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>be me
>be offensive lineman
>be 20 pounds weaker than almost all other lineman
wat do /fit/, how do I get stronger
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You could change your diet so that you'd have more testosterone than them. That could give you the edge you're looking for.

Idk maybe fucking lift
literally fake news

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>2x avocados
>200 grams mushrooms
>2x scotch bonnet peppers
>65 grams spinach
>200 grams tomatos
>3x plums
>2x bannas
>2x beets
>1x red pepper
>170 grams carrots
>150 grams cucumber
>2x kiwis
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I eat a banana in the morning and broccoli for lunch
I only eat macros.
How hefty are her dumps tbph?

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Prolly a dumbass question, noob here.

What does it mean by alternating? I'm confused because the routines are exactly the same except for the squats V Deadlifts, but they don't have alternating beside those. It reads to me like you just alternate between Bench / Military every day, just like you do squat V dead lift, but it's formatted differently.

Does it mean alternate between each set?
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It means on your first week do OHP but the next week do bench instead
alternate every rep
jesus christ no one has gotten it right so far.
alternate every session.

having 1 week rest period for a muscle group is suboptimal for maintaining steady growth.

this is obvious bait. for op's knowledge, this is a bad idea because the exercises don't come close to perfect overlap on muscle group activation, so you'd exhaust the shared muscle groups first (triceps...
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> be me
> 14 year old freshman
> no friends( obvy)
>be 85 pounds greasy hair shitball
>annoying as fuck
> still somehow fucking manage to sit at lunch with hottest girl group at lunch
> some of them actually give me a chance to get them (unknowing to me at time)
> eventually near end of school year i am pushed out of sitting
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Dont understand i managed sitting with the girls freshman year
congrats on making progress, now work on toning your ego down by a factor of 100
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What the fuck was the point of starting this thread?

Starting strength is amazing. I always wanted to be a t-rex. Thanks for the advice /fit/
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Never going to make it
I was really into SS but all I did was hurt myself a few times with the ridiculous squatting and weight progression. My form was fine, but I wasn't ready for the weight... even though I could lift it.

I would have done much better to pick up my dumbells and dick around until I was tired than that stupid ass program. Considering muscle imbalances and whatnot, this seems safer.

Maybe I'm missing something but it doesn't seem worth it.
what are you talking about you sissy fuck

I took some roids /fit/, did I fuck up?
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Enjoy all the nasty side effects.
Enjoy all the juicy muscle gains.
You might enjoy nasty or juicy side effects.

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rate my meals today /fit/:

> two deviled eggs
> toast with generous peanut butter
> banana

> pasta with tomato sauce and a lot of cheese

> baked potato with butter
> salad with garlic croutons and caesar, a bit of chicken

snack: 25g protein bar
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That ass bruhs.
I got excited until I noticed that was a woman, almost got me.
>barely breaking 100g of protein
>clearly not a cutting diet

What's the excuse?

>salad dressing

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Looks remarkably better on the left
i looked better when i was off gear, any1 else???
gross in both, dont do gear fags

>ate like complete shit today
>grandmother made my favorite dessert
>ate like 3000 calories in it alone
>took a nap after eating like shit because I was comfy
>cant sleep tonight
>going to be real hard waking up at 6am to go to the gym

Should I just end it now /fit/? What do you guys use for motivation to get out of bed on those mornings you dont feel like it.
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only option is to slay your nana for disrespecting you like that
with all those calories you can lift extra hard tomorrow
But usually I think of what I want to look like
Idk, I don't really have to think much because I love working out
Just fucking go to the gym

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You have one minute to refute the aesthetics order. Tip: you can't.

1) Low body fat
2) Delts
3) Chest
4) Traps
5) Neck
6) Lats
7) Forearms
8) Calves
9) Arms
10) Glutes
11) Core
12) Legs (nobody gives a shit about your fat legs)
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width (being wide in general)

never heard a girl talk about anything else
forearms are literally all that matters
What's a neck routine look like?

how many years of roids would I need to achieve something like this if ive been lifting for 6 years?
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Post body pic. Lifting for 6 years means different things for different people.
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Am I genetically cucked?
You look like someone with good genetics who maybe played sports but never lifted a day in his life. What are your stats?

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what would realistically happen if I cut out fat from my diet?
>enjoy protein
>enjoy carbs
>literally have to force fats into food because don't meet "macros", and on top of that, have indigestion
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>he doesnt like cheese and butter
not gonna make it
>he wants to get rabbit poisoning
shiggy diggy
What kind of fats we talkin phimmy-pham-ham?

Saturated fats? Trans fats?

Fatty acids can help brain development and maintenance, and some are actually good overall for your health, because they're nutrient rich.

I would stay away from fried foods though.

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My girlfriend said "oh you're in so deep".

What did she mean by this?
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just random slut talk, this lets you now for sure that shes not a keeper
you are spiraling into deep debt from which you will probably not surface from

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>tfw you fags are the only real friends I have
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fuck off I'm not your friend
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At least we have this place r-right guys

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Do I need to see a doctor?
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Can I get a slice of that pizza?
clean it out with peroxide you retard

did you grow up in a fucking barn?
Will Whiskey do the trick or nah?
I have no peroxide

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