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I want to start using Cinema 4D, but I don't want to spend money on it and I don't know if there's any torrents with no viruses.

Does anyone have a safe Cinema 4D torrent?
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litteraly just go on piratebay or something. Though if you cant figure this out I doubt youl be able to do 3d shit
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>but I don't want to spend money on it
www.lemonparty.org is a great torrent website. Got Maya 2017 there, just need to sign up. If you sign up individually you will have to keep a seed ratio. If you sign up with a referral link you don't need to seed.

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When i plasing trees their trunks r inside the floor. It shouldn't be like that. Screenshots pinned. Need ur help.
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How it should be
Reset tree axis to its bottom.
Grab the trees and move them upwards? wtf is this thread.

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I'm looking for a free tutorial series that will be good for someone who already knows blender really well to get up to speed pretty fast.

Any ideas?
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"pretty fast" depending on how fast you pickup the tutorial
Don't go to free youtube tutorials all r horrible go to lynda udemy digital tutors or something like that and pick a basic course

Don't be retarded. There are amazing 3dsmax youtube tutorials.

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/3/, I'm looking for some all time, must have plugins for Blender. I'm tired of looking through 1-5 year old forum posts on shitty plugins. I just want to know what is the most essential ones I shouldn't be without? Help a brother out?
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Most of the really useful ones (e.g. Sapling or LoopTools) have been included in the more recent Blender builds.
Go to the User Preferences (CTRL + ALT + U), choose "Addons", then "Disabled", and tick every addon's box. Then save the user settings.
Looptols , Atlas , the retopo from cgcookie's github , sapling , ivy and Manuel bastioni and the sculpt tools to me
also rigify , booltool and motion trail

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i have a question that may make me sound dumb

but is there a way to get models from a existing game to use for things like 3d printing ?

like the weapons from overwatch to give a popular example
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you can rip them but they are lowpoly hard edged weapons and they will look lowpoly when printed which will look like shit
still might be worth doing
if i can get a basic shape i can take care of craving detail myself

how is it done?
you can printer in higher quality as long as you dont mind it taking 20 hours

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The 3D cutscenes in Catherine are amazing as far as expression and consistency. I wish anime that tries to go for 3D was on this level (looking at you, Berserk.) I prefer it way more over the 2D cutscenes in the game.

Any idea how to make models/animations similar to the 3D stuff in Catherine?
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Gonna dump some more gifs for examples
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can some1 answer some noob questions about Blender and Unity?

I followed this tutorial:


>Why does this have more than 65k polygons (when importing in unity) isnt that too high for vidya if every object was this heavy?

>Why aren't the colors and materials automatically imported? My imported model in unity has only imported some base materials but they do nothing. I havet to add textures myself and color everypart (again)
>(subquestion): Does Maya3d or other software handle this better?

>see http://imgur.com/a/BcZyC: Why is the part with the texture rotated wrongly? (Note that I added texture in unity and I had to rotate the disk manually in blender to make the texture align))
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This isn't a matter of Blender and Unity but, rather, a matter of 3D modelling and gaming in general.

The kind of things rendered in 3D modelling cannot be done in real-time via gaming. So when you model for gaming, you do so under entirely different parameters.

Trying to import something with render level complexities can be catastrophic in game engines if you're not careful. That same clock would have to be much simpler. Also the materials would have to be texture-based or made in-engine per assigned material slots.
You can keep all the vertex color data if you want though... But this is another matter entirely.
gotcha thx

i just used a simple diffuse shader with a color and it automatically transferred correctly. So im getting somewhere at least :3

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Hey! I ran into a problem while exporting things from makehuman to blender. I don't seem to undrestand, why the person on the left has a normal rig, but the guy (and every makehuman file I import) on the right has a rig that is a lot harder to work on. Generally I just want to know how to import these humans with the rig on the left. As you may see, I'm quite new.
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It's quite easy, select one of the loopshapes and make sure you are in pose mode.
go to the panel on the far right and click the button that looks like a stick man.

Under 'Display' uncheck the box marked 'shapes' - you can also see above that some tabs marked Octahedral - Stick B Bone. etc just ensure stick is highlighted.

One tip when exporting from MakeHuman is (unless you need to) don't touch the skeleton settings, leave it as default.

I also tend to select the rig, go to object mode - push M and move the rig to another layer, it makes it tidier.

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Hello gods of 3D. I want to discuss about working at home, being your own boss and shit. Whats your experience about this?

People quit their full time jobs to work with an idea, and this idea turns out to be really good to work with. Giving even more money than a full time job.

I want to work, but at the same time i want to be my own boss, you know? Doing my own animations, models, and going further and further in this. Kickstater, patreon, youtube, is this being the future??
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My Advice, dont asking for Advice on /3/

/3/ is shit place for asking advice

You could make porn but nobody would ever hire you in the industry again and you dont know how long this crowdfunded economy will last. Depending on country you will also be raped with taxes.

You have to create value. If you're creating something that people want to watch, then you have a shot or consume, then you have a good shot.

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Why would someone not use zbrush?
I'm new to 3d and I just can't see why you'd model something any other way. Why do I see people on here making these low poly models slaving away over each vertex, when it could be done so much more naturally on zbrush?
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Because Zbrush topology is a web of tris and if you plan to rig and texture your model you'll have to retopo. You can create a good base model, import to Zbrush, use Zbrush retopo tools or import back to modeling package. Most workflows require at least Zbrush + modeling package.
For topology control, hard surfaces, low poly, time constraint, personnal workflow.
Why you would use ZBrush for modelling a cat in background ?
>I'm new to 3d

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Any US freelancers here? I'm new to the industry in terms of professional experience and I recently found a job which pays me per project.

Things I need to do:
1) They send me models of LED arrangements which I sometimes need to change a bit. I also need to apply materials to them, including setting up the lights and glow.
2) They send me high res stock images I need to edit in PS removing arrangements that already exist on the images.
3) After it I go to 3Ds Max and recreate most of the surfaces of the scenes and place the LEDs in the scenes. I set up all materials for the scene and then render it all with VRay in several passes, which takes few hours.
4) I take renders and composite the passes onto the images.
5) Sometimes they approve sometimes they don't so I need to redo some stages of the process.

I was told they pay me fixed price per project, and when they asked how much, I thought for start it could be $15/hr and it would probably take me at least 5 hours to complete one project. So I said $75 per project.

So it turned out it takes me 8-10 hrs at least per project, not including "fixing" stuff when they ask. But as they pay me $75, it turns out I get around $450 per week, minus taxes will be $370 or so, which is less than fucking McDonalds and completely ridiculous considering that I have a degree in that field. I basically work on these day and night, all weekend too. I was going to ask them to pay more, but I realize they can just tell me - what the fuck we had a deal, now gtfo. And I will be left without income and I wasn't really able to find any full time job for a while.

My question is - what do you think I should do, go forward and tell them - I takes me more hours, so pay me more? Or I should just keep working low pay and keep looking for a full time job to reduce risks of homelessness and once I find a job, I could already ask them for more money?
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Stay with em for a while to contribute to your folio, once you have a decent level of work to show to potential future employers, ask for a raise and explain that you aren't being paid for the work you do.

Honestly, I would take your job in an instant. If i could do what i enjoy for a living, i would. I live quite frugally though.

Is that image something you've made? it looks great; worth way more than 75 bucks.
No, it's a random pic, I do interior renderings with LED lights and compositing, but they are also photo realistic yes. But I think you are right, I have no experience in my resume, only school, so probably I should stick to it while I look for a job. Also yes, I enjoy doing it anyway and it's at home where I can do it any time.

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How is this addon even legal?
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What is it anon?
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It is a highly obscure and esoteric Plugin which only Masterxeon himself seems to master, but why it still remains legal is a mystery to me.
It should be outright banned for heresy and black magic.

Greetings /3/!
/b/ sends you this lovely bomb!
What you do with it will depend on how well you can achieve your gets!

Here's how it works:

Singles do nothing.
Doubles send the bomb to the board of your choosing, I will be monitoring the thread to ensure the bomb ends up in the right place immediately,
Triples detonate the bomb.
Quadruples or greater will duplicate the bomb and sends it to the two boards of your choosing.

Best of luck, and may the gets be on your side!
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/mlp/ bomb this edgy freaks
trips get
kek 888 get for sure

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IP: intcraft.lunas.host

,The Year is 1880 AD

A week long grace period will last until 12.8., friday after launch

Historical RP will be STRICTLY ENFORCED

Towny, Ships, Cannons and Crackshot plugins

Meme recipes, new and old

Pirates not supported, sorry.
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wrong sub buddy

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I've got a 3D printer and used to model in Rhino 3D (made low poly tanks and robots for Total Annihilation mods)

What are some good techniques to learn specfically for 3D printing? I know building with wide bottoms and thin tops is the best, but what else?
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cute print mane :^)

there are no techniques really. all the industry standard printers have to use supports that you have to break and clean later on.

But some printers have two nozzles with two different materials; The fibre plastic material for the actual thing, and a seperate material for the supports which when you soak it in a liquid solution for 10 minutes diffuse in the water completely and give you a clean print with no support artifacts at all.
make a tiny hole in you model but still maintain good thickness

cute stuff op

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