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How closely can something like this be replicated in real time/ingame graphics? What techniques are involved in good looking realtime fur and eyes?
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parallax occlusion
Chromatic abberation
mr.concept art

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you tried.jpg
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>he follows tutorials
>he can't touch a vert without someone telling him where to move it, how to merge it, how to split it, where to slide it
>he quits after two hours until next month
Tell me about him, /3/
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Who are we talking about?
Literally me.

I've just moved from Autocad 3D to 3DMax and I don't have a fucking clue about where are the buttons.
its like blender but with every option put in a menu to cover as much as screen space possible.

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What's you peeps thoughts on MMD?
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I very much appreciate the quality of 60fps MMD animations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ztRSsWjCqU
i like the models people make for it. i hate the animation tools it has.
it has the most cancerous userbase i've ever witnessed on the internet though, with the exception being the /e/ mmd anons are usually alright when they aren't arguing over stupid shit.
That's amazing dude

Start sculpting then retopo or your wasting your time
Why bother?
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Because sculpting hard surfaces is like eating soup with a digger.

I have been looking everywhere and I cant find a fix for this.
>How do I rotate the pivot with the object so that it rotates around it's own axis at the same time as rotating around another point.
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Group it. have the cog rotate on its local axis and use the group to rotate the cog around another point.
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press Insert, change it to the way you need it, press Insert again. Seriously you guys.
HIERARCHY. Basically what >>566461 said

hey 3d.

So ive got an art project due and i want to simulate a strand of hair blowing in the wind. Im new to 3d animation and have only been able to create very realistic hair in blender, however i need strand hair. Pics of what i want included. Im finding it hard to find tutorials for stuff like this, any suggestions??
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If you're really a bloody noob, check out the Blenderguru videos first for basics. If you try to do shortcuts it will make things unnecessarily painful or make you even take longer to learn shit. Do some basic tutorials first.

If you did that, take a look at this for your hair stuff:

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Recommend me a desktop for 3d modeling under 1000$ please. This also doubles as a recommendation thread for anyone else.
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If it has some feature that is really good I might be able to go over 1000$.
Buy a quad core windows 10 chinese mini-pc from ebay for around $150. That's about it.
Gigabyte P37X-SI1

how to cut groves part way around grip?

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You just do it.

Ok, robots
So I want to send my portfolio to companies to get freelancing gigs(I'm sick of middle-men such as Upwork). Can anyone tell me the best way to search for potential clients? Is there a directory with all of them? Do you search for them on facebook or google? How should I go about it?
PS: Polycount is nice but it feels that you wait for the studio to reach out rather than being proactive and going straight to the source
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Literally spam every company and say you want freelance work and wait for a response. Only pajeets use cuckwork. Fabulous career choice amirtite ?

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I'm trying to convert this poly head to a Curve head to smooth it out so it looks good when it's rendered. But I have no idea how to make it look less blocky.

Any tips?

Also, Draw thread: CG edition. Post your 3D creations
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This is what I want it to look like in the final render
Wtf is wrong with you?
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Confused kid.jpg
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any 3DSfags out here that are skilled with (preferably low poly) hair? I'm trying to get a long double ponytail going. Tried braiding but of course got a ridiculously high poly count.
The hair is quite a big deal as it does feature as the character's primary weapon.

Pic related, it's the head as it is, I am a student so anywhere one can guide me for relevant information would be much appreciated...
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Hair is pretty easy mate

Just make some rectangles and angle them the right way

Then you just need some textures to make it look nice

Normally I can do hair in just a few polygons but I'm pretty experienced, hit me up on Twitter or catch me streaming I'll give ya a few tips! Maybe even a quick demo.
>hit me up on Twitter or catch me streaming
>doesn't link twitter or stream

I know fuckall about modeling, but it might be a good idea to look at finished models and see how people who're making money out of it are doing it. Go to models-resourse at look at the fusionfall models for something similar to what you want to make.

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First post on this board. I didn't even know this existed till now.

Anyways. I've been playing around with Zbrush and Mudbox for a bit, trying to learn the basics and shit. I want to get into doing assets, character design and concept art for video games. I used to work for a production company that used Soft Image and that program is fucking dead now and I don't know how to use any other 3D program.

I really like to dig deep into stuff that I'm doing so I don't want to waste time trying something out and finding out that it's not usefull so my stupid question is this:

Should I learn Maya, Cinema 4D, 3DsMax, Modo, Fusion 360(for modeling), Blender, 3D Coat or something else if I want to get into the industry?

I'm probably going to learn Substance Painter anyways because it seems furking good for texturing...

I all ready like sculpting in Zbrush so I'm going to practice that anyway. Which program works best with Zbrush and which program would be good to learn to get jobs? Should I just learn the basics of everything and hope for the best?

Pic. related. My first Zbrush sculpt. You can also just say what I could improve in it if you don't have anything else to say... Ehh... I dunno. I'm so happy we have a 3D board.
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dont be a generalist and research about whats best for your specific thing
theres also a thread here
zbrush is one of the best ways to obtain a job, and having a nice pair of tits isn't too bad either.

that's pretty good for a start, come back in 2 months and report back. this type of thing takes a long time to come together

Well okay. Honing down a bit. I'd like to do:

- Production art
- Concept art
- Assets

I'm pretty good with Photoshop. I can draw shit so basically stills and stuff that "looks good". I'm not interested in simulations or animation.

Any free/opensource alternatives to zbrush?
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Blender but be prepared to be called retard and poorfag.
Paint 3D

I want to move away from blender, I still like it, but I am at the point where I see blender limitations and I'm looking for something better.

So, which 3D software is the best regarding rigging and animation (plugins included) that I can also easily import stuff from other software like zbrush, marmoset toolbag, marvelous designer, substance painter/designer and can easily work with unity.

Should I pick 3D max or Maya?

Many thanks.
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but usually when people say "i hit a wall with blender" its more about not finding a feature that is hidden from plain sight.
i don't know alot about animation but i had a doing reloading + shooting animations for me in blender and now he is working for a company
Rigging and animation? Maya without question.

Importing/exporting is a problem that has basically been solved now that we have FBX and Alembic. 3ds Max vs. Maya makes no difference here.
I use Maya and Nuke compositing software. It will really make your work stand out, and theres trials for Nuke. Zbrush also if youre inexperienced. Grab it before they add monthly fees.

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Post your work on Sketchfab.
Don´t forget to post a proof image of model ownership (wireframe in a different angle).
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... and proof. Since sketchfab models can´t be downloaded, chances of someone impersonating another artist is pretty hard.
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what is retopology.png
83KB, 880x662px
>Since sketchfab models can´t be downloaded, chances of someone impersonating another artist is pretty hard.
I was going to post a wireframe of your model but your sculpt locks up my computer when I try to view the parts larger than 20MB, of which there are 5.
>sketchfab models can´t be downloaded
of course they can

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