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Im moving from from 3DS Max to Maya and im having a hard time trying to find some of my most used tools in maya.

Can someone be a senpai and tell me where to find these tools or their maya counterparts ...

1. Turbosmooth
2. Extrude and Bevel (for spline modeling)
3 Shell
4. FFD 2x2x2, 3x3x3, 4x4x4
5. Symmetry
6. Inset
7. How the fuck do i extrude a pline edge? in Max you just hold shift and drag, wtf you hold in maya?
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Mayas shit now they removed vertex merge tool

people were talking same shit when they introduced multicut tool..
there is merhe veryex tool ...

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Whats missing to make it 100% professional , /3/ ?
>>roast it, you will only make me stronger
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do it again until it looks professional

Post ur reference impossible to critique otherwise.
front arms look like shit. Longer than they should be, more outward than they should be. Face makes it look like it has downs. you haven't even applied fur texture yet.

You only gave us 1 and a half photos about it. Need more angles.

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how the fuck do you focus on a certain object in 3ds max so every time i try to rotate around the object my camera dosn't go all over the fucking place cause me to literally lose the object on my screen. SHITS SO FUCKING ANNOYING!

like in zbrush if you alt + right click on any part of the model your camera rotates around it.
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I think period on num pad


So much this

I don't consider myself a noob anymore but this shit is so anoying, and I only recall being able to change it once but I don't recall how

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blood animation.png
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Hello gods of 3D. I was wondering how can you do something like the image? It's a animation where the blood drop is going down, and as the blood is moving, it leaves a trail behind. How this trail of blood is made? After Effects?

How can you change the character texture in real time?
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shader tricks
nice. Looks like another deadly glasses throw right to the jugular
You talking about like in a video game or in something pre rendered?

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We having a new contest for king of /3/. Post WSF wips here
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I did that followed by a tutorial. I think i may do some more 3D modelling, what to do next. Can any1 recommend some websites or something for beginner?
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That is actually pretty fucking sick the tutorial i have is from digital tutors and its fucking waste of my time, the dnd result sont even have as much complex shit as yours, please share the tut

I would suggest replicating the things you've learned from that tutorial but in an original scene, and try not to refer back to the tutorial.
It's one thing to follow a tutorial, but completely useless if you didn't retain any information or have no creativity.
The digital tutors im doing is not even close to this, all im learning about is fuckigng edgeloops, and now people are telling me dont use edgeloops, wtf, seems like digitaltutors are some insiders to fuck people up instead of teaching them real quick methods and shortcuts

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I'm currently in the process of creating a 1997-1999 Toyota Camry in 3Ds Max 2016 student edition. I would appreciate it if you could rate it on a scale of one to ten and also to tell me how I can improve on it (specifically how to get smooth surfaces). The model is intended to be ported over to the game garry's mod which runs on the 2004 Half Life 2 Valve source engine. This is my first time making a model.
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More angles
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doesn't have much depth to it/10

Hi /3/. I'm working on a little side project for...reasons. It's a sort of high res version of Manny Calavera from Grim Fandango. I've rigged faces before with blend shapes and very simple joint-based modeling but I kind of wanted to go a step further and add in stuff like sticky lips, cheek puff and a GUI, which I've never done for anything joint based before.
What would be the best way to go about this? I'd really like to be able to drive the face with curve vertex points defined by clusters, so that the GUI reflects the expressions I can make, and have a slider for stuff like sticky lips or blinking, etc (right now i have each mouth vertices and eye vertices driven by its own controller but I was planning to hide those or attach them to the curve points once I had them figured out), but so far I've run into a lot of trouble just trying to drive the vertices with the GUI. I can't zero out the joints and when I try to move the joint and the nurbs circle I'm using for the driver at the same time, the joint moves unevenly so I find myself having to plug in the distance I moved the circle to the joint in order to get them to move in a 1-1 ratio.
I just need some tips and direction here from someone who's done this before, who would know the most efficient way to rig a face like this; since skeletons don't have eyeballs I really want to make it cartoonish and expressive. Any help is really appreciated!
I should also mention I'm using Maya LT for this so I can't use any otherwise helpful python scripts, which just blows.
Sorry for the wall of text, hopefully someone can help me or just let me know what I'm doing wrong so far.
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watch out for double transformations if you're going to combine blend shapes and on-face controls. direct connections, using set driven keys instead of point on poly constraints/follicles, are two ways to circumvent that problem.

you don't zero out joints since joints represent world space values/pivots. so I don't get why you want to zero them out. is it because you want to drive these joints with the gui controls? what you CAN do, if you want to create direct connections between controls and joint values, is connect to a group above each joint, or connect to a zeroed out joint that is moved via a group above itself.

note that what i described is pretty fucking tedious so you should script some of it

honestly, I don't entirely get what you're envisioning, also I'm not really a rigger or a high level artist at all. but I did make a rig a while back that had a sort of gui and combined a joint + blendshape setup: https://vimeo.com/176342795
go to 0:52, conceptually is this kind of what you're talking about?
First of all your stuff is amazing, I hope to get to that level someday.
I've only barely scripted in MEL but if I found some straightforward documentation on it or something I could try. And yeah, that's basically what I'm talking about.
Before this I've just done parenting, which wasn't a problem because as long as the control was in front of the face and parented to the head rig, the face joints moved properly. Since I want to use a GUI here I can't parent them and haven't really connected them any other way, but if you're saying connecting to a null group above each joint would fix that then I can do that easily.

If I'm not mistaken this rig https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQQO4koP7Q0 shows what I mean.
Also thanks a lot for being kind and offering your help!
Oh forgot to mention, I really want to stay away from blend shapes and just use set driven keys instead since a lot of the expressiveness will come from the eyes and mouth anyways. My computer's pretty old and Maya LT runs kind of shitty as is, haha.

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What are you working on, anon?

Does anybody have this unaltered image of the WIP thread?
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Fatal Frame.png
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I'm recreating Fatal Frame 3 Mansion. So far i'm having fun
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Still learning how to shade

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what is the best resource for learning the theory/technique of 3d modeling? every blender tutorial i've looked at is some paint by numbers shit.
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Find a tutorial of something with a good amount of complexity and that takes ~2 hours or so to complete. That should teach a good amount of nuance and technique.

Also, if you have a tablet or even a phone I guess, download the current Blender manual/documentation and read it from beginning to end. Just a few minutes of reading in bed every night is all you need.
> gib me fun theory/technique part first
> tutorials are paint by numbers shit, copying someone else is for faggots
> teach me a technical skill the way *I* think makes sense

> you should pick long, complicated project for your first exposure to a new skillset because the best way to commit information to long-term memory is to bombard it with the most information at once
> later, read documentation out of direct context from its product

/3/, is it worth it to school either of these idiots or should I just let this thread slowly hit page 10?
haha yeah man epic. nothing worse than a person making an honest effort to learn something new :^)

Guys my friend made this what do you think ?


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pretty good
das neato
Neeto burrito ma man

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Hello. I was wondering where would be the best/cheapest place to get the services of a 3D model maker for making STL files? I run a 3D printing buisness, and I need someone to design some basic shapes for my printer to print. My email is [email protected] for anyone who is interested.
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What where you thinking about?
Some of the shapes I would like printed are huminoid creatures. Goblins, zombies, mermaids, and mermen, and possibly more depending on how fast and efficient you are. Extra will be paid to anyone who can add a holder for a d20 at the base.
I also need someone to redesign one of my earlier projects so it's better for the demographic I'm selling to. I sell tarmogoyf dice, and I lost the program to make the sides different. I made one of the sides a 0/1, when I meant it to be a 6/7

Anyone know how I might go about creating a parody of one of these. I need artwork for a playlist I have made.
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Can't help you, but I'm curious what kind of playlist you have in mind - do tell
Are you a pleb or a novice?
You mean one exactly like this or just in general?

Either way, I'm sure much of it can be handled in Photoshop with ease.

/gd/ is probably a more suitable board for such trivial work.

If you must do it in a 3d software and want specifics:
Text can be done with a simple text tool, I'm sure any 3D package has this. For the ribbons, just create simple sub-divided planes and drop them with a cloth sim.

Everything else is seriously babby's first Photoshop work, google it.

Hey /3/, animation student here and I have a question for you all, not just animators.
I have my deadline for my 6 months long final project coming up soon but I can't seem to focus or concentrate on my work and then get distressed.
What do you do (at work, at home, or otherwise) to get back into the groove.
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Listen to a podcast or something while working?
I'm the kind of person who can't really work on something creative without some background talking.
Do you have any you could recommend?
Working alone is the worst.... Same problem here, when i was living and working with my friends i was making huge progress, but now am home and working alone on my demoreel and its like i have totally lost my motivation and creativity... Fucking hell...

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Its obviously a bad idea to rip a picture from google and use that as a texture for a commercial product without knowing what the legality of the image being used, but I was wondering if its possible to manipulate an image enough that it doesn't matter what the copyright on the image is. Pretty much to the point that the image that was used is beyond recognition.

Anyway, besides my question, perhaps we should use this thread for other legal questions regarding /3/dcg.
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This may sound dumb, I'm basically taking an extreme example to discuss the legality of manipulating copyrighted images.

One way of using an image for texture is using the color picker and taking color from the image. In my point of view, taking colors from an image is, in one way, using / manipulating the image. Obviously, no one is going to successfully sue you for taking colors from their image, but I wonder what the justification is between picking colors off an image and using the image as a texture.
Oh I just realized that a more sensible and less extreme example of this would be using a clone brush and taking a very small portion of a picture, like cloning the hair on an animal and painting a 3d model with the clone brush.
I'm not a lawyer, but it seems like that kind of use would be totally untraceable anyway, and I'm sure everyone who doesn't have access to a license for some huge database of assets does it anyway.

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