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What age did you first solo travel and where did you go to?
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tfw 18 and wanna solo travel but broke af and have college
Ibiza for a month
What a month it was~

At 19 I went to Southeast Asia for 3 months. Went to college on scholarship, had parents' help paying for the little cost my scholarship didn't cover, and then worked and saved my freshman year to afford it. Even if I hadn't had help, I could've probably managed to take the same trip the next summer with another year to save

Guys, I would seriously appreciate any information you could provide.

I'm supposed to go to a university in Austria, Vienna (already spoke to the uni, summer semester, empty places left etc., got the requirements to get accepted yada yada), but guess what, I have no money. Not too surprising for a student, and a slav to that.

Reason I'm going is, I need to get my shit together, move myself. That aside though, my parent would be able to provide €250 monthly, and I would need to find a part time job, which would yield €350 max. ( Aus. law doesn't allow for more)
Total, I'd have €600 monthly, clearly not enough to survive each month.

I'm still missing about €200, as from what I've read online, you can get by just fine with ~€800. (I'll be living in a dorm, won't spend any money on unnecessary luxury)

Now, where the fuck do I get the additional €200 each month?
I already spoke to the Austrian federal aid people, and they aren't able to give me a grant, so that's out. Also, I'll already be working part time, so two part time jobs are out, since max. working time per week is 12 hours. Lastly, I really, really don't want to take a bank loan and have them take 20% of my salary for 20 years. Fuck. That.

Do you have any idea? This would mean so much to me!

already posted on /adv/ btw.
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What are you doing at university?
Gonna do engineering, electrical or mech.
I'm not really sure how you're gonna make the extra money. Unless you did some cash-in-hand jobs to stay under the radar of the €350 law?

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I see these backpackers with massive backpacks staying in hostels and I think what could they possibly need to bring with them that warrants lugging that on your back across countries?

I've travelled with my little brothers tiny backpack stuffed with clothes and toiletries because I was late for a flight/the train/whatever (I'm always late) and couldn't find another bag

So why do these backpackers need such enormous bags? They're not sleeping outdoors they're staying in hostels
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Sorry to hijack this thread with my own question but i wanted to ask. Is it a good idea to backpack with a duffel bag? Im contemplating it as it saves me having to fork out 200+ on a new bag that looks ugly having to carry around.
You always bring to much stuff
I just got a new backpack for my travels, kelty redwing 50 reserve. Fits me perfectly and fits about all I need for a multi year trip. I also keep my backpack weight down to about 10kg. I sometimes wonder myself why anyone would bring more when those 10kg already feels heavy but I've met girls a head shorter than me who were carrying 15kg+.

My only explanation is human nature and a noobish traveler. Think about our lives, we accumulate random crap that we don't even need 90% of the time. It's to the point that minimalistic lifestyles are seen as something unusual when in reality those people just get rid of junk that everyone could get rid of and wouldn't even notice. New travelers also don't fully know what they will need on their travels so they take more than its needed, most people start dropping things off along the way or sending them back home.

It depends on where you're going and what you want to do. If you're train hopping across Europe then it won't really be an issue. If you're thinking of doing some trekking or nature walks in Asia it's going to be super inconvenient unless you also have a smaller backpack with you and leave the duffel somewhere.

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New Japan General

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.

Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refer to the old thread while it's still up: >>1158549
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I'm have Coeliac disease so I can't eat gluten. How fucked would I be in Japan? I think it will mean missing an integral part of the culture, but there are still lots of other things to enjoy.

On the other hand i'm considering just eating gluten while I'm there, but I'll get quite sick and it might ruin the experience.
What's a good club to go to on a Sunday in Tokyo?
I have two specific questions about Kyoto:

1) I'd like to go to free Japanese classes by volunteers. I'd say my level is between beginner and intermediate and I have found this list:


Does anyone have experience with this and can recommend a certain class?

2) I would like to know where in Kyoto the university departments for English, French and German studies are, but I can't really navigate the sites. Can someone help me with this?

I'll be going to New York City for the first time in my life soon. What should I make a point to do while I'm there for a week? I'm not too interested in tourist traps and care a lot more for getting the "essence" of a place and becoming a part of it. I also like books and Japanese culture and anime, what are some good stops for all of those? Thanks friends. English is my second language so sorry for any bad grammar.
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>What should I make a point to do while I'm there for a week
Oh boy, what do you like? There are museums, there are places to eat, there are cool bars and music scenes... it depends on what you want to do.

>Do: Visit times square
The energy and layout is kind of unique, I'd say it's definitely worth visiting at least once.
>Do not: Pay for pictures with the performers or eat at restaurants at times square
Tourist trap defined.

>Do: Visit Grand Central
The building is really fucking neat and you can get around NYC thanks to the subway stop. There's also direct service (back and forth) to times square.

>Do: Visit the Empire state building or One WTC
Good views. The elevator ride on One WTC is neat.

>Do: Get a metrocard and consider whether you want dollar amount or unlimited ride metrocard 7 days
Having the subway is the best part of NYC in easily and inexpensively getting around. You pay per entry to the subway system, NOT per train taken (leave the subway and you have to pay to reenter). Entry into the subway system is $2.25, while an unlimited 7 day metrocard is $31. If you enter/exit the subway 14 times throughout your trip (you enter the subway system twice or more per day of the trip, assuming one week = 7 days) then the unlimited card pays for itself.

>Do: Be adventurous in eating
There are McDonalds, Starbucks, Pizza Huts, etc. in NYC. There is SO MUCH GREAT FOOD IN NYC. DO NOT EAT AT CHAINS. Good food ranges in price from very inexpensive to very expensive and everywhere in between on price. I recommend you get Yelp/Google Maps/Zomato, and if you're staying at a hotel or with locals to ask them too.

>Do: Consider getting a SIM Card while in the US
T-Mobile has an 100 voice minute/unlimited Text/5GB high speed data plan for one month for $30. Much cheaper than Roaming. T-Mobile plans (if you have one from overseas) should generally roam fine in the US.
>>1143225 (continued)
>Do: Consider seeing a broadway play.
There are some excellent ones. I highly recommend Book of Mormon.

There are some guides online which suggest less touristy shit:

I live North of NYC (75 minute train ride/45 minute ride) so I've been to NYC a lot and find compressing the list hard... I wish you the best of luck for a happy vacation in the US/NYC though.
early morning bacon egg and cheese at the bodegas
duck sauce late afternoon

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i read all of these threads about people spending <$1000 a month travelling South East Asia, is it really enjoyable being such a tight ass every day? My last trip earlier in the year cost $15,000 AUD for 6 weeks for me and my GF, Vietnam and Cambodia.
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>15k dollaridoos for 6 weeks
Jesus Christ, and I though I got ripped off by those primitive slant-eyed gooks
>aprox. $360 AUD a day

for what purpose
spending a little up front cash on motorcycle then traveling around rural SE asia camping and eating cheap food sounds prety fucking dank if you ask me.

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Looking for a cheap place to take a year off from western culture.
I just cant take the ridiculous politics and feminist bullshit any longer. I need a break.
I have about 30k american in savings and am very frugal.
Just want a nice place to relax in a cheap apartment and be able to cook food and go out and have a cocktail now and again.
Would love to go on a date where I am not in fear of being accused of rape if I dont call her back the next day.
Please help guys, I am at my wits end here.
I will come back and be productive in a year or two I promise.
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Philippines. Ticks all of your boxes.
And I wish I could join you.
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Philippines is very similar to Western culture, due to their shared recent history. It's dirty, grimy and polluted. But the people are very friendly.

I would say Nepal if you really want to get away from it all. Probably the cheapest place on the planet to live month to month, If you like cannabis it grows wild there, it's very cheap and of decent quality. The people are relaxed, friendly and there is plenty of nature to surround yourself with/escape to if city/village life strains you ( we all need a break ).

Eastern Europe may be a good choice too. Poland is inexpensive, relatively modern and if you leave the big cities the focus of the people is family/religion like it used to be everywhere. Although in big cities you'll find the youth attempting to emulate Western ideals/values.
I'd still like to lay down my pros for Phils

>Top beaches and night life per the dollar
Unlike the suggested Nepal where the entertainment value is climbing mt Everest.

>Easy-going women
Some pump and dump, some to have a comfy relationship with.

>Sizeable majority speaks English
To the best of their ability.

>People already love Americans there
Which isn't something you hear often ayyy

'nuff said

Yeah, chill is nice, but after a week any young man with some life in him would want some adventure and activities.

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So me and my girlfriend are finishing our year working holiday in Australia in a couple of weeks and heading to South East Asia for about 100 days before heading home to the UK for Christmas.

The plan was just to hit all the main 'best' parts of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos etc.

Unfortunately, according to every source ever, the time of year we're going is the worst season to go. September-November is peak wet/monsoon season for pretty much all of mainland South East Asia. There's going to be a fuckload of rain, typhoons, storms and ive been told to expect flooding and cancellations. The idea of Asia that sold me was sitting on some amazing beach in the sun with a beer. After working in construction in rainy melbourne for the last 3 months thats what i'm after but from what I've read that's not gonna happen this time of year it's kinda putting me off going.

So.... is there anywhere that is good to go September weather wise? At this point we have nothing booked so the itinerary is pretty much going to be created around where the weather is least shitty over the next 3 months.

We have about $10,000 AUD between us to last the 100 days, is this going to be a tight trip|?

Any advice would be helpful at this point.
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ditch your gf and do the trip alone.
tight as far as time or cash?
Nah it's basically that whether everywhere faggot, I can't believe people don't plan this shit beforehand. It's usually the only fuckin thing I check when going backpacking.

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What are the best cities in Europe? I'm want to go there for my first international vacation and I want to know what to see.
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be more vague please
do you have any interests?
how long are you going for?
when are you going?
what's your budget?
I want to see the sights
I have two weeks
I will be leaving sometime during my winter break
I'd prefer to keep to cheap
Master list desu

1) Ibiza
2) London
3) Paris
4) Mykonos
5) Amsterdam

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what are some of your sketchiest travel experiences?
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Got incredibly hammered in serbia with some friends of friends that I didn't really know and ended up passing out in some unknown appartment. I woke up not knowing where I was, or who this guy passed out on the couch was. He eventually wakes up, recognises me, calls my friend and he comes to pick me up. So all ended well there.

Also, in albania the bus driver wanted to hold onto my passport when I got on the bus so he didn't have to get it from me later to give to the border guards. I was reluctant but gave it to him anyways. He just left it on the dashboard right beside where people were constantly getting on and off. Shit could have gotten stolen.

I found out I shared the same hostel room as a convicted rapist/axe attacker while I was living at that hostel in dublin.

All and all I don't have many sketchy stories because I'm a pretty cautious traveller.
>carribean cities
>saver than EE while black
u wot
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Nothing major.

>shared a hostel room in Namur with a total weirdo who gave off serious serial killer vibes
>be in Anchorage
>hostel roommate invites me for a beer
>sure why not
>on our way there some sketchy as fuck native guys ask us if we want some pussy
>n-no thanks
>start yelling shit at us while following us to the bar
>they stand outside and leave after a while

I could share stories of things that happened in Paris but I don't want to be labeled as a lying racist samefagging /pol/tard.

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Hey guys im travelling for the first time and wanted to talk about planes. Im going uk to SEA and was looking at splashing out first class. Is it worth it? I have this horrible image of being stuck crammed next to 2 obnoxious people for 18 hours. Also general air travel experiences thread.
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If you're rich, go for it.
I would never ever in my life do that, though.
You could buy a car for the price of first class tickets. The people buying them must be really rich.
I like the idea of earning €1000+ for being mildly uncomfortable for 18 hours.
Brilliantly put.

"Is it worth it" is always totally subjective. If you can afford it, and want to spend your money on being really comfy during the flight instead of mildly uncomfortable, I guess it would be worth it.

Get an aisle seat in coach, you'll be fine, that's my advice.

Hey, /trv/, I'm going to move out to Portugal tomorrow (first time leaving Brazil), and I've bought a "Stormbraker 35" to use as my backpack when travelling trough Europe. The thing is I've bought it as my backpack, but now I'll have to use it as my hand carry bag tomorrow. It has no frame, but its height is a few cm taller than it says my hand bag can be. Do you guys think it would get dispatched in the airport or I would be able to go through it?
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You'll be just fine, just don't overpack it so it doesn't look huge. With regards to the overhead compartment, as long as it's not overpacked, it can be crushed up a bit and fit perfectly.

The key thing is not to overpack/stuff it to the max.
Nah, I'm packing a camera, 3DS, a few caps, a few books, not too much haha. Thanks for the answer, it really helped me!
>R$ 750,00

shit man, how rich are you?

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what are some good places to travel to in the winter?

I think I would like to take a flight to some winter wonderland at February - March.

I'm from the middle-east, so I only saw snow like 3 times in my life, and I never got the whole experience.

What are some good places to go to in winter? I'd like to try Ski and Snowboarding but I don't plan on doing that my for my whole stay.
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>good places to go to in winter?
Siberia. If you will be survive.
A bit to chilly for me, maybe someplace where I won't lose my fingers.
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this might be something for you
There are regions in the Alps where you get spring in the valley and snow on nearby mountains.

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I'm at a business trip in Israel..
and i got the most awesome cigs!!
btw does anyone know whats it says
in Hebrew
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It says noblesse
Worst cigs in israel, they are given to prisoners here
You have shit taste, desu. These are better imo, although not as good as Camel Turkish Royals.
Shitty Israeli brand, people rather not smoke than smoke that crap.
They litteraly gave packts for free when I was in Gaza, people never touched them

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How bad an idea is it to learn French, Italian, and Spanish at the same time?
Been going decent so far, lotsa work.
Actually confuse words pretty rarely, but I'm still mostly at a beginner level for all.
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I suppose it depends on how good you are with languages. I do think that eventually you will mix up all off the words. And how to pronounce them all.
i'm learning german and japanese, and will kickstart spanish comes december

stop being a faggot and do it!

but yeah, you might mix it up a little bit, but nothing that gets in the way, it will just be the little things, like saying yes in french when speaking italian

Learn one at a time.

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