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File: ideas for political icon.png (143KB, 554x470px)Image search: [Google]
ideas for political icon.png
143KB, 554x470px
I would like it to be simular to the one i made currently. And simular to past party icons like UKIP, Labour, Lib Dem and Conservitive, If possable include our party name CDP aka centrist democratic party
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these are all in the public domain
Imho, it looks like there's too much going on in the image. People love minimalist logos for a reason...

waaay to much clutered!
simplify to what you actually need. what is important about the roman figure that can drive the message home?

File: PV small.jpg (99KB, 800x800px)Image search: [Google]
PV small.jpg
99KB, 800x800px
Hey /gd/
What do you thinhk about my logo design? It's for a photography studio mainly doing mystic, dark and surreal pictures.
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those grainy stroke looks disgusting as fuck, gon be horrid when scaled down.
I wouldn't put that way, but he's right. The details get lost… think again about Photography and Mysticism and BE SIMPLE, MUCH SIMPLER. But also think about your client, what do they expect from your photo studio and the photos you shoot?
Looks good as is, but scaling down will make details very hard to see.

Also this picture looks upresed and if you want to make a logo I'd recommend making it really big then afterwards downscaling a copy of it to the required size.

File: i spot a thot.jpg (69KB, 749x537px)Image search: [Google]
i spot a thot.jpg
69KB, 749x537px
How do I make these distorted lenses flare memes in Photoshop? Is it a gradient or something?
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Well, take an extremely low res image, stretch it to a larger size document. Add a red color overlay with a low opacity. Then download a lense flair stock image, transform it to fit where you want it and you're done.
You do know Photoshop has an actual lens flare tool, right???

Also what >>302297 said in that you can take a low res image (or make it lower res yourself by resizing it, saving it, then making it big again) but if you want it to have a lot of artifacting your best bet is probably to save the image on lowest quality possible several times until you feel it looks good

File: palmspings.jpg (300KB, 1483x1050px)Image search: [Google]
300KB, 1483x1050px
What typefaces and fonts were favored by the art deco movement and, subsequently, the art deco revival of the 80's? I feel like art deco used the same typefaces and fonts as the bauhaus movement, but I'm not certain.
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Some of them are art nouveau though

This doesn't really answer my question. I know what the fonts used look like and of course I already tried to find an answer to my question. I'm looking for a more concise textbook answer.

/gd/ halp me

If I download a shutterstock illustration and change it up enough, at what point would it be considered my art?
I'm thinking how I could go around the whole bullshit enhanced account pricing
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You really don't understand licensing, so you, anon?
Do you* (fucking auto-correct)
I do, but again it's their burden to prove that it's been copied by them. If I change it and claim it to be mine, then they can't really do jack shit can they?

File: barbaric.jpg (88KB, 1131x1600px)Image search: [Google]
88KB, 1131x1600px
Hi, I'm in the midst of creating a logo and I'm not sure if this is the right place to post...BUT
Anyone have any idea where I can find a black and white one handed axe image similar to this?
I've tried creating one in GIMP but I'm not good yet and I can't find anything worth a damn on google.

Thanks in advance.
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There's this thing called Google Images.
Yeah, can't find shit without buying from Shutterstock
If you just need a reference, doesn't matter if it's shutterstock. Download the free comp and do the fucking work to redraw, tweak, etc and make it unique to your project.

File: C1kwh2C.jpg (501KB, 2391x2600px)Image search: [Google]
501KB, 2391x2600px
There was a really awesome thread in /tv/ that had face morphs of different celebrities and I would like to do this too.

I think it involves masking different layers in photoshop but besides that I am not too sure. Can someone explain the process of how this is done?

Thanks in advance.
>pic is one of the images that I saved and liked
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too long to explain, you'll just need to learn the basics.
thanks for the link
Learn face swapping techniques, learn how to track footage efficiently in After Effects, track your source and destination and mask/colorbalance the source footage to match the destination, use lots of nulls so you can do fine adjustment when needed.

doing a project for uni, i've got to design a whole corporate design manual, i'm making it for a made-up airline company called bon voyage. i'm not a designer, im a computer science major but i took design as a course and now i need to do this. i'd really appreciate any feedback, and also my question is does the logo kinda look like a plane? I see a plane but my roommate says he doesnt see a plane and it looks like a logo for ice cream
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the shape is supposed to spell the initials of the name (bon voyage), and the whole thing together is supposed to sorta look like a plane
i see it dude but maybe you need to add at least like cockpit windows so it's more immediately recognisable as a plane

also maybe un-rotate the text? i understand ur jig but shitty readers will have to twist their necks n shit, play around with it a little, maybe a modern typeface would be worth trying if you opened up the character spacing by a bit

overall a nice concept but be more confident in showing it instead of being so vague
i'll add the cockpit windows to make it more like a plane as soon as i get home and i'll see how it looks then, and i'll try putting the text below the logo and see how that goes.

what kind of typeface would you recommend? i've been looking through font sites for the past 2 days and i feel like my mind is just a bunch of neatly organised letters at this point .
&thanks for the feedback obv

File: sbb_clock_ipad.jpg (22KB, 300x300px)Image search: [Google]
22KB, 300x300px
And what do I do if someone finds parts of his design in our app?
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Try /g/
>stolen parts

Do you understand what a design is ?
>Do you understand what a design is ?
No. What is it?

File: mateo.jpg (877KB, 1181x1181px)Image search: [Google]
877KB, 1181x1181px
any idea what font this is?
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i know intel have used it in some of their advertising
Bleeding Cowboys but for the love of god don't use it.
thank you, its a client of mines logo. He wants it updated he likes the 'T'' and yes the font is bad. Just wanted the font to show him it against other fonts in black/white. Thanks alot for the reply

Can somebody explain how this effect was created? A name or a link to a tutorial would be fine too.
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you're kidding right?

look at the date, this is from 1972, it's probably hand-painted

I'm sure you could achieve something similar by making a 4 color process and playing with levels and grain

or you can get some paint and do it by hand
>get some paint

it's obviously silk-screened
File: The-Range-WEB_1500.jpg (3MB, 1500x2318px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 1500x2318px
Yea, I'm sorry. I should've been more clear about wanting to find a way to produce something similar to Otl Aicher's posters, but digitally. I'll try your suggestion. Ultimately, I just want to know how something like this can be done through Photoshop.

File: 022217_ay_7-planet_main1_free.jpg (86KB, 860x460px)Image search: [Google]
86KB, 860x460px
I'll print it in black&white. Can you guys make background white and planets more visible?
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I found someone.
File: planets.png (184KB, 860x460px)Image search: [Google]
184KB, 860x460px

File: 1489958337802.jpg (676KB, 1050x929px)Image search: [Google]
676KB, 1050x929px
Why does this scream '90s'
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charcoal brush + 90 degrees in color wheel = 90s
>90 degrees

Do you think this is a coincidence or was a graphic designer making a joke that caught on?
But 90° is chartreuse green, not azure or cyan.

File: mandolinArtboard 1.png (510KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
mandolinArtboard 1.png
510KB, 1280x720px

Also visit me on Vimeo and Behance:

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Sorry it's actually behance.net
3/10, pretty bad, read some books on design and try to imitate the quality of people who are getting paid for similar stuff.
Take a look at behance, Pinterest, etc for some examples of effective cigarette packaging. Use them as inspiration.

File: images.jpg (11KB, 273x184px)Image search: [Google]
11KB, 273x184px
i need your help guys in my project any ideas
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is your project to design a building?
As an architect, please be more vague
>As an architect, please be more vague
as a post architect, please be vaguer

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