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I am not very sure if this is even the place to ask, but I figured you guys are the best chance I have.

I've recently moved over to Maya and Renderman from SFM, and until recently everything was going very swell. Out of the blue, shit gets wack.

This image is the IPR. No idea why it does this, but whenever I start it up I get weird colour thing just filling the entirety of it. Not only that, but if I choose to render, be it the whole thing or current frame, it will begin and end within a minute and then become colourful like this, followed by maya killing itself and crashing.

I've tried multiple solutions, and nothing seems to fix it. It appears to only be Renderman that does this however, is there anyone here who possibly knows what this is and how I could go about fixing it?
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you're outta ram
Renderman is a buggy unreliable piece of shit, use Arnold instead
I checked and did some trouble shooting, turns out the models I decompiled from SFM and imported have a big issue with renderman. Not sure why, but everything else doesnt cause this issue.


I was NEET and almost NEET for years until mom forced me to get a job. I was doing 3d all the time, making games in unreal and unity, etc. Now I work 40+ hours a week in burgerland and I'm too tired to do anything afterwards except watch TV. How do I get that fire back? I dont even have a gf
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isn't your issue here.
you don't "get that fire back".
that's a self defeating way to internalize your shituation that also feeds itself.
You must choose, Enrico, whether you want to conquer the couch, or conquer the 3D.
But you must never forget to conquer yourself.
Get a prescription for vyvanse, focalin, or modafinil.

I'd avoid Adderall though
similiar thing happened to me.
i used to work at some maintenance job and all i did after work was watching oz and play l4d2

I just want to make shitty low-poly models like pic related but my results really suck.

Any tutorials or images showing good low-poly workflow?
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>download various lowpoly models
>study topology
>create own models
>repeat till death
there you go anon
>wanting to model something from 20 years ago that looks like shit
>not wanting to model realistic af models

Renaissance Art > Contemporary Art

Why you want this anon?
>Why you want this anon?
I... I don't know...

What is missing to make this cene better?
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some bloom
he's right
Maybe give people more information on what you're rendering with?

Otherwise, this looks like you're rendering with a default cycles, mental ray or even worse iray render.

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hey 3/brossters I need some advice from you

soo I need some fluid simulations and not only, also sand/etc

which soft do you suggest to learn?
Realflow? or biFrost?

and if you tell me why I'll be very thankfull.

PS: this is some nparticles simulation I did with nParticles in maya
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no one's willing to help me this time?
This board is slow as all fuck. Like 20 people post here tops. Have some patience.
You could try those and see if you like them, the only other program I could think of would be Houdini

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K, so, i made this abomination for a finals in my highschool.
Im going to shamelessly put it in here hoping someone will see it.
My school taught me nothing so i had to teach myself.
I accept and want to recieve any criticism you may have (which you will)
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cool pic OP but its not much of a video
Wow, i am for a good start aren't i? Eh, it's been a long day.
Here ya go: https://youtu.be/X_L7J3pEQMM
Wew boy there's a lot you can optimize here.
Strictly speaking of animation your ship feels like some kid playing with a toy car. It moves unexpectedly and seemingly unhindered by what one would expect the dynamics of space to be like.(void, objects drifting, propulsion and gradual acceleration, constant adjustment of trajectory which may lead to a lot of rolling, drifting, etc)
The pilot's hand feels so rigid. You should work to make it fluid. Like when he or she pops the cassette and presses the button. I'd expect his finger to bend/arch a slight bit because it is pushing something. Try pressing on a button and relaxing your hand after. See how it looks and try to implicate that into the animation.

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Is it viable to try to make a living with indie animation? We've been talking about hentai + patreon, making a living with games, but what about 3D animations? someone has a experience to share? is that possible?

I've been learning 3D since 2015, its not much, but i want to aim a goal to my life...
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dont know what you exactly mean with indie.
but of course you can make a living of it. animating is one of the biggest parts in a production pipeline. when it comes to small studios if this is what you mean with indie its a bit more complicated since the teams are smaller and everyone is expected to be kind of a generalist and creative in general.
depends on the pipeline tho.

Yeah i mean, we seen a lot of those news about small group of people making tons of money with their game, so i was wondering if thats a reality with 3d animations aswell.

Because all i've seen about 3D animation, is movies made by big companies, big fellas, but never by 2 or 4 guys. We see this in games, but in animation? Thats what i want to know more about. More stories, people and what they achieved..
you can make decent living with smut
actually the highest earners in the entire industry are making smut

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What is the program used in this video?

MMD or Live2d Euclid?
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probs live2d
This sounds and looks terrible. Get better taste, anon.
Most definetely Live2d

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What does /3/ think of Quixel? How does it compare to Substance?
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Viewport more accurate than substance. Almost parity with marmoset and unreal.

Has a better brush engine.

Better masking.

Faster than painter when you have loads of folders as it compresses them when you are not using them.


You cant rotate materials exactly how you want.

Scaling options limited

Difficult to import new models to an exisitng project it often breaks the Id connections so you loose some work.

Limited materials. You have to import a lot of your own stuff or from painter.
I've tested Substance on my last work and IMHO Quixel is way better...
Viewport more accurate than substance. Almost parity with marmoset and unreal
Fuck me, this is one of the truest things I deal with. I only use Substance with Marmoset anymore. OP I personally like Substance programs more but Quixel is a great suite of programs to use - I especially love Megascans.

What are the websites that you guys use to get freelance jobs

pic not related?
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Furaffinity and Twitter

Spoilers: I make furry porn
find the studios then email them directly
thanks my fag

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Hi. I am wathing a documantary about Elon Musk and i saw this what use in one of Musk's companies. Which program is this?
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Windows Millennium Edition

What's your excuse?
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is this like last artist standing for /3/
I like his stuff but a lot off its junk

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When I link a Substance like "BrickWall_02.sbsar" which is a basic default substance provided by 3ds max itself, my material shader isn't working.

Can someone please help?
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did you need to make a complete thread for this
A complete thread?
Is it working in the scene? or is it just black in there? have you tried linking the map directly to the diffuse.

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I would like to know about your first job, how did u get into 3d industry, and what were your responsibilities as junior?
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>bagging groceries
>i made a game and released it on greenlight
>i'm boss and ceo senpai
Always been curious to how much greenlight games can make.

Also what engine?
I probably emailed every single 3d place in nyc before i got my current first job. I got lucky. I'm a 3d generalist in LA and i work on Disney, marvel, dc, WB, etc movies. A lot of smaller places in LA just seem to be looking for 3d generalists

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i recently got into rendering 3d graphics and ive wanted to make music videos. How would I go about making PS1/N64/Dreamcast levels and noclip through them? I've tried Garry's Mod, but can't find anything that is remotely similar to that style of 3D.
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download any 3D software. create low quality n64 era assets. animate a camera.

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