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Going to Reykjavik at the end of this month. Anyone has been there and can recommend me some daily activities and operators that organize them? Links would be very much appreciated!
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Non-OP bump. For interest.
To clarify, are you looking for tours and shit to take you out into the countryside? Reykjavik itself is not so big or complicated that I'd guess there is such a thing in the city itself.
OP here. I am looking for tours outside the city, mainly for the usual iceland attractions, like waterfalls and other natural beauties - also is tripadvisor trustworthy?

Hello I am going to Rome, what are some things to see that is not about roman empire or any old buildings and roads?
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The Vatican museum, it's about old things and a church.
Exactly the opposite of what I am looking for.
race war

Anyways, I'm also going to rome, and OP. Isn't all the old shit the reason to go to Rome?

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How to go about renting rural/countryside property in cambodia ? I would be fine with just renting land, too. The more secluded the better.
The usual sites yielded basically no results.
Can you help me out, /trv/ ?
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That sounds like a bad idea. Once the Khmer caught wind of a foreigner living alone in the countryside you'd become a prime target for theft.

The cities are safe due to police presence and other people. Why not just rent out a nice apartment in PP that has 24 hour security?
the "khmer"?
so like, the cambodians?
Is it really that bad ? Im a nice fella

could you recommend the best way to get a nice deal on a "real" house ? Ive seen some on khmer24 that were from the 200-250 range, mostly the long "thin" ones. That would fit my budget, but thats not what im looking for. Im looking for a single house. Dont care about looks equipment etc, wanna live long term, i will make myself cozy.

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I want to travel in the South Pacific, but need help figuring where

I have a dream about going to small isolated islands, where there are little to no tourists, and I can live with local in small communities for short periods of time and island hop around to secluded beaches. Does this even exist? Where about in the South Pacific might I be able to live this?
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I don't think too many tourists make it to Palau or Yap, and if you are American you won't even need a visa
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cook islands?
>Palau or Yap

Nope. Palau is well on the way to heavy development (swim with the dolphins! cavort with Chinese tourists!) and Yap isn't exactly unknown (lots of scuba divers). If you want isolated in Micronesia you're better off going to an outlying atoll in Chuuk (although the Chuukese have a nasty reputation) or the Marshalls. In either case, island hopping will be difficult without a boat and living conditions will be extremely primitive.

Is it possible to hitch rides on cargo ships? Say I show up at a southern Chinese port and find a ship headed for Australia. Would it be feasible to show up with passport and visa in hand, saying you'd do all the shitty labor like washing dishes and cleaning toilets for a ride to Australia?
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Here's your (You). You're not as funny as you think.
I imagine it'd go something like this: I ask for two minutes of the captain's time, and then say "Sir, I'd like to hitch a ride on your ship to [destination] in exchange for free labor. I can cook, clean, and do simple maintenance, and I'm a quick learner. I also have military training. I'll do all the menial labor that yourself and your crew is too preoccupied to do. I'll sleep in a storage room with my own gear, and I'll bring my own food. All I ask for is a briefing on emergency procedures, 8 hours a sleep a night, and a daily shower. Does that sound agreeable to you, sir?"
wew lad, didn't know this was a meme topic on here. I'm serious about it though. I like to travel as frugally as possible.

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I'm having some thoughts about visa issues/passport stamps and thinking that multiple passports may be able to help me with this issue.

Essentially I want to visit Iran, but as of Dec 2015 this means that I will be no longer eligible for a USA ESTA or VWP. This is a massive ballache and something I want to avoid.

My country (IRE) allows me to hold two passports at one time, and I'm also eligible for a UK passport, so getting a second one is not a big issue for me.

What I want to know is this; will there be any way that USA border control will know I have visited Iran if I only get the stamp on one of my passports (and use the other one). Is there some electronic register of what countries you have visited? Or is it solely the stamps in your passport that gives them this information.

I guess this is also relevant to Israel stamps and getting into Arab countries - does anyone have any experiences to share?

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I think you could work with two different passports.

For other anons who only have one, maybe you can 'loose' your passport if it doesn't expire in time (5,5 more years to go for me) and apply for a new one.

With all the spying going on, maybe the USA will look up your details and travel history. Maybe they'll find it. If you're really paranoid you may consider flying to Canada or Mexico and entering overland so you don't give them time to prepare and do a thorough search on you. Assuming they investigate people who buy plane tickets into the US, that is.

If all else fails, just go to Iran and forget about the USA. Iran is definitely worth it!
I don't know, but I'm monitoring this thread with interest. European here, I really want to visit Iran, but I also don't want to get fucked in the ass by getting a travel ban to the US.
when filling out the esta you're asked whether you've visited iran. whether you did so on another passport is irrelevant. so you'd have to lie about that - a bad idea.

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Hey, what the fuck do you do when you're traveling solo? I'm 19 and going all over Russia but I can't seem to meet anyone. All the hostels are fucking empty. What do I do? Just go to a bar? People will laugh at me. I swear I'm retarded for thinking this was a good idea.
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>Just go to a bar? People will laugh at me
Why would they laugh at you for going to a bar?
If anything, you might get a few drinks once they see your backpack
I carry around a huge ass bag. I leave it at the hostel anyway.
You need to let go of your insecurities, my friend. Go to a bar, smile, shake hands, and buy the first round. There, you've made a lasting good first impression, and people will talk to you like friends.

Give me some serious suggestions I beg you! It is urgent. I've slept for too long.

Don't have more money other than for a one way ticket. Fallout Shelter is no option. Building Noah's Ark is not I guess. Fighting Zombies unarmed definitely isn't.

Don't know who I can ask. Don't know people who have traveled across the world. Don't know people who are geographically proficient. Don't know smart people in person.

Thanks for reading. Appreciate serious feedback. May God bless you!
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Your post is full of what you don't know, what you don't have, and what you don't want.

What _do_ you want? What kind of events are you seriously concerned about? Nuclear war? Earthquakes? Hurricanes? Race war? Even in the best of locations, it's hard to be totally self-sufficient and live anything like a first-world lifestyle. Eventually you will run out of gunpowder, or salt, or something. Even Neolithic peoples had trade networks.


I am more scared of my fellow human beings than mother earth. My standards are rather low, I am tough and fuck the first world.
I suggest killing yourself my man

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Hey trv,

Looking into spending 5 days in Quebec City in December for holiday. Looking to do sight seeing in Old Quebec as well as experience the food, shopping etc that it has to offer.

Does anyone have any past experience here? Random advice? Good places to stay?

Any input is appreciated!
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As much as I love Quebec City, five days might be a bit too long. I would recommend looking at other options just in case you get bored.

Depending on the week you might be able to go skiing/snowboarding, or visit Charlevoix which is one hour away. Squeezing a two-day trip to Montral would also be possible, but that would be rushed.
I see. Skiing and snowboarding is a little out of my budget unfortunately. How long would you recommend for the city? Any must see places that aren't commonly listed?
I've been to Quebec City many times and other than the small downtown area and the pricey places to eat there isn't much to do. It's pretty isolated. Montreal might be a more fun alternative. Not to mention English is far more common there if that is an issue for you.

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Recently returned from Hawaii, and it's pretty much my favorite place in the US.

I've decided I want to move to Hawaii.

How feasible/difficult is this? I have an Associate's in Business Administration, TEFL/CELTA certification, and am a certified personal trainer.

Also Hawaii General
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uhm for a starter it would be nice to know where you are from

Details of why you want to move there you stupid incomplete aspie.

Also where are you from.
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Not sure there is a huge market for TEFL in Hawaii.

Also not sure if serious....

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I'm heading out into the world with no return date in sight. Actually, I'd prefer never returning.

In that regard, I won't be having an address anywhere. I'll still be a citizen of my country, though. How difficult is it to get visas while out traveling when you don't have a home address? Say I spend a year in Japan and want to head to Australia afterwards. How would I go by getting a visa?
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you would need to apply for a visa which can be done via the website, however you need the address..... there would be an aussie embassy in Japan so just go there and get one/ ask about details.
>Say I spend a year in Japan

LOL. You won't and can't.
LOL yourself. That's actually what I've planned. Everything is set for it.

Didn't make it into exchange at Ireland so am going to London instead.
Pretty sad about this so what are some reasons to be happier with England?
Pic related bad weather in Ireland...
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with england? plenty
with londonistan? my condolences anon
London is fine, ignore /pol/itical crap. And if you get a craving for Ireland, it is not far away at all.
>Pretty sad about an exchange in one of the cities that has a legit claim to being a world capital
Gee anon.

Hey, I'm gong to be in Singapore for 4 days next week. I'd like to go to Malaysia for a day trip if possible and appreciate any advice, suggestions, etc. Does anyone have experience doing this? Thanks!
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P-please respond..
Don't. There's really nothing to see here, people just come here to shop. If you're interested in places like beaches or mountains, one day is not enough, since they're pretty far from Kuala Lumpur, I assume you're going there.

Also, how are you gonna go to malaysia from singapore anon?
airport and waiting. faster than cars though
the nearest state to singapore is Johor and it is 4 hours from Kuala Lumpur, also expect traffic jams to and from singapore/malaysia.
I wasn't planning on going to Kuala Lampur. I have no plan. I have 4 days in Singapore and just assume I will be bored after two days. So I figured I'd try Malaysia for a day. Am I wrong?

I did some research and read up on Malacca. Somewhat close to Singapore. Is it worth it?

Im a mexican traveling to Victoria, BC for the next semester, any advice?
I've never stayed in a place for so long.
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Don't know what to tell you anon, just have fun! Victoria is a very laid back place so I can't see you not getting along with anyone (unless you're autist). Are you staying with a host family or on your own?
Im staying with a host family. To be honest I'm kind of scared that my english will be too shitty. Anyways thanks, are you from Victoria?
Victoria local here. Don't worry anon, I can tell that your English is much better than many international students that I know. Lots of (mostly Chinese) students make do with very poor English, but yours seems fine.

Victoria is a rather small, boring place. My main piece of advice would be to take the time to visit places outside Victoria. Tofino, Vancouver, etc.

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Planning on going to Montreal/Quebec for the first time this fall. I will be traveling alone and I can speak some French. General thoughts on where to stay and what to do?
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airbnb in someplace in montreal thats within 5 minutes walking from a metro stop. orange line is best.
Gonna be going to Montreal next week myself. What kind of stuff are you interested in? Can't really speak to where to stay, my brother lives in Mtl and I bunk at his place when I visit.

For museums the Pointe-de-Callieres is pretty neat, bunch of exhibits on the archaeological history of Montreal and down in the basement they have a bunch of the foundations of the original settlement. There's also the Beaux-Arts, the Canadian Architecture Center, the contemporary art gallery... don't bother with the biodome or the environment museum, the buildings they're in are neat but I wouldn't spend money going inside. Lot of oddball experimental architecture from the boom time of the 60s and 70s dotted all around the city while the area along the waterfront is a lot more European feeling.

Mile-End is the epicenter of Montreal's local music scene, there's a shitload of small venues dotted around there if you want to catch a show. Fuckloads of restaurants and bars and quirky shopping along St. Catherine and St. Laurent streets. Either St. Viateur or Fairmount for bagels (you're never going to get a consensus on which one is better), Schwartz's for smoked meat, La Banquise for poutine. I've heard a lot of really great things about Le Robin Square but I've never had the chance to try it out myself, might try getting a seat next visit.
whats a good location for a hotel? Or should I try a hostel?

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