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Hey, new to this kind of stuff and figured this would be the best place to ask about this.

A friend of mine asked me if I could help him make a box for a specific item of his. He wants to mock it up based off an existing box, I wanna know if there's any method (program/plugin to a program) to accurately re-create the original box the new one is going to be based off without scanning it? (Too big to scan)

I want to be able to essentially print the design to scale and just cut it out and have a custom box.

Any help would be appreciated on this as I have no clue how to go about it program wise.
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illustrator + a ruler
call the printer dude and ask him how should you prepare the file the best way for him.

I need crits. What is 100% glaring wrong about this?

I feel like the I is too long.
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"I" is too long, and there's no visual connection between it and the type.
On top of that, it's right there on the "S" so it doesn't read as a separate letter. It reads as "Survived"

Do it all in white, and move the I to the left some more. Even then you're just polishing a turd pretty much.

What further composition errors lead it to be a turd? I appreciate the criticism otherwise, thank you senpai

I think it looks fine outside of the I being too long. I don't like the E either, but otherwise this is an interesting/polarizing design.

File: Burgerplanetmockup1.png (2MB, 1561x1201px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1561x1201px
What do you think about this? Is there something i should change/add? Any help and feedback is appreciated
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try to change the color of the burger give it some more depth
not trying to offend you but it looks hideous at best, specially the blue background reminds me of hospital food or something. start over with a white, yellow or red background, and here's an idea that i just had instead of that cyan planet that looks like a bowling ball, why not use a burger inside the rings? and also the black ring looks kinda creepy but the layout of the text and fond seems fine the font choice could be better tho.
Pizza Planet must be doing pretty well for themselves to branch out into fast food burgers.

Why do a lot of people pirate editing software? Isn't it considered stealing, or are most people just don't care?
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>Why do a lot of people pirate editing software?
Because they're hobbyists/people who don't make a living out of it?
did you just woke up from a coma or something?

i think most people nowadays just don't like to pay for digital stuff like music, software, entertainment etc (after all is just copies of 0's and 1's)
back in the day only professionals could afford to pay +800 for a software (each year new version) plus if you look in the history of those companies (adobe, autodesk, microsoft) they're shady as fuck (monopolies literally), the guy that created photoshop leave the company long ago and is really unfair that you cannot own the software you could only pay monthly for it's use.

what should be considered stealing is taking a piece of software that was once sold for a flat price and then packaging up in a new UI and charge a monthly fee to use

File: wordpress-promo1.png (182KB, 960x600px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey /gd/

I'm studying graphic design for 3 years now, and we still haven't touched web design or web development,
so I figured it's time I go out on my own.

I'm good with designing stuff, I usually work in Ai,Id and Ps, mostly logos and posters.
So where do I start with web design?
As far as I've noticed most of websites are made on Wordpress, which even a halfwit can do with a simple tutorial.
So what's the point of learning CSS, javascript, HTML, if there's already "free" service that saves you much more time?

I need some web developers here to help me understand where to even start with all this,
I still feel like (as a designer) using wordpress to make website from scratch is a bit of a cheating.
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File: 1463013941271.jpg (136KB, 600x901px)Image search: [Google]
136KB, 600x901px
i'm in the samme boat as you, i just started learning last week, however i do have watched quite a few videos over the years explaining the basics of html, css, php etc. one thing that could be useful is to have someone to talk to about stuff that you don't understand, or just for tips.

>So where do I start with web design?
it depends i guess, i prefer paid video courses since they take the time to explains things, plus the end result is way more professional than other free courses imo.
>As far as I've noticed most of websites are made on Wordpress, which even a halfwit can do with a simple tutorial.
i think most people would rather hire someone else
>I need some web developers here to help me understand where to even start with all this
while i'm not a web developer yet i think a good start is getting sublime text it's really nice for learning webdev and after that just start messing with existing websites to get used to html and css, follow tuts/courses etc.
>I still feel like (as a designer) using wordpress to make website from scratch is a bit of a cheating.
i think so too, but i've seen most web developers nowadays use wireframes, libraries and assets they get from elsewhere.

here's some courses that i have on my pc (i just started with cs50 but haven't watched the others)

[Udemy] The Complete Web Developer Course - Build 14 Websites
[Udemy]Web Design for Beginners Real World Coding in HTML & CSS
[Pluralsight.com] Front End Web Development Career Kickstart
Building Dynamic Websites with Sublime Text
30 Days to learn JQuery
[Tuts+] Learning Ajax
harvard's cs50 2015

here's some videos from harvard's cs50 lectures


and this guy has very nice web development videos/tutorials


and here's a list of useful websites

Go here >>>/g/wdg

File: Untitled-5.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
General Stupid Questions Thread

Where is my blur average ?
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Here's the problem /gd/

I have to make an interior architecture catalog and I have to put the colors of a color chart.

I need to convert real paint color to CMYK : how can I achieve this ?

My screen isn't good enough to do this manually by approximation.
I have i1display pro : can I pick paint color with it ?
try with a pantone booklet however it's really difficult to get a 100% match.
Thanks, I was reading things about that, it seems to be the best option.

File: poing.jpg (31KB, 271x441px)Image search: [Google]
31KB, 271x441px

for a project i want to draw a fist composed of leaves/flowers/nature element, i must admit i'm struggling a bit. Do you know some work/images which could inspire me on how to do this ?

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search on pinterest
laputa castle in the sky robot

File: viber image.jpg (2KB, 194x185px)Image search: [Google]
viber image.jpg
2KB, 194x185px
I needed a logo for (name changed a bit) frameboard.info
My friend found this https://d13yacurqjgara.cloudfront.net/users/295355/screenshots/2699494/fbdribbble_1x.png

So I made pic related. Is that plagiarism?
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yeah thats plagiarism

Be fucking original - be inspired by other people's work but don't plagiarise. There's even a website monitoring plagiarism called LogoThief.com

File: Vignelli_portrait.jpg (475KB, 674x1000px)Image search: [Google]
475KB, 674x1000px
Hey /gd/ multimedia design student here.

What are the design ethics/rules you personally follow and believe in?
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To stay as far away from "designer culture" as possible.

I love design more than anything, but I hate the entire culture.
what aspects of it annoy you?
File: 1.jpg (330KB, 800x1176px)Image search: [Google]
330KB, 800x1176px
I make sure to talk more than I work.
Have fun. Bee happy.
When I do work, it's just empty trope, hence I put my face in it, not because I'm a narcissistic talentless hack, but because I can.
If I lose market, I'll just wave my dick around as a promo stunt.
Need I mention that I'm a radical liberal?
Who am I?

File: artist.png (11KB, 167x49px)Image search: [Google]
11KB, 167x49px
Hi /gd/, any of you know what font is this?
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File: title.png (26KB, 385x52px)Image search: [Google]
26KB, 385x52px
More of the same font
File: 031.png (6KB, 37x130px)Image search: [Google]
6KB, 37x130px
I don't know if the font is the same but

File: yakuza skull.jpg (816KB, 2086x2786px)Image search: [Google]
yakuza skull.jpg
816KB, 2086x2786px
does anyone know or is able to identify who made this?
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File: Splinters Papercuts.jpg (358KB, 600x813px)Image search: [Google]
Splinters Papercuts.jpg
358KB, 600x813px
Chris Parks of Pale Horse Design.


couldnt find the artist who made this, but a after an extensive google search i managed to find a clothing line that sells the design on their shirt, the company is called LY-1981. hope that helped OP
thank you so much!! i appreciate it

did I do good /gd/?
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File: Modify Levels Layer.jpg (6MB, 3900x2600px)Image search: [Google]
Modify Levels Layer.jpg
6MB, 3900x2600px
original pic for comparison
The text could be more aligned to the sign, looks fine otherwise

Im self taught in Photoshop been doing it almost a year but really only taking it seriously these past few months. I wanna hit gud

I am doing portfolio/editorial layout for screen and maybe print. Im at my wits end dragging images and text around my grid for them just to look shit, formal training would really come in handy. Are there any resources that helped you create great layouts. rip me apart /gd/. (by the way Heading font is Gotham and body is Akzidenz-Grotesk - this is probably a no no?)
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The object who's prorperties repeat the most should be used as a basis for the grid.

That may be daunting so a straight forward approach would be to design a baseline grid where the body copy is the basis. Height of leading should then be used to set the grid vertically, with horizontal grid placement relying on column widths (that's based on text genre) and margins between columns. Google "baseline grid" you'll get plenty of examples and tutorials.
The Grid Looks like a good base to start with tho as said, a baseline grid will help.

If you mix fonts, take contrasting ones, not too similar ones. I'd ditch Gotham and go full Akzidenz.

For the layout, experiment, try things out, play.

How could images be placed?
What image sizes are good for tension or balance?

How do you create a Rhythm within the Sequence of your Spreads?

File: ownfonts.png (403KB, 1080x577px)Image search: [Google]
403KB, 1080x577px
Hi, I started to build a couple fonts for myself. After designing them in Illustrator, I'm at a point where I would like to turn them into OpenType.

Has anyone any experience with one of the following programs? Any other tips you could share?

>FontLab Studio 5
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I assume this is this your first font because you're using Illustrator. If that's the case, buy https://www.fontself.com/ and do the font conversion in-app.

If you enjoyed designing all the glyphs and genuinely think you want to do more, look into FontLab Studio or if you're a poorfag, FontForge. Both are very capable, but the latter has a steeper learning curve.

>wtf dude, designing anything in these programs is so weird and hard, why can't i just use Illustrator?
Mathematically it boils down to quadratic beziers vs. cubic beziers. But there's still more into it and Illustrator alone is not enough for Typeface Authoring even if it seems counter-intuitive. There's more to fonts than drawing glyphs.
i just started this course


>In this course, James Street shows you how to create basic fonts using the world's most powerful free and open source Unix-based font editor: FontForge.
File: Groovy_Font_WIP.png (8KB, 1191x842px)Image search: [Google]
8KB, 1191x842px

Thanks for the answers!


Exactly what I was originally searching for! Cute, little plugin, that seems to have everything you need to develop and publish display fonts.

>FontLab Studio

Looks really powerful and very much fun to use. I lean heavily towards FontLab Studio since I'm curious what I can do with scripting.

Pic related. Some old & shitty font, that I started to rework.

File: tumblr_o2qomtnJxF1qhntplo2_1280.png (664KB, 1280x1138px)Image search: [Google]
664KB, 1280x1138px
Anyone can explain me how make this colour effect?
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It is painted.
protip : use some colors

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