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I'm a Canadian going to Cuba next week. Advice? I got an amazing deal on a trip I'm going with my gf. I heard the food is less than amazing, kinda worried about that.
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not true, there is good food there.. where are you going? stay at casas and enjoy the music and rum and learn to dance. Cubans will hustle the shit outta you, but its ridiculously safe. Stay away from any state-run hotel or restaurant.. And for the love of god don't do all inclusive in Varadero....Ask me anything
Food in Cuba is very very regional, depends where you are..
Are you an American?

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I'm moving to Pittsburgh in January to do a PhD at UPitt. I'm late 20s single male and trying to figure out where to live. I'm thinking either Oakland area for "campus-style" life or Downtown for "city" life. What should I do? Any recommendations for 1br/studio apartments?

Also general Pittsburgh thread I guess
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North Pittsburgh is the more historic part of the city, it's an old working class neighborhood. Alternatively, you could live in some of the southern suburbs along the light rail line (the "T") that goes through downtown via a subway and you can take a bus to the campus. This might be the cheapest option for you. Pittsburgh is a pretty cool up and coming city. I enjoyed it when I spent a few days there last year.
I would NOT recommend living downtown. I'd live near the campus. Look into the Squirrel Hill area. It's right next to Oakland but probably cheaper and way better restaurants and just generally more accessible. Northside is cool, but that commute would suck balls, also you would have a better chance of getting shot. Shadyside is a good area near Oakland but probably too expensive for a student. Just my 2 cents.
Seconding squirrel hill. I lived there last year and it was pretty great, walkable neighborhood on major bus lines that run to Oakland. Oakland is alright but it can be a little sketchy. Bloomfield is also nice, could look into that.

Also nobody calls it UPitt, it's just Pitt.

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Okay guys, I've fucked up. I've managed to lose/destroy all of my bank cards. Somehow I have survived with 700 euros cash for the last month waiting for a card to reach me. Twice I have waited the 7-10 business days only for the card to reach my home and then have to start the process over because it was lost in the mail on the way to Europe or because my bank won't release the card to anyone besides myself since initially I ordered it to my local bank branch. So now I will expedite the delivery of the card hopefully one last time, but must survive in Berlin for the next week with 40 euros. I have a german girl I have met who I am staying with, but its only a matter of time until she realises I am a bum and kicks me out. Anyone have suggestions for survival during this next week? Anything from best bridges to sleep under, to venues where I can bum fight for money, etc. Is woofing in Germany on such short notice possible? Also my brother is passing through Guam tomorrow and will have a few hours at the airport and said he can try and send me some money through a wire transfer kiosk. With that said, do airports typically have places to transfer money ie western union, money gram?
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Head to Kreuzberg and find some hippie store and explain your situation. They gotta know somewhere, like a homeless shelter, that can help you out. Of course, this is given that you don't look like a homeless junkie or something.
there's a thing called cash advance, available with most credid cards, but often not with the cheapest ones. Basically you go to any bank, present your ID and a blocked credit card (or maybe just its number) and, well, get cash.

you can call your bank first and inquire about this.

also, cards like visa premiere and mastercard gold (that is, not the lowest tier but the second from the bottom) get sent *a lot* faster - like, 1 business day to europe, instead of 7-10. So, again, ask your bank to give you one of those instead (they'll be happy 'cause it costs more).

finally, you can try buying bitcoin with wire transfer and sell in berlin for cash, but that (wire) can take 3 days as well.

also, if you have some valuables like jewlery or perhaps electronics, you can pawn them.

so, quite a few options before becoming a bum
Get mastercard red or swirl. It's prepaid card. U can't go into minus but it acts like real bankaccount. U can receive money. U don't need bank to open one. Buy at the store activate online. Or in the bank.

Backup plan. Go to the recruitment agency and get the job in the hotel. Preferably kitchen. U can wash dishes. Get free meal and a often a room. Also agency pays weekly so u get some money fast.

Lower your spending. U can survive on nothing but red boiled bean can a day and they are 80cents a piece.

In the future take photo of your documents and leave them in the bank if you are staying to long. Also deposit money on paypal. U can buy prepaid card in store on every continent and load it up from PayPal.

One American in Egypt got money from the embassy after getting robed but I don't know how that works.

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As someone who wants to go to Brazil to admire the nature and scenery (ecotourism), would the regions of Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul be considered relatively safe to travel in? I know that there are a lot of hiking trails in those regions, and I'm thinking of staying in an inn or hostel.
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Go to Bonito - Mato grosso do Sul.
Ideally you would have a guide, as many hiking places in Minas Gerais aren't exactly prepares for tourists. Some of the best National Parks here have 10+km unpaved road, so you might need a car. If you can speak portuguese, it's pretty allright to do it, and Diamantina, Ouro Preto and Serra do Cipó are international tourist friendly, but you will still need a guide. Like i said, smaller parks and trails like Ibitipoca or São joão do Rio Preto you would ideally need a friend due to it being smaller parks with a somewhat harder getting to. Don't know much about RIo Grande do Sul, but the same rule applies, only the most well know hikes are international friendly.
>Like i said, smaller parks and trails like Ibitipoca or São joão do Rio Preto you would ideally need a friend due to it being smaller parks with a somewhat harder getting to. Don't know much about RIo Grande do Sul, but the same rule applies, only the most well know hikes are international friendly.

Do you mean a friend in general or a Brazilian friend?

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Anyone been to Myanmar? I was there for about a week last year and loved it and am really considering going back.

I was wondering if anyone has extensively traveled within Myanmar and what is really worth seeing. I spent pretty much all of my time in Yangon and Bagan but I'm curious about other places that are worth while.
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Same here. I was there for a few days and absolutely loved it. Would go back and explore more.
Did you do a hot air balloon in Bagan? If so, was it worth the insane price?
i've heard accommodation is very expensive and crappy.

Anyone ever purchase foriegn currency months before traveling?
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depending on where you live your bank will do it for you and they give you the correct exchange rate. Better than exchanging at the shit kiosks anyway
I did it last year a few months before traveling because the Euro-Dollar were so close at the time.
I don't, because ATMs are pretty nearly universal now unless you wanna go innawoods somewhere, and I don't want to carry a bunch of cash around. To each his own, of course.

If I think about it, I might get $50 worth of local currency before traveling, just to have some local cash in my pocket .

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hey /trv/lers,

gonna spend 4 days in Edinburgh, and then 4 days in Glasgow next week.

Suggestions for interesting places to eat or things to do?

I'm looking for unusual stuff I wouldn't normally find on lists like "10 Must-Sees in Edinburgh".
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Castle Doune near Glasgow was most of the castles in Holy Grail. You can borrow coconut halves in the gift shop if you have want to gallop around with your Patsy...
Protip: If anyone asks you "Can your Auntie sew?" you're about to get a a Glasgow kiss.

Go to the Grass Market have a few beers, then head up to Rose street (lots of student birds) If you cant get a shag after a night on Rose street, well.....

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So i will depart with a friend to Japan in a month, we booked hotels and got our JR Passes, know where we want to go but i am still unsure about the travel so i am sure there are people here who have been to japan so i would like to ask for useful tips and such for my travel in japan maybe what places to avoid.
We are staying 19 days in japan i speak basic japanese.
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I actually went to post a thread with the exact same picture, asking almost the exact same thing and it directed me to this post.. Wierd.

I would also like to ask about this as well as h ow to pick up japanese girls as well as ways to ensure we dont disrespect the japanese culture.
Where in Japan are you going/do you want to go to?
Not OP,

But i want to go to Tokyo mainly because I have a lot of tattoos and I think im less likely to be frowned upon there. I will be going in winter though so i guess ill be covered up. How do the japanese react to people with tattoos? I dont expect to be attending any onsen.

Also want to head to osaka and kyoto.

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Hi /trv/,

I'm almost deciding for making a Poland-Ukraine next year, and my intinerary would be something like pic related

Warsaw - 3 days (I know yet the city)
Lublin - 3 days
Kiev - 7 days (I intend to know Pripyat from them)
Dnipro/Zaporizhzhya - 6 days
Odessa - 4 days
Lviv - 4 days
It would be a 30-days trip, and I'm finding some parts (mainly the ones involving Odessa, but also Lviv-Kiev one) way too exausting. Do you suggest any interesting cities between Lviv-Kiev, Dnipro/Zaporizhzhya-Odessa and Odessa-Lviv? Also, I do accept other intinerary suggestions
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>It would be a 30-days trip
That's a long time, why are you only going to cities?

Maybe go, Lublin-Lviv-Uzhorod-Odessa? I'd go through the Carpathians if I had that much time.
If you're going to Poland then hitting up Cracow is pretty much mandatory. The rynek( old town ), castle, Nazi death camp and the wieliczka salt mine complex make it a must visit imo.
>Dnipro/Zaporizhzhya - 6 days
How can you justify 6 days there? There's literally nothing in either of those cities. I can only imagine staying that long if you have friends/family over there.

You would be much better off taking those days and spending them in Western Ukraine.
I would suggest a day in Ivano-Frankivsk and then going to Yaremche/Bukovel, then maybe also Chernivtsi and/or Kamianets-Podilskyi. Look up other places such as Khotyn and see if they are interesting for you.

If you want to add extra days in Poland, take those days and spend them in Krakow, Zakopane, and Warsaw.

I think you might also get bored in Lviv if you dedicate 4 days to it, unless you are including day trips or something like that into account.
I was in Uzhhorod earlier this year and it was a cool little city, but also basically gypsy central. I would only recommend people go there if they plan to make a border crossing to/from Slovakia.

I'm trying to find a decent bag size for a trip AND to use at university for gym gear + laptop/a book. What size do you guys think is a good size to aim for? I was planning on taking said bag on a trip to japan and some small backpacking trips. Should I go for bigger than 40L?
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>What size do you guys think is a good size to aim for?

Carry on size. Get a Deuter 30L, 35L at most, hardback if you prefer.

It's not gonna be ideal for a laptop though.
On the other hand, laptop specialised backpacks are pretty good for traveling, although not ideal for walking, hiking, etc.
Damn, these seem hard to find in Canada. But basically what you said is 'Don't get above 40L' I guess. I walk around 1h30 a day to get to University and around, so I kind of want something to not break my back when I carry my gym shoes and shit. I hate using a locker so I just carry my shit around.

Check out mec.ca homie. They carry Deuter packs, although I'm a huge fan of their own-brand (MEC). Rock solid warranty on anything too if it ever fucks up / breaks.

If you live near a store definitely drop in. You can walk around with a pack and they have weight sacks that you can use to see how it feels with load.

I'm traveling to Italy in March or April.

Where can I go to get a taste of real italian pizza? Price is not an issue, as long as it isn't something absurd.

Thank you fellow travelers.
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trastavere in Rome has the best pizza in the city
Any specific pizzeria you'd recommend?
kabob shop while drunk at 3am in Milan

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I'm in San Francisco for a couple of nights. 25 y/o dude from NYC. What do?

PS. I can't drive. Walking/taking cabs everywhere.
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Ride a tram, eat a stack of pancakes for breakfast, that kind of thing.

I took my wife's son out in Frisco recently and he loved the unique feel of it.
>wife's son
Hope you took him to the castro district.

But for you OP, go to Ghiradelli square. Get some ice cream and hot chocolate. Buy a cupcake from the cupcake place there I forget the name of.

Go to the wharf if able to on the weekend, or... actually, at all. They have shops inside.

Golden Gate park is a really cool place to be.

Also fun is the zoo, if you're into that, but zoos are everywhere.

>can't drive



>Wife's son

Are you a fucking meme or what?

31/M Asiafag here. Cold weather is a rarity in my country, much less the sight of snow. Something about Christmas markets and the landscape covered in white just feels magical.

Hence I'm thinking of a 2 weeks trip to Europe in December - nothing concrete yet but probably visiting Vienna/Prague.

Which other countries would /trv/ recommend I check out that are safe and relatively solo-traveller-friendly?
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2 weeks is way too long for only prague or vienna. Anyways out of those two i'd go with prague.
Austria has superb Christmas markets pre- Dec 25th if you're interested.

I was in Filzmoos last year which is a small skiing area and it was fantastic. You'll need a car, though. I'm sure the Scandinavian countries would be great as well.
Sweden, Norway, Finland are great, since you can go through them in the same trip, assuming you have/can rent a car. Otherwise I'd say switzerland. Pretty expensive but magical in the winter

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Hi /trv/

I'm going backpacking for the first time in Central America in May. This is the first of several questions I have as I slowly build my itinerary. My flight arrives at Cancun at 11am. From there I plan to hit Tulum, then take a bus from Tulum which leaves at 12:15 am to get to Belize city. My question is, is it worth it to spend the day and night in Cancun? or should I not even spend a whole day on it?

Thanks, also general Central American /trv/ thread
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how well is your spanish?
not OP, but Cancun is pretty much like an american beach party resort... located in Mexico.
Not good but I am currently enrolled in a spanish course at college, I'm only in like my second week though.

Btw by the time I leave I will be 19.

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I have never been in another country in my life, and I'm pretty ignorant on travelling.

Say, I want to plan a trip to Canada to watch a sports event and get to know the city, but I'm kind of clueless on where to start. How do I even begin planning those things?
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Do you have a passport?
Yes to passport, and yes to being elegible to travel in Canada, although I didn't apply to it (and won't do it these days since I'm not doing it right now)
There are two sorts of things you need to do.
One is to research the city itself, using such tools as web sites and guidebooks. Even old guidebooks such as you might find in a library or used bookstore can be useful.

The other thing is to look into transportation and lodging. For flights, I typically use a web site like the old travelocity to get an idea of which airlines are suitable, and approximate costs, but book on the airline's website itself. For lodging, i usually go for hotels, sometimes B&Bs, using a mix of current guidebooks, websites, and familiar hotel chains. Hostels, Airbnb, and even couchsurfing are also popular with people here on /trv/.

Try to assemble a combination that meets your budget and time constraints before booking anything. Some people just wing it, but I wouldn't recommend that for you.

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