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Just finished my short film.
Not a whole lot of interesting stuff happening on the 3D side of this but I figured I'd post it here to see what you all think.

-All the work was done in Maya Student Edition and After Effects
-Used the Morpheus rig for the human characters and created the videoman rig myself
-Everything was animated by hand
-I'm teaching myself C4D now because I feel like I did way more work then necessarily when compositing this thing.
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After Effects is kind of my main program so I spent a lot of times doing effects in there.

I recently found a plugin that allows you to place a video on 3D surfaces by using a 3D Vector pass and it's been a real life saver.
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Spent a long time trying to figure out how to do this shot with a physics simulator but just kept running into a lot of problems with the rig I had made.

So in the end I had to decide to build a new rig from scratch or to animate it by hand. I ended going the most shameful route and animated almost 30 of these guys falling into this pile by hand.
In the end though the shot turned out pretty good though.
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To save time I'd only do two render passes on this, a beauty shot and a mask shot. I used very little lights to increase render speed and then I'd do a mask pass that would like what I have in this pic.

I'd use after effects to separate those color channels and tweak the beauty pass until it was where I needed it to be.

If you guys have any questions let me know, I've been trying to spend more time on this board.

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Anyone know a way to make 3D animated models into a fluid pixel render? Saw this game today and thaught it would be cool if you could use 3D to make it.
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it would be cool, but why use it?

Paint shader + really small render canvas? Only way I could think of doing it, although I have been thinking of doing it

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Hey i'm trying to plot out the proportions of this character. I can't quite tell if there's anything awkward about the anatomy. Would love some input.
Some things you should know about the character:
-she's a heavy set yeti
-her body is supposed to be very stocky
-her hair hasn't been started on as of yet

this is my first post here. Sorry if i've left anything out.
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imho she has too long legs for her proportions
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how's this
for one, she looks like a guy because her boobs look like man boobs

are you afraid of using references because you'd have to look at nasty fat chicks, kek

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quick question....
is there software i can use to change pdf origami templates to 3d image that can be saved/converted to stl for 3d printing?
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save the images from the pdf, convert to svg on GIMP then stl in Blender
3d printed origami. It has come to this.

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I'm new to blender. I've done some stuff but not to heavy. I hit a snag when for some reason. My walls are spinning all over the place. The unwrapped texture is straight on the wall. I have no clue what to do. Help?

>I know it looks like shit. It was just a test to see how it would look on low samples and its not done.
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The general is filled with "how can I help you?" Memes. Its not very helpful.
Lol, that's the same tutorial I was doing recently (check Stupid questions thread if interested). I don't know how you managed to do that since Andrew explains it pretty nicely, just try it again. Btw, your dimensions of objects are off, compare the sizes of that furniture to your windows and a shower.

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very curious to see how many of you can actually create this shape.
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very curious to hear why you think anybody cares whether you know we can create that shape or not.
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Kind of.png
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Sort of, but I think I did it in a really obtuse way.

How'd you do it?

because 3 of my friends who are 3D artists (hobbyists) couldn't fire out how to make it, so i thought id see how many people actually know how to do it. am i under arrest, officer?

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r8 my sculpt /3/. I know it looks shitty but tell me what you think is shitty.
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Gonna be posting this guy's work in hopes that someone can help me out.

I'm looking at these and noticing that the models, though lo-poly, have almost smooth edges. Is there a way to smooth the edges of lo-poly models like this without going through and beveling every edge?
I believe he made these in Z-Brush.
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Also, ignore the file names. The guy who made these is Jona Dinges
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Is there a way to bake these materials straight into a texture using mudbox?
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What do you mean? Textures themeselves contain no information on physic behavior so they are not materials. You will need some map for, say, light reflectivity for object to pass as something material based.
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I mean just like we bake materials on textures using blender cycles
Since mudbox can bake AOs and displacement maps, just wondering if it's possible

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Old WIP thread
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wheres the original WIP picture?
long lost in the variations of /3/ WIP threads

This is the worst incarnation yet.

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>Meet Mat winners announced (later) today
For anyone interested.

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why didn't I knew this :/
my logo would've been perfect for this
And what is about this thread?
Getting your attention to the industry standarts. [spoiler]or idk[/spoiler]

Help - Nvidia Physx - Maya 2017

It's my first time using this simulation, I've seen all kinds of tutorials, but I have this problem, in the middle of the simulation, the Polygon stops with a fake wall. I would like to know if anyone knows why this problem happens.
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( You )

Anyone have a nude judy hopps model I can have.
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Grow up
No but I have a noose you can borrow, furfag.
It's on t3dm, you newfag

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Asking for a friend
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fuck off
What's your problem?
You'll want to following
>yellow cream diffuse
>highly specular reflectively map
>high roughness
>light subsurface scattering
>a smattering of bubble pictures turned into a normal map

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i can't wait.
>Unreal Engine rendering inside Blender
what is GPL for $500, alex?

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