. All my project will be a: ww2 (dday specifically) and low poly movie trailer style project. If you could help me with downloads, tips, tricks, lazy editing help, or anything inbetween.

1) I mainly use 3ds max, I have blender but tend not to use it as I am very inexperienced with it's mechanics.

2) and my main problem areas stem from innexperience with terrain and also from my teacher neglecting to teach us uv mapping.

Thank you in advance.
- Goose.
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You don't need an elaborate story with well defined models so long as they can become highly animated when they are preforming.

Something simple like maybe ninja squirrels fighting over a golden acorn tumbling down a mountain shrine.

Just remember you don't need to go ham with the assets. Just go deeper than balls deep in the animation work. That is what is important here.

Nobody should expect a 1 man team to come up with all the assets. This isn't a "do everything yourself" kind of course... I hope. I really hope your teacher won't bring down your grade for stupid shit like texture and voice quality...
We could do the voices for you, if you can't get other people to do it.
that doesn't seem too difficult
4 hours a day is more than enough
i can give you tips however

>restrict yourself to interior environments
>make sure to plan out everything, pen on paper before you do it
>make sure to reuse the mesh of the first character you are making,particularly the body
>use camera work to your advantage
>put emphasis on the animation and characters rather than how the lightning or environment will look, blur stuff if you aren't happy with it.
>think of mechanical objects like power drills,coffee machines and thinks that are generally easy to animate
>don't get worked up on thing like hair or teeth

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Can someone please help me with my youtube channel art either make me a new one that's dope or fix the dimensions on this one i can't seem to get it right thanks!
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>lmao weed

I'm following along with some video tutorials to learn 3ds Max. I'm supposed to highlight all of these images and turn on backface culling, but when I do, the images just fucking disappear until I turn it off. I'm not doing anything different than what's being instructed in the video, so I don't get it. This isn't the first attempt I've made at trying to learn 3D modeling; weird stuff like this always seems to happen and stop me in my tracks.

Anyone have any idea? I googled it and it seems to be a bug?
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Flip the geometry 180 degrees, either using "Flip" or manually.
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I don't think I did it properly, but I managed to get it working anyways.

Now I have a problem where what I'm working on will just straight up disappear and can't be seen or selected again until I hit one of the view keys. I have no idea. I'm pretty sure I'm not hitting any keys that would cause that to happen. It does it randomly. I feel like the 3ds Max I'm running is fucked up or something.
Backface culling means that you wont see "behind" a polygon so to speak.

If you didnt see your image you had to flip it, but if you say that now you don't see the mesh you are working on is because you fucking inverted its normals you autist faggot.

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Are there any good schools/places to learn 3D modeling from? I've looked around my state for modeling courses but there don't really seem to be any, and trying to learn through books and online tutorials is rather difficult; even if you follow along with instructions exactly, something inevitably goes wrong, and without an instructor you tend to just hit a wall and can't make any progress.

It's not like drawing or picking up an instrument where it's relatively easy to pick up and start learning; the barrier to entry with 3D modeling is massive.
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Online would probably be your best bet. Or moving.
>the barrier to entry with 3D modeling is massive
No it isn't, hit up cgpeers and start torrenting intro tutorials from gnomon/digital tutors/etc. Or if you're not into pirating, at least look up content on youtube. The Chamferzone grenade tutorial is a great introduction to current-gen modeling for complete noobs and it's how I got started.

As for things fucking up, join a 3d modeling discord, or post on polycount whenever you need advice. Unless you go to a very good school, chances are you'll get better feedback from idle professionals and students dedicated enough to go online, than you will from the ignorant fucks who attend your average game school.
Literally Gnomon or don't bother. Whether they're the best school in terms of the quality of what's taught is debatable, but what's not debatable is that they'll get you the contacts you need to get a job

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