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Hey, When I've rendered out footage in after effects the colour is about 3-4 shades darker than that of the preview window, any ideas? Im exporting as a photo jpg.
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heavy compression hermano
Could be any number of things. You need to check your color management pipeline. Use exr or tiff as your file export format. Make sure single frames come out correctly in Photoshop before rendering a whole animation.
Check the colour space of your file and the colour space you're exporting to, might be downsampling 32-bit colour to 8-bit or something. Check the export options, I only get good results with certain filetypes/encoders so maybe you should try a few until you get the right one.

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Hello /3/, I have some questions as an absolute beginner (no drawing skill, no modeling skill, etc)

Do I need to learn to traditionally draw?
What are the fundamentals of 3d modeling? Are they the same as drawing?
Are the fundamentals of 3d able to be learned through 3d or do I have to draw to learn them? (anatomy, etc)
Finally, I see digital tutors (Now Pluralsight) recommended a lot online, what are your recommended learning paths on these sights?

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You need to read the sticky. Then you need to do tutorials, any tutorial, every tutorial until you find that the answers to your questions are within you.
>Do I need to learn to traditionally draw?

Only if you have absolutely no references whatsoever. That said, being able to draw is a very useful skill when you're authoring textures, especially more stylized ones for anime characters, for example. Procedural textures can only take you so far in that regard.

Anatomy is nice for characters but can be cheated past with enough practice.

>What are the fundamentals of 3d modelling? Are they the same as drawing?

Different people will give you different answers on this board, on what the fundamentals of 3D are. There are people who believe that modelling, mapping, texturing, lighting and rendering your scene properly constitute these fundamentals. Another anon threw a hissy fit on a thread not too long ago saying that fundamentals are much more basic things like being able to move objects around the viewport efficiently, knowing what the basic mesh operations are, etc. Many will tell you to work on your basic forms and fundamentals and never elaborate past that.

The truth is that a bunch of angry anonymous posters on a board whose favorite pasttime is telling you to kys are probably the least qualified people to tell you what the fundamentals are on anything. Don't trust anyone here when it comes to that.

>Finally, I see digital tutors (Now Pluralsight) recommended a lot online, what are your recommended learning paths on these sights?

You don't even have a software picked out yet, you need to choose that first.
Be good at math, problem solving and become a Houdini technical director

Good money

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snibeddy snab
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crab thread?
it was casey tire
am cumin 4 ur crab,
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clams talking shit but they'll end in my kebab.

crab is for men

dark meat bois

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I'm using DDO and when I apply a "Top Soot" smart material The soot texture applies to the back of the model. Is there a way to reorient the way the smart materials apply or something I'm missing?

I even manually rotated the model 90 degrees and reimported it and got the exact same results. halp
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Bit of a shitty work around but I'm not a smart man - if you actually edit the mesh and rotate all the polygons together, rather than just rotate the whole mesh (which at first glance would do exactly the same thing visually) you would actually change the way the normals thought they were facing. I don't know what modelling software you're using but if it's max then you can reinforce that by resetting the xforms, and if it's blender you can apply the transformations once you've left edit mode.

Failing that I would just put the soot on myself with a very coarse brush.

Smart soot - sounds fun.

Did you provide ddo with all the maps like AO,Curvature, Object space normal map. Thats how the masks are applied.
Can you not just rotate the dirt mask with the object space normal? Can you not use the directional map? This is why you use DDO right, for automation? So why not use automation? Give us more details on why the soot will not rotate on the character.

My company bought this P.O.S from 3D PLATFORM. Has not made one successful part, their support is garbage, 1/2 the machine can be bought online, we complain and they only want us to upgrade to another piece of shit that supposedly has the fastest extruders on the market with no benchmarks etc.does anyone have experience in the large format 3d printing/rapid prototyping? that can advise?
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ask in ultimaker
Looking at their website, seems to be an oversized reprap stuck onto a workbench, with the same kind of electronics and beefier stepper motors. Check the 3D Printing general thread over at /diy/ for specific questions. Also #reprap on freenode IRC are a very helpful bunch.

Since the company that made the printer are shit, you may need to learn more about the machine in order to configure it to work right. Try a different slicing software like Cura or Slic3r for generating gcode, it doesn't have to be Simplify3D. I think Cura has the better way of generating support material. You can also control the machine using Pronterface (printrun) if you find it more to your liking.
At that size material is very important factor. What are you using?

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hey /3/, redpill me on blender rendering rigs. OD if you want to.
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They're like regular rendering rigs, but with Blender. Usually on Linux.
I meant like what components should I use? Should I get AMD or Intel?

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...and is there a good alternative?
>inb4 gfxpeers & cgpersia cause they're shit aswell
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>bumping a thread on /3/ before a week has past
Also it was up for me yesterday, give it a bit.
CGPersia is completely down.
I'm scared.

HI 3/
I don't come here often but now I'm looking for a little help or info. Hoping this is the right board

I'm about to publish a website. Which i need to fill with images of well decorated living rooms, kitchen etc. with wooden furniture and good design

How hard is it to create a photo-realistic image of a design, furniture or a furnished room?
(something like this photo)

I haven't found a lot of info on this, so i was hoping someone could share their experience, give some tips or point me in the right direction.

Also post your work here if you want to share something of this sort

>how to a photo-realistic image of a design-furniture. like the image
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Will one with little to no experience achieve this in blender?

most of the things are square furniture, boxes shelves so it shouldn't take much to make the models them self.

I'm a bit curious on the "how to make it look realistic" step.

I know that many furniture designers and salesmen artificially make up photos or samples of their work.

Anyone done anything like this?
you need to know how to use portals + hdri lightning + composition. and most importantly have good set of shaders ready to go.
for blender i would recommend http://3dwolf.weebly.com/materials.html

you have to keep in mind however, there is lot of trial and error involved in this. for example it took me fairly long time to get an interior right. if you want to do it real quick just get a poligon account/subscribtion and start filling out rooms.
you can use archimesh(plugin) to block out the rooms themselves.

some of the shit is free, some isn't. if you are not experienced with either substance designer or cycles textures just use poligon or textures.com
hdri is easy to get, so overall you can sort of do this for free as long as you know what to do.
also very important to mention.
if you have abit of extra change and don't mind spending money in this process get material vault. its creates material+texture in a second and its very realistic as well.

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This show is selling like hotcakes and the 3D ain't even that good.

Substance over style everytime dudes!
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Just goes to show that all Japs care about is how fuckable something is regardless of whether it's utter shit or not.
whats its goddamn name?

Instead of making a new thread every time I have a problem, thought I'd make a thread like this anyone can use.

Anyway, beginner here, following a tutorial. Can someone explain the problem in this webm? I don't get it. The UV Wrap is on the manually painted layout, yet the texture remains black. Also, I was island selecting on the UV Layout in the second half of the webm, and for some reason, it only selected individual faces.

When I initially unwrapped (last night), I unwrapped as "Smart UV Project" for the first time, and it worked just fine; I could island select the whole thing, and when I painted the map, I could see it in material mode. However, ever since saving, exiting, then reloading the next day, it's become broken and I have no understanding of why.

I was following this tutorial (fast forward to 17:30):


and I followed it exactly, even with the same Blender file.
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do you have lights in your scene? try shadeless material. swap between material view and texture viewmode.
and maybe try textured solid in solid view
Lights shouldn't matter because I was only in material view.

Anyway, don't worry. I found the problem was the image texture in the node editor, which was still using an old UV image for some reason.
How in blender would you take an armature and threshold all weights on all bones making them all rigid either 1.0 or 0 per bone? In 3dsmax this was simply done with the "rigid" checkbox.

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Hey guys, oldfag /b/tard here, its my first time posting on this board, i did 3d modelling last year at uni, and this year im on motion graphics, my plan is to make an ident of rigged construction machines doing various things, the problem is i dont really have time to build all the various machinery from blueprints, and id rather not have to spend a fortune on turbosquid

are there any good torrent trackers you all use ???
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you could try Blendswap. Plenty of sites that offer free models
You could make one of these every week if you put some effort in
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You can use the Sketchup 3D Warehouse, obviously as free user-submitted models there's varying quality but some of them are nicely made. You can either get them in .skp format or most will have an option for .obj format too which should import well into 3Ds Max or Blender.

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does anyone have working links for any of the main softimage tutorials?
I tried on /wsr/ and got no response so I figured that this would be the only place I'd have a chance to find them. All the torrents I tried have no seeders and direct download links are broken.
The one I'd be most interested in would be "Introduction to Softimage 2014"
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I didn't know people still used softimage
1.) get a job
2.) subscribe to digital tutors
3.) watch tut
4.) ?????
Why would you want to make any sort of serious investment in dead software OP

why is my model dark all of the sudden
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how can whitebois even compete?
cuz ur so dark and edgy xD
Bucause you set the mesh color to black. In the right down corner you have the color changer there you can change the mesh color.

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The mad man did another flag tutorial. Really makes u think
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Well, I think I know what r/blender is going to be saturated with for the next month.
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andrew price is dog poop in a jar
i am blender tutorials 666 and i made this flag with my design
soon i make a tutorial
I saw you in the other thread. Big fan of your work man, bopped that LIKE button :^)

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I heard you guys are desperate for cash.

Can I pay you guys like $3 an hour for animations?
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counteroffer: you can suck my dick for $3 an hour
So that'll end up with 0.03 cents.
If you're really that good I might give you a bonis.

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