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What are some good states to move to in the US?

I live in oklahoma and I hate it here more each day.
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North carolina, virginia and new york are pretty nice if you want to live in a medium to large city. Norcal, oregon and tennessee if you want to live rural
Warm or cold? Dry or humid? Pro-gun or anti-gun? Pro-pot or anti-pot? Urban or rural? Do you need mountains, coastline, or lakes? Do you have an arbitrary preference of east or west?

Answer these questions and I may be able to help you.
>North carolina
Nope, we're full, sorry.

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hi /trv/

I'm a 19 yr old uni student in the USA w/ around ~$2000 to travel this winter with. i'm hoping to try and travel to a country that is

1. easy for a person who has never traveled before 2. is affordable 3. capable of traveling as only an English speaker

the dates I'd be going would be January 2nd - January 9th-ish. I'm just wanting to do a week long trip to get used to traveling.

Thoughts on where to go? I'm generally interested in sights / country but I realize winter makes that difficult, so I think just having a fun city life would be cool for a few days.

Thanks !
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also forgot to add this in

I have been really looking at Prague simply due to an interest in culture. Is Czech Repub as a solo/beginner traveler too difficult?

>January 2nd - January 9th-ish.

A week long trip is nothing. Unless your going somewhere very local the costs of the flights to and from would not be worth it at all.

I'd do 2 weeks and probably go to Thailand/SEA somewhere. Flights will be expensive but you can live for 2 weeks off a grand pretty easy.
Prague is fine with English only. It'll feel as easy to navigate as Disney World It only needs 3 days max though, maybe a 4th day if you do a side trip. Brno, sadly, isn't rated "worth the time" but of course that is going to offend some people to overgeneralize it like that. It was the industrial capital of the former communist republic when they were joined, has lots of efficient government buildings at low cost installation as a result. Try taking a train to either Vienna (expensive) or Budapest (harder to do on English only as a new traveler, but totally worth it for the culture), or maybe Dresden. Or connect through Iceland and soak in the blue lagoon, or a day in Paris or something?

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Is there any non American here (Europeans preferred) who moved to the states for extended periods of time and managed to work while there?
My reasoning behind this is that my girlfriend is from there and she can't come back to Europe within the year due to doctor appointments, so i want to close the distance, but I'm also broke. I've scoured the internet but nothing has helped, so I'm hoping someone may have done the same thing.
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>American girlfriend
pls tell my how you met her.

t. someone whose biggest goal in life is to become an American and getting an American gf is the best way to do it
We met at an art program in my country.
I don't really care to become an American, I don't like the country so much, but I don't like restrictions.
Are you the German dude with the thread?

Are you asking how to be an "undocumented worker"?

Get a job that pays cash. Get your girlfriend to get some landscaping company or restaurant to give you a job that pays under the table.

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Alright, /trv/, I have an idea.
Say you wanted to get to Europe or South America or whatever, but you couldn't afford a ticket.
Could you work on a cruise ship (Or any type of ship) for a few months+ until your contract ended, and hop off on a port thats at or near your intended location?
Would this work?
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Not this meme again.
Helpful. Thanks. Lotsa info.
Why is it a meme? The requirements for the US cargo ships seem daunting, but it doesn't need to be a US ship.
I think this is confused with the "can I just work odd jobs on a cargo ship for free transport" meme. Working a cruise ship is a different kettle of fish -- they do hire lots of workers for entertainment, food service, housekeeping, etc. and you do not have to have any sort of seamanship rating or anything for those jobs.

Whether or not they will let you disembark at a foreign port would be something you'd have to ask them. My hunch would be that they would not, as they hire a lot of semi-developed world workers and there are probably pressures on them not to let those workers informally immigrate. Contracts are likely "embark where we hire you, and we'll drop you there at the end.

But I guess you could sneak off, maybe?

Still, this seems like a really hard way to get to a location, work a regular job and save plane fare.

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Grand Oasis_Cancun.jpg
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Plan on going throughout the reading week break ( October 9 - 16 ). Any personal reviews from this hotel. Also any good excursions around the area.

All replies will be appreciated
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>going to cancun for spring break
>going to a resort when you go on vacation

fucking YAWN man, you could go anywhere but instead you want to go to a place that is just mini america inside giant walls to keep all the outside culture out

Take your money and fly to whatever part of america you aren't currently living in, you'll have more fun visiting a new city than drinking yourself to death in a very expensive prison
Oh shush.
Never been to that hotel, but if you are going down there and have an interest, I'd recommend not spending all your time on the resort property (typically, they will try to encourage you to stay with them, but it is worth getting out and seeing the local stuff a bit. Or it is to me, there is also a lot to be said for sitting on a beach and drinking a drink and not giving a literal fuck... to each his own.)

Look for local parks and maybe festivals going on outside the hotel zone, and if you want a beautiful white sand beach with few people, it is worth the run up towards Isla Blanca -- but the road is crap, and you want to make sure your transport is locked in to get you back, no cabs out there. There is a lunch-ish restaurant/bar out at the end, but last I was there it was closed for renovations.

A day-trip to some of the Mayan stuff or a xenote for jumping into would be worth considering.

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Hey all,

I'm going to be in Minneapolis for a week and I'll be staying right in "downtown west" near the loring greenway according to google maps. I won't have a car, so my only transportation is walking or public.

I don't really do nightlife, but I love going out to eat and seeing sights/scenery/nature stuff.

What's good to do / to eat?

Any parts of town I should avoid?

Any parts of town I should definitely visit?

I hate malls, but is it worth it to go to mall of america just because it's big?

Any good photography opportunities?

Generally a safe city?

Thanks all
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Don't go to moa unless you don't mind aggressive amounts of people.

Avoid Brooklyn park north of the city mostly

Probs won't be mugged but tons of Somalians who very well might

Go to institute of art, it's free
You seem like the hipster type. You'll blend right on in...I really need to get out of the city
I live in Minneapolis.
There's lots to do. Go to the institute of art, its free. Nearby visit the swedish american institute, and get lunch there. A pretty neat bistro they have there. that serves nordic food.

Where you're staying is really close to the Walker museum, which has modern art. It's really nice, and on thursday evenings 5pm-8pm entry is free.
There's tons of microbreweries. Lakes & Legends is one in Downtown West. I've never been there but i've heard its decent.

The MOA isn't worth it just cuz its big. It's literally every stereotypical mall experience compressed and amplified. Any mall store you can think of, from Gap to Macy's right down to the dippy cellphone case kiosks run by weird middle easterners. You probably won't like the mall. Although there is an Aquarium at the MOA.

It's kinda fun to walk around the skyway system downtown, especially on a workday. In IDS center you can go to the top of that and get a skyscraper view ( i think) of the city-- costs $$ obvs. Also in IDS there's a donut stand called Bogart's-- fucking amazing donuts. Their store is on 36th St and Bryant Ave, really close to my house.

Parts of town you should avoid? North Mpls i guess... it's the 'hood, although i doubt you'll find any reason to go there.

Public transport is pretty good for a Midwestern city. Buses are reliable, and the Light Rail system is okay, but there's only 2 lines - Blue between the airport and downtown mpls, and Green goes between downtown Mpls, and downtown st paul.

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Is it of your interest to get to know the largest number of places possible or to get to know the most of the places you visit?

I tend to prefer the former. there is too much to know and not much time to know it all. But I get criticized all the time.

What is your opinion?
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My opiniuon:

There is no One True Way to travel, nor one correct set of goals while traveling. Pretending that there is, and that I know what it is, would be foolish.

Gor me, I want to see as many places in the world as I can -- I do not see that as incompatible with spending more time in places when I can, but if that is not possible, that's OK. You can even use a "10 countries in 10 days" trip to advance scout for which places interest you enough to go back and spend more time.

In any case, it is never the point, for me, to travel in such a way as to meet somebody else's expectations,
Depends on the place.
I'm on a year+ long trip. I started by moving around super fast, every 2-3 days. Now I stay for a week or more in most spots because I've realized that it's not the places that I care about, it's the people. Sooo many times I left interesting people and girls that could have turned into something, so that I could see some sight or take some tour.

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I'm not sure if this is the right board, but as I'm not sure where else to put this, it goes here.

Learning languages is a passion, and a great way to open up windows into new cultures and people's minds when abroad. But I'm having some trouble finding good resources for learning languages on my own. Where do you guys go to do this, and what resources do you use?

I tried things like LingvoLive, but it doesn't really teach you a language; only how to parrot it. I'm thinking especially of learning the Western European languages and Russian right now, but any advice about any language is welcome.

Please share own experiences!

Currently I had a lot of good experiences with sites like masterrussian.com, obviously for learning Russian. SharedTalk, which has been replaced by HelloLingo, has also been an excellent resource.
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Russian pop songs: Zveri, Nautilus pompilus
also there are online teachers
Not op, but is babbel a good site to learn a new romance language?
/int/ is another great option for your question. They have info on learning languages in their sitcky.

My family (12 people) wants to get a villa somewhere in the western hemisphere over New Year's week. They're looking at Cabo (Pedregal) but I'd like something a bit less well-known to bring down the per person price and up the cultural experience.

Any ideas? We'll be hiring a cook so good native cuisine is a must. Proximity to the ocean is a must too.
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I would think the Caribbean would have, somewhere in all those islands, what you are looking for. But my one experience raveling down there during Christmas/New-Year's week was that air travel becomes a nightmare as the ATC in that part of the world is easily overwhelmed that week, particularly on Fridays, which are big travel-days for inter-inland flights anyway.
God I hate rich faggots so much. Fuck you OP.
Hey OP, how much do you expect the total cost for this to be, not just per person. Trying to think if this would ever be feasible down the road for a smaller group.

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Anyone ever tried any of those couch surfing sites?
Do they work?
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If you're thinking of the specific site couchsurfing.com, I've had my very best travel experiences through it.

Just to be clear, I've never actually stayed over at anybody's place, but not for lack of offers. But quite a few of my friends have done so, and I don't know anybody who's ever had a bad experience. Of course, there are weird people on there, but I've always been able to weed them out through exchanged messages.

I always put out a message on the country's/city's page, saying I'd like to meet up, a little about my plans for the stay, and an invitation for people to join in. I'm a guy, and it's always seemed to me that girls make out about 4/5 of the people that contact me. I've heard the opposite is true for girls, though. But I've always gotten so many messages with invitations or just travel tips, that it's even been hard to prioritize who of them you'd like to actually meet up with, as there simply isn't time for everybody. The definition of a luxury problem.

To give you an impression of just how big a resource Couchsurfing has been for my travels, I'll give you some examples:

1. South Africa
A friend and I had decided to hike up the mountain side of Table Mountain in Cape Town with a bottle of wine and some food. I put my number and an invitation to join us out on the city's CS page, and we were suddenly joined by a Norwegian girl and two Australians. We ended up hanging out for the rest of the evening, going out partying and eating together. I still have a standing couch offer in Australia.

2. Kyrgyzstan
After having seen my message on Bishkek's page, a girl contacted me, saying she'd love to meet up. If I wanted to, she'd hook me up with guided tourist trips and whatever help I needed. She and her family were working at a festival, and suddenly I ended up being brought along, and spent an evening at what was like a parody of Eurovision, along with her Kyrgyz grandparents and parents, and ended up drinking vodka with the entire family. In the end, I was practically adopted by the family, and we still keep in touch often.

3. Georgia
I went to Georgia this summer, and did the same thing. I think I received messages from around 17 people, who wanted to meet up, and got a lot of good advice about where to go from others. I ended up meeting up with two of them. The first was a girl and her boyfriend, who invited me back to their parents' place for a nice evening with traditional food, drinking, and talking. The second one was a girl I ended up spending almost every day with, as she took it as her personal responsibility to make sure I got to see all there was to see both in Tbilisi and beyond. I still keep in contact with both of them, and will definitely be visiting them again some time next spring.

There is no doubt in my mind that I'll be a CS host myself as soon as I can. There are a lot of dedicated hosts that make sure the community is an amazing resource for travelers. A lot of cities also have their own CS evenings once a week, where anybody can come and meet up with other couchsurfers. Of course, as mentioned earlier, the community isn't spotless, but to me it's an invaluable resource.

I hope this answers your question in a not too ecstatic way. I'll check in on the thread in case you have any more questions.

I gave up on Couchsurfing a couple years back.I got the impression that it doesn't work spectacularly in many touristic cities.

When I was in Scotland, I fired off dozens of personalized messages to prospective hosts, many of whom were recently active. The best I received was a single "Maybe" from a man who never wound up providing his address. I wondered what was going on, and then I realized: most men, based off their references, seemed only willing to host women, and most women either don't host or host only other women or couples.

The last time I tried Couchsurfing was last winter. I put up a "Trip" and got one message from a young Indian lad which read, "hey Anon ...... u gay?"

Never bothered with it since, though I did host a Nepali couple and a handful of other folks when I had a nice apartment in New Delhi. Similar to what the Anon above wrote, I've also had some okay experiences with Couchsurfing meetups. However, I don't count on the site to find me accommodation.

I'm in India (again) and suspect it would work rather well here. The same goes for a lot of the developing world, wherein many people seem genuinely interested in meeting foreigners and strangers. I've just not had reason to find a host, given that lodging is so cheap.

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I wish to plan a trip to Denmark, some time in the future. As for why Denmark, I don't know, but I have an unnatural liking towards the country, and I'm learning the language right now.

I'm trying to get advice on what to do there. I've traveled before, to Thailand and Hong Kong, but it was with family and I didn't really hold the reigns for the traveling decisions. Denmark will be my first trip where I get to hold the reigns and also my first time in Europe.

A thing that I already had in mind worth doing was biking, but maybe skiing as well. Is skiing worth it in Denmark, or would I be better off just going to Norway instead?

Also possibly fishing. Is it possible for a tourist to go fishing? Especially since I've only fished very few times in my life. Or would I just have to make friends that know how to fish to take me?

Are there any other fun activities like that? I'm not really a shopping and museums person, unless the museums can hold my attention. I don't mind seeing historical landmarks as well. And I'm definitely willing to go outside of Copenhagen.

I know my whole post might sound really vague for someone to give advice to since I haven't said anything about my budget or about how long I plan to be there. But this trip is very far into the future and I don't even know yet how much I'm willing to spend.

Again, I'm just looking for recommendations for stuff to do or what it will be like if I go there.
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Dane here.

There's no possibility of skiing. We have zero mountains. Fishing is possible with a license tjah you can buy online, just Google "fisketegn".

Fun activities? Eh. Nothing particular comes to mind. Copenhagen have a great nightlife though.

If you're /out/ in any way, we do have a shitload of free camping spots all over the country.
According to Google, Denmark has 8 slopes. Maybe these are all really shitty.

I'm not really /out/, I just like the activities I listed above.

And I feel like every city in the world has a great night life. Anything else that's unique to Denmark? Anything cultural? Could be just food or whatever.
Where exactly are you going in the country?

I'm in Copenhagen, so can only comment on that. But I could show you around if you came here. I'm a hotel receptionist, so I know the cool places.

What are your worst flying experiences?

I've just got back from Cyprus, and it was a lovely week on a great island with great weather, great food and lots of history, which was bookended by two utterly farcical flights.

Going out, the flight was due to depart an hour late because of a technical fault which held up the aircraft's previous flight, which I guess couldn't be helped. But then after we boarded, they kept us on the plane for another hour, with the air con not working, on a blistering hot day, with no explanation or anything. We were sweltering in this sweaty, rammed cabin and eventually we departed about two hours behind schedule. So thanks, Thomson Airways.

Then, coming back, about five minutes before we were due to land into Leeds/Bradford, they decided to tell us that we couldn't land at Leeds due to heavy fog (even though it's still summer and the weather in the UK has otherwise been very hot - what the actual fuck?) and we'd have to divert to Manchester. Wouldn't have been so much of a problem, if it wasn't for the fact this was at 2 in the morning and everyone was utterly tired. Of course this is beyond the control of the airline and the airport, but still, what a ballache.
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Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

This isn't your Facebook

Those arent even that bad
Get out of my thread if you don't like it then you whiny faggot.

Single militaryfag getting stationed in Gunsan SK in February, what do I need to know about Korea? I have a year, what should I see? Can most people understand English or do I need to know some Korean to get by? What are the qts like?
9 posts and 1 images submitted.

Did you graduate from college?

Most of you guys who end up in Asia are high school fuck ups that end up raping and being general faggots ruing America's reputation abroad and are totally undeserving of the extreme respect you get here back in the states.

Are you one of those guys?
Too edgy for this board. Americans do go overboard in their worship of the military but America's reputation is ruined far more by its politicians than its troops.
trump is fine, he acts exactly like your average american on vacation

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Hey /trv/, I don't come here often but this seemed like the place to go ask

What are fun things to do in Portland? I googled around a bit, but I've seen comments below the articles of this and that saying that the content is totally out of date or flat wrong.
Going to be taking a girl there, hanging out most of the day, then want to enjoy some of the night life before retiring to a comfy hotel. Really want to give her a good experience (idgaf honestly, I'm a fairly boring person and will mostly be chaperoning her around enjoying her enjoy everything)


>Taking starry-eyed girl to Portland for the day and night
>wat do
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why is there the same thread asking the exact same thing about the exact same place two times a week
File: 1243546567.jpg (7KB, 194x259px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My gut instinct would be to call "SHILLS" but since I'm the OP I can inform you (for what an anons word is worth anyway) that it is not the case.

I also searched the catalog and hit up the archive, being more of a lurker then a poster. I saw no specific Portland threads.

Though if there is another one before Saturday and this one bombs it would be awfully convenient for me.
>spoonfeeding yet again


Hey trv
Currently in London, Soho to be precise.
Wondering if anyone can hook me up
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You have to be 18 to post on this site.
Weed is illegal in London you dumbass.
Nice try, officer.

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